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The Creators of Pokémon Go Are Now Working on a Settlers of Catan AR Game

In a blog post on its website yesterday, Niantic, the company behind the somehow-still-popular Pokémon Go augmented reality smartphone game, revealed it was working on at least 10 new AR games including one that turns your neighborhood and city into one of the most popular board games since Monopoly: Settlers of Catan.Read more...
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Google Buys North Smart Glasses and North Then Kills Its Smart Glasses

Last Friday, it was reported that Canadian smart glasses startup North was on the verge of being snapped up by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Today, it’s official.Read more...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Science, Ar, Augmented Reality, North, Smart Glasses, Alphabet Google, Focals By North

Future Apple Watches Could Scan Your Veins to Detect Gestures

While accelerometers and gyroscopes are generally how smartwatches detect hand movements, a newly-released patent hints that Apple may be considering scanning veins in your wrist via the Apple Watch to detect non-touch gestures in the future. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Patents, Ar, Apple Watch, Augmented Reality, Apple Patents, Smart Glasses

Alphabet May Be Buying Smart Glasses Startup North, But Don't Expect New Google Glasses Any Time Soon

Tough times seem to keep rolling for makers of augmented reality glasses. North, the Canadian startup behind the consumer-focused Focals by North smart glasses, is in the final stages of a $180 million sale to Alphabet, according to a Globe and Mail scoop. Read more...
Tags: Science, Google Glass, Ar, Augmented Reality, North, Smart Glasses, Alphabet, Don, I Would Not Bet On Consumer Smart Glasses, Focals By North

Google Made a Super Simple AR Tool to Help You Better Visualize Proper Social Distancing

Parts of the U.S. are starting to open up again, but with covid-19 continuing to plague communities throughout the country, it’s still important to maintain proper social distancing where needed when out in public. To help make staying six feet away from others easier to visualize, Google made a simple augmented…Read more...
Tags: Chrome, Google, Android, Science, Smartphones, Ar, Consumer Tech, Covid 19, Social Distancing, Maintain The Distance

HP Teamed Up With Valve to Make Its Second-Gen VR Headset Even Better

Last year, HP released one of the world’s highest resolution VR headsets in the , but sadly, it was only really intended for use by enterprise customers. But for the new Reverb G2, HP partnered with Valve to create an upgraded HMD meant for both business and home users alike.
Tags: Science, Vr, Virtual Reality, Ar, Hmds, Consumer Tech, HP Reverb, HP Reverb G2, Hps Second Gen Vr Headset

Are You Shitting Me?

Earlier today, Cult of Mac posted the most egregious rumor: Apple is apparently crafting a pair of special edition augmented reality glasses that will look like Steve Jobs’s moderately iconic ones. Apple will then reportedly sell these glasses for money. The claim comes from Jon Prosser, a YouTuber who has made waves…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Steve Jobs, Ar, Augmented Reality, Cult of Mac, Apple AR, Jon Prosser

HTC Vive Adds Three New AR and VR Headsets to the Cosmos Family (Plus a Prototype Teaser)

HTC Vive had big plans to put on some fancy demos at Mobile World Congress, and while the show has been canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus, that isn’t stopping HTC from announcing three new additions to its Cosmos headset family.
Tags: Science, Vr, Htc, Ar, Mobile World Congress, Htc Vive, XR, Vive Cosmos, More Cosmos Headsets, HTC Vive Adds Three New AR

Apple Pulled a Page From McDonald's Playbook in 2019

By almost every account, Apple has had an incredibly strong 2019. Thanks to the refreshed AirPods and the new AirPods Pro, Apple earbuds accounted for somewhere between $4 and $6 billion in sales. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR was the best-selling phone every quarter this year. However, despite all this success, none of…Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Science, Smartphones, Macbook, Vr, Ar, Year In Review, Laptops, McDonald, macOS, AirPods Pro Apple, Smartphone Smackdown 2019, Apple In 2019

How Science Fiction Ruined Smart Glasses

When you picture a pair of smart glasses, chances are you’re envisioning something slick. Perhaps, a stylish pair of aviators that with either a discreet tap or voice command, will immediately pull up an array of information based on whatever you’re looking at. In any case, you probably imagine someone like James Bond…Read more...
Tags: Wearables, Science Fiction, Science, Google Glass, James Bond, Hud, Ar, Smart Glasses, Heads Up Display, The Quest

Apple Is Apparently Working on AR Headphones

At this point, it’s no secret that Apple’s working on augmented . However, a patent reveals that the company is also tinkering around with augmented audio in headphones.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Headphones, Patents, Ar, Augmented Reality, Apple Patents, Patently Apple, AR Headphones

Apple Patent Hints at AR Glasses With Transition-Like Lenses

If rumors are to be believed, we could be seeing augmented reality glasses from Apple sometime in 2020. That kind of hearsay is bolstered by a newly-released patent application, in which Apple describes a “head-mounted device with an adjustable opacity system.”Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Ar, Augmented Reality, Smart Glasses, Apple Glasses, This Is Basically Transition Lenses But Techier

Apple's Rumored AR Glasses Could Arrive in Early 2020, Analyst Report Claims

Following hints about a potential Apple AR headset  , a new report from a well respected Apple analyst suggests that Apple’s AR glasses could arrive as early as the first half of 2020.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Science, Vr, Ar, Magic Leap, HoloLens, Ming Chi Kuo, Apple Glasses, Apples Ar Glass Could Arrive Sooner Than Expected

You Are Not Ready For HoloLens 2

Microsoft figured it out. Tuesday I got my first opportunity to try out the HoloLens 2, and after slipping it over my head and taking a quick moment to calibrate the eye tracking, I was instantly able to move around the room and interact with objects crafted from light. It was annoyingly natural to participate in an…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Ar, Augmented Reality, Magic Leap, HoloLens, Consumer Tech, Microsoft Hololens, Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft's Sending a Confusing Message With Its Hololens 2

When Microsoft introduced HoloLens four years ago, it allegedly changed the industry. But did it really? I mean, you can’t really buy a HoloLens, and its applications have largely been relegated to an assortment of niche enterprises purposes and potentially the military. To me, Hololens was incredibly promising tech…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Vr, Ar, Augmented Reality, Headsets, HoloLens, MWC, Consumer Tech, XR, Mwc 2019

Seedling on Magic Leap Is the Most Relaxing Space Gardening Game You'll Never Play

Testing out a new augmented reality game is typically hard enough. From the beginning, you’re thrust into a world that sort of looks and feels like reality, but inherently operates on a slightly different set of rules. But when you’re forced to play the same game on what is essentially a prototype headset, the line…Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Ar, Augmented Reality, Magic Leap, Consumer Tech, Insomniac Games, Seedling, XR, Seedling On The Magic Leap

Bose Actually Turned Its Funky Sunglasses Headphones Concept Into a Real Gadget

Earlier this year, Bose showed off a product concept that seemed like the Snapchat Spectacles of the audio world, complete with buzzwords such as augmented reality and digital assistants littered throughout this description. But for a company like Bose not normally known for taking a lot of chances, it seemed like the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Audio, Sunglasses, Ar, Augmented Reality, Bose, Consumer Tech, Bose Ar Sunglasses, Bose Frames

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The future of TV, Puerto Rico's rebuild, a new Monopoly edition and more Chinatown Soup’s Community-Minded Version of Monopoly NYC-based art and activism collective Chinatown Soup has developed a “Chinatown Edition” of Monopoly, but their version’s winner doesn’t play to control the city by achieving ownership of all valuable properties. Rather, players aim to create a more utopian neighborhood as the game “prizes the player that …
Tags: Amazon, Lyft, Games, TV, Science, Design, Monopoly, Tech, Nasa, Ar, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Puerto Rico, Linkaboutit, Link About It, Social Awareness

The Oculus Quest Is Real: Facebook Promises $400 Standalone VR This Spring

VR is in a tricky spot. Devices like the Rift and the Vive have proven that immersive virtual worlds are within our reach, and yet, no one cares. The problem is that current VR headsets still have a lot of rough edges. They aren’t quite precise enough and the good ones are too expensive for most folks. But with the…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Vr, Oculus, Virtual Reality, Ar, Facbook, Oculus Quest, Santa Cruz Is Now The Oculus Quest

Report: Google and Imax's VR Camera Project Is Kaput

A joint Google-Imax venture to build a line of virtual reality cameras that’s been in the works since 2016 has been axed, according to a report on Monday from Variety.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Technology, Cameras, Vr, Virtual Reality, Imax, Ar, Augmented Reality, Google Imax

iOS AR Measuring App vs. Android: Which Is More Accurate?

iOS/Android: The second everyone started talking about this crazy new smartphone feature called “augmented reality,” I thought two things: Most AR apps and games are going to be gimmicky AF, and I sure hope someone makes a great measuring app, because I keep misplacing my tape measure.Read more...
Tags: Ios, Android, Apps, Science, Ar, Augmented Reality, Measure, Home Decorating, Arcore, ARKit

Two Months After Announcing New Smart Glasses, Intel's Killing the Project Entirely

Damn, I’ve never seen a tech company give up on a project so quickly since Microsoft bet big on the Kin, but Intel may have taken the cake as it announces the closure of the division responsible for its intriguing Vaunt smart glasses. Just five years after creating the New Devices Group, Intel is shuttering it, and…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Intel, Ar, Consumer Tech, Vaunt Glasses, Intel Vaunt, New Devices Group Intel

Leap Motion's New AR Headset All But Guarantees Your Public Humiliation

Leap Motion, the company behind the weird gesture-tracking controller for PC and VR, is showing off some pretty interesting tech in the form of an AR headset reference design. Whether or not you’ll be able to get your hands on the concept, which incorporates the company’s gesture control hardware, is another story.…
Tags: Science, Vr, Virtual Reality, Ar, Augmented Reality, Leap Motion

The First Great iPhone App Grows Up

The very first iPhone apps were universally dull. And then Bloom came out. Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers built the app and released it just a few months after Apple opened the App Store in July 2008. It was immediately obvious that something special was happening. The app was interesting on an artistic level, one that…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Art, Music, Science, Microsoft, Amsterdam, Ar, Augmented Reality, Brian Eno, HoloLens, Bloom, Microsoft Hololens, Peter Chilvers, Bloom Open Space, Generative Music

Artists Protest Elite Art World With Unauthorized AR Gallery at the MoMA

At this point, augmented reality has mostly been too gimmicky or too good to be true. But a group of internet artists just gave the technology what might be its coolest use case yet: a tool to stick it to the man.Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Ar, Augmented Reality, Moma, Momar

Holy Crap an AR App I Actually Like

Kids today want more from social technology than seeing something new—they want a new way of seeing themselves. Snap and Instagram’s augmented reality lenses transform users into puppies, fairies, monsters, Wonder Woman, storied Jamaican singer-songwriters, and the like. It’s as if there’s a vibrant but invisible…Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Ar, Augmented Reality, Saturday Rif

This Iron Man Mask Could Be the Future of Toys

It makes absolutely perfect sense that augmented reality would find its way into an Iron Man toy. Tony Stark and AR go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Iron Man films, borrowing inspiration heavily from Minority Report, show an alternate universe where a man can slap on a tiny headset and get a cool computer…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Iron Man, Hasbro, Ar, Augmented Reality, Tony Stark, Hasbro Hero Vision

Will Lasers Save Intel's Google Glass Clones From Sucking?

Intel thinks it’s figured it out. The company that makes the CPUs in most of our computers has produced a set of glasses that could do what Google Glass could not—and what Magic Leap desperately wants to. It’s produced a pair of “smart glasses” that look like something you might actually wear.Read more...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Science, Technology, Intel, Ar, Augmented Reality, Magic Leap, Consumer Tech, Vaunt Glasses, Intel Vaunt, Personal Huds

The Vuzix Blade Is What Google Glass Always Wanted to Be

When Google Glass was announced back in 2013, it was easy to forgive one of the the first AR headsets for looking awkward and being hard to use. There’s no doubt Google’s first crack at making an optical head-mounted display was ahead of its time.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Ces, Ar, Smart Glasses, Alexa, Consumer Tech, Vuzix, CES 2018, Vuzix Blade, The First Alexa Powered Smart Glasses

This Beautifully-Detailed Replica Is the Best Way to Learn About the Moon Without Actually Visiting It

To date, the best use of augmented reality has been running around parks trying to capture virtual Pokémon. But as that fad has (mercifully) faded away, a company called AstroReality has come up with a more compelling use of AR technology that works with an astonishingly detailed replica of the moon that’s as much a…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Apps, Astronomy, Science, Technology, Tech, Ces, Moon, Ar, Augmented Reality, Lunar, Consumer Tech, CES 2018, Ces2018, Astroreality

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