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The Next Great Walking Dead Villain Is Here, and She Wants to Kill Civilization

After almost nine seasons, it’s pretty rare for a brand new character to get their very own episode of The Walking Dead and yet that’s exactly what happened Sunday night. The episode, called “Omega,” introduced Samantha Morton as Alpha, the eventual leader of and mother to Lydia, the young woman Daryl…Read more...
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The New Villains on The Walking Dead Elevate Everything Around Them

Holy crap, what have I been missing?
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Shudder’s Creepshow Revival Will Feature Stories From Stephen King and the Author of Bird Box

What a scream-studded lineup.
Tags: Science, Horror, Amc, Stephen King, Greg Nicotero, Creepshow, Shudder, Bird Box

The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira Is Making Her Inevitable Exit From the Zombie Series

First Rick, now Michonne.
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The Walking Dead Shambles Into a Season 10 Renewal

In not-so-shocking news, AMC has announced that The Walking Dead is coming back for a 10th season. It was revealed in the form of a creepy post on Twitter.Read more...
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The Teaser for The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Premiere is Actually Pretty Frightening

I expect a lot of things from The Walking Dead. Action. Melodrama. Zombies. But actual, deep-seated fear, that Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of creeped out? Not usually. It’s not that kind of show anymore, most of the time.
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How The Walking Dead Blew Up a Bridge Full of Zombies Without Actually Blowing Up a Real Bridge

Just a few weeks after it originally aired, Goodbye Kansas Studios has shared a behind-the-scenes video of its work on The Walking Dead episode “What Comes After,” where Rick, with some help from a pile of dynamite, blows up a bridge full of approaching zombies. Creating one of the series’ most complicated shots…Read more...
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The Walking Dead Got Scary Again in Its Mostly Excellent Mid-Season Finale

The first half of The Walking Dead’s ninth season has been mostly good, something no one could have predicted after the show’s dire, audience-hemorrhaging the last few years. Happily, the mid-season finale kept up the streak by including a few shockers, an excellent cliffhanger, and only a few instances where you want…Read more...
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Something's Very Wrong With Michonne on The Walking Dead

Well, here’s the good news: After last week’s troubling, backpedaling, post-Rick, post-timeskip “premiere,” The Walking Dead regained some of its footing tonight to produce a perfectly fine, if not particularly memorable episode. The bad news is that something’s wrong with Michonne, and it’s kind of a bummer.Read more...
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AMC Has Released Way Too Many Pictures of Andrew Lincoln on a Horse For His Final Walking Dead Episode

Ever since The Walking Dead made its return, we’ve been preparing for life in the zombie apocalypse without Rick Grimes. We’ve known that star Andrew Lincoln will be departing the show after nine seasons of horror, and the moment is finally heralded by a pale horse. No, seriously.Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Horses, Amc, Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes, A Horse A Horse My Zombie Apocalypse For A Horse

The Walking Dead's Latest Episode Only Made a Single Mistake

Hoo boy. So last week, The Walking Dead had its lowest ratings ever. And mean, ever—below that even of season one, before it became a phenomenon. Compared to this disaster, Rick’s plans for a peaceful future are in pretty good shape! But that’s only because “completely falling apart” is still better than “presumed…
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The Walking Dead Just Had Its Worst Ratings Ever

There was a time when The Walking Dead was the biggest thing on TV. That time has now passed. Sunday’s episode, “The Bridge,” had the lowest ratings in series history, beating the previous worst record set in season one.Read more...
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Rick and The Walking Dead Are Holding It Together...for Now

Two good episodes of The Walking Dead in a row is not an unheard of occurrence, but it is auspicious. “The Bridge” continues last week’s strong narrative start as Rick, Maggie, and the others try to keep everyone united into one community, but a few cracks are beginning to show—and the same can be said of the TV…Read more...
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The Walking Dead Gets the Fresh Start We've Been Waiting For

Were you sort of dreading the season nine premiere of The Walking Dead? I was. The series has had increasing problems since the beginning of the boring, interminable Savior War, and the show’s declining ratings back that up. But I’m surprised—and happy!—to report that the season nine premiere really feels like a new…Read more...
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Andrew Lincoln Is Returning to The Walking a Director

You might be gearing up to bid farewell to Andrew Lincoln in front of the camera on The Walking Dead. But Rick Grimes exiting the show doesn’t mean that Andrew Lincoln himself is done with those rascally zombies.Read more...
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Report: AMC's The Walking Dead Universe Will Expand With New Movies and Shows

It looks like is going to be alive and kicking for many years to come. A new report claims that AMC is working on plans to expand the zombie thriller franchise with new TV movies that could turn into shows, with at least one of them taking place outside the United States.Read more...
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Discoverer of the constructal law to enter the Mexican Academy of Sciences

Mexico, Sep. 18 (Notimex).- The Romanian-born American researcher, Adrian Bejan, will enter the Mexican Academy of Sciences on Thursday, September 20, at a ceremony to be held at the Autonomous University of Campeche. Adrian, a graduate engineer with honors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is also a writer of scientific articles and journals. It is in the list of the 100 most cited authors in engineering; has developed innovative approaches such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics ...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Amc, Unam, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Duke University, Adrian Bejan, Bejan, NOTIMEX, Faculty of Engineering, Mexican Academy of Sciences AMC, Mexican Academy of Sciences, Autonomous University of Campeche Adrian, Jaime Cervantes de Gortari, Mexico Guanajuato San Luis Potosí, National Polytechnic Institute

Fear the Walking Dead Has Been Renewed for a Fifth Season

Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel spin-off of The Walking Dead, still has a lot of fear left in it, as this weekend at the Television Critic’s Association it was confirmed the AMC series is getting a fifth season. Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Amc, Fear The Walking Dead, Television Critic 's Association

The Walking Dead's Giant New Trailer Shows Their Hard-Won Peace Is Already Going to Hell

With Negan and the Saviors defeated, the other three communities at peace and working together, and even a chance to rebuild rather than just survive, life has literally never been better for Rick Grimes, at least since the zombie apocalypse began. How long will it last, though? The show’s season nine trailer has the…
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Amc, Negan, Rick Grimes, San Diego Comic Con, Comic Con 2018

These Preacher Statues Are Alarmingly Realistic

Preacher is back for a third season, but if you just can’t wait from week to week to have Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy hanging around, now you can have them around permanently.Read more...
Tags: Science, Amc, This Is Awesome, Mondo, Preacher, Cassidy, Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Jesse Tulip, Rory Kurtz

AMC's New $20 MoviePass Competitor Sounds Like a Damn Good Deal

Movie subscription service MoviePass and theater chain AMC haven’t been on the best of terms, with the latter attempting to block the former from working in its theaters. But AMC’s answer to MoviePass will finally arrive on June 26, and to our surprise, it actually seems like it could be a great deal.Read more...
Tags: Science, Amc, Moviepass, Subscription Service, Movie Theaters, Movie Pass

The Walking Dead Will See a Very Familiar Face Return Next Season

The Walking Dead’s ninth season is going to be losing not one, but two of the show’s longest-running characters. But it seems that while doing so, a familiar figure from the show’s past will be making a special appearance on the series.Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Amc, Jon Bernthal

Following Allegations of Abuse, Chris Hardwick Has Been Pulled from AMC Programming and San Diego Comic-Con

Yesterday, allegations surfaced claiming that Chris Hardwick sexual assaulted and emotionally abused his ex-girlfriend, the model, cosplayer, and actress Chloe Dykstra. Read more...
Tags: Science, Amc, Doctor Who, San Diego, Chris Hardwick, San Diego Comic Con, AMC Programming, Chloe Dykstra Read

In an Exclusive Clip From AMC's Humans, the Synth Family Experiences Growing Pains

AMC and Channel 4's Humans returned for season 3 last week and dramatically shook the status quo of the universe. Take a look at a tense synth family reunion in this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode.Read more...
Tags: Science, Amc, Robots, Humans, Exclusive

RIP Rick Grimes: Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving The Walking Dead

It may be a zombie bite, a rival group’s attack, or just a lone walk toward the great unknown. No matter what you call it, Rick Grimes will soon be gone from The Walking Dead. Several news outlets are reporting that Andrew Lincoln will be exiting the series sometime in season nine.Read more...
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The Owner of MoviePass Says He Still Has More Tricks Up His Sleeve

Stock in MoviePass’ parent company Helios & Matheson has crashed precipitously amid reports that the ticket-sales service is very quickly running out of money—specifically, just $15.5 million in cash on hand at the end of April with another $27.9 million on deposit at a time when MoviePass is burning through nearly…Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Technology, Movies, Amc, Moviepass, Movie Theaters, Helios Matheson

That Thing We All Kind of Knew Would Happen to MoviePass Might Be Happening

MoviePass, the monthly subscription-based service that offers seemingly impossible deals  on movie tickets, appears to be heading towards that place where most impossible deals enabled by fistfuls of investors’ money go: the drain.Read more...
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James Cameron Compares His Avatar Sequels to The Godfather, But Admits That Could Be a Huge Mistake

James Cameron has five children, which is what interested him in the developing the plots for the Avatar sequels—but it’s also what makes him worry that they may not connect with audiences like the original did. When speaking about his upcoming AMC show James Cameron’s History of Science Fiction this weekend, the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Amc, Avengers, James Cameron, Avatar 2, Avatar 3, James Camerons Science Fiction

The Walking Dead Didn't Earn Its Season Finale in the Slightest

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a more self-satisfied, obnoxious episode of television in my life. But what’s even more obnoxious is that the season eight finale of The Walking Dead was still gratifying to me, too, if only because it looks like it finally got the AMC show back on the right track (...maybe).Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Amc, Zombies, TV Recap

Important Announcement: The Walking Dead Was Actually Fine Last Night

No, seriously. I know it may sound impossible after this deeply troubled second-half of season eight, but The Walking Dead pulled off an episode that had no major issues and was pretty compelling because it actually advanced a lot of storylines while also setting up some major stakes for the season finale. See, …Read more...
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