NASA Uploads Hundreds of Rare Aircraft Films to YouTube

NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center is currently in the process of uploading hundreds of extremely rare films to YouTube. And I’d advise you to stop reading if you want to get any work done today.
Tags: Science, Youtube, Nasa, Airplanes, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Experimental Aircraft, Nasa History

Incredible Self-Folding Robots Work Without Batteries or Wires

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami, self-folding robots can go places and do things traditional robots cannot. A major drawback to these devices, however, has been the need to equip them with batteries or wires. Researchers from Harvard have found a new way to overcome this problem, by designing…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Harvard, Robots, Robotics, Futurism, Folding Robots

Saturday's Best Deals: LeEco Smartphone, Anova Sous-Vide, Anker Dash Cam, and More

A powerful Android phone, Anker’s dash cam, and a 6TB external hard drive lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Anker, Weekend, Daily Deals

Verizon Says It Was Totally Just Testing How to Throttle Video

After rumors spread on Reddit that Verizon Wireless customers were unable to achieve feeds of faster than 10Mbps while connected to Netflix, the company confirmed to Ars Technica this week it was conducting “network testing over the past few days to optimize the performance of video applications on our network.”Read more...
Tags: Verizon, Science, Fcc, Net Neutrality, Ars Technica, Verizon Wireless, Netflix, Isps, Reddit, Hmm

Seth McFarlane's Star Trek Spoof The Orville Looks Like a Ton of Fun

Fox’s new scifi sitcom The Orville wowed us in its first look, mainly because it managed to come off as both a loving homage to the campiest aspects of classic Star Trek while also being genuinely funny. The new Comic-Con trailer is much the same—reminding us that exploring the strange new frontiers can be a truly…Read more...
Tags: Comedy, TV, Science, Television, Fox, Comic Con, Trailer Frenzy, Orville, San Diego Comic Con, Seth McFarlane, The Orville, Comic Con 2017

If You Actually Want to Play Games, Get the New Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo Switch exists, and is a fantastic gaming system that you can, in a pinch, play in a bar, a car, or on the train. Phones exist too, and the games on them are better than ever. So why the hell should you own anything else? Because games. The Switch’s library is still small, and smartphones still lack those…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Science, Review, Nintendo, 3DS, Consumer Tech, New Nintendo 2ds Xl Review

We're Genuinely Annoyed at How Much We Love This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Blu-Ray Ad

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is super-loaded with 1980s righteousness, so it should come as no surprise that even its freaking DVD/Blu-ray ad went the same route. We at io9 try to avoid posting commercials in general, so we find it deeply irksome that this one is so fun we felt we had to share it with you anyway.Read more...
Tags: Commercials, Science, Marvel, Disney, Ad, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Blu Ray, Galaxy Vol

We Tried Mark Zuckerberg's Tricks for Looking Taller in Photos

Didn’t you think Mark Zuckerberg is tall? According to a 2010 New Yorker profile, he’s “only around five feet eight, but he seems taller, because he stands with his chest out and his back straight, as if held up by a string.” Wired writer Graham Starr thinks Zuck seems tall for another reason: He stages his photos to…Read more...
Tags: Mark Zuckerberg, Photography, Science, Body Image, Height, Zuck, Graham Starr

All the Best Cosplay We Spotted at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Day Two

Like the unstoppable flow of time itself, San Diego Comic-Con continued through Friday with a shocking amount of news and trailers—and even more amazing cosplay, of course. So we’ve made another video collection of our favorites, including the chill Lego Batman above and the immensely disturbing pastel wookiees…Read more...
Tags: Science, San Diego, Cosplay, Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Comic Con 2017

Ready Player One First Footage is a Spectacular Cornucopia of Pop Culture References

Steven Spielberg came to San Diego Comic-Con Saturday to reveal the first footage from Ready Player One, the film adaptation of Ernie Cline’s scifi, nostalgia filled book. And the footage delivered big, sweeping, pop culture fun.Read more...
Tags: Science, Steven Spielberg, Comic Con, Trailer Frenzy, Ready Player One, San Diego Comic Con, Ernie Cline, Comic Con 2017, San Diego Comic Con 2017

Anker's Wi-Fi Enabled DashCam Is Back On Sale For Just $67

Anker’s beginning its drive into the automotive accessory space with an affordable new dash cam, and you can race over to Amazon to snag one for $67 with code 3RJ6NATH, the best price we’ve seen since our exclusive (and short-lived) $64 launch deal.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Auto, Science, Anker, Dash Cams

Elephant Seals Know When Their Opponents Are Talking Shit

Yelling at each other online is a beloved human tradition. Other animals like to shout at each other too, they just don’t have the luxury of a screen separating them. But of all the petty creatures in the animal kingdom, it turns out elephant seals might be most like humans when it comes to talking shit.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Animals, U Said Wot M8

Game of Thrones Comic-Con Teaser Reveals a Meet-Up That Will Change the Game

The Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t too big on the surprises and shocks—after all, we’re already in the midst of season seven. However, a sneak peek at future episodes did bring two characters together—and combined, they’ll have the power to change the world. Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Game Of Thrones, Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Comic Con 2017

The Neon Nintendo Switch Is Back In Stock On Amazon, If You Hurry 

Amazon’s had a few short-lived restockings of the gray Nintendo Switch, but if you were holding out for the Neon model, it’s in stock for Prime members right now, only the third time we’ve seen it there since initial preorders. Needless to say, we don’t expect it to last long at all.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Nintendo, Switch

Trump's New Communications Director Might Want to Delete These Tweets Too

It seems that Anthony Scaramucci, the White House’s new communications director, is already taking cues from his boss and deleting inconvenient tweets just like the Don himself.Read more...
Tags: Science, White House, Never Tweet, Donald Trump, Trump, Don, Anthony Scaramucci, Scaramucc Can You Do The Fandango

We Saw More Footage From Kingsman: The Golden Circle and It Looks So Good

Though Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth showed up at San Diego Comic-Con to promote Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the most memorable on-screen moments belonged to an actress who wasn’t there: Julianne Moore.Read more...
Tags: Science, Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Colin Firth, Comic Con, Kingsman, Matthew Vaughn, San Diego Comic Con, Taron Edgerton, Kingsman The Golden Circle, Comic Con 2017, Channing Tatum Halle Berry Jeff Bridges

The New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Shows a Galaxy on the Brink of... Something

The official series trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is out, and the stakes are bigger than ever... maybe? Actually, it’s a little hard to tell what’s going on. Read more...
Tags: Science, Star Trek, Cbs, Comic Con, Trailer Frenzy, San Diego Comic Con, Star Trek Discovery, Comic Con 2017

How Subprime Car Loans Are Ruining Lives And Repeating The Mistakes Of The Housing Crisis

Things felt like they were finally turning around for Aaron Woodrum in March 2015 after several months of unemployment. The 38-year-old had fallen behind on bills, causing his credit score to slip. But, thankfully, he’d secured a new job, bolstering his prospects. He just needed a car.Read more...
Tags: Science, Santander, Subprime Loans, Auto Loans, Jalopnik Investigates, Aaron Woodrum

Report: Ben Affleck Might Not Be Batman For Much Longer

Ben Affleck might be in Justice League as the DCEU’s Dark Knight, but he might not be holding onto the cowl for much longer: a new report claims that Warner Bros. is looking at plans to quietly phase out Affleck’s Batman and replace him with a new one.Read more...
Tags: Science, Movies, Ben Affleck, Justice League, Batman, Dc, Warner Bros, Affleck, DCEU

Technology That Connects Aging Adults in Rural Areas with Health Experts Improves Weight Loss

Melissa Ventura Marra, assistant professor of human nutrition and foods in the WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, is part of a multistate research team that is evaluating how food security and lifestyle choices such as diet quality and physical activity affect individual health and well-being.
Tags: Science, Rural Areas, Melissa Ventura Marra, WVU Davis College of Agriculture Natural Resources

Construction Begins on International Mega-Science Experiment to Understand Neutrinos

In a unique groundbreaking ceremony held this afternoon at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota, a group of dignitaries, scientists and engineers from around the world marked the start of construction of a massive international experiment that could change our understanding of the universe. The Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) will house the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), which will be built and operated by a group of roughly 1,000 sci...
Tags: Science, South Dakota, Sanford Underground Research Facility

Amidst Layoffs, Vice Has Literal Field Day

Variety reported today that VICE Media has laid off approximately 2 percent of its staff, amounting to around 60 people, in order to focus more on video operations and expand internationally. While this was going on, the staff of VICE News had a literal field day.Read more...
Tags: Science, Vice Media, Vice, Vice News, Our Media Hellscape

iPhone 4S Owner Sues Apple After 'Defective' Battery Allegedly Starts House Fire

A woman from Wisconsin and insurance company State Farm are suing Apple for $75,000, claiming the tech giant sold her a “defective” iPhone 4S that caused a fire in her home—not unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Lawsuit, Science, Samsung, Wisconsin, State Farm, Consumer Tech, Exploding Phones

Perennial Runner-Up Lyft Joins Race to Develop Self-Driving Cars

As Uber implodes spectacularly, ride-hailing company Lyft is again following its biggest competitor’s footsteps, this time diving headfirst into a massive autonomous car project that could someday send its human drivers off to some other corner of the godforsaken sharing economy.Read more...
Tags: Lyft, Science, Autonomous Cars, Self Driving Cars, Consumer Tech, Self Driving Car Wars

We Saw the Second Episode of The Tick and It's Going to Be Your Favorite Superhero Show All Over Again

Folks who went the Tick panel at Comic-Con 2017 got to hear creator Ben Edlund and the show’s cast and producers talk about the upcoming series. Attendees also got a big surprise: a screening of the second episode of the Big Blue Superguy’s Amazon series. Fellow citizens, it was freaking great.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, TV, Science, TV Recap, The Tick, Ben Edlund, Comic Con 2017, San Diego Comic Con 2017

After This Insane Trailer We're Dying to See The Lego Ninjago Movie, and We're as Shocked as You Are

The first Lego Movie had the surprise of its material to work with. Lego Batman had, well, Batman. What can the Lego Ninjago movie do to keep things fresh? we wondered. According to this shockingly great new trailer the answer is: A lot of things, because the movie looks downright insane.Read more...
Tags: Science, Lego, Comic Con, Trailer Frenzy, Lego Batman, San Diego Comic Con, Ninjago, Lego Ninjago Movie, Comic Con 2017

Researchers Receive $2.9 Million for 5-Year Monsoon Study

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are at the forefront of a five-year study to measure oceanic and atmospheric conditions and flow patterns of monsoons across the Indian Ocean, in particular Bay of Bengal, to help improve predictive models.
Tags: Science, Indian Ocean, University of Notre Dame, Bay of Bengal

Trump's latest senior science nominees are a talk-radio ignoramus and a career poisoner

The Department of Agriculture's chief scientist oversees more than 1,000 scientists in 100 research facilities: Trump's pick to run the agency is Sam Clovis, a climate-denying talk-radio host who not only lacks any kind of scientific degrees -- he didn't take a single science course at university. (more…)
Tags: Post, Science, News, Starvation, Epa, Trumpism, Trump, Department of Agriculture, SAM CLOVIS, A Fox For Every Henhouse, A Gator For Every Swamp, Killing US Softly

Now You Can Get a Morning-Transforming Wake-Up Light For Under $20

Philips Wake-Up lights have long been one of our readers’ favorite products, but now Vansky is making its own version for a lot less money.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Home, Science, Sleep, Bedroom, Philips, Wake Up Light, Vansky

The New Stranger Things Trailer Is a Real Thriller, and in More Ways Than One

The cast of Stranger Things got a heroes’ welcome in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, even before they released this giant trailer filled with new footage from the show’s incredibly anticipated second season. And yes, that is Vincent Price’s voiceover from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Yep, Stranger Things is…Read more...
Tags: Science, Vincent Price, Netflix, San Diego, Michael Jackson, Comic Con, Trailer Frenzy, Stranger Things, San Diego Comic Con, Comic Con 2017, San Diego Comic Con 2017

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