Check out some of the science heading to the ISS this month

SpaceX is launching another cargo mission to the space station later this month, with the consignment including numerous science experiments for the crew.
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The Not-So-Surprising Story Behind Free Guy's Massive Cameos

Even without a slew of fun surprises, the new Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy probably would’ve been a hit. The story of a video game character who becomes self-aware and has to save his world is one of those perfect, marketable ideas, Hollywood loves. And, of course, a movie set in a video game world is going to have…Read more...
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Water cuts are coming to Arizona and Nevada after the US declared the first-ever Colorado River water shortage

A person looks out over Lake Mead on August 13, 2021. The bathtub ring of light minerals shows the high water mark of the reservoir which has fallen to record lows. John Locher/AP Photo The US government has declared a water shortage on the Colorado River for the first time ever. Because Lake Mead is at a record low, Arizona and Nevada face water cut-backs in January. The US West is in a historic drought, but will likely get drier as the climate crisis unfolds. See more stories on Insider&...
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It's only a matter of time before Haiti experiences yet another major earthquake, seismologists say - here's why

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti on August 14, 2021. STRINGER/Reuters A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti on Saturday, causing similar devastation to the quake in 2010. Seismologists say it's only a matter of time before Haiti gets hit by another major earthquake. That's because the island nation sits at the border of tectonic plates that are moving past each other. See more stories on Insider's business page. The magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday ...
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Smoke Blots Out the Sun as Canada’s Wildfires Worsen

The Canadian province of British Columbia is on fire. Hundreds of fires are burning out of control across the region, and smoke from the blazes is turning the skies black in the middle of the day. Read more...
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Tinder To Start Offering ID Verification Just In Time For Your Next Hookup

Tinder will start rolling out an ID Verification feature in its popular hookup app. ID Verification relies on a government-issued piece of paper, like a passport or driver’s license, for proof of identity. The feature has been in use on Tinder in Japan since 2019, and it’s now rolling out globally, though it’s not yet…Read more...
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Carol and Daryl's Walking Dead Spin-off Will Be Different (Somehow)

This week for The Walking Dead, but like the zombies on the show itself, it’s pretty damn hard to kill. The final season is broken into three eight-episode arcs that will air into next year. Fear the Walking Dead is still on. A new season of World Beyond is coming. There’s also a Rick…Read more...
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A Field of Dreams TV Show Is Coming From The Good Place Creator

“If you build it, he will come” just got a whole new meaning. A week after Major League Baseball inspired by 1989's Field of Dreams, a new TV show based on that sports fantasy movie has been announced from Good Place and Office writer Michael Schur. The series “will…Read more...
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The 'Anonymous' Chat App Yik Yak is Back

Good news, fellow millennials. Yik Yak—the anonymous messaging app once popular with college students across the country—is back. Roughly four years after the company’s co-founders announced the app’s shutdown, the company’s Twitter account sprang back to life on Monday to announce the app was back for a new…Read more...
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Local officials are reportedly worried chlorine suppliers are prioritizing swimming pools over drinking water in several US states

Officials are worried chlorine suppliers are prioritizing swimming pools over drinking water amid chlorine shortages. Ivan Cheremisin/Shutterstock Officials worry chlorine suppliers are prioritizing swimming pools over drinking water, says. Amid chlorine shortages, some drinking water plants are running low on vital treatment chemicals. Pool construction increased by 23% last year, contributing to a shortage of chlorine tablets. See more stories on Insider's business page. Oceanside...
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California Takes a Massive Step Toward All-Electric Homes

The race to electrify every house in the U.S. just got a jolt courtesy of California. The most populous state in the country has passed new energy codes that incentivize electric appliances and efficient heating and cooling systems, a move that could wind down the use of fossil fuels in buildings.Read more...
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Swiss researchers calculate pi to new record of 62.8tn figures

Supercomputer calculation took 108 days and nine hours – almost 3.5 times as fast as previous recordSwiss researchers have calculated the mathematical constant pi to a new world-record level of exactitude, hitting 62.8tn figures using a supercomputer.“The calculation took 108 days and nine hours,” the Graubuenden University of Applied Sciences said in a statement. Continue reading...
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Disney's New Halloween Pet Costumes, Ranked

Halloween is only a couple of months and change away, so you know what that means: io9's annual round-up of the worst and weirdest costumes 2021 has to offer. But that’s for some other day, because right now we’re taking a look at Disney’s new line of pet costumes! If you and/or your dog like to play dress-up, here…Read more...
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Dallas Police Dept Loses 8 Terabytes of Crime Data, Throwing Court Cases Into Chaos

The Dallas Police Department has announced that a city employee accidentally deleted eight terabytes of its data—a fuck-up that has now endangered an unknown amount of court cases that relied upon the data as evidence.Read more...
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NASA’s Dragonfly Mission to Explore Saturn’s Moon Titan Comes Into Sharper Focus

The scientific objectives of the upcoming Dragonfly mission to explore Saturn’s moon Titan are described in a new research paper, along with the instruments required to fulfill these goals.Read more...
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Y: The Last Man's Latest Trailer Makes Light of the World's Upending

As the live-action adaptation of Y: The Last Man hit reworks and reshuffles, it felt like we’d go months and months without seeing a single glimpse of what the hell the show was actually going to be. Now that we’re less than a month away, however, footage is making a habit of showing up like all those buses you…Read more...
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Thousands of Wikipedia Pages Vandalized With Giant Swastikas

Early Monday morning, the Wikipedia pages for a slew of celebrities, writers, and political figures were replaced by full-page spreads of black and white swastikas on a bright red background. The vandalism was reversed within minutes of being noticed by users (and Ann Colter). Read more...
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Researchers fooled AI into ignoring stop signs using a cheap projector

A trio of researchers at Purdue today published pre-print research demonstrating a novel adversarial attack against computer vision systems that can make an AI see – or not see – whatever the attacker wants. It’s something that could potentially affect self-driving vehicles, such as Tesla’s, that rely on cameras to navigate and identify objects. Up front: The researchers wanted to confront the problem of digital manipulation in the physical world. It’s easy enough to hack a computer or fool an A...
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How to Sync Your iPhone to a PC

If you have an iPhone, chances are you might want to use it with your computer to back up files or import photos. Using an iPhone with a Mac is undoubtedly easier than using it with a PC, because the two work so seamlessly together. You can pick up a task on a Mac that you started on your phone, and soon you’ll be…Read more...
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Squirrel parkour: How leaping squirrels could inspire more nimble robots

Tree squirrels are the Olympic divers of the rodent world, leaping gracefully among branches and structures high above the ground. And as with human divers, a squirrel's success in this competition requires both physical strength and mental adaptability. The Jacobs lab studies cognition in free-ranging fox squirrels on the Berkeley campus. Two species – the eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) – thrive on campus landscapes and are willing particip...
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PG&E Planning Potential Power Shutoffs in California Amid Raging Dixie Fire

As the Dixie Fire continues to spread unabated in California, Pacific Gas & Electric—the largest utility company in the state—said that it was mulling potential power cuts in the areas closest to the blaze in an effort to proactively control its spread. Read more...
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NASA Weakly Defends Astronaut Following Russian State Media Accusations of ISS Sabotage

Still stinging from the recent ISS cartwheeling mishap, Russian state-owned news agency TASS alleges that a NASA astronaut deliberately damaged a docked Soyuz spacecraft for the purpose of facilitating a prompt return to Earth, in an incident dating back to 2018. The claim is unfounded and outrageous—but you wouldn’t…Read more...
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A Brief History of Peggy Carter as Captain America

The arrival of What If on Disney+ has brought with it a new shieldbearer that Marvel Studios seems pretty keen on making the face of a multiverse of superheroics: Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter. No longer just an Agent of SHIELD, as we best know her, but the latest holder of the Captain mantle. As Sam Wilson’s new reign…Read more...
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Snakes on a Plane: 15 Years of Expletive Snakes and Expletive Planes

The phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” is almost always true, with a few unfortunate exceptions. One such exception is the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane. Those four words tell you everything you need to know about the movie: it’s about “snakes” that are “on a plane.” Why would snakes be on a plane? If snakes did…Read more...
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Tennessee will deploy the National Guard to fill hospital staff shortages amid COVID-19 surge

National Guard personnel check in people as they wait to receive a COVID-19 vaccination Feb. 26, 2021, in Shelbyville, Tennessee. AP Photo/Mark Humphrey Tennessee is sending members of its National Guard to some hospitals to help fill staff shortages amid a COVID-19 surge. The move was announced by Lisa Piercey, the commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health. She said that the National Guard was previously deployed to some hospitals during the winter. See more stories on Insider&#...
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Ignoring Scientists' Advice, Wisconsin Will Allow Hunters to Kill 300 Wolves This Fall

For years, conservationists have successfully fought to restore the Midwest’s wolf population. A new state policy could imperil that progress: Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board voted last week to allow hunters to kill up to 300 wolves during a fall killing period this year, ignoring recommendations from an advisory…Read more...
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Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Takes Exception to Disney CEO's Quote

Simu Liu, the star of the upcoming Marvel Studios film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is standing up to the man in charge. Last Friday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke on an investors call about the release of the upcoming film, revealing that it would not be streaming on Disney+ He also called it “an…Read more...
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Fitbit Charge 5 Leaks Reveal New Color Touchscreen

In a year where it’s all about Wear OS, it seems like Fitbit is dedicating 2021 to its trackers. After adding the Luxe to its lineup this past spring, we’re now seeing leaked renders for a potential Charge 5 for this fall. Read more...
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Intel Names New Brand of GPUs That Will Hit Shelves Next Year

It’s no secret that Intel has been working on a new line of GPUs for both desktops and laptops for quite some, and today Intel finally announced the new brand name covering all of its upcoming high-end graphics products: Intel Arc.Read more...
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Florida and Haiti Could Be Hit Simultaneously by Tropical Cyclones

This summer has seemed an endless march of devastating climate disasters, from wildfires to droughts to floods to landslides. And, in case you forgot to worry about hurricanes, we’re moving into peak Atlantic storm season. There are currently three systems spinning the basin, with two in the process of making landfall…Read more...
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