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These Microscopic Maps of 3D-Printed Metals Look Like Art. They May Be a Glimpse of the Future

To the untrained eye, the following colorful images might look like art, but they’re actually something unexpected: science. These are maps of metals such as titanium, nickel, and steel created using an electron microscope. Read more...
Tags: Metal, Science, Learning, Skills, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Scientific Method, Emerging Technologies, Spectroscopy, Electron Microscope, Industrial Processes, Technology Internet, Jake Benzing, Diffraction, Electron Backscatter Diffraction

This Highly-Absorbent Nasal Swab Means Uncomfortable Covid-19 Tests Are Over Faster

Anyone who’s had a covid-19 test requiring a nasal swab knows it’s not the most pleasant experience. Part of the problem is that the swab has to be left in place for 10-15 seconds to ensure an adequate sample is absorbed. But a company born from 3D printing research at MIT says it’s created a new type of swab that’s…Read more...
Tags: Science, Mit, 3d Printing, Nervous System, Nose, OU, Branches Of Biology, Covid 19 Testing, Organ Systems, Technology Internet, Nasal Cavity, Sensory Organs, Instaswab, Opt Industries

Experimental 3D Printer Offers a Clever Way to Eliminate Waste

One of the unique challenges of 3D printing is that models that feature structures hanging in mid-air, like the spout of a teapot, also need temporary structures to support the soft extruded plastic until it hardens. This can result in a lot of wasted material, because those supports are just discarded afterwards. A …Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Printer, 3d Modeling, Computer Printers, Emerging Technologies, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Technology Internet, Secondary Sector Of The Economy, Applications Of 3d Printing, 3d Printing Processes

Your 3D Printer Can Finally Make Biodegradable Objects

A Czech 3D printing company called Fillamentum has released the first ostensibly biodegradable filament, the stringy plastic used to extrude printed objects. Called NonOilen, the filament is made of a biologically based polylactic acid and polyhydroxy butyrate blend.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Materials, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Plastics, Fused Filament Fabrication, Polylactic Acid, Bioplastics, Biodegradation, Emerging Technologies, Taylor Weiss, Organic Polymers, Industrial Processes, Lyman Filament Extruder, Fillamentum

This Machine Creates 3D Objects In Seconds

When we think of 3D printing we usually think of a little robot that squirts out endless lines of plastic onto a surface. But vacuum forming—smoothing a sheet of thin plastic over an object to make a hollow copy—has been around much longer and is the premise behind Myyard’s Formart 2.Read more...
Tags: Science, Economy, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Visual Effects, 3d Imaging, Emerging Technologies, Forming, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Secondary Sector Of The Economy, 3d Computer Graphics, Vacuum Forming, Myyard, Formart

Your Next Office Might Be a 3D-Printed Smurf House

This odd-looking structure might look vaguely like an alien seed pod, but it’s actually the latest in cubicle design from Dutch 3D-printing company Royal3D. The cubicle or workspace is fully customizable and modular and made of plastic waste from PET bottles.Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Printer, The Smurfs, Business Finance, Computer Printers, Emerging Technologies, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Diy Culture, Secondary Sector Of The Economy, Extrusion, Hayley Everett, Architech Company

This Rapid 3D-Printing Method Could Be the Secret to Developing 3D-Printed Organs

We may not have flying cars yet, but 3D-printed organs? That sci-fi fantasy just got one step closer to reality thanks to a rapid 3D-printing method developed by University of Buffalo engineers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, 3d Modeling, Biomedical Engineering, University of Buffalo, Emerging Technologies, Stereolithography, Hydrogel, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Technology Internet, Health Medical Pharma, Secondary Sector Of The Economy, Ruogang Zhao

Polaroid Made a Pen That Lets You Draw Pieces of Candy

There are 3D-printing pens that let prolific doodlers turn their drawings into three-dimensional sculptures, but all users are really left with is a piece of art. Polaroid’s taking 3D-printing pens one step further by replacing extruded plastic with melted candy so that when your masterpiece is complete, you can eat…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Candy, Pens, Polaroid, 3d Modeling, 3doodler, Ballpoint Pen, Emerging Technologies, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Technology Internet

We're Just Out Here 3D-Printing Meat Now, I Guess

If you can 3D-print a gun... if you can 3D-print a home... then brother, you might as well pull up a chair and 3D-print yourself some meat while you’re at it, because these masses aren’t going to feed themselves.Read more...
Tags: Meat, Science, Environment, Articles, 3d Printing, Food And Drink, Steak, Animal Rights, Foods, Cultured Meat, Red Meat, Emerging Technologies, Novameat, Cellular Agriculture

This Guy Used 3D Printing to Help His 18-Year-Old Blind Pup Get Around Safely

You know, 3D printing has produced some wild stuff over the years, from itty bitty spacecraft and candy-firing wrist cannons to entire homes and personal protective equipment. But while some creations have been absolutely cursed (I’m looking at you, tongue brush), this safety hoop made to help a senior pup get around…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Thingiverse, Hoop, Emerging Technologies, Industrial Processes, Diy Culture, Horse Harness, Open Source Movement

Researchers Find a Faster, More Efficient Way to 3D Print

Two researchers at Penn State have created a new system for five-axis additive 3D-printing that reduces the amount and density of support materials needed for making printed objects.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, 3d Printing, Penn State

Three different space launch companies – three very different approaches to solving for cost and efficiency

Launch startup Astra had a monumental week, achieving their first spaceflight with a rocket test on Tuesday. Astra CEO Chris Kemp joined Relativity CEO Tim Ellis, and VOX Space President Mandy Vaughn at our TC Sessions: Space event on Wednesday, and with Relativity’s huge $500 million round earlier this year, and Virgin Orbit’s milestone test flight in May, it was a big year for all involved. A significant portion of our discussion focused on the very different approaches that each of these ...
Tags: Amazon, TC, Space, Science, Tech, Ceo, 3d Printing, President, Relativity, Aerospace, Operating System, Microsoft Windows, Booting, Ellis, Kemp, Vaughn

Relativity Space raises $500 million as it sets sights on the industrialization of Mars

3D-printed rocket startup Relativity Space has closed $500 million in Series D funding (making official the earlier reported raise), the company announced today. This funding was led by Tiger Global Management, and included participation by a host of new investors, including Fidelity Management & Research Company, Baillie Gifford, Iconiq Capital, General Catalyst and more. This brings the company’s total raised so far to nearly $700 million, as the startup is poised to launch its first-ever f...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, TC, Space, Science, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Industrial Design, United States, 3d Printing, Long Beach, Relativity, Mars, Lockheed Martin, Robotics, Aerospace

Relativity Space raises $500 million as its sets sights on the industrialization of Mars

3D-printed rocket startup Relativity Space has closed $500 million in Series D funding (making official the earlier reported raise), the company announced today. This funding was led by Tiger Global Management, and included participation by a host of new investors including Fidelity Management & Research Company, Baillie Gifford, Iconiq Capital, General Catalist and more. This brings the company’s total raised so far to nearly $700 million, as the startup is poised to launch its first ever fu...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, TC, Space, Science, Articles, Tech, Ceo, Nasa, Earth, Industrial Design, United States, 3d Printing, Long Beach, Printer, Relativity, Mars

West Virginia Man Arrested for Making a 'Wall Hook' That Could Turn an AR-15 Into an Illegal Machine Gun

A West Virginia man named Timothy Watson was arrested last week for allegedly selling a 3D-printed wall hook that, when disassembled, was actually a “drop-in auto sear,” a small piece of plastic that could turn the popular AR-15 rifle into an illegal machine gun.Read more...
Tags: Science, Guns, West Virginia, 3d Printing, Timothy Watson

You Owe It To Yourself to 3D Print the Tongue Brush

Acid rain. International terrorism. Freeway killers. Now, more than ever, it is important to remember the true impacts of technology. It is important to realize that you, dear reader, have the power to 3D print your own tongue brush.Read more...
Tags: Science, Diy, 3d Printing, Mlem

A Broken 3D Printer Inspired This Futuristic Fabric

3D printers usually work by extruding long strings of molten plastic onto a surface. When MIT Media Lab researchers spotted a broken printer squirting out plastic erratically, they had an idea: By programming a normal home 3D printer, they could simulate that erratic extrusion and create a sort of light, flexible lace…Read more...
Tags: Science, Mit, 3d Printing, Fabric, MIT Media Lab

Physicists 3D Print a Boat That Could Sail Down a Human Hair

Researchers at Leiden University have 3D printed the smallest boat in the world: a 30-micrometer copy of Benchy the tug boat, a well-known 3D printer test object. This boat is so small, it could float down the interior of a human hair.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, 3d Printing, Leiden University

These Plastic Objects Can Talk to Computers Without Electronics or Batteries

The natural assumption is that for a device to wirelessly communicate with another, it needs some basic electronics inside and a source of power. But researchers from the University of Washington have seemingly done the impossible by creating simple plastic devices without batteries, chips, or even wires that can …Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, 3d Printing, Wifi, University of Washington, Internetofthings, Backscatter

Made In Space is sending the first ceramic manufacturing facility in space to the ISS next week

In-space manufacturing company Made In Space is pushing the envelope on what can, well, be made in space with its next mission – which is set to launch aboard a Northrop Grumman International Space Station (ISS) resupply mission set for next Tuesday. Aboard that launch will be Made In Space’s Turbine Ceramic Manufacturing Module (aka CMM), a commercial ceramic turbine blisk manufacturing device that uses 3D-printing technology to produce detailed parts the require a high degree of production ...
Tags: TC, Space, Science, Video Games, Articles, Tech, Earth, International Space Station, 3d Printing, Iss, Aerospace, Science and Technology, Additive Manufacturing, Northrop Grumman, Redwire

Firehawk Aerospace aims to revolutionize rocketry with safe, cost-effective hybrid engines

While SpaceX and its ilk in the commercial rocket launch market have changed the economics of space and ushered in an era of small satellite entrepreneurship, the actual rocket engine technology they use isn’t that different from what was in use 50 years ago when NASA was making its first forays into outer space. Firehawk Aerospace, a new startup founded by CEO Will Edwards and Chairman and Chief Scientists Ron Jones, wants to change that with a stable, cost-effective hybrid rocket fuel that ...
Tags: Startups, TC, Space, Spacex, Science, Navy, Tech, Nasa, 3d Printing, Rocket, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Jones, Battlefield, Rocketry, Additive Manufacturing

Programmable, 3D-printed fabric that can "remember" its original shape and transform into new ones

Imagine that your jacket changes shape depending on the temperature or your socks can provide additional support with the push of a button. Harvard engineers created a new material using keratin from wool that can be 3D printed in unusual shapes. Even after the material is deformed and "locked" as another kind of shape, just adding a certain stimulus triggers the the material to return to its original shape. From "This two-step process of 3-D printing the material and then sett...
Tags: Fashion, Video, Science, News, Harvard, 3d Printing, Materials Science, Luca, Kit -RSB- Parker

Super-Sized Lego Go-Kart Is Big Enough for Even Grown-up Kids to Drive

Matt Denton was one of the clever engineers responsible for designing and building the functional BB-8 robots and puppets used to film the most recent Star Wars trilogy. But online Denton is probably better known for his clever use of 3D printing to supersize Lego Technic sets, which now includes a functional go-kart…Read more...
Tags: Science, Lego, 3d Printing, Denton, Matt Denton, Lego Technic, Go Karts

This DIY Face Shield Gives You an Excuse to Stress-Eat Gummy Bears

A quick peek at the news is probably all it takes to have you polishing off an entire bag of gummy bears, but a South Korean design studio has come up with a way to make you feel less guilt about all that stress-eating. It’s designed a 3D printed face shield that works with empty packaging to help protect you from…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Design, Diy, Safety, 3d Printing, Hacks, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Mmm Design Studio

How to Build a Functional Mandalorian Tracking Fob to Find Your Smartphone Instead of Baby Yodas

The tracking fobs used by bounty hunters in The Mandalorian to find their targets make the dangerous profession seem kind of easy. So the engineers at design studio MVRK wondered if the mythical technology could be recreated using Earth technology to make finding a missing smartphone just as painless.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Bluetooth, Earth, 3d Printing, Hacks, Tracker, The Mandalorian, Baby Yodas, Mvrk

3D-printed ‘bionic corals’ mimic a reef’s powers of photosynthesis

The mass die-off of coral reefs is a catastrophe of global proportions, but the sheer scale of their success as organisms has lessons for science. Case in point: these 3D-printed “bionic corals” from Cambridge researchers that are more than scaffolds for fragile microorganisms — they’re built out of them. If 3D-printed corals sound familiar, that’s because a couple of years ago some other researchers suggested using structures printed to resemble the complex shapes of reefs as solid bases on whi...
Tags: TC, Science, Tech, 3d Printing, Cambridge, Daniel Wangpraseurt, Mantaz

Germany’s space agency shifts its 3D printing resources to producing protective medical equipment

DLR, German’s space agency and NASA equivalent, is doing what it can to support the global shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by frontline healthcare workers in their efforts to treat those affected by COVID-19. DLR announced that it has successfully tested converting its on-site 3D printers, typically used for producing aerospace-grade parts, to creating medical equipment including protective face masks and ventilators. There’s a need for various kinds of components and eq...
Tags: Health, TC, Space, Science, Germany, Articles, Tech, Nasa, 3d Printing, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Dlr, Occupational Safety and Health, Contents, Coronavirus

3D Printing Foods With Complex Designs Can Trick Diners Into Eating Less While Still Feeling Full

The killer app for 3D printers might have nothing to do with quickly churning out complex parts to speed up manufacturing. 3D-printed food is promising to revolutionize the culinary experience, and by making tweaks to a meal’s printed structure, researchers have found ways to make diners feel more full while they eat …Read more...
Tags: Health, Food, Science, Research, Mit, 3d Printing, Csail

10 Covid-busting designs: spray drones, fever helmets, anti-virus snoods

Companies the world over are directing their ingenuity at the fight against the coronavirus. Here are the front-runners, from sanitising robots to a 3D-printed hospital wardDesigners, engineers and programmers have heard the klaxon call. The last few weeks have seen a wave of ingenuity unleashed, with both garden-shed tinkerers and high-tech manufacturers scrambling to develop things that will combat the spread of Covid-19.Many of their innovations raise as many questions as they answer, though....
Tags: Apps, South Korea, Science, Design, Technology, Education, China, Research, UK News, World news, Culture, Architecture, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Art and design, Research and development

The Continued Quest for Pain-Free Microneedles

Produced through a process of 3D printing with polymers—altogether referred to as “4D printing” because of its core of programmable, shape-shifting material—rapidly developing microneedles may replace painful hypodermic needles in the next decade. Professor Howon Lee, who has lead the research from Rutgers University, has filed a patent on this new technology, which produces hollow needles that are barbed, much like the stinger of a …
Tags: Health, Science, Design, Medicine, Tech, 3d Printing, Microneedles, 4d Printing, Linkaboutit, Polymers, Rutgers University, Needles, Howon Lee

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