Incoming Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears said that disclosing her vaccination status is a 'slippery slope' that would lead to questions about what's in her DNA

Former Republican Delegate Winsome Sears celebrates winning the race for Lt. Governor of Virginia as she introduces Republican candidate for Governor Glenn Youngkin during an election night party in Chantilly, Virginia, on November 3, 2021.Reuters/Jonathan Ernst Republican Winsome Sears defeated Democrat Hala Ayala in the Virginia lieutenant governor election. Sears has encouraged others to get vaccinated against COVID-19 but has not said if she has done so. Sears said that vaccinations have ...
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Octopuses, crabs, and lobsters will be recognized as 'sentient beings' in UK after a review concluded they feel pain and distress

An octopus is pictured March 6, 2018 at the Oceanopolis sea center, in Brest, western France.Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images A review of 300 studies concluded there is strong evidence some invertebrates are sentient. The UK government is updating an animal welfare law to includes octopuses, crabs, and lobsters. The review defined sentience as "the capacity to have feelings, such as feelings of pain, pleasure, hunger, thirst, warmth, joy, comfort and excitement." Octopuses, crabs, and lobsters w...
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A Space Force general said US hypersonic missile capabilities are 'not as advanced' China and Russia's

Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapons Concept (HAWC) missile in seen in an artist's conception.Raytheon Missiles & Defense/Reuters The US has to catch up on Russia and China's hypersonic missile technology, a Space Force general said. Gen. David Thompson said the US has some "catching up" to do. "We're not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hypersonic programs," he said. A Space Force general said the US's hypersonic missile capabilities are "not as advanced" as...
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Glennon Doyle: ‘So many women feel caged by gender, sexuality, religion’

Glennon Doyle’s memoir inspired Adele – but do we all need to be ‘untamed’?The marriage wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel right any more. The lightbulb moment came when she realised she needed to think about what she truly wanted, rather than about what society had trained her to think she wanted. Also, she became aware that remaining in an unhappy marriage meant she wasn’t being the parent she wanted to be: following her heart would cause heartbreak to her family now, but it had a noble pur...
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A woman in a coma and on a ventilator with COVID-19 woke up the day her family planned to pull her life support

A GoFundMe set up by Bettina Lerman's family has raised more than $5,000.Screenshot via GoFundMe A 69-year-old woman in a coma woke up just hours before her family planned to end her life support. The woman, Bettina Lerman, had contracted COVID-19 in September and was hooked up to a ventilator. Doctors told her family that she suffered "irreversible damage" and would not wake up. A woman who had been on a ventilator for over a month woke up from a coma just hours before her family planned...
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Glow-in-the-dark materials can help cities stay cooler and use less electricity — here's how they work

If a path was painted with paint that glows all night, light energy would decrease by 27%, a simulation report showed.John Coletti/Getty Images Luminescent materials are used for emergency lighting and street markings around the world. They help keep cities cool by re-emitting light that would otherwise be converted into heat.  As these glow-in-the-dark materials are improved, they can be used for more energy efficient cities.  Around the year 1603, Italian shoemaker and amateur alchemist Vin...
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Some Pacific countries will take years to vaccinate 50% of adult population, modelling shows

Predictions from Lowy Institute indicate Papua New Guinea will take five years to vaccinate just a third of its populationSee all our coronavirus coverageSome Pacific countries will have less than a quarter of adults vaccinated by the end of the year, with predictions that Papua New Guinea will take five years to vaccinate just one-third of its population, undermining economic recovery and threatening huge loss of life across the region.The predictions come from modelling released on Sunday by t...
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Is Delta the last Covid ‘super variant’?

The Delta variant was first detected a year ago and is now dominant across the globe. Scientists are concerned that a new strain could supersede it Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageEvery week, a group of epidemiologists across the north-east of the United States joins a Zoom call entirely devoted to discussing the latest hints of new Covid-19 variants being reported around the world.“It’s like the weather report,” says William Hanage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T...
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‘It was terrifying’: ancient book’s journey from Irish bog to museum treasure

A new book tells the story of the painstaking process to preserve the 1,200-year-old Faddan More PsalterOne summer’s day in Tipperary as peat was being dug from a bog, a button peered out from the freshly cut earth. The find set off a five-year journey of conservation to retrieve and preserve what lay beyond: a 1,200-year-old psalm book in its original cover.Bogs across Europe have thrown up all sorts of relics of the ancient past, from naturally preserved bodies to vessels containing butter mor...
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Unrest and protests are ripping across Europe as anger mounts over new COVID-19 winter restrictions

Demonstrators carry flags as they gather to protest against COVID-19 measures, in Zagreb, Croatia November 20, 2021.REUTERS/Antonio Bronic New coronavirus protests are have taken place across Europe as winter restrictions loom. Some countries are bringing in new restrictions, and many require vaccination or negative test proof. People gathered in cities like Vienna and Rome, with some protests turning violent. New coronavirus protests are taking place across Europe in response to winter restr...
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UK vaccine passports – scientists urge caution

Experts’ warning as Covid crackdowns across Europe result in widespread protestsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageProposals to impose vaccine passports and other restrictions on the movements of unvaccinated people in the UK should be treated with caution, scientists warned last week. Such plans would not lead to rapid reductions in Covid-19 case numbers and could trigger hostility to future vaccine campaigns, they said.These warnings were made after several European co...
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