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YouTube Will Roll Out Picture-in-Picture Support to iOS Users Starting with Premium Subscribers

At long last, the YouTube app on iOS is getting picture-in-picture support, allowing users to continue watching videos in a small pop-up window while scrolling on their iPhones and iPads.Read more...
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What to Expect From Microsoft's Windows 11 Event

It’s about time Microsoft introduced something new, and we’re pretty sure that what’s on the way is a new version of Windows. Specifically, we expect to see Windows 11, because Windows 10X has all but kicked the bucket before it even had a chance. (RIP.) Read more...
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Apple Testing Secret Health Care Program with Doctors at Apple-Owned Clinics: Report

Apple has been quietly testing a program that would allow the tech company to provide primary health care service to patients with doctors employed by Apple at clinics also owned by Apple, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The ambitious project, code-named Casper, was reportedly conceived in…Read more...
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This Double-Sided Wireless Battery Can Charge Your iPhone and AirPods At the Same Time

Apple’s introduction of MagSafe charging in the iPhone 12 line has enabled some clever accessories, but none as useful as portable chargers that stick to the back of your phone while juicing it up. Realizing that portable chargers actually have two sides, Zens has put back-t0-back wireless charging coils on each side…Read more...
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Clever Crystal Ball Dock Magnifies Your Apple Watch's Screen for a Better Bedside Alarm Clock

Complain if you want about the Apple Watch’s boxy design, but it facilitates one of the wearable’s best low-key features: propping it up and using it as a bedside alarm clock. The screen’s a little small, but that’s now easily solved with a clever Apple Watch charging dock that uses a polished lucite orb to magnify…Read more...
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How to Take Screenshots of Anything

Whether you’re showing off your gaming skills, trying to troubleshoot a problem, or capturing someone’s terrible tweet before it’s inevitably deleted, screenshots are an essential part of our digital lives. It’s not always obvious just how to pull off a screengrab though, especially if you’re jumping between different…Read more...
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If You've Got an Older iPhone, You Should Download This Security Update Now

If you’re still on an Apple gadget running iOS 12, Apple’s rolling out an important security update that patches three vulnerabilities, including some that may have been exploited in the wild.Read more...
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Beats Studio Buds Are an Android-Friendly Alternative to AirPods Pro

I have some issues with Apple’s AirPods Pro. I dislike the design with its awkwardly short stem—at least the regular AirPods fully lean into it—and having to squeeze said stem to control audio playback is damn near impossible to do while working out. I’ve also never been able to find a comfortable fit, so the things…Read more...
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Blood Glucose Monitoring Isn't Likely for the Apple Watch Series 7

One of the most popular rumors for the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 7 was the inclusion of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. Well, a recent Bloomberg report puts the kibosh on that, citing anonymous Apple sources as saying that feature is unlikely to be ready for consumers for “several more years.” Read more...
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Apple Channels Its Inner Little Mermaid to Try to Sell You the New iPad Pro

Although it’s been proven that Apple absolutely does not need any help selling its devices, the company was apparently feeling creative and in the mood for song when it created a parody ad based on The Little Mermaid for its new M1 iPad Pro. For unknown reasons, Apple hasn’t publicly premiered the ad, but it looks…Read more...
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Apple and Microsoft Say They Had No Idea Trump-Era DOJ Requested Data on Political Rivals

Apple didn’t know the Department of Justice was requesting metadata of Democratic lawmakers when it complied with a subpoena during a Trump-era leak investigation, CNBC reports. Apple wasn’t the only tech giant tapped in these probes: Microsoft received a similar subpoena for a congressional staffer’s personal email…Read more...
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See's Season 2 Trailer Is Live and David Bautista Joins the Series

Apple TV+ released a teaser trailer for the second season of the original streaming series See. August 27 marks the worldwide debut of the second season’s first episode, and new episodes will premiere weekly (not bingeable, sorry). A third season is already greenlit, and shooting is already underway in Canada.Read more...
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See Season 2 Trailer Is Live and David Bautista Joins the Series

Apple TV+ released a teaser trailer for the second season of the original streaming series See. August 27 marks the worldwide debut of the second season’s first episode, and new episodes will premiere weekly (not bingeable, sorry). A third season is already greenlit, and shooting is already underway in Canada.Read more...
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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay has changed (and improved) a lot since it made its debut in 2014, and it’s more widely supported in vehicles than ever before. Part of CarPlay’s appeal is its simplicity and ease-of-use, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some lesser-known tricks and tips that can help you make more of the platform.Read more...
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DOJ Forced Apple to Reveal Data from Two House Democrats as Part of Trump's Leaker Crusade

It recently came to light that the Trump-era Department of Justice quietly seized phone records of journalists at the Washington Post, CNN, and the New York Times to suss out their sources as part of the administration’s rabid crackdown on leakers. Well, apparently the witch hunt didn’t stop there: In 2017 and 2018, a…Read more...
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You Don't Need AirPods to Enjoy Dolby Atmos in Apple Music

Earlier this week, Apple flipped on the switch to enable Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos in Apple Music. But while turning on the setting is relatively easy, it can be confusing as to what devices will support which format—and whether you really need AirPods to enjoy the experience. Read more...
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I Would Rather Die Than Let Facebook Monitor My Heart Rate

Facebook is reportedly developing a smartwatch to take on Apple, and while those of us who have been paying attention to Facebook’s shenanigans for several years now are cringing, clearly there’s a market for Facebook hardware—look at the success of its smart display, Portal.Read more...
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Apple is Finally Launching In-App Podcast Subscriptions

Apple is launching podcast subscriptions next week, according to an email from Apple to podcasters obtained by The Verge. Beginning June 15, you’ll be able to pay to subscribe to select shows and networks to receive content early and ad-free.Read more...
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Google Releases Second Android 12 Beta With New Features

Google released the first Android 12 beta at Google I/O back in May, but that version didn’t have all the new updates and features that will be included in the final release later this year. Today Google is releasing the second version of the Android 12 beta, which adds a new Privacy Dashboard, updates to wifi…Read more...
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Apple Really Wants You to Think of the Apple Watch as a 'Must-Have' Accessory

One of the best things about iOS 14.5 was it introduced the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature—a clever solution to masks mucking up FaceID in the pandemic. Now as folks begin digging through the iOS 15 developer beta, it looks like Apple’s planning on expanding this feature to Siri. Read more...
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How to Use Any Screen as a Second Display

Having two displays hooked up to your computer instead of one can seriously boost your productivity and open up all kinds of new options for gaming, web browsing, and creative tasks—but you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy yourself a new monitor. From Apple’s Sidecar to Google’s Chromecasting, you’ve got a…Read more...
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iOS 15 Allows Game Controllers to Capture the Last 15 Seconds of Gameplay For Unplanned Highlights

As Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference continues, through the individual sessions we’re slowly getting more details about all the new features coming to iOS 15 that weren’t revealed during Monday’s keynote address, including some updated functionality for gamers who like to share gameplay highlights online.Read more...
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As a Green Bubble, I Appreciate Apple’s FaceTime Olive Branch

The minute I saw Apple’s mockup of a FaceTime call taking place on an Android browser at its WWDC keynote, I texted my best friend. “Apple announced FaceTime for Android users,” I wrote her. “You can make a Zoom-like meeting link, and then I can join you from my phone.” I typed out three consecutive sobbing emojis to…Read more...
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It's About to Really, Really Suck to Lose Your iPhone

The evolution of the phone as a do-everything device edged forward this week with Apple’s announcement of iOS 15. And while some of the new features seem handy, the real-world implications could create a world of hurt.Read more...
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Adobe Claims Creative Apps Optimized for M1 Macs Now 80% Faster

Seven months after Apple revealed its homegrown M1 processor, we’re finally starting to see its true potential as more third-party apps arrive with native support. Now Adobe has updated a batch of longtime staples that, at least according to Adobe, show impressive performance improvements thanks to Apple silicon.Read more...
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Sony Has Done It Again: Weirdly Big Earbuds With Incredible Noise Cancellation

In 2017, when many Bluetooth earbuds still had wires, Sony introduced its truly wireless WF-1000X, which somehow also managed to squeeze noise cancellation into a tiny pair of buds. Today it’s a standard feature on premium wireless earbuds, but despite all the competition, the new WF-1000XM4s prove that no one knows…Read more...
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Does Tim Cook Know About Mark Zuckerberg’s Skills With a Spear?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page is having an extremely normal one, read: Mark’s latest gladiatorial displays to the mighty riff of Audioslave. As you can see, he is capable of firing bow and arrow and throwing a javelin—or a spear of some sort. Also, yesterday he dropped whatever still-intact public pretense might…Read more...
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You Can Now Listen to Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio in Apple Music

Following yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Apple has begun rolling out Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos for Apple Music subscribers. So long as you have the latest software (and compatible devices), you should be able to stream certain tracks at CD quality resolution or higher.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Dolby Atmos

Here's Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote is always jam-packed with announcements of new features coming to all of your Apple devices later in the fall, and this year’s event was no exception.Read more...
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