The FDA told Moderna it needs more time to review use of their COVID-19 vaccine for kids

A container of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is seen at the United Memorial Medical Center on December 21, 2020 in Houston, Texas. Getty Images/Go Nakamura Use of Moderna's vaccine in kids 12 to 17 years old will most likely be delayed to early next year. The drug company said the FDA told them they needed more time to review. The FDA is looking into the risk of myocarditis, a rare heart condition. The Food and Drug Administration on Friday told Moderna it needed more time to review ...
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‘Vax’ chosen as word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary firm

Accolade reflects how use of the short form of ‘vaccine’ rose by 72 times in a year and spread across societyIn a year when talk over the virtual garden fence has focused on whether you have been jabbed, jagged or had both doses yet, and whether it was Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna you were injected with, Oxford Languages has chosen vax as its word of the year.After deciding last year that it was impossible to sum up 2020 in one word, the company that produces the Oxford English Dictionary said...
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Nine percent of New York City workers still unvaccinated after Friday deadline

Last-minute rush of jabs boost vaccination rate to 91%Fox News host gets death threats for vaccinations pleaNine percent of New York City’s municipal workforce remains unvaccinated following a Friday deadline to demonstrate proof of receiving at least Covid shot, officials said.However, the percentage of city workers with at least one dose rose considerably as the deadline loomed. Continue reading...
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Major study finds that people who believe in COVID-19 conspiracies are more likely to catch the virus, lose their jobs, and be socially isolated

COVID-19 conspiracy theories. A sample of four books on the first page of a search for "COVID" on's bookstore. Amazon/Insider A new study has shown that those who believe in COVID-19 conspiracies are more likely to catch the virus. They are also more likely to break rules, lose their jobs, and face social isolation. Conspiracy theories are a "quick" solution to the fear of the unknown, said an expert. New research has found that people who believe in COVID-19 conspiracy th...
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As the COP26 climate conference begins, here's a look at what life is like in one of the hottest cities on earth

A brick kiln worker in Jacobabad, Pakistan, one of the world's hottest cities. Shakil Adil/Amnesty International Due to climate change, temperatures in Jacobabad, Pakistan have soared. In June 2021, the hottest day hit 125°F. Jacobabad's residents' lives' are entirely dominated by their desperate quest to escape the heat. Experts warn that climate change will exacerbate existing poverty and inequality around the world. The city of Jacobabad, in Sindh, Pakistan, is one of th...
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New evidence suggests Vikings – and their mice – beat Portugal to the Azores

Evidence from animal remains shows Norse seafarers settled on the islands centuries before Portuguese explorersThey came from the land of the ice and snow and the midnight sun – but still ended up in some balmy destinations. This is the conclusion of researchers who have discovered evidence to support the idea that the Vikings settled on the clement shores of the Azores several hundred years before the Portuguese arrived in 1427.Given that the Vikings are usually associated with the frozen north...
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