Why has Australia reduced the Covid vaccine booster jab wait time to five months?

Under the new timeframe, more than 4.1 million people will be eligible for a booster by 31 DecemberThe waiting time for Covid-19 vaccine booster shots in Australia has been cut from six months to five in a bid to keep people protected against the virus and slow its spread as the Omicron variant emerges.The fast-tracking of booster shots was announced on Sunday and it will begin immediately. Can’t have the Pfizer vaccine for medical reasonsHad two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine previouslyIf you...
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Scientists fear falling trust in Boris Johnson could harm bid to curb Omicron surge

Researchers say new rules may be needed to cut deaths, but there are concerns that ‘fed-up’ people will ignore governmentCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMinisters announced a huge expansion of the booster vaccine campaign on Saturday night, amid warnings that further restrictions will be needed imminently to prevent tens of thousands of deaths.With new Covid measures being discussed in Whitehall and claims of people being turned away from booster walk-in centres, thir...
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As Covid mutates, the vaccine makers are adapting too

Focus on the exciting potential of T-cell immunity is spurring the sector on to create a new generation of jabsThe speed at which scientists worked to develop the first Covid jabs was unprecedented. Just nine months after the UK went into lockdown, 90-year-old Margaret Keenan officially became the first person in the world outside a trial to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. But the virus is mutating, and the emergence of the Omicron variant last month is already focusing attention on the nex...
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Daughter of US astronaut rockets into space aboard Blue Origin spacecraft

Laura Shepard Churchley, whose father, Alan Shepard, made history in 1961 as the first American to travel into space, was among the crew of sixThe eldest daughter of pioneering US astronaut Alan Shepard took a joyride to the edge of space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket on Saturday, 60 years after her late father’s famed suborbital Nasa flight at the dawn of the Space Age.Laura Shepard Churchley, 74, who was a schoolgirl when her father first streaked into space, was one of six passengers ...
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Harrowing video shows a terrified woman trapped in a Kentucky candle factory that was devastated by a tornado leaving dozens dead

The governor said it was "the most severe tornado event in Kentucky history."Getty Images Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said that more than 50 people could be dead after a tornado hit a factory. One worker posted harrowing videos on Facebook of her pleading for help while stuck inside the factory. Beshear said that the total number of fatalities could reach 100. A worker at a candle factory in Kentucky struck by a tornado posted a harrowing video on Facebook while trapped inside the building...
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NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will spend its first year looking for primordial galaxies, gold-forging explosions, and habitable planets

An artist's conception of the James Webb Space Telescope.NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez NASA is set to launch the James Webb Space Telescope — the world's most powerful space observatory. Webb's first year will include bold searches for primordial galaxies and habitable planets. Webb could spot gold being forged in violent cosmic collisions and lava raining on distant planets. NASA is about to open a never-before-seen window into the cosmos. Starting next year, astronome...
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From hippos to hamsters: how Covid is affecting creatures great and small

Scientists are racing to assess the spread of the virus in wild and domestic animals, and the threat it could pose to usA year ago humanity embarked on a project to vaccinate every person against Covid-19. But in recent months a shadow vaccination campaign has also been taking place. From giraffes to snow leopards, gorillas to sea lions, zoos around the world have been inoculating their animals with an experimental Covid vaccine as an insurance policy against what they fear could be a similarly ...
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Why uncontrolled HIV may be behind the emergence of Omicron

Analysis: experts say weakened immune systems may give rise to new Covid variants – so HIV prevention could be key to stopping coronavirusCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWhere did Omicron come from? By all accounts it is a weird variant. Though highly mutated, it descended not from one of the other variants of concern, such as Alpha, Beta or Delta, but from coronavirus that was circulating maybe 18 months ago. So where has it been all this time? And why is it only wre...
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Victoria records 13 deaths and NSW three; Qld changes quarantine rules – as it happened

Sydney pub and club at centre of scare. Bushfire rages in Margaret River in Western Australia. This blog is now closedOmicron outbreak: NSW Covid cases spike as Victoria records 13 deaths and Aactas listed as hotspotInformation watchdog demands change after two government departments break FoI laws within a monthConspiracy, Covid and the Coalition: why are more of its MPs appealing to the alt-right?Katharine Murphy: ‘Gladys for Warringah is the latest salvo in Morrison’s war against an integrity...
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A Covid Christmas: top scientists on how they will navigate party season

Covid experts explain their personal approaches to festive gatherings in face of OmicronCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAs Omicron cases are on the increase and a new wave threatens to overshadow Christmas, the scientists working on Covid are also making calculations about which of their own festivities to go ahead with and which to scale back.Prof Jennifer Rohn, cell biologist at University College London Continue reading...
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