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Pinterest Quietly Blocks All Vaccine-Related Searches, Which Is One Solution, I Guess

The anti-vaccination movement has become so widespread that the World Health Organization added it to its list of the top threats to global health in 2019. Social media companies are drawing criticism for not doing more to prevent the spread of misinformation about vaccines and Pinterest has come up with a novel…Read more...
Tags: Science, Pinterest, World Health Organization, Vaccinations, Antivaxxers, Content Moderation In Moderation

Facebook Swears It's Going to Do a Better Job at Not Spreading Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook is considering ways it could prevent the spread of dangerous anti-vaccination content on the platform.Read more...
Tags: Health, Facebook, Science, Vaccines, Antivaxxers

Hmm, This Anti-Vaccination Rally Amid a Major Measles Outbreak Is a Little Too on the Nose

Amid a measles outbreak in Washington state that officials have confirmed has spread to at least 51 people and suspect to have spread to over a dozen others, hundreds of people showed up to a rally on Friday to demand the right to keep exposing their kids to the possibility of contracting easily prevented, potentially…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Medicine, Washington, MMR, Outbreak, Vaccines, Measles, Antivaxxers, Vaccinate Your Children, Mmr Vaccine, Anti Vaccination Rally Amid

Ebola, HIV, Antivaxxers: The World Health Organization Names 2019's Global Health Threats

The World Health Organization has firmly set its sights on the anti-vaccination movement. In a post this week, WHO listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the world’s top health threats to combat in 2019, right alongside other major problems like HIV, Ebola, and climate change.Read more...
Tags: Science, Public Health, World Health Organization, Vaccines, The World Health Organization, Antivaxxers, Pseudo Science

New York Is Dealing With an Old Enemy—Measles

New York is in the midst of an outbreak of measles, a childhood disease that shouldn’t really exist in the U.S. any longer. On Tuesday, NBC News reported, New York health officials said the state has seen more than 100 cases of the vaccine-preventable disease since last September—a tally not seen in decades. The…Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, Nbc News, Outbreak, Vaccines, Measles, Antivaxxers

Vaccines Don't Give Dogs Autism, Veterinarians Shout Into the Void

The debunked idea that vaccines cause autism is one that, judging by my inbox alone, continues to endure. But veterinarians in the UK and elsewhere are now being forced to contend with antivaxxers going to the dogs.Read more...
Tags: UK, Science, Dogs, Autism, Vaccines, Antivaxxers, Pseudo Science, Doing Me A Concern

An Australian Tourist Breathed Measles Virus All Over New York City Last Week

Measles has just visited the Big Apple, and public health officials are warning the city’s small unvaccinated population to be on guard.Read more...
Tags: Science, Vaccines, Big Apple, Measles, Antivaxxers, New York City Last Week

Scientists Shocked—Shocked!—to Learn Anti-Vaxxers Tend to Believe Other Conspiracies, Too

Spend time talking to someone who considers themselves an anti-vaxxer—or more generously, a vaccine skeptic—and something becomes apparent pretty soon: The conspiracy well usually runs deep. There’s no shortage of anti-vaxxers who also believe in other iffy things, like “natural” cancer treatments and a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Vaccines, Duh, Antivaxxers

Maybe Leave Dogs Out of This Anti-Vaccine Nonsense

Vaccines are good. Dogs are good—in fact, very very good, aren’t you girl?Read more...
Tags: Science, NYC, Vaccinations, Vaccines, Veterinarians, Antivaxxers, Good Dogs Bad Owners

Mumps Outbreak Spreads Across the Nation

Back in January, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it was getting involved with a large outbreak of mumps in Washington state. At the time, it was uncertain if the problem was isolated to the region. It’s now becoming clear that the uptick of infections is occurring across the United…
Tags: Science, Cdc, Washington, MMR, Vaccination, Increase, Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, Mumps, Antivaxxers, Infections And Vaccinations, Mumps Outbreak Spreads Across the Nation

Congressional Leaders Just Took a Stand Against Anti-Vaxxers

With Donald Trump in the White House, the fringe anti-vaccine movement has seen more support in Washington than ever before. The president has not only met with leaders of this dangerous movement, but entertained appointing an anti-vaxxer to a committee charged with investigating ‘vaccine safety.’Read more...
Tags: Science, Congress, Washington, White House, Vaccines, Donald Trump, Antivaxxers

No, We Don't Need a Bullshit Vaccine 'Safety Challenge'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the vaccine critic that Donald Trump is reportedly considering to chair a committee on vaccine safety, wants vaccine advocates to “prove” they’re safe.Read more...
Tags: Science, Robert De Niro, Vaccine, Donald Trump, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Antivaxxers

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