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Helmets From WWI Just as Protective Against Overhead Blasts as Modern Helmets

New research suggests helmets used in World War I protected soldiers against overhead artillery blasts just as well as modern helmets—and one, the French Adrian helmet, actually performed better.Read more...
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WWI helmets protect against shock waves just as well as modern designs

Biomedical engineers have demonstrated that, despite significant advancements in protection from ballistics and blunt impacts, modern military helmets are no better at protecting from shock waves than their World War I counterparts. One model in particular, the French Adrian helmet, actually performed better than modern designs. The research could help improve the blast protection of future helmets through choosing different materials, layering multiple materials of different acoustic impedance,...
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Injection to halt the progress of Alzheimer’s 'available within decade'

An injection capable of halting the progress of Alzheimer’s could be available to patients within a decade, Britain’s leading dementia organisation predicts. The Alzheimer’s Society says a series of recent breakthroughs in treatments that disrupt harmful genes has brought scientists to a “tipping point” in their fight against the disease. For decades, researchers have sought without success a treatment for Alzheimer’s based on targeting damaging proteins that build up in the brain. However, the ...
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NASA caught Tropical Storm Adrian quickly losing steam

The first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific Ocean season was already losing steam when the Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead the day it formed. By the next day, May 11, Tropical Storm Adrian weakened to a remnant low pressure area.
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Hand it to Adrian Berry RIP

Rather sad to hear of the death of Adrian Berry aged 78. Adrian, aka the 4th Viscount Camrose, was a member of the Berry family that owned The Daily Telegraph for 60 years. He was the paper’s infectiously enthusiastic science correspondent from 1977 to 1997. If I remember rightly, I met him first in Southampton at the BA meeting the year I was the BA-DT’s Young Science Writer of the Year and again at the AAAS meeting in Boston the following February (attending both events was all part of the pri...
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Adrenalin – the fun-and-games hormone

Adrenalin. It’s the fun-and-games hormone of limitless cliche, isn’t it? When you feel that adrenalin surge you know you’re in for a bumpy ride. It gets you quivering with excitement, quaking in your boots, turns your legs to jelly, makes your throat as dry as sticks, has you pacing like a caged tiger, jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof, gets you shaking all over, sends shivers down your backbone, makes you feel hot under the collar, brings you out in a cold sweat, gives you butterflies...
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