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60% of School Apps Are Sharing Your Kids' Data With Third Parties

Over the past year, we’ve seen schools shift to digital services at an unprecedented rate as a way to educate kids safely during the covid-19 pandemic. We’ve also seen these digital tools slurp up these kid’s data at a similarly unprecedented rate, suffer massive breaches, and generally handle student’s personal…Read more...
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Apple Mulled Lowering Its App Store Commissions Way Back in 2011, Emails Show

At the heart of Epic Games’ case against Apple is the company’s 30% App Store commission and its iron rule over in-app purchases. We now know, thanks to internal documents unearthed through the Epic’s lawsuit, that Phil Schiller, the top executive in charge of App Store, had floated the idea of cutting its infamous…Read more...
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The Epic vs. Apple Hearing Is Already a Disaster

The Epic v. Apple trial kicked off on Monday morning, and it’s already devolved into a giant, internet-fueled mess. Read more...
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Australia Says Apple and Google's Default Phone Apps Stifle Competition

Google and Apple should give consumers more control over which apps they have on their phones right out of the box, according to a new interim report from Australia’s top consumer watchdog. The report is Australia’s latest attempt to pick a fight with Big Tech, and if the past is any guide, Google and Apple will…Read more...
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This New App Lets You Turn Anything and Everything Into an NFT

Despite the fact that a majority of Americans still don’t know what an NFT is, the non-fungibles have really taken over the country—burrowing their way into our wallets and also, apparently, our hearts.Read more...
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Flappy Bird Has Been Revived as an Interactive MacOS Notification

Flappy Bird hasn’t graced the Apple App Store in years, not since its meteoric rise in popularity back in 2014 before its creator just as swiftly took it offline. Now the furiously addictive mobile game has been reincarnated in a form no one expected: an interactive macOS notification. Read more...
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Apple Tightens Its Rules Around Its New Anti-Tracking Tech

Apple’s offering a bit more clarity surrounding the anti-tracking tech that’s going to debut this spring. On Wednesday, a company spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that Apple’s so-called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) protocol will crack down on all identifiers an app might use to track you—not just identifiers…Read more...
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Democrats Plan to Come for Big Tech With Swarm of Small Antitrust Bills

The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee panel on antitrust says that legislators are preparing a slate of many smaller pieces of legislation rather than one huge bill in a strategy to defeat the tech industry’s formidable lobbying machine.Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Politics, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Software, Computing, App Store, Apple Inc, House Judiciary Committee, David Cicilline, Big Tech, Section 230, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Technology Internet

Apple Ordered to Pay $308.5 Million for Patent Infringement of Technology Used in iTunes and App Store

A years-old fight over the technology Apple uses in iTunes, App Store, and Apple Music has a new development. On Friday, a federal jury in Texas declared that Apple had indeed infringed a patent for a digital rights management technology held by Personalized Media Communications. As a result, it ordered the tech giant…Read more...
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Encrypted Messaging App Signal Goes Down in China

Signal, the popular encrypted messaging app, stopped working in China on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. The app is still available in the Apple App Store in China, according to Reuters, but it’s not clear how much longer that might last.Read more...
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Apple's App Store Faces New Antitrust Investigation in UK

Regulators in the UK have launched a new antitrust investigation into Apple’s App Store, according to an announcement from Britain’s Competition and Market’s Authority on Thursday. And if the details sound similar to the European Union’s antitrust probes, that’s no accident.Read more...
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HBO Max, I Beg You, Give Me the Like and Dislike Buttons Already

We’re creeping closer to the one-year mark and HBO Max is still tinkering with its platform. Read more...
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Apple Bought Another Company Every 3 to 4 Weeks for Last 6 Years, Tim Cook Says

Apple has bought out just short of 100 small businesses over the last six years as part of its corporate acquisition spree, CEO Tim Cook told shareholders at a virtual meeting on Tuesday.Read more...
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Apple Wants Valve To Hand Over A Bunch Of Steam Info For Its Fight With Epic

Epic Games’ legal battle against Apple over App Store fees continues to drag on into ever weirder and more esoteric fronts. The latest development? Apple is actively trying to subpoena years of in-depth sales information from Valve about all of the games listed on Steam, in order to show that Epic has plenty of other…Read more...
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It Looks Like Google’s Starting to Update Its Major iOS Apps

There are signs the waiting could be over. It seems like Google has finally decided to start updating its major iOS apps. The company released an update for YouTube this weekend, more than two months after its last update. Read more...
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This App Uses Your Phone's Camera to Automatically Count Up a Pile of Objects

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already mastered the skill of counting. But just because something is easy doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable, so the makers of a documenting-scanning app for smartphones has added a new AI-powered feature that can automatically count up similar objects in a photo for you. This is truly…Read more...
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New Peloton iOS Feature Lets You Create the Optimal Workout Schedule

If you don’t already own a Peloton machine, you may be outta luck for awhile due to the company’s logistical issues. But regardless of whether you have a Bike or Tread in your home, you can still take advantage of the newest feature in the Peloton app. That is, if you own an iPhone or iPad.Read more...
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Clubhouse's Short Life as a Free Speech Haven In China Is Over

Clubhouse, the voice-only chat app that everyone will not stop talking about, appears to be muzzled in China. This morning, journalist and internet freedom advocate Michael Anti tweeted that Clubhouse is “now blocked in most cities in China.” The Chinese censorship watchdog group and workaround builder …Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Software, Itunes, App Store, Clubhouse, Apple Inc, Mobile Software, Greatfire, Censorship In China, Human Rights in China, Technology Internet, Michael Anti, Internet Censorship In China, Internet In China

Court Orders Tim Cook to Sit for 7-Hour Deposition in Epic Case

Some not-so-great legal news for Apple. For starters, a judge has concluded that Apple CEO Tim Cook should sit for a seven-hour deposition in the upcoming case against Epic Games. Second, Apple’s attempt to subpoena Samsung in the case has also been denied. Womp womp.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Politics, Science, Technology, Labor, Samsung, Companies, Itunes, Tim Cook, Computing, App Store, Apple Inc, Epic Games, Deposition, Technology_internet, Business_finance

It Looks Like Facebook Might Be Gearing Up for a Big Antitrust Battle with Apple

While it might seem ridiculous for Facebook to accuse any other company of having monopolistic tendencies, apparently the social media giant has spent the past several months preparing for an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Science, Technology, Software, Itunes, Computing, App Store, Apple Inc, Internet Privacy, War_conflict

Amazon Doesn't Have to Restore Parler's Web Service, Judge Rules

A federal judge on Thursday refused Parler’s motion for a preliminary injunction to force Amazon to immediately restore web services for the far-right social network.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Technology, Computing, App Store, World Wide Web, Amazon Doesn, Gab, Parler, Conservatism In The United States

Developer Says Apple Wanted Him To Change App’s Branding Because It 'Promoted' Controlled Substances

In Apple’s world, an app can be inappropriate one day, but acceptable the next. That’s what the developer of Amphetamine—an app designed to keep Macs from going to sleep, which is useful in situations such as when a file is downloading or when a specific app is running—learned recently when Apple got in touch with him…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Apps, Science, Developers, App Store, Amphetamine

Huawei Purges, Then Reinstates Tencent's Games as Revenue Sharing Negotiations Heat Up

Two of China’s biggest names in tech appear to be in an Apple vs. Epic-style spat over how to carve up the mobile game revenue pie. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science, China, Smartphone, Smartphones, Tencent, Mobile Gaming, Mobile Games, App Store, Huawei

Apple Purges 39,000 Games From China's App Store

In its biggest single-day purge, Apple removed 39,000 games from its China store as part of a crackdown on games without a government license in the country.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Video Games, China, Censorship, App Store, Apple Purges

Apple Pulls Secret Partying App Because Apparently There's a Pandemic Going On

There are bad ideas, and then there’s building an app to promote secret parties during the worst global pandemic in 100 years. In a move surprising absolutely no one with common sense, Apple has pulled the Vybe Together app from its iOS store, according to the Verge. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, App Store, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Vybe Together Is Also Just A Stupid Name

Apple Reportedly Booting Thousands of Video Games From Its China App Store

Apple is getting ready to remove thousands more video games from its App Store in China due to pressure from the Chinese government, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company had previously warned Chinese video game developers that premium gaming apps were at risk of removal from the App Store, but the Chinese…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Video Games, China, Censorship, App Store, Wall Street Journal

Honk Is the New Yo

Once, there was an app called Yo. All it did was send your friends the message, “Yo.” It was one of the best mobile apps ever made, and while it still exists, everyone deleted it years ago and there’s no one to Yo anymore. Now, a new app, Honk, would like us to Yo again, but this time we’ll say, “Honk.”Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, Messaging, App Store, Yo, Honk

Have You Ever Heard of This App by Apple? Well, It’s Dying

While Google launches and discontinues products at a rate that no one can keep up with, Apple’s modern track record for sticking with its bets is virtually unparalleled among its peers. But nothing lasts forever, and this week brought the beginning of the end for Music Memos. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science, App Store, Music Memos, Back Up Your Stuff

Apple Defends Delay of iOS 14 Feature Limiting App Tracking, Blasts Facebook

Earlier this year, human rights and privacy groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Human Rights Watch wrote to Apple, asking why it was delaying the introduction of a feature that would force apps to receive explicit opt-in from iPhone users before tracking them. Apple responded, according to BloombergRead more...
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