Sharper than Sharp

A phrase I'd heard and had found myself repeating uncritically was that regarding high-megapixel camera sensors "out-resolving" the lenses that were on them. It came to mind again recently when I saw stuff like this. That Six-Four Impala was shot with a 36MP Nikon D800 using a mid-'90s vintage Nikon 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-D lens. At first glance, it looks okay, but blow up to full screen or (worse) start pixel peeping at 100% magnification and something' The lines of the car have a bi...
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The EPA wants to regulate hazardous 'forever chemicals,' which are found in items like pizza boxes, nonstick pans, and cleaning products

Erin McDowell/Insider Forever chemicals can't break down and linger in the soil, water, and air. Many household items contain forever chemicals, including nonstick cookware and cleaning products. EPA Administrator Michael Regan outlined the government's plan to combat PFAS through 2024. The Biden administration and the Environmental Protection Agency announced a widespread federal effort Monday to protect Americans from perfluoroalkyls and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, a group of man...
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Colin Powell, who died on Monday from COVID-19, had a blood-cell cancer that likely weakened his immune system

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts Colin Powell, former US secretary of state, died on Monday from COVID-19 complications. Powell was vaccinated but was being treated for cancer, so he was likely immunocompromised. Immunocompromised people should take precautions recommended for unvaccinated people, the CDC says. Colin Powell, former US secretary of state, died on Monday from COVID-19 complications, according to a statement from the Powe...
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The FDA plans to allow people to 'mix-and-match' their COVID-19 booster shots, a new report says

The federal government has provided COVID-19 relief in numerous forms, from free vaccines to economic programs. Reuters The FDA is expected to allow a "mix-and-match" approach for COVID-19 booster shots, The New York Times reported. The authorization will allow Americans to get a different brand booster than what they initially received. It will not recommend one brand over another but may mention it is preferable to receive the same brand, The Times reported. The Food and Drug Administrat...
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How atomic time-travel could reveal the mysteries of dark matter and more

Physicists from the University of Colorado have created an atomic clock so precise it can measure gravitational time dilation over distances as small as one millimeter. This record-breaking measurement could have implications reaching as far as redefining exactly how long a second is or discovering where all the dark matter in our universe is hiding. Up front: Einstein figured out that time functions differently depending on how close to a “gravity well” the observer is. So, for instance, if you...
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Conservative radio host Dennis Prager announces he tested positive for COVID-19, which he said he was intentionally trying to contract 'the entire time'

Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager. Turning Point USA Conservative radio host Dennis Prager has tested positive for COVID-19. He claimed to be unvaccinated and on a mix of drugs including Ivermectin. He also claimed he wanted to contract COVID-19 to achieve "natural immunity." Conservative radio host Dennis Prager announced on Monday he tested positive for COVID-19, which he said he was intentionally trying to contract "the entire time."Broadcasting "The Dennis Prager Show," from his home, he ...
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I got my first COVID shot in Nigeria and the second in the UK, and the difference was infuriating

The author, Paul Adepoju (left), got his first Covid vaccine shot in Nigeria. The center was so crowded that there was no room to sit down. Paul Adepoju In Nigeria, less than 3% of the population has gotten the Covid vaccine. In the UK, 68% of people are fully vaccinated. Life is returning to normal in both places - but in Nigeria, most people must make do without the vaccine. There's a growing push to speed up vaccine access in poor countries. I got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot in...
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A Florida school says vaccinated students must stay home for 30 days after each shot, citing a false claim that they'll infect others

Junior Molly Day got her first Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine at Ridley High School in Pennsylvania on May 3. Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group/Daily Times via Getty Images Centner Academy in Miami, Florida said any student who gets vaccinated must quarantine for 30 days. The school is promoting a dangerous, debunked rumor that vaccinated students can infect others. An infectious-disease expert who spoke with WSVN characterized the false claim as "science fiction." A private school in Miami is re...
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US ‘very concerned’ despite China denials over hypersonic missile

Disarmament ambassador casts doubt on ability to defend against technology after reports of test The United States is “very concerned” about China’s development of hypersonic technology, US disarmament ambassador Robert Wood has said, after reports that Beijing had recently launched a hypersonic missile with a nuclear capacity.“We are very concerned by what China has been doing on the hypersonic front,” Robert Wood told reporters in Geneva. Continue reading...
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Sharp-eyed diver finds Crusader’s ancient sword on Israeli seabed

Metre-long relic, encrusted with marine organisms, is believed to be about 900 years oldA sword believed to have belonged to a Crusader who sailed to the Holy Land almost a millennium ago has been recovered from the Mediterranean seabed thanks to an eagle-eyed amateur diver, the Israel Antiquities Authority has said.Though encrusted with marine organisms, the metre-long blade, hilt and handle were distinctive enough to notice after undercurrents apparently shifted sands that had concealed it. Co...
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Google CEO says companies that fail to go carbon-free will lose the talent war

Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Beck Diefenbach/Reuters Google wants to be the first Big Tech giant to run entirely on clean energy sources 24 hours a day. But going carbon-free isn't just about climate change, CEO Sundar Pichai told Bloomberg - it benefits recruiting too. He said Gen Z won't want "to work for a company which they feel is polluting." Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the tech giant's ambitious goal to eliminate carbon and shift to 100% renewable energy sources is about m...
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Valneva Covid vaccine could be as effective as Oxford jab, study suggests

Vaccine produced by French company uses inactivated Sars-CoV-2 virus and can be stored in fridgeCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageA coronavirus jab based on traditional vaccine technology might be as effective as the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, data suggests, offering new hope for global vaccination efforts.Vaccines currently approved for use in the UK deliver instructions for producing the coronavirus “spike” protein to cells in order, which triggers an immune response...
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China denies report claiming it launched hypersonic missile

Beijing says FT report was inaccurate and that exercise was merely a test of reusable technologyChina has denied a report that claimed it had recently launched a hypersonic missile, saying its launch of a new spacecraft was merely a test to see whether the vehicle could be reused.The Financial Times reported on Saturday that Beijing had launched a nuclear-capable missile in August that circled the Earth at low orbit before narrowly missing its target. Citing multiple sources, the FT claimed the ...
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China denied a report that it tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, saying it was just a space vehicle

Military vehicles carrying hypersonic missiles DF-17 in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Thomas Peter/Reuters The Financial Times reported that China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August. The FT reported that US intelligence was caught off guard and surprised by China's ability. But China said on Monday that it was actually testing a space vehicle, and it happened in July. China denied a Financial Times report that it tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile earlier this ...
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Factory farms of disease: how industrial chicken production is breeding the next pandemic

At least eight types of bird flu, all of which can kill humans, are circulating around the world’s factory farms – and they could be worse than Covid-19One day last December, 101,000 chickens at a gigantic farm near the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia started to collapse and die. Tests by the state research centre showed that a relatively new strain of lethal avian flu known as H5N8 was circulating, and within days 900,000 birds at the Vladimirskaya plant were hurriedly slaughtered to prev...
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