Monday's Best Deals: Halloween Costumes, Sonos Play:1, LEGO Apollo, Akira, and More

Halloween costumes, LEGO’s incredible Apollo kit, and refurbished Sonos speakers lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web. Read more...
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Trump says climate change not a hoax, not sure of its source

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is backing off his claim that climate change is a hoax but says he doesn’t know if it’s manmade and suggests that the climate will “change back again.” In an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday night, Trump said he doesn’t want to put the U.S. at […]
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The Power of Horror is Best Explained by Stephen King in This Interesting Clip From Eli Roth's History of Horror

Why do we like horror, anyway? Stephen King knows better than most.Read more...
Tags: Science, Stephen King, Eli Roth, Eli Roths History Of Horror

Sunday's Best Deals: MicroSD Cards, Super Mario Party, Yost Vises, and More 

A one-day sale on Yost vises, the best prices ever on Samsung’s microSD cards, a Super Mario Party/Joy-Con bundle, and more lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web. Read more...
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A woman won a Nobel Prize, but science is still sexist

One of the 2018 Nobel Prizes in physics went to Donna Strickland, a major accomplishment for any scientist. Yet much of the news coverage has focused on the fact that she’s only the third female physicist to receive the award, after Marie Curie in 1903 and Maria Goeppert-Mayer 60 years later. Though biochemical engineer Frances Arnold also won this year, for chemistry, the rarity of female Nobel laureates raises questions about women’s exclusion from education and careers in science. Female rese...
Tags: Startups, Science, Marie Curie, Syndication, Maria Goeppert Mayer, Frances Arnold, Donna Strickland

EU adopts new chemical weapons sanctions

The EU set up a new sanctions mechanism targeting those who use and develop chemical weapons on Monday, as part of a crackdown in the wake of the Skripal attack. The framework gives the European Union the power to impose restrictive measures on anyone identified as being involved in the development or deployment of chemical weapons, regardless of their location or nationality. Fears have been growing among world powers that the century-old taboo on the use of chemical weapons is being eroded, ...
Tags: Science, Eu, European Union, Britain

Cherokee Nation Calls Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test 'Inappropriate and Wrong'

The Cherokee Nation said Warren is "undermining tribal interests"
Tags: Science, Elizabeth Warren, Warren, Cherokee Nation

These children are saving Iceland's lost puffins

The 'puffin patrol' is saving baby puffins by the handful.
Tags: Science, News, Iceland

Protests as fracking begins in UK

Anti-fracking protesters took to the streets on Monday as work began on Britain's first horizontal shale-gas well after the High Court in London dismissed a last-minute request for an injunction. Energy firm Cuadrilla said it had started hydraulic fracturing on Monday at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire, northwest England, with workers having to file past around 200 demonstrators. "Hydraulic fracturing of both horizontal exploration wells is expected to last three months after which the...
Tags: UK, England, Science, London, High Court, Britain, Lancashire, Cuadrilla, Preston New Road

U.S. Experts Are Being Kept Away From the Front Lines of the Latest Ebola Outbreak

The latest outbreak of Ebola virus disease to hit the Democratic Republic of Congo is only getting worse. But the U.S. government has pulled its experts from the affected areas of the African country in recent weeks, citing safety concerns.Read more...
Tags: Ebola, Science, Cdc, Africa, Infectious Diseases, World Health Organization, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Outbreaks

Make Restaurant-Quality Meals With the First Deal On Anova's Nano Sous-Vide Circulator

Anova’s older sous-vide cookers go on sale with some regularity, but until today, we hadn’t seen a deal on the company’s newer, significantly smaller Nano circulator.Read more...
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How to Hide Your App Folder Names in iOS

If you’re the kind of person who uses a little creativity when organizing the apps on your iPhone or iPad—by icon color, for example—it might be time to take your device’s look to the next level. Sure, you can name your folders something descriptive and/or witty, like “yellow” instead of the category of the apps found…Read more...
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Trump Says Saudi King Told Him He 'Denies Any Knowledge' of Missing Journalist's Fate

President Donald Trump said Monday he had spoken to King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and that he had personally denied any knowledge of the fate of disappeared journalist Jamal Khashoggi
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump, Trump, Salman

Facebook Bans Military-Linked Pages That Stoked Genocide in Myanmar: Report

For years, Facebook has served as a catalyst for violence against Myanmar’s minority Rohingya population and the company has failed to effectively moderate hateful content inciting such brutality. On Monday, a report from the New York Times found that over the last several years, military officials in the region have…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, New York Times, Myanmar, Facebook Violence, Facebook Bans, Facebook Bans Military

Alt-Right Militia Members Sat on a Roof With "Long Guns" During an August Rally

During the August 4 Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon, members of the alt-right militia stationed themselves on top of a building overlooking the protest with a cache of weapons, seemingly prepared to escalate violence. The Portland Police Department, however, did not see fit to inform city officials of this…Read more...
Tags: Science, Protests, Portland Oregon, Fascism, Portland Police Department, Antifa

As the World Burns, Republicans Remind Us Climate Change Denial Is Alive and Well

Last week was a wild climate ride, from a landmark special report saying we basically have a decade to get our act together to Hurricane Michael decimating northwest Florida. If ever there was a time for the media to finally ask politicians about their plans to address climate change, this was it. And for once, the…Read more...
Tags: Florida, Science, Global Warming, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Climate Denial, Larry Kudlow

Prost, ganbei, cheers: Climate change means less beer

If you crave a pint (or two) at the end of a hard day, brace yourself: climate change is poised to make your favourite lager, ale or IPA more scarce and pricey. On current trends, a crescendo of heatwaves and droughts will periodically cause sharp declines in barley yields, a crucial ingredient in most beer, according to a study published Monday. "Decreases in the global supply of barley lead to proportionally larger decreases in barley used to make beer," said lead author Dabo Guan, a profess...
Tags: Science, University of East Anglia, Prost, Dabo Guan

NASA's Flagship X-Ray Telescope Back Online After Last Week's Safe Mode

One of NASA’s flagship telescopes, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, went into safe mode last week following gyroscope problems. That telescope is now back up and running.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Physics, Black Holes, Supernovae, Supernovas, Chandra X Ray Observatory, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, X Ray Astronomy

'It's the Legacy of Slavery': Here's the Troubling History Behind Tipping Practices in the U.S.

The custom in the years around the Civil Wa
Tags: Science

President Trump Suggests 'Rogue Killers' Are Responsible for Missing Saudi Journalist

President Trump suggested "rogue killers" could be responsible for the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi regime
Tags: Science, Trump, Jamal Khashoggi, Rogue Killers

There May Still Be Hope for NASA’s Sleeping Opportunity Rover

It’s been months since NASA engineers have heard from the sleeping Opportunity rover, which powered down after getting caught in a massive dust storm on Mars that obscured its surface from the Sun. But all hope isn’t yet lost, as the space agency said in an update Thursday that a coming windy season on the Red Planet…Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Mars, Mars Exploration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Opportunity Rover, Mars rovers

Princess Eugenie’s Official Wedding Pictures Are Here

Princess Eugenie married her longtime partner Jack Brooksbank in a lovely ceremony on Friday. Kensington Palace released the official portraits from the ceremony on Saturday, along with a photo of Eugenie in her reception dress with her groom, and one of the happy couple kissing in their carriage. The pictures were taken by photographer Alex Bramall, who also snapped shots of Eugenie in 2016 for a Harper's Bazaar photoshoot.
Tags: Science, Kensington Palace, Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank, Alex Bramall

Norway makes rare discovery of Viking ship traces

Archaeologists said on Monday they have found what they believe are traces of a Viking ship buried in southeast Norway, a rare discovery that could shed light on the skilled navigators' expeditions in the Middle Ages. The boatlike shape was detected about 50 centimetres underground in a tumulus, a burial mound, with the use of a ground-penetrating radar in Halden, a municipality located southeast of Oslo. "In the middle of the mound, we discovered what is called an anomaly, something that is d...
Tags: Science, Norway, Oslo, Halden, Knut Paasche, Institute for Cultural Heritage Research NIKU

What flat-earthers have got right

A lot of people believe the Earth is flat. It's silly ... or is it?
Tags: Science, News, Earth

The Anthropocene Era Is Killing Us

Our bodies evolved in a different geological era, and as we stand upon the crest of yet another, humans are showing signs of the stress these changes are placing on us.
Tags: Science

NASA's Flagship X-Ray Telescope Back Online After Weekend Safe Mode

One of NASA’s flagship telescopes, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, went into safe mode last week following gyroscope problems. That telescope is now back up and running.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Physics, Black Holes, Supernovae, Supernovas, Chandra X Ray Observatory, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, X Ray Astronomy

Tech companies need to work with US military, says Amazon boss Jeff Bezos

Tech companies need to work with the US military, Jeff Bezos has said, as he defended deals made by Amazon and his aerospace firm Blue Origin.  The space company announced last week that it would provide rockets to the US air force to reduce its reliance on Russian technology.  Amazon, Mr Bezos' more famous company, has previously caused controversy with an agreement to provide facial recognition software to the US government, and it is also considered the favourite candidate for a contract...
Tags: Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, US, San Francisco, Pentagon, Jeff Bezos, Musk, Us Department Of Defense, Blue Origin, Bezos, Miami Herald

Saudi Arabia Threatens 'Greater Action' If Riyadh Is Punished Over Writer's Disappearance

Turkish officials say they fear a Saudi hit team killed and dismembered Jamal Khashoggi
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Greater Action

Star Wars Resistance Just Made Us Look at the Franchise in a Whole New Way

When you’re watching a Star Wars TV show or movie, it’s easy to think what’s happening on screen is the most important thing imaginable. What could be more important than defeating the Empire, becoming a Jedi, or crushing the First Order? Maybe nothing—but what you tend to forget is, while that may be important to…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Animation, Lucasfilm, Disney Xd, TV Bite, Star Wars Resistance

Hayabusa2's Mission to Touch Down on the Asteroid Ryugu Has Been Delayed Until 2019

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has delayed the touchdown of the main section of the Hayabusa2 probe on the asteroid Ryugu from this month until January 2019, Nature reported, after mission scientists determined that the Ryugu’s surface is rougher than expected and the landing needs more planning time.Read more...
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