Watch a Mortified Demolition Crew Accidentally Tear Down the Wrong Building

Working in demolition is tough. The pay sucks. You’re constantly hauling garbage around. Every job is dangerous. And sometimes—sometimes—you accidentally tear down the wrong building.Read more...
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How do you know the Earth isn't flat?

It sure feels flat, right? (Life Noggin)
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Bride of Frankenstein Will Be the Next Monster Movie in Universal's 'Dark Universe'

Universal has officially unveiled the “Dark Universe,” the name for its shared universe of monster movie reboots now kicking off with The Mummy next month. It’s also confirmed some major cast members and the next ghoulish entry in the franchise.Read more...
Tags: Science, Movies, Johnny Depp, Universal, Frankenstein, Javier Bardem, Mummy, bride of Frankenstein, Dark Universe, Invisible Man

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown says VCs need to ask harder scientific questions

 Impossible Foods has raised over $200 million to make a burger that tastes at least as good as ground beef but which is engineered from plants. The CEO of the five-year-old food startup, Patrick O. Brown, is a famed Stanford geneticist who previously started the nonprofit Public Library of Science. The company’s many backers— among them Bill Gates, Li Ka-Shing, UBS, Khosla Ventures… Read More
Tags: Food, Startups, TC, Science, Stanford, Tech, Venture Capital, Burgers, Food Science, Impossible Foods, Advanced Technology, Pat Brown, Public Library of Science, Biotech Investors, Food Investors, Patrick O Brown

According to Mel Brooks, the New Star Wars 'Explosion' Could Make Spaceballs 2 a Reality

While History of the World Part I might be the most obvious Mel Brooks movie to get a sequel (of course, there being only one of those is part of the joke), Spaceballs has aged incredibly well. Not only is science fiction huge in movies again, but the same franchises lampooned in that film are back in a big way. And…Read more...
Tags: Science, Movies, Spaceballs, Mel Brooks, MGM, Spaceballs 2

Trump Official Met with Palmer Luckey, Chuck Johnson to Discuss the Wall, For Some Reason

On the day he assumed his new job as head of the U.S. Interior Department (DOI), Ryan Zinke rode a horse through the streets of Washington. So it seems only fitting now that we should find actual horseshit in the retired Navy SEAL’s office.Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, Navy SEAL, Ryan Zinke, Trump Official Met, Palmer Luckey Chuck Johnson, U S Interior Department DOI

Court: Getting Naked to Protest TSA Isn't Protected Speech

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that a man who got buck naked to protest an invasive search by the TSA was not within his rights. The good news is that the court went on to define how it could have been protected protest speech, so now you have a guide.Read more...
Tags: Science, Naked, Tsa, Pdx, Airport, John Brennan, Search And Seizure, ninth US circuit court of appeals, Naked Full Body Scanner, Ninth Circuit Appeal

Sean Hannity Tweets Out Ludicrous Seth Rich Conspiracy From Kim Dotcom [Updated]

Sean Hannity has hit a new low, but grasping the depths the Fox host is willing to go will take some explaining.Read more...
Tags: Science, 4chan, Fox, Reddit, Kim Dotcom, Sean Hannity, HANNITY, The_donald, Seth Rich

PayPal Beats Up on Sad Sack Pandora Over New Logo

PayPal sued Pandora on Friday, claiming that the struggling music streaming service ripped off its distinctive blue logo in the hopes of piggybacking on PayPal’s popularity. PayPal savagely disses Pandora’s business model in its complaint, basically claiming that Pandora’s user base is faltering so much that it has to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Paypal, Pandora, New Logo, Pissing Contests

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Will Remind You Why You Love (and Hate) These Movies

Like the ocean it takes place on, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has had plenty of ups and downs. These metaphorical seas have been so rough, in fact, that some people don’t even remember there was a fourth film in 2011, On Stranger Tides, even though it grossed a billion dollars worldwide. I’m happy to say…Read more...
Tags: Science, Movies, Movie Review, Johnny Depp, Caribbean, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Pirates, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Espen Sandberg, Joachim Ronning, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Trump Is Slashing Funding for Birth Defect Research as States Brace for Zika Season

As public health officials are gearing up for another season of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, the Trump administration’s budget proposal is here with some very bad news: the administration wants to slash the Centers for Disease Control’s budget by 17%, including cuts to programs like the National Center on Birth…Read more...
Tags: Health, Politics, Science, Science policy, Trump, Zika, National Center, Centers for Disease Control, Zika Season

The Fyre Festival Is Still a Damn Mess, and Now the FBI Is Involved 

Fallout from the cataclysmic Fyre Festival is still going, per a new report in the New York Times, and it’s spread from its owner and organizers to Bahamian locals. Oh, and now the FBI is apparently involved, too.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fbi, New York Times, Fyre Festival

Everything You Need to Know About Michael Flynn Invoking the Fifth Amendment 

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will reportedly decline to testify or hand over any documents subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its ongoing probe into Russia’s 2016 election meddling.Read more...
Tags: Science, Russia, Fbi, US Senate, Donald Trump, Senate Intelligence Committee, Michael Flynn, Gen Michael Flynn, Self Incrimination

A Message From Our Lawyer 

[Every so often, Kavi Reddy, Gizmodo Media Group’s ever-so-cromulent attorney, has Good Car Takes. This is one of them.]Read more...
Tags: Science, Aston Martin, Gizmodo Media Group, A Message From Our Lawyer, Kavi Reddy

Every Show Should Handle Sex Like American Gods

On cable TV, we have become used to seeing a lot of sex and nudity on certain networks and in certain TV shows. Game of Thrones is the most famous of the lot, causing the term “sexposition” to be coined for how it paired important information with sex and nudity to keep the audience engaged. Sex is titillation,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Sex, Starz, American Gods

The Mist Looks Surprisingly Timely for a Show About a Monstrous Cloud

We’ve gotten a few evocative trailers for Spike TV’s eerie, violent Stephen King adaptation, The Mist. Now we have a behind-the-scenes featurette that explains a bit more about the characters, and how the show will focus not just how they’re affected by the titular menace, but also on how living in terror will reshape…Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Horror, Stephen King, Spike Tv, Spike, The Mist

Science Says: Medications prevent opioid addiction relapse

CHICAGO (AP) — Remarks by a top U.S. health official have reignited a quarrel in the world of addiction and recovery: Does treating opioid addiction with medication save lives? Or does it trade one addiction for another? Health Secretary Tom Price’s recent comments — one replying to a reporter’s question, the other in a newspaper […]
Tags: Science, News, Ap, Chicago, Tom Price

Senator Demands Answers After ICE Uses 'Stingray' to Arrest Immigrant

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has repurposed cellphone tracking technology typically used in criminal investigations to track down at least one immigrant for deportation, The Detroit News revealed last week. ICE’s controversial use of the surveillance technology has caught the eye of Senator Ron Wyden, an…Read more...
Tags: Science, US, Ice, Immigration And Customs Enforcement, Ron Wyden, Stingrays, Customs Enforcement, Detroit News

Samsung's Latest Surface Clone Is a Disappointing Flop

Even in a Microsoft-free world the Samsung Galaxy Book would be a frustrating device. Ostensibly it’s a Surface clone: A souped up Windows tablet with a pen for drawing and a floppy keyboard for typing. In practice, it’s an expensive machine that has me longing for any other computing device. The screen looks great,…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Science, Review, Microsoft, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Book, Samsung Galaxy Book Review

It's Time to Guess Wildly at the 'Major New Character' Coming to Avengers: Infinity War

There’s a few more details on the rumored Resident Evil reboot. Penn Jillette teases his Black Mirror episode. Finn Jones says to expect Danny Rand’s classic costume in Iron Fist’s second season. Plus, new footage from Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Orphan Black, and tons of new pictures from Doctor Who. Spoilers now!Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Black Mirror, Defenders, Caribbean, Orphan Black, Morning Spoilers, Iron Fist, Riverdale, Danny Rand, Penn Jillette, Resident Evil, Finn Jones, The Mummy, Avengers Infinity War

How to Watch Trump's Press Conference After His Insane Comments About Israel, No Cable Required

In just a few moments Donald Trump is scheduled to start his press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it looks like it’s going to be absolutely insane. Seriously, Trump did not look well earlier today. His aides have explained his strange behavior as “exhaustion.”Read more...
Tags: Science, Benjamin Netanyahu, Livestream, Donald Trump, Trump, President Trump, What Time Is The Shitshow

Trump Promised 'Really Clean Coal,' Suggests Obliterating Funding For Clean Coal Research

When signing his March executive order to revise the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era policy measure to limit power plant carbon emissions, President Trump promised coal miners in attendance, “My administration is putting an end to the war on coal. We’re going to have clean coal, really clean coal.”Read more...
Tags: Science, Coal, Trump, Fossil Fuel, Carbon Capture And Storage, Clean Coal, Trump Promised Really Clean Coal, Clean Power Plan an Obama

Comcast Sics Its Legal Goons on Net Neutrality Advocates 

A couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that a significant number of anti-net neutrality comments on the FCC’s website were being fraudulently attributed to real people. The pro-net neutrality advocacy group Fight for the Future proceeded to set up a website to raise awareness of the problem and collect more evidence…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fcc, Net Neutrality, Comcast, Cease And Desist, Fight for the Future, Comcastroturfcom

Vizio's Stupid-Simple Surround Sound System Is Just $150 Today

Vizio’s turnkey sound bar systems are the easiest way to upgrade to 5.1 surround sound, requiring relatively few wires, and no AV receiver. We haven’t seen a decent deal on them in awhile, but while supplies last, you can pick up a refurb for just $150. I own this exact system, and absolutely love it.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Audio, Ebay, Tech, Home Theater, Vizio, Refurb

Student Mission Control

Since the 1950s, University of Iowa undergraduates have designed and built instruments that have travelled throughout our solar system and beyond.
Tags: Science, University of Iowa, Student Mission Control

Amazon's Blowing Out Refurbished Echo Dots For the Lowest Price Ever

Amazon usually sells certified refurbished Echo Dots for $5 less than new models, but for now at least, that discount has increased to $12. Refurbished Dots still carry the same warranty as new ones, so there’s really no downside to going this route if you want to sprinkle these around your home on a budget.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Echo, Science, Audio, Tech, Smart Home, Alexa, Echo Dot

Elon Musk On His Own Company's Technology: 'Safe, But Unpleasant'

Your run-of-the-mill corporate CEO couldn’t get away with this shit. In a series of tweets on Sunday, Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed that a new Autopilot software update should be ready for next month, and then went on to say that, Autopilot—of which the latest version is designed by Tesla, which, so you’re clear,…Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Tesla, Autopilot, Car Technology

Add a Dremel To Your Toolbox For Just $29, Today Only

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and carving jack-o-lanterns. Hell, my wife just used ours to turn an iPhone 6 case into an iPhone 7 case.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Home, Tools, Science, Gold Box, Dremel

It's Alarmingly Easy to Hack the Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Scanner

Samsung wants you to think that the iris scan technology on its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, is unbeatable. But it should surprise no one who pays attention to the security world that this is not the case. In fact, Samsung’s new iris scanner is very easy to trick.Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Samsung, Hacking, Hackers, Iris Scanners, Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Iris Authentication

Why Are Whales So Dang Big? Science May Finally Have an Answer

Baleen whales probably only grew colossal some 3 million years ago, and it was probably climate change that triggered the transformation. The post Why Are Whales So Dang Big? Science May Finally Have an Answer appeared first on WIRED.
Tags: Science, Biology, Climate Change, Tech, Whales

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