First Cyclone to Make Landfall Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Pummels Vanuatu as Category 4 Monster

Climate change doesn’t take a break just because there’s a pandemic. Point in case: On Monday, Cyclone Harold roared over the small island nation of Vanuatu, lashing the islands with powerful winds and heavy rain. The storm forced the island to open emergency shelters, putting people in close proximity to each other…Read more...
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The future of space travel is starting right now

2020 is off to rocky start, but there are some exciting things happening on the space travel front.Private companies like SpaceX and Boeing have partnered with NASA to get American spacecrafts into space, back to the moon, and onwards to Mars."I think in a hundred years first of all we're going to be celebrating 2020, so 2120 get ready for a big party," says Reisman.
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I Sure Hope Samsung's Rumored Bean Buds Are Real

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ didn’t offer much new in terms of design—they were more a minor upgrade than a true refresh. But newly leaked renders of the next generation Galaxy Buds have popped up online, and there’s no other way to say it: They’re li’l beans.Read more...
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Final Fantasy VII Remake's Female Heroes Tell Us About Being Part of a Defining Piece of Pop Culture History

For many video game fans of a certain age, the world changed 23 years ago when Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation. Its impact on games and the culture around them is burned into the hearts and minds of millions, and it’s about to explode this week with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s an…Read more...
Tags: Science, Video Games, Interview, Exclusive, Square Enix, Final Fantasy Vii, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Vii Remake, Cloud Strife, Britt Baron, Aerith Gainsborough, Briana White, Tifa Lockheart

Coronavirus is growing exponentially — here’s what the numbers mean

You may have seen a version of the infographic (below) that explains the potential impact of social distancing. It nicely illustrates that reducing the total number of disease-spreading contacts each infected person has can have a dramatic effect on the total number of infections a short time later. The numbers rely on the mathematical concept of “exponential growth”. Recently, Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, told the press that “it looks as though we’re now approaching the fast growt...
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A Royal Reject Prepares for Revolution in This Excerpt From Fantasy Debut The Bone Shard Daughter

An exciting new fantasy author will be releasing her debut novel this fall, and we’ve got a first peek at it. Andrea Stewart’s The Bone Shard Daughter is a magical adventure about a young royal who feels called to lead as her elderly, disapproving father’s kingdom teeters on the brink of a rebellion.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Fantasy, Exclusive, Book Excerpt, Andrea Stewart, The Bone Shard Daughter

Man Who Made a Digital AI-Powered Twin for Video Calls Is the Genius the World Needs Right Now

Little did we all know just how much time would be spent in video conference calls as part of work from home life. Creative Technologist Matt Reed has already reached his capacity for Zoom meetings, so he created an AI-powered digital twin that can sit in on calls for him, complete with voice-activated automated…Read more...
Tags: Science, Hacks, Ai, Voice Recognition, Zoom, Matt Reed, Conference Calls, Redpepper, Manycam, Zoombot, Artyomjs

Animated LED Face Mask Reminds Others to Stay Six Feet Away

Being stuck at home for weeks on end has given the world’s hardware hackers some extra time to come up with some truly wonderful creations. Chelsea Klukas, a Product Design Manager at Oculus who’s also known for her experiments merging fashion and tech, has created an LED face mask that could be the most coveted…Read more...
Tags: Health, Gadgets, Science, Safety, Tech, Hacks, LEDs, Oculus, Face Masks, Chelsea Klukas, Lumen Couture

Latest Coronavirus Science: Heart and Brain Damage May Be More Common Than We Thought

New research and surprising developments are teaching us more about covid-19 and the coronavirus that causes it.Read more...
Tags: Science, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

AI can’t predict a child’s future success, no matter how much data we give it

A trio of Princeton social scientists recently conducted a mass experiment with 160 research teams to see if any of them could predict how children’s lives would turn out. The participants were given fifteen years of data and were allowed to use any technique they wanted, from good old fashioned statistical analysis to modern-day artificial intelligence.  Nobody even came close. That’s because artificial intelligence – much like psychics and headless chickens – cannot predict the future. Sure, i...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Princeton, Neural

'Creating Our Legacies': The Elders Fighting for Climate Justice

Last October, Jane Fonda received the 2019 Stanley Kubrick award for excellence in film, a prestigious honor from the British Academy of Television Film and Arts. Regrettably, the then-81-year-old actress was too busy getting arrested on Capitol Hill to accept the award in person.Read more...
Tags: Science, Capitol Hill, Jane Fonda, Climate Justice, Respect Your Elders, Climate Strike, Intergenerational Justice, Elders Fighting for Climate Justice, British Academy of Television Film

Number of Coronavirus Deaths in New York Is Likely Much Higher Than We Think

New York City’s covid-19 death toll is likely higher than reported, due to the fact that the medical examiner doesn’t test the bodies of people who’ve died at home for the virus. A report from WNYC has found that, while the daily rate of deaths at home has increased nearly tenfold since the outbreak, only those who…Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, New York City, WNYC, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Peak Design's Travel Tripod Just Earned a Permanent Spot in My Camera Bag

When it comes to traveling and trying to pack light, I always seem to run into a dilemma: cram the tripod in my bag or leave it at home. Ideally, I’d always want a tripod around for taking things like landscape shots or long exposures, but the bulky nature of most tripods usually means it’s the last item that gets cut…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Photography, Science, Cameras, Consumer Tech, Tripods, Peak Design, Peak Design Travel Tripod Review, Travel Tripods

Location Tracking to Fight Coronavirus Is Dangerous and Possibly Pointless

How much surveillance do we need to stop a pandemic? As the novel coronavirus spreads, testing and health system resources are becoming more and more scarce, while normal life has screeched to a halt for millions of people under shelter-in-place orders. The solution to both these problems, according to some…Read more...
Tags: Science, Location Tracking, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, False Trade Offs

Dyson Redesigned Its High-Maintenance Humidifier So It Now Cleans Itself

Today Dyson introduced its most all-in-one machine yet with the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool that promises to thoroughly clean and moisturize the air in your home. More importantly, the machine might be one of Dyson’s biggest product redesigns yet, completely rethinking the company’s original humidifier that was fraught…Read more...
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#VanLifers On the Trouble With Social Distancing When You Already Live in a Van

Last week, I reported on the nascent trend of influencers who’ve decided to “social distance” by leaving their homes in coronavirus hot spots, packing their families into an RV, and traveling to more remote locations—despite lockdown orders. Along with the numerous rich people who’ve fled their infected metropolises,…Read more...
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How Many of Quibi's Paltry Launch Day Downloads Were Rage Downloads?

Quibi, the (mostly) mobile-only streaming service that launched this week, doesn’t appear to have had a spectacular response straight out of the gate—in fact, the response was rather abysmal. According to one preliminary estimate, Quibi’s launch-day downloads amounted to roughly 300,000 despite all its pre-launch…
Tags: Science, Streaming Services, Streaming Wars, Quibi

Boeing Says It Will Redo Critical Unmanned CST-100 Starliner Test It Borked Last Year

Boeing is calling a mulligan on the failure of its CST-100 Starliner spacecraft to reach proper orbit in an unmanned test for NASA last year and will conduct another before it tries to use it to launch astronauts, the Washington Post reported Monday.Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Technology, Washington Post, Nasa, International Space Station, Iss, Spaceflight, Boeing, Commercial Crew Program, Cst 100 Starliner

5 Binge-Worthy TV Shows You Can Make Workout Games Out Of

Social distancing is affecting our bodies just as much as our minds. Without the ability to hit the gym or go to an exercise class, our physical routines have been upended. You might be substituting extra sessions of your favorite shows, or trying something new. Why not try a little workout while you watch?Read more...
Tags: Science, Fitness, Exercise, Steven Universe, Rick And Morty, The Witcher, The Good Place, The Mandalorian, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Watch It Nerds, Binge Worthy TV

Dyson Creates 44 Free Engineering & Science Challenges for Kids Quarantined During COVID-19

A heads up: Dyson has "created 44 engineering and science activities for children to try out while at home during the coronavirus pandemic, from making a balloon-powered car to building a bridge from spaghetti," writes the Dezeen website. They go on to add: "Comprised of 22 science tasks and 22 engineering activities, the Challenge Cards can be completed by children using common household items such as eggs, string and balloons." You can also find a related playlist of videos on YouTube,...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, College, K-12, Finland, Dyson, Facebook Twitter, Languages Online, Stanford Online High School

Disney Works From Home With Its At Home With Olaf Digital Series

Like the great Fifth Harmony once said: “You can work from home, oh oh, oh oh.” Disney Animation is keeping kids entertained remotely with a new digital series all about Frozen’s Olaf, created at home by animator Hyrum Osmond and voiced by Josh Gad.Read more...
Tags: Frozen, Science, Disney, Fifth Harmony, Olaf, Josh Gad, Disney Animation, Hyrum Osmond, Social Distancing, Josh Gad Read

Health-Monitoring ‘Smart Toilet’ Remembers Your Distinctive Butthole

What do your butthole and a snowflake have in common? Turns out no two of these are the same, allowing this “smart toilet” to differentiate your sphincter from others. By doing so, this toilet can monitor changes to your health over time and flag signs of disease.Read more...
Tags: Science, Human Waste, Toilets, Smart Toilets, Caca Poo Poo

Use this 4-step method to block unwanted thoughts and improve focus

While we can’t control the feelings and thoughts that pop into our heads, we can control what we do with them. Research of smoking cessation programs performed by Dr. Jonathan Bricker, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, suggests we shouldn’t keep telling ourselves to stop thinking about an urge; instead, we must learn better ways to cope. The same applies to other distractions like checking our phones too much, eating junk food, or excessive shopping. Rather than trying to fight the ...
Tags: Startups, Science, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Syndication, Growth Quarters, Jonathan Bricker

McDonald's UK Will Stop Putting Plastic Toys in Happy Meals Next Year

A few months after celebrating the Happy Meal’s 40th anniversary by resurrecting some of its most popular toys, McDonald’s UK has announced that it will be eliminating plastic toys altogether in the the UK and Ireland.Read more...
Tags: UK, Science, Restaurants, Ireland, Mcdonalds, Waste, McDonald, Happy Meal

Dr. Drew Sends the Copyright Cops to Cover Up His Dangerous Downplaying of Coronavirus Threat

Of all the dumb stuff some of us are guilty of indulging in during the current pandemic, downplaying its severity is certainly common. We’ve seen Sean Hannity do it. We’ve seen Elon Musk do it. And while a ton of us have probably seen Dr. Drew do it—thanks to a supercut of the media mogul that went viral over the…Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Oops, Copyright, Sean Hannity, Covid 19

Harley Quinn's Showrunner on Romance, Catwoman, and Underwater Musicals in Season 2

Harley Quinn’s second season is bringing some big changes to Gotham City that are set to push its entire cast of heroes and villains to grow and change in fascinating ways. But co-showrunner Patrick Schumacker wants everyone to understand that what Harley and the gang are going through isn’t exactly turning them into…Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Dc Comics, Animation, Streaming, Harley Quinn, Gotham City, Batman, Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, Catwoman, Harley, Sarah Peters, DC Universe, Warner Bros Animation, Patrick Schumacker

New Streaming Service Quibi Accused of Ripping Off ‘Everything Is Terrible!’

If new streaming service Quibi’s show “Memory Hole” looks familiar to you, you’re not alone. According to the video and performance collective Everything Is Terrible (EIT!), which has been around since 2007, Quibi’s show bears more than a coincidental resemblance to its 2014 show by the same name. In a tweet earlier…Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming Video, Quibi

Just Get a Damn Set-Top Box and Free Yourself of Your TV's Crap Software

Planned obsolescence is annoying regardless of which smart gadget you’re talking about, but it particularly grinds my gears when it comes to TVs. Sure, you don’t have to destroy your wallet for a decent 4K smart TV anymore—but I know plenty of friends and gadget nerds who do shell out for something a ‘lil nicer for…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Samsung, Smart Tvs, Roku, Lg, Smart Home, Vizio, Planned Obsolescence, Consumer Tech

How an 18th Century Explorer Can Help Us Understand the Algorithms Taking Over Our World

We are in the midst of a Cambrian explosion of algorithms. Roughly 540 million years ago, the fossil record tells us that the planet experienced a dramatic diversification of animal life, producing the ancestors of most of the complex organisms that we’re familiar with today. The acceleration of innovation in…Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Theory, Algorithms, Taxonomy, Predictive Algorithm

Bose Lets Users Downgrade QC35 Firmware After Months of Complaints

After Bose released updated firmware for its QC35 II headphones last year, users complained on the company’s forums that the headphone’s active noise cancellation had gotten a worse. Now, the number of complaints has ballooned to fill more than 200 pages in the forum, and even though Bose says its software isn’t the…Read more...
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