Spotify Buys Podz to Make It Easier to Find Podcasts You Actually Like

Finding a new podcast you actually like is easier said than done. It’s a task that requires time, effort, and a good chunk of your attention. Spotify wants to make this tedious process easier and is betting that podcast discovery technology developed by a startup will help its users find and get hooked on new shows. Read more...
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The First Black Widow Reactions Praise Florence Pugh and Massive Action

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back! Black Widow hits theaters (and Disney+ with Premier Access) on July 9 and with it, marks the welcome return of some of our favorite heroes to the big screen. And while most of the heroes will move forward after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow does not. Let us not…Read more...
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Get a Look Inside Star Wars: Queen’s Hope, as Padmé Makes a Tough Decision

Star Wars: The Clone Wars may have focused on the Jedi but the time was equally as stressful for senators—especially a senator who was secretly married to one of those Jedi. That’s Padmé Amidala’s situation in the upcoming book Star Wars: Queen’s Hope by E.K. Johnston. Johnston’s third Padmé book is coming November…Read more...
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Microsoft Updates Apps With Collaborative Features for Our Hybrid Work Future

In order to address the challenges of people working from home, in the office, or a blend of the two, Microsoft is updating Teams, Office 365, and more with a slew of new features.Read more...
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Godzilla vs. Megalon Might Be a Mess, But It Kind of Knows It

In just a few more weeks, Godzilla Singular Point is finally hitting Netflix, and that means we’re getting a brand new version of one of our favorite super robot pals, Jet Jaguar. To celebrate, we’re looking back at his origin story in Godzilla vs. Megalon, and finding a movie that is, for better or worse, the…Read more...
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I Hate Recycling

I have a confession to make: I am a horrible recycler. Even though my job is to think about and chronicle the fate of our polluted planet, I still often can’t be asked to rinse out my plastic containers or find a recycling can on the street when I’m done with my Coke. My even darker confession: With how broken our…Read more...
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Earth tipped over on its side 84 million years ago and then righted itself, new study finds

A photo of Earth taken by NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC). Reuters/NASA Earth tipped over on its side and back between 79 million and 86 million years ago, a study shows. The planet tilted by 12 degrees - which would've moved New York City to where Florida is right now. Earth's crust can shift like this depending on how weight is distributed across planet's surface. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you'd been able to stare at Earth f...
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All-Time Temperature Records Are Putting U.S. Power Grids at Risk

It’s incredibly, record-breakingly, worryingly hot in multiple states right now. A heat wave sweeping over the U.S. this week is felling temperature records left and right. Grid operators are begging with customers to conserve energy to avoid blackouts and wildfires are spreading. The whole ordeal foretells our…Read more...
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The Delta variant might pose the biggest threat yet to vaccinated people

Researchers sequence coronavirus samples at the microbiology laboratory of the University Hospital of Badajoz in Spain on April 15, 2021. Javier Pulpo/Europa Press/Getty Images The Delta variant appears to be more transmissible than any other coronavirus strain. Some experts worry the variant could result in more breakthrough cases in vaccinated people. Others are concerned that Delta could evolve even more dangerous mutations. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists h...
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Nasa warned the Earth is trapping twice as much heat as in 2005 - a pace that's 'unprecedented'

The Earth and the sun. NASA/Reuters NASA researchers warned the Earth is trapping heat at a rate so much higher it's "unprecedented." The amount of heat being trapped by Earth has roughly doubled since 2005, the study found. The NASA and NOAA study pointed to human activity and changes in the oceans. See more stories on Insider's business page. The amount of heat being trapped by Earth has roughly doubled since 2005, NASA warned.Researchers from NASA and the National Oceanic and At...
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You Can Sign Up to Test Sony's PS5 Beta Software Before 'Major' Update Coming Soon

Sony says it has a “major” software update coming for the PS5 later this year, so to help test out the new software before it gets officially released, you can now sign up for a today PS5 software beta program. Read more...
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14 of Rick and Morty's Most Excellent Season 4 Moments

It’s still hard to believe—after so many lengthy delays between previous seasons—that season five of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is almost upon us. While we count down the moments until the Emmy-winning series returns on June 20, we thought we’d also look back on season four, highlighting 14 of our favorite and most…Read more...
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Fantasy Football League 'Total Loser' Sentenced to 24-Hour Stint in Waffle House as Punishment

Let it be known that one should never assume that they are incapable of losing their fantasy football league. It’s an even worse idea to create a penalty meant to make others suffer because you never know if that person could be you. Journalist Lee Sanderlin learned this the hard way after spending 15 hours in “waffle…Read more...
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Newly Discovered Giant Rhino Fossil Defies the Imagination

Giant rhinos are among the largest mammals to have ever walked this great Earth, and a newly discovered species that lived in northwest China some 25 million years ago is revealing just how magnificent these creatures were. Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Environment, Earth, Mammals, Megatherium, Rhinoceroses, White Rhinoceros, Tao Deng, DENG Tao, Odd Toed Ungulate, P Linxiaense, Oligocene, Odd Toed Ungulates, Paraceratherium, Dzungariotherium

Aging Hubble Space Telescope in Safe Mode Following Computer Glitch

A critically important computer aboard Hubble has glitched out, causing the space telescope to enter into safe mode. An operations team is now scrambling to resolve the issue.Read more...
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There's No Way Out On Star Wars: The Bad Batch

You know the phrase “Stuck between a rock and a hard place?” Well, that was the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Except this time there were several rocks, several hard places, and in the middle? Clone Force 99, aka, The Bad Batch.Read more...
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PornHub's Parent Company MindGeek Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Hosting Nonconsensual Sex Videos

Dozens of women are suing PornHub’s parent company, MindGeek, for allegedly running a “classic criminal enterprise” that knowingly profits from videos depicting rape, child sexual abuse, revenge porn, and other nonconsensual sex acts, according to filed on Thursday.Read more...
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The US is scrambling to send promised vaccines abroad after the production plant that ruined millions of J&J vaccines may have tainted AstraZeneca shots

A person receives the AstraZeneca vaccine in Bologna, Italy on March 19, 2021. Michele Lapini/Getty Images Emergent BioSolutions in Baltimore ruined at least 15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines earlier this year. 100 million AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines from the facility are under safety review. The US is scrambling to send vaccines from other manufacturers abroad, The New York Times reported. See more stories on Insider's business page. The US is working to replace ...
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This Bot Clicking Ads on Climate Articles Shows the News Is Broken

Watching Synthetic Messenger is a somewhat dissociative experience. It operates in a Zoom call with 100 participants, all of whom are bots. Observers can watch these bots—which are strangely anthropomorphized with images of disembodied hands and voices that say “scroll” and “click” repeatedly—methodically scroll…
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The Palestinian Authority rejected 90,000 vaccine doses from Israel because they were almost expired

A Palestinian health worker displays a vial of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, on February 24. Yousef Masoud/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images The Palestinian Authority canceled a deal to swap coronavirus vaccine doses with Israel on Friday. The PA said the doses were supposed to expire in July or August, but expired this month instead. Several human-rights organizations have called on Israel to give Palestinians vaccines right away. See more st...
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Aardman Teams With Netflix for a Truly Adorable Holiday Special

We have officially hit the point in the northern hemisphere where it’s very hot outside but every studio wants to tell you about all the festive holiday programming they’ve got coming later this year. We’ll excuse Aardman and Netflix’s latest though, because look how fuzzy those animals are.Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Netflix, Gillian Anderson, Aardman, Aardman Animations, Wallace Gromit, Richard E Grant, Robin Robin, Adeel Akhtar, Robin The, Wallace and Gromit, Bronte Carmichael, Shaun the Sheep, Creative Works, English Language Films

Dyson's Laser Vacuum Is as Excessive as It Is Satisfying

There’s only so much that can be done to innovate on the classic cordless vacuum. You can improve its battery life and ergonomics, but boost the suction too much and the cleaning head just sticks to the floor. But Dyson is refusing to let the evolution of the vacuum stagnate. The company just brought lasers into the…Read more...
Tags: Tools, Science, Home Automation, Dyson, Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Home Appliances, Dust, Brush, Vacuum Cleaner, Floors, Manufactured Goods

Settlers' New Trailer Harvests Peril on the Martian Frontier

As Elton John once cautioned, “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids,” but it appears the characters in Settlers—a new sci-fi film from first-time feature director and writer Wyatt Rockefeller—must’ve missed that lyric. The movie’s first trailer has arrived, and it offers all kinds of reasons why the Red…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Disney, Elton John, Mars, Martian, The Martian, Jonny Lee Miller, Remmy, Human Interest, Night Shyamalan, Boutella, Settlers, Brooklynn Prince, Nell Tiger Free, ISMAEL CRUZ

Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Lack of Queer Representation Isn't On Anthony Mackie

Falcon and The Winter Soldier might be in the rear-view mirror for Marvel and Disney as the company turns its eyes to Loki, but the discourse around the show returned to the forefront of fandom last night in the wake of a new interview with Captain America himself, Anthony Mackie. But the furor around Mackie’s answers…Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, America, Falcon, Loki, Anthony Mackie, Mackie

Twitter Rallies Behind HBO Max Intern Blamed for Test Email Accidentally Sent to Subscribers

HBO Max has confirmed that one of its interns was behind the strange email mistakenly sent out to subscribers on Thursday evening, prompting an outpouring of support on Twitter as users came out to share their own horror stories of workplace screw-ups in solidarity.Read more...
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Megan Fox Makes a Return to Horror in the Trailer for Till Death

Megan Fox has made a ton of movies over her career but here she’s best known for her iconic turn in Karyn Kusama’s Jennifer’s Body—the horror-comedy, also starring Amanda Seyfriend, in which Fox’s titular character is demonically possessed. In the trailer for Till Death, she may not be in any immediate danger of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Game, Films, Stephen King, Actors, Body, Fox, Carla Gugino, David Fincher, Jennifer, Dale, Eoin Macken, Gerald, Karyn Kusama, Megan Fox, Mike Flanagan

This Browser Plugin Can Kill Those Annoying ‘Privacy Setting’ Pop-Ups

The EU data protection laws that passed back in 2018 have done a world of good when it comes to reigning in the shitty data-ming tactics of companies like Facebook and Google. At the same time, they’ve also transformed the web into a place where almost every site bombards visitors with requests to drop cookies into…Read more...
Tags: Google Chrome, Google, Facebook, Science, Eu, Web Browsers, Software, Computing, Freeware, Max Schrems, Embedded Linux, Internet Privacy, Noyb, Portable Software, Http Cookie, Gnome Web

Amazon's Weird Body Fat Scanner Is Still a Problem

Amazon would like you to believe that knowing your body fat percentage via its Halo Band fitness tracker’s body scan feature will make you a healthier person. So much so that it’s released a validation study in partnership with Pennington Biomedical Research Center that asserts the feature is comparable to dual-energy…Read more...
Tags: Health, Amazon, Science, Nutrition, Obesity, Halo, Articles, Overweight, Editor, Body Composition, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Adipose tissue, Body Shape, Caitlin McGarry, Body Fat Percentage, Branches Of Biology

Researchers created a brain interface that can sing what a bird’s thinking

Researchers from the University of California San Diego recently built a machine learning system that predicts what a bird’s about to sing as they’re singing it. The big idea here is real-time speech synthesis for vocal prosthesis. But the implications could go much further. Up front: Birdsong is a complex form of communication that involves rhythm, pitch, and, most importantly, learned behaviors. According to the researchers, teaching an AI to understand these songs is a valuable step in traini...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, University Of California San Diego, Birdsong, Neural, Next Featured

How My Robot Vacuum Got Me Through the Pandemic

Like many of you, I spent most of the pandemic buying way too much shit. Dumb shit. Dumb shit that I was positive would maybe! hopefully! make the lockdown I was living through feel like anything other than a personal hell with no end in sight. I can’t say those impulse buys ended up fitting the bill, except for one:…Read more...
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