There's a Flicker of Hope for a Return to X-Men: The Animated Series

Zendaya hypes up Dune. A new Jurassic World: Dominion set picture teases a familiar location. Get a look at Kelly Marie Tran in Hulu’s new horror anthology. Brec Bassinger teases Stargirl’s grand finale. Plus, concept art from Amazon’s Invincible animated series, Netflix’s take on Reborn finds a writer, and a tiny…Read more...
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Anjou Get a Lawsuit

Pears: the arch-goddess of the fruit pantheon, the inspiration of Cézanne, and to the untrained eye, dangerously similar to apples. As iPhone In Canada first reported, Apple has filed a notice of opposition against a meal planning app called Prepear for using a pear logo which is pear-shaped and pear-green. In a Read more...
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Are an Excellent Alternative to AirPods, Especially at Today's $20 Price Drop

Samsung Galaxy Buds | $110 | Best Buy
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Vava's Smart Thermometer is Only $45 [Exclusive]

VAVA Smart Thermometer | $45 | Amazon | Promo code KINJAIH008 + couponRead more...
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watchOS 7 is the Dystopian Software Upgrade I Didn't Know I Needed

It isn’t often that I think to myself, “Wow, this operating system update is jam-packed with features tailor-made for the dystopia we’re living through right now.” Yet that’s what keeps rolling through my mind as I use the watchOS 7 beta, which is now available for the public to try.Read more...
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Streaming Beta Starts Tomorrow

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to start playing a limited number of Game Pass games streamed to their phones as part of a new xCloud beta starting August 11.Read more...
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Georgia School in Viral Photo Closes Indefinitely Following Covid-19 Outbreak

Administrators at a Georgia High School got a taste of the Streisand Effect last week when they suspended two students for shared images of students navigating packed hallways between classes while a pandemic rages across the state. The photo went viral and one student used the free time to do TV news hits. Now, the…Read more...
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Tron 3 May Finally Go Ahead With Jared Leto and a New Director

So it seems that whole Tron 3 thing may be happening again.Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Jared Leto, Tron, Tron 3, Gareth Davis

Thunderstorms Linked to Breathing Trouble for Older People

A new study out Monday might provide the strongest evidence yet that thunderstorms can worsen certain health conditions. Across a 14-year period in the U.S., researchers found that the days surrounding a thunderstorm were clearly associated with a spike in emergency room visits for respiratory problems among older…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Asthma, Thunderstorms, Respiratory Health

Haunted by Regret Over Killing Vine, Twitter Purportedly Eyes Acquiring TikTok

While we’re all waiting to see if Microsoft succeeds in striking a deal to buy TikTok, bam! Surprise! Another big tech company, although not nearly as big as Microsoft, has apparently entered the fray, saying that it too is interested in arguably one of the hottest apps currently on the market. That company is…Read more...
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Casio's Latest G-Shocks Are Vibrant, and Presumably Bulletproof

As if G-Shock wasn’t beefy enough, Casio has just announced three new models in the GA900 family, an analog-digital watch that is about as big and thick as hamster’s personal pan pizza.Read more...
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Charge Up to 11W Speeds With Anker's PowerWave Sense Pad, Now Just $27 [Exclusive]

Anker PowerWave Sense Pad Alloy | $27 | Amazon | Use code KINJA2509 Read more...
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Huawei Has About a Month Before It Runs Out of Smartphone Chips

The Trump administration’s sanctions are hitting Huawei hard, and the Chinese tech giant now says it will run out of processors chips for its smartphones by September without access to U.S. venders, according to a weekend Associated Press report.Read more...
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Love Harley Quinn? Then You'll Love ComiXology's Latest Sale

Harley Quinn Sale | ComiXology
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Klout Founder Tells the Slightly Dirty Secret of His Success

Klout, a website that defined the unctuous early days of social media, used to rate you based on your online presence. In its heyday, a high Klout score could get you special privileges - maybe a free soda - and bragging rights at the Rosewood hotel, the literal Hotel California where VCs checked you into their funds…Read more...
Tags: Startups, Twitter, Science, Klout, Hotel California, Rosewood

I Tried Three Pairs of True Wireless Earbuds. And I Have Opinions

Taotronics 79 Bluetooth Headphones | $56 | AmazonAnker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 | $99 | AmazonSony WF-1000XM3 Headphones | $170 | AmazonRead more...
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3 things scientists can’t agree on about coronavirus

Although political leaders have closed borders in response to COVID-19, scientists are collaborating like never before. But the coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) is novel – and we don’t yet have all the facts about it. As a result, we may have to change our approach as new scientific data comes in. That doesn’t mean the science isn’t trustworthy – we will get the full picture over time. And there is already great research that can help inform political decisions. Here are three topics that scientists dis...
Tags: Startups, Science, Syndication, Coronavirus

Frances Allen, Who Pioneered Faster Software for Computers, Dies at 88

You may not know who Frances Allen is off the top of your head, but you should. Not only was she the first female IBM fellow, but she was also the first woman winner of the prestigious Turing Award. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Allen also pioneered computer compiling—the process by which the gadgets we use…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Global infections near 20m as Greece sees highest daily case rise

US cases pass 5m; French virus ship passengers sue cruise company; UK daily infections pass 1,000 for first time since June. Follow the latest updatesGlobal infections near 20mAmerica’s midwest braces for ‘unstoppable’ Covid-19 surgeUS passes 5m Covid-19 cases as Joe Biden says pandemic ‘breaks heart’Brazil scientist’s despair as coronavirus deaths hit 100,000See all our coronavirus coverage 12.17am BST Greece Greek authorities have announced a record daily number of 203 new coronavirus case...
Tags: UK, Science, Greece, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, Joe Biden, US news, Infectious Diseases, Brazil, Helen Sullivan, Coronavirus outbreak

New tools in the fight against lethal citrus disease

Scientists are closer to gaining the upper hand on Huanglongbing, a disease that has wiped out citrus orchards across the globe. New models of the bacterium linked to the disease reveal control methods that were previously unavailable.
Tags: Science, Huanglongbing

Using air to amplify light

In a promising breakthrough for the future of communications, EPFL researchers have developed a technology that can amplify light in the latest hollow-core optical fibers.
Tags: Science, EPFL

Reddit Gets Trumped: Hackers Vandalize Communities With MAGA Messages

Reddit got Trumped. On Friday, many users visited their favorite subreddits and found something unexpected: pro-Donald Trump Make America Great Again campaign banners and messages supporting the president. It was not a coincidence. Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Privacy, Hacking, Reddit, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Make America Great Again

Globally, only half of women get treatment for preventable killer of newborns

Only half of pregnant women worldwide who need a 50-year-old treatment that prevents an often-fatal disease in fetuses and newborns receive it, Columbia researchers have found.
Tags: Science, Columbia

Patient experiences in medical imaging and radiation therapy: The importance of skilled patient care professionals

I went into the MRI bracing for the wave of panic I knew would come as soon as I was strapped down and inside the machine." In "A Tale of Two MRIs" by patient Lelainia Lloyd, her experiences--good and bad--are shared as part of an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, published by Elsevier.
Tags: Science, Lelainia Lloyd, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

Fragmented forests: Tree cover, urban sprawl both increased in Southeast Michigan over the past 30 years

The extent of Southeast Michigan's tree canopy and its urban sprawl both increased between 1985 and 2015, according to a new University of Michigan study that used aerial photos and satellite images to map individual buildings and small patches of street trees.
Tags: Science, University Of Michigan, Southeast Michigan

Covid-19: only half of Britons would definitely have vaccination

Survey sparks concern over misconceptions about vaccines and scepticism about science Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOnly half the population of Britain definitely would accept being vaccinated against Covid-19. That is the shock conclusion of a group of scientists and pollsters who have found that only 53% of a test group of citizens said they would be certain or very likely to allow themselves to be given a vaccine against the disease if one becomes available. Rel...
Tags: Health, Science, Society, UK News, Britain, Preston, Vaccines and immunisation, Don, Coronavirus outbreak, COVID

Knowledge is power: Learning more about COVID-19 can reduce your pandemic stress

A new study finds that the more people know about COVID-19, the less pandemic-related stress they have. The study also found that making plans to reduce stress was also effective for older adults - but not for adults in their 40s or younger.
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Researchers characterize important regulators of tissue inflammation, fibrosis and regeneration

Although macrophages (cells involved in the detection and destruction of bacteria and other harmful organisms as well as dead cells) are classified as immune cells functioning in the activation and resolution of tissue inflammation, it is now clear that they are critically involved in a variety of disease processes, such as chronic inflammatory diseases, tumor growth and metastasis and tissue fibrosis.
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Non-fasting blood test can help screen youth for prediabetes and diabetes

A simple blood test that does not require overnight fasting has been found to be an accurate screening tool for identifying youth at risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk later in life.
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Electronic components join forces to take up 10 times less space on computer chips

Electronic filters are essential to the inner workings of our phones and other wireless devices. They eliminate or enhance specific input signals to achieve the desired output signals. They are essential, but take up space on the chips that researchers are on a constant quest to make smaller. A new study demonstrates the successful integration of the individual elements that make up electronic filters onto a single component, significantly reducing the amount of space taken up by the device.
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