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Mozambique starts three days of mourning after cyclone kills hundreds

MAPUTO/HARARE (Reuters) - Mozambique started three days of national mourning on Wednesday after powerful cyclone winds and flooding killed hundreds of people and left a massive trail of destruction across swathes of southeast Africa. Cylone Idai, which hit Mozambique's port city of Beira on Thursday before moving inland, brought winds of up to 170 kph (105 mph) which flattened buildings and put the lives of millions of people at risk. Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi said in a televised sta...
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Researchers shed new light on the origins of modern humans

The work, published in Scientific Reports, confirms a dispersal of Homo sapiens from southern to eastern Africa immediately preceded the out-of-Africa migration
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Over 200 dead in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai, millions hit

MAPUTO/HARARE (Reuters) - The number of people killed in a powerful cyclone and flooding in Mozambique has risen above 200, more than doubling the country's death toll from a storm that could rank as one of the worst weather-related disasters in the southern hemisphere. Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi said in a televised statement following a cabinet meeting on the disaster on Tuesday that the death toll after Cylone Idai now stood at more than 200, up from 84. Winds of up to 170 kph (105 ...
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Cyclone Idai Poised to Become Southern Hemisphere’s Deadliest Tropical Storm, With More Than 1,000 Feared Dead

Cyclone Idai is on track to becoming the deadliest tropical cyclone on record for the Southern Hemisphere. The storm, which struck the southeastern coast of Africa with the strength of a Category 2 hurricane last week, almost obliterated the city of Beira in Mozambique, home to some 500,000 people.Read more...
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Bioterror fears over Marburg virus, Ebola's deadlier 'cousin', as US begins $10m vaccine project

America has begun a $10m project making a vaccine to a deadly cousin of the Ebola virus considered a potential bioterrorism weapon. Finding a way to stop Marburg virus is “an urgent public health and biodefence need”, the US government said. The haemorrhagic fever virus has caused a string of deadly outbreaks in Africa since it was discovered in the 1960s. Several outbreaks have had high mortality rates, killing four-out-of-five infected. “In addition to the threat of naturally occurring infecti...
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Cyclone hit millions across Africa in record disaster: U.N.

MAPUTO/HARARE (Reuters) - Cyclone winds and floods that swept across southeastern Africa affected more than 2.6 million people and could rank as one of the worst weather-related disaster recorded in the southern hemisphere, U.N. officials said on Tuesday. Rescue crews are still struggling to reach victims five days after Cyclone Idai raced in at speeds of up to 170 kph (105 mph) from the Indian Ocean into Mozambique, then its inland neighbors Zimbabwe and Malawi. “There's a sense from people o...
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The battle to bring antivenoms to Africa

Watamu (Kenya) (AFP) - Snake antivenoms have been around for 125 years, are effective and can be produced cheaply at scale. Yet Africa, with its abundance of deadly snakes, has an alarming shortage of the life-saving medicine.
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'Almost Everything Is Destroyed': Cyclone Idai Leaves Mozambique's Fourth-Largest City in Ruins

On March 15, a rare, giant cyclone made landfall in Mozambique before making its way west to Malawi and Zimbabwe. By Saturday, Cyclone Idai had dissipated, but not before causing widespread infrastructural damage throughout eastern Africa and claiming more than 200 lives, reports Al Jazeera.Read more...
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Macron woos East Africa but French companies struggle to make inroads

Two days earlier, he toured churches hewn into the rock in Ethiopia. Macron, 41, is trying to recast the style of France's engagement in Africa, where it was once a colonial power, hoping that building warmer cultural and personal ties will help boost business, trade and investment. A consortium led by Vinci secured a 30-year concession worth 1.6 billion euros to operate a highway linking the Kenyan capital and Mau Summit in western Kenya.
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The humble sweet potato can help power Africa in the face of climate change

Forest fires during a record-breaking warm winter in Europe, Arctic cold in the US and melting glaciers are clear signals that climate change is impacting all of us but it is in Africa where such extreme weather is having the most significant impact. More intense conditions are hitting the continent harder than anywhere else on the planet, bringing with it severe droughts, heatwaves, and at times, flooding.  This is only likely to get worse in the years ahead, posing a threat to food production ...
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DNA from 200-year-old pipe sheds light on life of enslaved African woman

US archaeologists trace roots of woman to modern-day Sierra Leone as part of ongoing ancestry researchArchaeologists used DNA taken from a broken clay pipe stem found in Maryland to build a picture of an enslaved woman who died around 200 years ago and had origins in modern-day Sierra Leone. One researcher called the work “a mind-blower”. Related: El Norte review: an epic and timely history of Hispanic North America Continue reading...
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C-section 50 times more deadly for women in Africa: study

The death rate among women undergoing a C-section to deliver a baby is about 50 times higher in Africa than in most wealthy nations, researchers said Friday. One in 200 women perished during or soon after a caesarean in a sampling of nearly 3,700 births across 22 African countries, they reported in The Lancet Global Health. Death rates related to C-sections are roughly the same across most developed countries.
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S.Africa medics use 3-D printer for middle ear transplant

South African surgeons have successfully performed the world's first transplant of middle-ear bones that uses 3-D printed components, a research university said. The technique "may be the answer to conductive hearing loss -- a middle ear problem caused by congenital birth defects, infection, trauma or metabolic diseases," Pretoria University said in a statement seen Thursday. The surgery replaced the hammer, anvil and stirrup -- the smallest bones in the body which make up the middle ear -- wi...
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Billions pledged to halt Africa's forest loss

Nairobi (AFP) - With the world's forests increasingly under threat from climate change and logging, leaders and top bank chiefs pledged billions on Thursday to help reverse the steep decline in Africa's woodland areas.
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Boost Africa investment to win climate fight: World Bank head

Governments and business must help countries in Africa deal with the fallout of climate change, the head of the World Bank said Wednesday as her organisation pledged billions for green investment in the continent. Kristalina Georgieva said it was vital that nations least responsible for global warming are assisted in adapting to the extreme weather and food insecurity their citizens face. "Africa contributes 4 percent of CO2 emissions globally but already more than 65 percent of the population...
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Macron warns of Chinese risk to African sovereignty

Macron arrived in Djibouti looking to reassert French influence in a former colony on the Horn of Africa where China has built a military base and invested billions of dollars in infrastructure. The French leader, who will also visit Kenya and Ethiopia on his current tour, cautioned that conditions attached to Chinese loans could be dangerous in the long term. "China is a great world power and has expanded its presence in many countries, especially in Africa, in recent years," he said alongsid...
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Governor election counting halted in southern Nigeria oil state

Voters went the polls on Saturday to choose governors in 29 of Nigeria's 36 states, two weeks after a presidential vote in which Muhammadu Buhari won a second term at the helm of Africa's top oil producer and biggest economy. The governors are among the most influential politicians in Nigeria and many control budgets larger than those of small nations. Rivers is typically keenly contested because it is in the Niger Delta region that produces most of Nigeria's crude oil, which accounts for two-...
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Will cockroaches really inherit the Earth?

Big cockroaches live beneath Price Hall at Virginia Tech University. The stately, gray, five-story building, built of stone over a century ago, houses the school's entomology department, whose faculty study the insects that flourish in our forests, farms, and, often, homes. Sometimes, these reddish-brown American cockroaches — the largest species of cockroach in the U.S. — will leave their underworld dwellings, crawl through the structure's old pipes, and creep into Price Hall, said Di...
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Nigerians to elect powerful state governors

The election is for 29 of the country's 36 governors, who are among the most influential politicians in Nigeria, which is Africa's biggest oil producer and has the continent's largest economy. Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), beat Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in last month's presidential election with 15.2 million votes to 11.3 million, though on a turnout of just 35.6 percent. Situation Room, a monitoring mission comprising over 70 civic groups, said 39...
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Chimpanzee Traditions Are Being Lost Along With Their Habitats

We know chimpanzees as intelligent, emotional creatures that make and use tools, grieve for their dead, and pass down traditions between generations. But less well-known is that different communities of chimps have unique cultures—and that behavioral diversity that is shrinking, according to a new, 10-year study of…Read more...
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The Aids endgame: how the UK and US are committed to wiping out HIV

Just over a generation ago the world was in the grip of hysteria about a mysterious new disease that seemed to be spiralling out of control. Groups of men in southern California were falling prey to an aggressive auto-immune disorder which had never been seen before. Health experts and policy makers scrambled to understand this terrifying new disease and how it could be treated and prevented. Fast forward 40 years after those first cases of HIV and Aids and the picture has transformed: today HIV...
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Bayer launches combination insecticide to fight resistance malaria

German drugmaker Bayer AG launched on Wednesday the world's first combination indoor insecticide in Africa to help fight insecticide-resisant strains of malaria that have frustrated global attempts to stamp out the disease. After several years of steady declines, annual cases of the mosquito-borne disease are leveling off, the World Health Organization's 2018 malaria report showed in November. The report showed around 435,000 deaths and 219 million malaria cases in 2017 worldwide, both little ...
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From birth to death: an archive of vanishing African rituals seeks a home

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have traversed 44 of Africa's 54 countries over four decades, documenting rituals used to mark milestones such as birth, death, and courtship, the graduation of girl to woman or the moment a warrior becomes a respected elder. "This record of Africa won't be taken again. It can't be taken again because 40 percent of it is already lost," said Fisher, a vivacious Australian draped in beads and red chiffon for their book launch in Nairobi on Sunday.
Tags: Science, Africa, Nairobi, Fisher, Angela Fisher, Carol Beckwith

New research suggests earlier emergence of malaria in Africa

After carrying out extensive research into the βS mutation by performing full sequencing of the HBB gene together with a large-scale genomic study on 479 individuals from 13 populations from Sub-Saharan Africa, scientists were able to reveal that malaria emerged in Africa at least 20,000 years ago - and not at the same time as the adoption of agriculture 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.
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Muhammadu Buhari: Nigeria's converted democrat comes back from the brink

The former military ruler showed that his pledge to fight corruption remained popular, particularly when combined with promises to extend social welfare programs aimed at feeding the poor and helping young people find work. Experts had forecast a tough race against his main rival, Atiku Abubakar, a businessman and former vice president who sought to tap into discontent at unemployment and inflation by vowing to create jobs and double the size of Africa's biggest economy. Buhari won 56 percent,...
Tags: Science, Nigeria, Africa, Muhammadu Buhari, Buhari, People s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, Atiku

Nearly half of all children with cancer go undiagnosed and untreated

Many cases in Asia and Africa are being missed and leading to children ‘dying at home’Almost half of children with cancer are going undiagnosed and untreated, according to a new global study.The research suggests that the situation depends on location: while only 3% of childhood cancer cases in western Europe and north America are thought to have been missed in 2015, the proportion rose to an estimated 49% in south Asia and 57% in western Africa. Continue reading...
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Muhammadu Buhari: Nigeria's converted democrat comes back from the brink

The former military ruler showed that his pledge to fight corruption remained popular, particularly when combined with promises to extend social welfare programs aimed at feeding the poor and helping young people find work. Experts had forecast a tough race against his main rival, Atiku Abubakar, a businessman and former vice president who sought to tap into discontent at unemployment and inflation by vowing to create jobs and double the size of Africa's biggest economy. Atiku's party rejected...
Tags: Science, Nigeria, Africa, Muhammadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, Atiku

Nigeria election delay hurt confidence, probably cut turnout: U.S. observer

Buhari, 76, is a former military ruler seeking a second term on an anti-corruption platform, while Atiku, 72, has pledged above all to expand the role of the private sector. At stake is the leadership of Africa's top oil producer and biggest economy where a decade-long battle with Islamist militants concentrated in the northeast has made Nigeria pivotal to regional stability. A credible and relatively calm vote would open a new chapter in the chequered political history of Nigeria, where nearl...
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Polls close in Senegal election that President Sall is tipped to win

"The elected president will have to be the president of all Senegal. Polling stations in Dakar closed on schedule at 6 p.m (1800 GMT) after a largely incident-free election day. Senegal's small fish-exporting economy expanded more than 6 percent last year, one of the highest rates in Africa, driven by an ambitious reform and development plan that included the construction of a new railway.
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Observers say several killed in Nigeria poll violence

The groups said the death toll during Africa's biggest election were higher than that of the 2015 poll which was widely considered to have been orderly, aside from a Boko Hararm attack that killed more than a dozen people. Past polls have been marred by violence and vote rigging. Clement Nwankwo, convener of the Situation Room, which represents more than 70 civil society groups, said 16 people were killed in election violence across eight states, while Lagos-based consultancy SBM Intelligence ...
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