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NASA sets path for up to six more Artemis moon exploration missions with SLS booster order

NASA has laid the groundwork for an order of up to six additional SLS solid core booster rockets, from supplier Northrop Grumman, the agency announced this week. The six additional boosters would join the existing three that NASA previously locked in for use on Artemis 1, Artemis 2 and Artemis 3, which includes the targeted 2024 mission that will bring the next American man and the first American woman to the lunar surface. While this is essentially a long-lead declaration of intent to help p...
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NASA: Help Us Make Pooping on the Moon Even Better

Has there ever been a more important duty? (heh... duty)Read more...
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NASA picks Astrobotic to deliver its water-hunting robot rover to the Moon

NASA has selected a company to fly its VIPER Moon rover to the Moon, for a mission which will be a crucial step in its Artemis program as it will help the agency determine where and how it can establish a long-term presence on the lunar surface. NASA announced on Thursday that Astrobotic will be its commercial partner in delivering the payload, with the mission currently scheduled for a 2023 Moon surface landing. VIPER stands for ‘Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover,’ and the r...
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SpaceX gets FAA permission to fly its Starship spacecraft prototype

SpaceX has received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly suborbital missions with its Starship prototype spacecraft, paving the way for test flights at its Boca Chica, Texas site. SpaceX has been hard at work readying its latest Starship prototype for low-altitude, short duration controlled flight tests, and conducted another static engine fire test of the fourth iteration of its in-development spacecraft earlier today. Officially, the FAA has granted SpaceX ...
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NASA's Human Spaceflight Chief Resigns Days Before Critical SpaceX Launch Over Unspecified 'Mistake'

NASA’s associate administrator for the human exploration and operations mission directorate, Doug Loverro, has abruptly and unexpectedly resigned—after just seven months in that role and just over a week before the first manned test of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule.Read more...
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Trump administration drafts legal pact for mining the moon

They want to drill the Moon. The Trump administration is drafting a legal blueprint for mining on the moon under a new U.S.-sponsored international agreement to be named the Artemis Accords, Reuters reports, citing people familiar with the proposed pact. The Artemis Accords, named after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s new Artemis moon program, propose “safety zones” that would surround future moon bases to prevent damage or interference from rival countries or companies o...
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Max Q: Countdown to a return to US astronaut launches

Last week was a fairly busy week in space news, but the dominating story was preparation for the first-ever Commercial Crew launch that will actually carry human astronauts to space. This is, in many ways, the culmination of years of work and billions of dollars spent by partners NASA and SpaceX on their part of the Commercial Crew Program. On May 27, SpaceX will launch two NASA astronauts on a demonstration mission to the International Space Station, and this week saw a flurry of activity to...
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NASA Will Pick One of These Three Astronaut Lander Concepts for 2024 Moon Mission

As NASA prepares to return humans to the Moon in 2024, the space agency has decided to take the private route, selecting three U.S. companies to develop an astronaut landing system.Read more...
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Here’s how Blue Origin’s human lander system will carry astronauts to the lunar surface

Blue Origin was among the companies selected by NASA to develop and build a human lander system for its Artemis missions, which include delivering the next man and first woman to the surface of the Moon in 2024. The Jeff Bezos -founded space company chose to deliver a bid that included a space industry “dream team” of subcontractors, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper, and its Artemis Human Landing System will use the expertise of all three. The Blue Origin bid was on...
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SpaceX, Blue Origin and Dynetics will build human lunar landers for NASA’s next trip back to the Moon

NASA has selected the companies that will provide them with the human landing system for their Artemis Moon missions, including a lander vehicle which will carry astronauts from space to the lunar surface for the first time since 1972. Blue Origin, SpaceX and Dynetics were picked from a larger field of competitors to develop and build human landing systems (HLS) to carry the first woman and the next man to the Moon, a goal which NASA still hopes to accomplish by 2024. SpaceX’s Starship was...
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Apollo 13 Is a Dramatic Reminder Why Rushing Back to the Moon Is a Mistake

The Apollo program was a stunning technological feat, but, on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, we’re reminded of the tremendous risks involved and why the U.S. shouldn’t return humans to the Moon in haste.Read more...
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Intuitive Machines picks a launch date and landing site for 2021 Moon cargo delivery mission

The first private company scheduled to make a delivery of scientific cargo on behalf of NASA has specified a landing site, and a target date  for its mission. Intuitive Machines will seek to land its Nova-C lunar lander to a site called the ‘Vallis Schröteri,’ which is the largest valley fond on the Moon, and a fairly flat area that gets plenty of sunlight and doesn’t have any large craters or rocks to trip things up. Intuitive Machines will be looking to launch on October 21, 2021, with subs...
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NASA seeks miniature scientific payload concepts for robotic Moon rover scouts

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is seeking ideas from the public around what kind of scientific equipment they could use to outfit tiny lunar rovers to help with Artemis and other Moon missions. The call, issued via crowdsourcing platform HeroX and called ‘Honey, I Shrunk the NASA Payload’ in a very contemporary nod to a movie that came out 31 years ago, seeks payloads with maximum dimensions of no more than 4″ x 2″, or “similar in size to a new bar of soap.” Why the need for instruments so ...
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NASA details how it plans to establish a sustained human presence on the Moon

NASA’s Artemis program aims to bring humans back to the Moon, with the goal of staying there for good in the interest of pursuing additional science and exploration missions, including to Mars. But how will the agency actually make it possible for people to remain on the Moon for longer-term science missions? NASA has provided some more detail about its plans with a sustainability concept it released describing some core components of the infrastructure it plans to put in place on the lunar s...
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Ryan Gosling Is in Talks to Produce and Star in the Adaptation of Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary

When you wrote the book behind the hit The Martian, it turns out you become pretty popular with Hollywood. This might explain why there’s been a hot bidding war for Andy Weir’s newest novel, Project Hail Mary, before it’s even out. Read more...
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SpaceX wins NASA moon program contract

SpaceX's Dragon XL cargo ships will support NASA's Artemis moonwalkers and allow extended research.
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SpaceX wins NASA contract to send cargo to lunar Gateway with new Dragon XL craft

NASA has tapped a type of SpaceX cargo craft that hasn't yet been built to deliver supplies to a moon-orbiting outpost that hasn't yet been launched. SpaceX's robotic Dragon XL, a cylindrical, supersized version of its workhorse Dragon spacecraft, will handle shipments to the Gateway space platform as the first commercial provider to receive a Gateway Logistics Services contract from NASA. The contract is similar to NASA's existing Commercial Resupply Services contracts with Spac...
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NASA confirms Commercial Crew still a priority, but James Webb Telescope testing and other activities paused

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has been sharing regular updates about how his agency is approaching the rapidly changing global coronavirus pandemic situation. This week, NASA escalated its response multiple times due to changing circumstances, including changing the state of working conditions at all of its facilities across the country, and on Friday the agency summarized the current status of each of its facilities and major projects in a comprehensive update. Work continues on a few m...
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Covid-19 Means NASA's Moon Mission Might Have to Wait

Effective immediately, NASA is halting the production and testing of its next-gen rocket and crew module in response to the covid-19 pandemic. The space agency wants to use both pieces of hardware in 2024, when it hopes to land American astronauts to the Moon—a target date that now appears to be in serious jeopardy.Read more...
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NASA’s Orion spacecraft completes testing ahead of Artemis 1 Moon mission

NASA has completed the testing process meant to simulate performance in in-space conditions for its Orion crew spacecraft, developed by Lockheed Martin and designed to carry crew on the agency’s Artemis missions, which aim to return the next American man and deliver the first American woman to the surface of the Moon. It reportedly “aced” the tests according to NASA, which include thermal vacuum and electromagnetic interference performance checks. Obviously, it’s not business as usual at N...
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Why pioneering astronaut Christina Koch hopes her records are broken one day

For almost an entire year, Christina Koch watched life on Earth as an outsider, viewing our planet in a way that many have dreamed, but only a select few have done before.Koch, an astronaut for NASA, made history in the world of science last month after completing the longest spaceflight for a woman ever, setting the record at 328 days.On Feb. 6, she finally stepped foot back on Earth and since then she has spent time catching up with family, friends, her dog and gravity."After 328 days in space...
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Max Q: Spacex gets ready for first human flight

Max Q is a new weekly newsletter all about space. Sign up here to receive it weekly on Sundays in your inbox. This week turned out to be a surprisingly busy one in space news – kicked off by the Trump administration’s FY 2021 budget proposal, which was generous to U.S. space efforts both in science and in defense. Meanwhile, we saw significant progress in SpaceX’s commercial crew program, and plenty of activity among startups big and small. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon arrives in Florida The spacec...
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Rocket Lab will launch a satellite to the Moon for NASA to prepare for the Lunar Gateway

Launch startup Rocket Lab has been awarded a contract to launch a CubeSat on behalf of NASA for the agency’s CAPSTONE experiment, with the ultimate aim of putting the CAPSTONE CubeSat into cislunar (in the region in between Earth and the Moon) orbit – the same orbit that NASA will eventually use for its Gateway Moon-orbiting space station. The launch is scheduled to take place in 2021. The CAPSTONE launch will take place at Rocket Lab’s new Launch Complex 2 (LC-2) facility at Wallops Fligh...
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Scientists Slam Congress's New Plan for NASA

A recently proposed House bill that calls for NASA to send humans to Mars in 2033 is coming under fire from scientists who think it would be a mistake to assign secondary importance to a lunar mission and to neglect technological contributions from the private sector.Read more...
Tags: Science, Congress, Nasa, House, Space Exploration, Mars, Artemis, Lunar Missions, Mars Missions

Congress Is Getting Serious About Sending Humans to Mars in 2033

A newly proposed House authorization bill would push back NASA’s deadline to land humans on the Moon to 2028 instead of 2024, while also calling for a crewed landing on Mars in 2033. Reactions to this proposal have been mixed, with NASA’s chief Jim Bridenstine unhappy about the way the agency is supposed to roll out…Read more...
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Aerojet Rocketdyne signs on the bottom line to build hardware for moon missions

REDMOND, Wash. — Representatives of Aerojet Rocketdyne and Lockheed Martin put their signatures on a contract for up to $170 million worth of rocket hardware that'll be installed on Orion spacecraft heading to the moon — with dozens of employees who'll actually build that hardware watching the proceedings. "These are the things you're going to be talking to your grandchildren about," Cheryl Rehm, Aerojet Rocketdyne's senior director of Redmond programs, told company employees her...
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NASA’s space pallet concept could land rovers on the moon cheaply and simply

Establishing an enduring presence on the Moon will mean making a lot of landings — and NASA researchers want to make those landings as reliable and cheap as possible. concept would be a dead simple (as lunar landers go) way to put up to 300 kilograms of rover and payload onto the Moon’s surface. Detailed in a technical paper published today, the lander is a sort of space pallet: a strong, basic framework that could be a unit in many a future mission. It’s still a concept and doesn’t really ...
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SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft can supply NASA’s lunar space station – and become its own orbital platform

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is in the process of developing ‘Dream Chaser,’ a reusable spacecraft designed to ferry cargo to the International Space Station, and bring it back to Earth, landing on a runway like the Space Shuttle. Today, the company revealed more about the Dream Chaser at a press event at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It literally showed off a new cargo component of the Dream Chaser, with a full-scale model on site – the ‘Shooting Star’ is an ejectable, disposable secon...
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NASA cracks open a sample of moon soil that’s been shut away for four decades

For the first time in more than 40 years, NASA has opened up a pristine sample of moon dirt and rocks that was collected during the Apollo missions. Scientists hope that a close analysis of the material from a 2-foot-long, nearly 2-inch-wide core sample will help astronauts get ready for a new series of Artemis moon missions in the 2020s. When Apollo's moonwalkers collected samples of lunar soil and rock, also known as regolith, some of those samples were tucked away at NASA's Johnson Sp...
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NASA’s VIPER lunar rover will hunt water on the Moon in 2022

NASA is looking for liquid gold on the Moon — not oil, but plain-old water. If we’re going to have a permanent presence there, we’ll need it, so learning as much as we can about it is crucial. That’s why the agency is sending a rover called VIPER to the Moon’s south pole — its first long-term surface mission since 1972. VIPER, or the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, will touch down in December 2022 if all goes according to plan. Its mission: directly observe and quantify the p...
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