This Noodle-Fingered Robot Is a Friend to Jellyfish

Forget flies—this robot is so gentle, it wouldn’t hurt a jellyfish.Read more...
Tags: Science, Robots, Jellyfish, Soft Robotics, Ocean Exploration

Make The Switch To a Mechanical Keyboard For a Low $21

AUKEY KM-G9 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard | $21 | Amazon | Use the promo code GJAPR7EW at checkoutRead more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals

Doctor Who Answers the Despair of the Cybermen With Hope...of the Cybermen?

Whenever the Cybermen arrive in Doctor Who, the emotionless metallic hordes bring with them only the dread tension of despair. They’re inevitable, relentless, unstoppable, ever building and ever marching. The first half of Doctor Who’s season finale brings this dread and wants to answer it with hope. But for once,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Bbc, Bbc America, TV Recap, Doctor Who Recap, Sacha Dhawan, Jodie Whittaker

Here's the Pro-Bernie Climate Scientist Op-Ed the Washington Post Wouldn't Run

On Sunday, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Fred Hiatt, the opinion page’s editor, entitled “How Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Both Reject the Reality of Climate Change.” This false equivalence is, to put it bluntly, absolutely one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen.Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington Post, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Climate Denial, Big Oil, Fred Hiatt, Green New Deal

YouTuber Banned From Every EA Game And Online Service After Rants, Threats

Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech, a FIFA Pro who is probably more notorious/famous for his YouTube presence, has been hit with one of the most severe online punishments I’ve ever seen, having been banned by EA from playing any of their games online or even accessing any of their online services.Read more...
Tags: Science, EA, Fifa, Kotaku Core, Esports, Ea Sports, Kurt, Fenech, FIFA 20

Isolated and sequestered in their homes, Chinese citizens report anxiety and depression while on lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak

A Chinese Psychology Society survey found that 42.6% of Chinese citizens tested positive for having anxiety related to the coronavirus epidemic.
Tags: Science, Chinese Psychology Society

Artist pays tribute to DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin with DNA-laced paint and DNA-coded images

Art imitates life, but few works of art reflect their subject as thoroughly as the portrait of DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin that's now hanging in the University of Washington's Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science and Engineering. On one level, multimedia artist Kate Thompson's work shows the black-and-white visage of Franklin — the late biochemist whose famous "Photo 51" revealed the double-helix structure of life's most vital molecule, even though she didn't ge...
Tags: Science, Franklin, Rosalind Franklin, Kate Thompson

Eerie photos show a massive Saharan sand storm blanketing the Canary Islands in orange dust

A sand storm visible from space blanketed the Canary Islands and caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled. Here's what the haze looked like.
Tags: Science, Canary Islands

Smithsonian opens up 2.8 million images to the public

The Smithsonian Institution is releasing a whopping 2.8 million high-res, two- and three-dimensional images from its collections to a new Open Access online platform. The material comes from all 19 Smithsonian museums, nine research centers, libraries, archives and the National Zoo, and it's available for free to anyone with a web browser.
Tags: Science, Smithsonian, Smithsonian Institution, National Zoo

Four Babies in NYC Have Recently Gotten Herpes From Controversial Circumcision Ritual

A seldom-practiced religious ritual has led to a cluster of herpes cases among infants, New York City health officials said Sunday. At least four infants have contracted the potentially fatal viral disease since last September, all after undergoing a circumcision during which the circumciser placed their mouth on the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Babies, New York City, Herpes, Circumcision

Scientists discovered a new way to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Since their discovery in 1928, antibiotics have become a common way of treating infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. To treat an infection, a doctor usually prescribes a course of antibiotics (such as penicillin) for us to take. This drug is usually contained in a capsule then swallowed, where it dissolves in the stomach. There, the antibiotic goes to work, destroying all bacteria in the stomach (including the good bacteria, which help our body function). The antibiotic is s...
Tags: Startups, Science, World, Syndication

Photos show what Italy is like under lockdown as the country becomes Europe's epicenter of the coronavirus with more than 283 cases reported in 4 days

Authorities have closed down 12 Italian towns as they try to stop the virus from spreading. Photos show what it looks like on the ground.
Tags: Europe, Science, Italy

Climate Deniers Are Out of Ideas

Folks, the Washington Post had itself a Sunday night. The paper inexplicably published a puff piece on the “anti-Greta,” a German teen peddling soft climate denial who’s being supported by a group of old white guys at the Heartland Institute. Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington Post, Climate Denial, Heartland Institute, Desperation, Climate Crisis, Greta Thunberg, There Is No Anti Greta, Heartland Institute Read

A Tribute to NASA’s Katherine Johnson (RIP): Learn About the Extraordinary Mathematician Who Broke Through America’s Race & Gender Barriers

We don't call it a tragedy when a renowned person dies after the century mark, especially if that person is brilliant NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who passed away yesterday at the venerable age of 101. Her death is a great historical loss, but by almost any measure we would consider reaching such a finish line a triumphant end to an already heroic life. A prodigy and pioneer, Johnson joined the all-black “human computing” section at NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Comm...
Tags: Google, Hollywood, Science, Film, College, America, History, Nasa, Atlantic, Mars, People Magazine, Johnson, Taraji P Henson, Facebook Twitter, Katherine, Alan Shepard

CDC Warns Coronavirus Outbreaks Likely to Hit U.S.

On Tuesday, health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a dire warning: The U.S. will almost certainly not be spared from the outbreak of a new pneumonia-causing coronavirus that threatens to sweep across the globe. It’s only a matter of time before the virus will start to spread…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cdc, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Outbreaks, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

New discoveries in neuroscience show what’s right and wrong with AI

Two separate studies, one by UK-based artificial intelligence lab DeepMind and the other by researchers in Germany and Greece, display the fascinating relations between AI and neuroscience. As most scientists will tell you, we are still decades away from building artificial general intelligence, machines that can solve problems as efficiently as humans. On the path to creating general AI, the human brain, arguably the most complex creation of nature, is the best guide we have. Advances in neuros...
Tags: Startups, UK, Science, Greece, Germany, Tech, World, Artificial Intelligence, Syndication

A conservative group with a history of climate change denial has hired a German YouTuber to challenge Greta Thunberg's 'climate crisis'

German YouTuber Naomi Seibt is on a crusade against Greta Thunberg's climate activism, which she rejects as a "dystopian agenda of climate alarmism."
Tags: Science, Greta Thunberg, YouTuber Naomi Seibt

Amazon Opens Its First Full-Sized Cashless Go Grocery Store

Two years ago, Amazon opened its first cashless Go convenience store, and in the time since, Amazon Go stores have expanded to 24 other locations throughout the country. But now, Amazon is trying to take its cashless stores big time with the official launch of its first Amazon Go Grocery store. Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Grocery Stores, Consumer Tech, Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Goes Big With Go Grocery Store, Cashless Stores

The People and Tech Behind Data Science Explained

Within the past few years, the study of data science and machine learning has exploded into its own job field. However, the tech subgenre has been galavanting to the mainstream for nearly 3 centuries. It all started sometime in the 1740s with Bayes’ Theorem. Today, the demand for data scientists is at its peak and is only continuing to surge. By the end of this year, there will have been 2.7 million data scientist job openings. The million-dollar question is: What do data scientists do? To be ...
Tags: Science, Technology, Lifehacks, Bayes, Jenn Gamble, Scikit

Save Big on a Gaming Monitor or Laptop During This One-Day Amazon Sale

Gaming Monitor, Laptop and Accessory Gold Box | Amazon
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals

The Xperia 1 II Brings Over Even More High-End Features From Sony's Camera Division

Even though MWC 2020 has been canceled, Sony is still forging on. Today the company is introducing a new member to its smartphone family: the Xperia 1 II.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Sony, MWC, Consumer Tech, Mwc 2020, Sony Still Pushing Out New Xperias, Xperia 1 Ii, Not Mwc

Vanished without a trace: Inside the myths and mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has been mystified as a deadly patch of ocean where sailors and pilots disappear. We're breaking down its most legendary tales.
Tags: Science, Bermuda Triangle

Solar Storms Could Confuse Whales and Cause Mass Strandings

Gray whales seem to strand themselves more often during solar storms, according to a new study.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, The Sun, Whales, Magnetoreception, Sunspots, Solar Storms

NASA says its InSight lander has detected over 450 'marsquakes'

Marsquakes are more common but less intense than NASA thought. That's one of the things the agency has revealed in the six papers it recently published on InSight's findings since it landed on the red planet. Apparently, InSight's Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure instrument (SEIS) recorded over 450 seismic signals or "trembling" events since last year. Now, the agency has announced that "the vast majority" of them were probably marsquakes and not merely noise created by envi...
Tags: Science, Nasa, SEIS

Do Yourself (And Your Butt) a Favor—Invest In This Discounted Charmin Toilet Paper Pack

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper (18 Rolls) | $25 | Amazon | Subscribe & SaveRead more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals

Photos show what Italy is like under lockdown as the country becomes Europe's epicenter of the coronavirus with more than 200 cases reported in 3 days

Authorities have closed down 12 Italian towns as they try to stop the virus from spreading. Photos show what it looks like on the ground.
Tags: Europe, Science, Italy

Leaks Suggest New Over-the-Ear AirPods Could Be On Their Way

There have been rumors swirling for a while about Apple holding a product launch event sometime at the end March, but now, a leak from an internal product inventory at Target could give us clues about what kind of devices Apple might show off later this spring. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Audio, Headphones, Leaks, Rumors, Consumer Tech, AirPods, The Rumor Mill, New Airpods Headphone Could Be Coming Soon, Airpods Headphones

The coronavirus has spread to 37 countries. Here's how to protect yourself while traveling.

More than 70 airlines have canceled flights to China, and several countries have imposed their own travel restrictions.
Tags: Science, China

Food Workers Union Takes Aim at Amazon's New Cashierless Grocery Store

After years of prototyping, and more years still experimenting with surveillance-based convenience stores, Amazon has officially opened its first cashierless grocery location in its home city of Seattle. One of America’s largest food worker unions is already pissed about it.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Labor, Amazon Go, Amazon Grocery Go, Food Workers Union, Seattle One of America

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