The Anti-Rape Gadgets That Never Delivered

It’s like clockwork: every month or so, you’ll be scrolling through your Facebook feed and stumble across a video about a new ring or underwear, color-changing straws or color-changing nail polish, or “smart stickers” that claim to help prevent sexual assault. There’s the inevitable swarm of uncritical media coverage …Read more...
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What Would Happen If Everyone in the World Lost Their Sex Drive?

Online dating apps, pornography, advertising, and the continued existence of the human race all testify to a healthy, ongoing interest in sex among human beings, despite the fact that millennials appear to be having less of it. Until the day pills or radiation extinguish the last embers of human horniness, sex will…Read more...
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All of the Best Augmented Reality Tricks Your iPhone Can Do Right Now (Updated)

iOS 11 is finally available today for your iPhone and iPad, and among the many new features included in the update is Apple’s ARKit framework allowing developers to more easily create augmented reality apps and experiences. Here are some of the best ones you’ll want to try out after updating.Read more...
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How to Fake Matrix-Style Bullet-Time Effects Without a Hollywood Budget

Five months ago, the Russian musical group 5’Nizza released a music video for their track, Samoliot, featuring a series of mishaps that were seemingly frozen in time. But while the action was paused, the artists themselves continued to sing as the camera moved around them. It was a clever take on the bullet-time…Read more...
Tags: Science, Music Videos, Visual Effects, Special Effects, Bullet Time, Max Ksjonda, Samoliot, 5nizza, Hollywood Budget

All of the Best Augmented Reality Tricks Your iPhone Can Do Right Now

iOS 11 is finally available today for your iPhone and iPad, and among the many new features included in the update is Apple’s ARKit framework allowing developers to more easily create augmented reality apps and experiences. Here are some of the best ones you’ll want to try out after updating.Read more...
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One Piece of Ridiculous Lore From the Punisher Comics Will Actually Appear in the TV Show

The Happytime Murders expands its cast. Get a look at Paul Bettany’s mysterious Han Solo character. Stephen Amell hints at a happier future for Oliver Queen in Arrow’s next season. Plus, the first look at The Magicians’ third season and new clips from Rick and Morty and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
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Cleaning up subways: Sandia's 20-year mission to stop anthrax in its tracks

Sandia National Laboratories engineer Mark Tucker has spent much of the past 20 years thinking about incidents involving chemical or biological warfare agents, and the best ways to clean them up. Tucker's current project focuses on cleaning up a subway system after the release of a biological warfare agent such as anthrax.
Tags: Science, Sandia, Sandia National Laboratories, Tucker, Mark Tucker

The 'Godfather' of Autonomous Driving: We Gotta Wreck the Sky

Have you ever gazed up at the sweeping blue sky and thought, God, it’s boring up there? It seems like Sebastian Thrun—who launched Google’s self-driving car program and is the CEO of the flying car startup Kitty Hawk—sure has. On Tuesday, he shared his vision of a sky clogged with tons and tons of glorious soaring…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Autonomous Cars, Flying Cars, Sebastian Thrun, Future Of Transportation, Fuck The Sky, Godfather Of Autonomous Driving

Loftium Wants You to Host an Airbnb for 357 Days a Year in Exchange for a Home Down Payment

Ask someone what their dream house is, and you’ll get a lot of different answers. Perhaps a rustic ranch house out on the plains. Maybe a New York or San Francisco brownstone. It could even be that perfect little cottage with the nice rose garden, or a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs. Buckley lives (every July,…Read more...
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Why the Navy Plans to Use 12-Year-Old Xbox 360 Controllers on Its Most Advanced Subs

Even though Microsoft has moved on from the Xbox 360 controller, the United States military still seems to think it is an ideal tool for operating some of the the latest manifestations of the military-industrial complex. Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Microsoft, Navy, United States, US military, Xbox, Submarine

This 1980s-Style Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Is an Absolute Delight

Hey, remember the 1980s?
Tags: Science

WVU Biochemist Goes Online to X-Ray Life-Sustaining Crystals

Under conventional magnification, the crystals Aaron Robart grows in his West Virginia University lab may look like simple rock salt, but by bombarding them with X-rays, he and his research team can build computational models that reveal the molecules within.
Tags: Science, West Virginia University, WVU, Aaron Robart

New super-glue inspired by slug slime

Surgeons close internal incisions with stitches and staples but they, and their patients, would benefit from a glue that stays stuck even to wet tissue and organs. Researchers from McGill University in Montreal are making progress with a powerful new glue inspired by the the sticky slime secreted by scared slugs. Science News surveys the state-of-the-art in adhesives that take inspiration from marine worms, mussels, and geckos: >Using the (slug-inspired) glue to plug a hole in the pig heart...
Tags: Post, Science, News, Harvard University, Montreal, Biomimicry, McGill University, Li, Glue, Slugs, Jianyu Li

Virgin Velvet Spiders Allow Themselves to Be Eaten By Their Foster Kids

Spiders are typically thought of as solitary creatures that don’t partake in social pleasantries unless it has something to do with mating. But as new research shows, the African velvet spider is an exception to this rule. Mother spiders are assisted by closely-related virgin females who, in addition to engaging in…Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Cannibalism, Animal Behavior, Spiders, Allomaternal Care, Social Spiders, Animal Cannibalism

The Fight Over DRM Standards for Streaming Video Is Over and Big Business Won

A fight over the future of video streaming has been brewing for years—and it finally came to a head today, with a major electronic privacy organization bowing out of the consortium that sets standards for the web.Read more...
Tags: Science, W3c, Copyright, Eff, Drm

Science Denial Not Limited to Political Right

A new study from social psychologists at the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests people of all political backgrounds can be motivated to participate in science denial.
Tags: Science, Chicago, University Of Illinois

You Can Now Download iOS 11

Apple teased us with the next version of iOS in June, revealing a bunch of new features at WWDC that wouldn’t be ready until today—unless of course you love the thrill of a potentially buggy public beta, which has been available since the end of June. But if you like to play it safe, or if you simply never bothered…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, iOS 11, Apple iOS 11, Download Ios 11, Apple Update

Catching a Diversity of Fish Species -- Instead of Specializing -- Means More Stable Income for Fishers

A team of scientists analyzed nearly 30 years of revenue and permitting records for individuals fishing in Alaskan waters and tracked how their fishing choices, in terms of permits purchased and species caught, influenced their year-to-year income volatility.
Tags: Science

Amazon: Hello, Customer, You Appear to Be Making a Bomb 

Let’s say you’re some sort of weird dickhead who wants to hurt people by setting off a homemade explosive, but you don’t exactly know what ingredients you’ll need in order to instill a feeling of lifelong terror in the people you don’t kill outright. Amazon—the place where you buy bulk toilet paper and bed risers—has…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Welcome Shoppers

I Hate Almost Everything About Fitbit's New Watch—But There Is One Thing I Love

The “Your Fitbit Ionic is running low on battery” notification arrived on my phone and in my inbox at the same time around one yesterday afternoon, suggesting I take a moment to charge my smartwatch. Instead, I went to a couple of meetings, took the train home, went for a brisk walk with the dog, and made dinner.…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Wearables, Science, Smartwatches, Fitbit, Consumer Tech, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Ionic Review

The Most Shocking Thing About American Horror Story: Cult Is How Bad It Is

American Horror Story has long been one of the most in-your-face shows on TV, layering fantastical plots with cartoonish violence and knowingly over-the-top acting. Last season’s Roanoke took aim at reality TV, with mixed but generally amusing results. This season’s Cult takes aim at reality itself, and so far it’s…Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Horror, Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson, Roanoke, Clowns, American Horror Story Cult

Amazon's Newest Gadget Is a Tablet That's Also an Echo

It was bound to happen. Amazon storms into the voice-controlled gadget game, just like the tablet game, and eventually, a Fire tablet becomes an Echo. That just happened. Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet is also a hands-free Echo. It’s mostly a tablet, but that Echo bit is interesting.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Amazon Fire, Amazon Fire Hd, Consumer Tech

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger Are Returning for the New Terminator Film

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both returning for the sixth Terminator film. James Cameron, who made the first two films, is producing, with Tim Miller (Deadpool) directing.Read more...
Tags: Science, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Terminator, Tim Miller, Linda Hamilton, Tim Miller Deadpool, Terminator 6, Terminator 2 Judgment Day

How to Stop Pirate Bay and Other Sites From Hijacking Your CPU to Mine Cryptocoins

This past weekend, the popular torrenting site The Pirate Bay caught some flack for testing out a new system that used visitors’ CPU power to generate cryptocurrency profits for itself. This tactic has been around for years, but the high profile implementation signals that it’s probably time to start blocking this…Read more...
Tags: Science, Website, Pirate Bay, Cryptocurrency, Ad Blocker, Bitcoin mining, Monero, Mining Blocker, Coin Hive, No Coin, Rafael Keramidas

Cold Brew Season Never Has to End With This One-Day Sale

You might associate cold brew coffee with summer, but that’s because you’re conflating it with iced coffee. Iced coffee is a brilliant way to sell people ice for the price of coffee (which is mostly water to begin with). Cold brew on the other hand is a different process that results in less acidity, among other…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Kitchen, Home, Coffee, Science, Gold Box, Willow Everett

Scientists Store Light as Sound on a Microchip for the First Time

On Monday, a team of scientists in Australia announced an exciting breakthrough: For the first time, researchers were able to turn light into sound on a microchip. But—as crazy-sounding new physics applications tend to be—it’s probably going to be a long time before you see one of these chips on a computer you can…Read more...
Tags: Science, Australia, Light, Computing, Sound, Microchips, Quantum Computing, Optical Computing, Photonics

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Prisoner With This Cool Retro Poster

It’s been 50 years since the classic British science fiction series The Prisoner debuted on television. Since then the show been remade, re-aired, copied, and referenced, but never duplicated. Though it wasn’t on the air for long, The Prisoner is a show worth celebrating, and these officially licensed posters do just…Read more...
Tags: Science, This Is Awesome, Prisoner, Chris Weston, The Prisoner

Researchers Stumped by Plants with Multiple Chromosomes Set January Meeting to Collaborate

Some of the world's most beloved plants -- coffee, bananas, potatoes, chrysanthemums and roses, to name a few -- could be made even better, but the complexity of their chromosomes either stumps or stifles scientists who study them. A meeting has been set for San Diego in January to start to address that issue.
Tags: Science, San Diego

The Latest Magical Thinking About Trump and the Paris Agreement Is Totally Wrong

Over the weekend, a confusing back-and-forth between the White House and the Wall Street Journal briefly reignited hopes that the US would remain an active participant in the Paris Climate Agreement. Following a climate change conference in Montreal, which the US was not attending in an official capacity, European…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, White House, US, Paris, Epa, Montreal, Scott Pruitt, Wall Street Journal, Trump, President Trump, Political Climate Change

Verbal common sense will prevent AIs from harvesting kings and unlocking oranges

 If I hand you an apple, you know from experience that it isn’t something you can drive. And the tree it came from can’t be woven, or its seeds bandied. You know that’s nonsense, but AIs don’t have the benefit of years spent navigating the world, and as such have no real idea as to what you can do with what — but a little common sense could be coming their way. Read More
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