Indigenous communities demanded more action to combat climate change at largest protest in Glasgow history during COP26

An Indigenous climate activist attends a rally at the end of a protest organized by the Cop26 Coalition in Glasgow, Scotland, Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021 which is the host city of the COP26 U.N. Climate Summit. AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali Around 100,000 individuals marched through Glasgow for a "Global Day of Action for Climate Justice." On Saturday, more than 250 protests were held across the world for systemic climate justice. The protest was Glasgow's largest since a march against the Iraq ...
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‘Our notion of privacy will be useless’: what happens if technology learns to read our minds?

The promise of neurotechnology to make lives better is growing. But do we need a new set of rights to protect the integrity of our minds?“The skull acts as a bastion of privacy; the brain is the last private part of ourselves,” Australian neurosurgeon Tom Oxley says from New York.Oxley is the CEO of Synchron, a neurotechnology company born in Melbourne that has successfully trialled hi-tech brain implants that allow people to send emails and texts purely by thought. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Technology, Law, Medical Research, Melbourne, Tom Oxley, Synchron, New York Oxley

Cranberry juice won’t cut it: UTIs and the potential for repurposing drugs

The winning essay in the Max Perutz science writing award 2021, published below, was written by Vicky Bennett from the department of biology and biochemistry at Bath UniversityIn May, PhD students who are funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) were invited to enter the Max Perutz science writing award 2021 and write a compelling piece about their research for the non-scientific reader.From the many entries received, the 10 that made the shortlist covered diverse topics, including dementia,...
Tags: Health, Science, Medical Research, Awards and prizes, Antibiotics, Medical Research Council MRC, Max Perutz, Vicky Bennett

SpaceX toilet leak forces astronauts to use diapers on trip back to Earth

Crew who grew first chilis in space face 20 hours in capsule‘Spaceflight is full of lots of little challenges’, US astronaut saysAstronauts who will leave the International Space Station on Sunday will have to use diapers on the way home, because of a broken toilet in their SpaceX capsule.The Nasa astronaut Megan McArthur described the situation as “suboptimal” but manageable. She and three crewmates will spend 20 hours in the capsule, from the time the hatches are closed until a Monday morning ...
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A child's skull found deep inside a South African cave offers new clues about a group of mysterious human ancestors

A reconstruction of the skull of Leti, a Homo naledi child, whose remains were found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Wits University A human ancestor called Homo naledi lived in southern Africa between about 241,000 and 335,000 years ago. Anthropologists found the first skull belonging to a Homo naledi child deep in a cave. The skull's remote location suggests these ancestors ritually buried their dead, new research says. Anthropologists Marina Elliott and Becca Peixotto found themselve...
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People are sharing pictures of their dented 'smartphone pinky' after holding their phones, so asked doctors what the deal is

Anthony Jackson for Insider Social-media users are posting photos of their pinkies with pronounced dents in them. They claim indentations are caused by holding their phones for hours on end. Doctors say it's temporary and nothing to worry about, but warned excessive phone use can cause other health issues. People who use their phones a lot are posting to social media concerned that they might have something they've dubbed "smartphone pinky."Twitter users are posting photos of ind...
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Imraan Coovadia on ‘The Poisoners’ and keeping science honest

Imraan Coovadia’s new book examines how poison has shaped political affairs in Southern Africa The post Imraan Coovadia on ‘The Poisoners’ and keeping science honest appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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