New study of 1980s Mars meteorite debunks proof of ancient life on planet

Scientists who were part of original 1996 study stand by their observations claiming new findings are ‘disappointing’A four billion-year-old meteorite from Mars that caused a splash here on Earth decades ago contains no evidence of ancient, primitive Martian life after all, scientists have said.In 1996, a Nasa-led team announced that organic compounds in the rock appeared to have been left by living creatures. Other scientists were skeptical and researchers chipped away at that premise over the ...
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The recipient of a historic pig-heart transplant stabbed a man years ago. Ethicists say criminal history shouldn't affect who gets live-saving organs.

David Bennet (right) with his surgeon, Dr. Bartley Griffith, at University of Maryland Medical Center.University of Maryland School of Medicine A man with a life-threatening heart condition received a heart from a genetically altered pig Friday. The patient in the historic procedure had been convicted of stabbing a man, according to The Washington Post. Criminal history shouldn't be a reason to deny anyone an organ transplant, medical ethicists say. In a groundbreaking eight-hour transpla...
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Did the world actually end in 2012?

Numerous reputable news sites and media personalities have spent the past couple of weeks alleging that the current year is “2022.” How can they be so sure? Here at Neural we believe in science. And the presence of evidence isn’t necessarily evidence that we’re present. That’s why we’re not willing to concede that it’s 2022 yet. What if the world really did end on 21 December 2012? The fact that you’re reading this makes it a bit hard to accept, but we think we can make a pretty strong argument....
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Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds

Images of men wearing a blue medical face mask were perceived as being the most attractiveCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThere have been precious few positives during the Covid pandemic but British academics may have unearthed one: people look more attractive in protective masks.Researchers at Cardiff University were surprised to find that both men and women were judged to look better with a face covering obscuring the lower half of their faces. Continue reading...
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Bill Gates says 'COVID can be treated more like seasonal flu' after Omicron surge peaks

Billionaire Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates attends the World Leaders' Summit "Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation and Deployment" session on day three of COP26 on November 02, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. COP26 is the 2021 climate summit in Glasgow.Ian Forsyth/Getty Images Billionaire philantrophist Bill Gates sees a potential end to the COVID-19 pandemic. With cases spiking due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant, the pandemic may be transitioning to an endemic. After Omicron ...
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A neuroscientist revealed 3 habits to improve your memory, and 1 that can damage it

"Being too task-focused can harm our memory and creativity," Jha warned.Greg Bajor/Getty Images Memory doesn't always work as we'd like it to. We remember much less than we think and, above all, less than we'd like. Neuroscientist Amishi Jha explained the keys to remembering something successfully. Memory doesn't always work the way you want it to — you remember less than you think and, often, less than you'd like. "What we think is a memory problem is often actually an at...
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‘Nothing but fish nests’: huge icefish colony found in Antarctic sea

Researchers make unprecedented discovery of 60m active nests while collecting data in Weddell SeaResearchers exploring Antarctica’s seabed have discovered a thriving, unprecedented colony of icefish “about a third of the size of London”.The surprise discovery of about 60 million active nests was made by a team of biologists while collecting routine data at 1.5-2.5 metres above the seafloor of Antarctica’s southern Weddell Sea. Before this discovery, the largest found colony contained only 60 nes...
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Wear masks that are comfortable and fit well for 'best' protection against Omicron, CDC says

The CDC said that the "best" mask was one that was well-fitting and comfortable.ñaki Berasaluce/Europa Press/Getty Images US mask recommendation "won't change",  Rochelle Walenksy, head of the CDC, has said. Prices for high-quality masks have surged as people try protect themselves against Omicron.  The best mask is one that is well-fitting and comfortable, Walensky said. The best mask for protecting against COVID-19 is one that is comfortable and fits well, the Centers for Disease Contro...
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4 US diplomats were hit by 'Havana Syndrome' symptoms in Geneva and Paris last summer, report says

The US Embassy in Paris seen in 2019.Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images Four US diplomats appeared to victims of the mysterious "Havana Syndrome" last summer, the WSJ reported. Three worked in Geneva and one in Paris, The Journal said. One was flown to the US for medical care. At least 200 US diplomats, officials, and personnel have reported such symptoms since 2016. At least 4 US diplomats stationed in Europe appeared to be victims of the mysterious "Havana Syndrome," The Wall Street Jour...
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Omicron cases could fall as quickly as they rose in the US — new models suggest daily infections may have already hit their max

People take COVID-19 tests at pop-up testing site in New York City on December 7, 2021.Reuters/Brendan McDermid Omicron cases could be peaking roughly a month after they started rising in the US, models suggest. Disease experts predict that cases could fall back down as quickly as they rose. By the end of the wave, Omicron may have infected "a substantial fraction," if not a majority, of the US. Omicron appears to take a swifter, sharper course than its predecessors: Cases of the variant tend...
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Oldest human fossils from eastern Africa are about 30,000 years older than scientists thought

Researchers at the Omo Kibish Formation in southwestern Ethiopia, within the East African Rift valley.Al Deino The oldest human fossils in East Africa may be even more ancient than scientists thought. New research indicates the fossils were buried in a volcanic eruption about 233,000 years ago. The fossils were thought to be less than 200,000 years old, but humanity's origin date keeps getting pushed back. Eastern Africa's oldest human fossils are even more ancient than researchers th...
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‘They saw bigger things’: Richard Leakey, Edward O Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy remembered

Friends and colleagues pay tribute after the recent deaths of these groundbreaking naturalists, who shifted our understanding of the world and our futureOver Christmas and the new year, three of the world’s leading naturalists died. Thomas Lovejoy, a conservation biologist credited with popularising the term “biodiversity” and a passionate defender of the Amazon, died on 25 December. A day later, Edward O Wilson, known to many as the “modern-day Darwin”, died in Burlington, Massachusetts. On 2 J...
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What lies on the other side of the UK’s Omicron wave?

Covid will continue to shape our lives even after Omicron infections finally begin fallingCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Omicron variant has unleashed a tidal wave of Covid that is sweeping through countries at breakneck speed. In the UK, infections soared to unprecedented highs in recent weeks, but may finally have reached a peak. So what is in store on the other side of the wave? Continue reading...
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‘Not the cruise I signed up for’: 30-fold increase in Covid cases upends industry

The surge has led to passengers stranded on ships, staff shortages and tour cancelations in addition to ports turning ships awayA surge in Covid infections on cruise ships is causing mayhem across the industry, leaving passengers stranded aboard ships, exacerbating staff shortages and prompting the CDC to warn US passengers against all cruise travel.The CDC director said this week that Covid cases have increased 30-fold in just two weeks. Every one of the nearly 100 cruise ships currently carryi...
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