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Melinda Gates Reportedly Warned Bill Not to Pal Around With Infamous Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has strenuously denied that all those times he hung out with notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—you know, the guy with the private jet and island compound who died in prison in 2019 before he could testify about who else was involved in his child sex abuse ring—was about anything…Read more...
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Too Many of You Still Believe in 5G Conspiracy Theories

5G conspiracies are nothing new. They’ve been tirelessly debunked several times and yet a 2021 survey found that roughly 24% of people believe that at least one 5G conspiracy is true. C’mon, really?Read more...
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Bill and Melinda Gates said they'll continue their philanthropy work after their divorce. Here are their biggest projects, including spending nearly $2 billion to fight COVID-19.

Bill and Melinda Gates have announced they are to divorce. Ted S. Warren/AP Bill and Melinda Gates said their divorce wouldn't get in the way of their philanthropic work. The couple set up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, which focuses on health, education, and poverty. Here are the foundation's biggest projects. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bill and Melinda Gates announced Monday that they're getting divorced after 27 years of marriage. They w...
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The incredible life and career rise of Melinda Gates - one of the world's richest and most powerful women

She heads a foundation with a $40 billion endowment. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Melinda Gates is one of the most powerful women in the world, according to Forbes. She could be worth $73 billion if she and Bill Gates split their fortune equally in the divorce. Gates will continue in her role as co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. See more stories on Insider's business page. Melinda Gates is the fifth most powerful woman in the world, ...
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Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage after 27 years

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Bill and Melinda Gates married in 1994, and the Microsoft cofounder said they were ending their union. The Gates spends much of their $130 billion fortune on charity through the Bill and Melinda Foundation. The pair have three children together. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage of 27 years, the billionaire Microsoft cofounder tweeted on Monday."After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on o...
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Bill Gates disagreed with sharing 'the recipe' for the coronavirus vaccines, but it doesn't mean he's refusing to expand production in developing nations

Microsoft cofounder and former CEO-turned philanthropist Bill Gates. Elaine Thompson/AP Photo Bill Gates is being accused of refusing to share COVID-19 vaccine formulas with developing nations. The source of that accusation is a Sky News interview with Gates - but he doesn't say that. Instead, Gates speaks to the difficulties of ramping up vaccine production in untested facilities. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Bill Gates has advocated for pandemic preparednes...
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Health Official in Papua New Guinea Explains How Facebook Spreads Misinformation

Papua New Guinea’s health minister, Jelta Wong, spoke with an Australian think tank over videochat on Thursday about challenges PNG faces in combatting the covid-19 pandemic. PNG is seeing a resurgence of the disease along with a growing wave of misinformation being spread online about vaccines, and the talk is an…Read more...
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INTERVIEW: BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin on developing the BioNTech-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the future of fighting cancer, and whether people can live to 200

BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin spoke with Axel Springer CEO Matthias Döpfner about their COVID-19 vaccine, how they plan to tackle cancer, and more. WELT The various COVID-19 vaccines have been a game-changer for international pandemic. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in particular was the first one to be approved for use in many countries. Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner talks to BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin about their vaccine's impact. See more stories ...
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Teen Who Hacked Twitter to Within an Inch of its Life Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Graham Ivan Clark — the teenager who masterminded a sprawling Twitter attack last summer that involved hacking the accounts of dozens of high profile users to promote a bitcoin scam — plead guilty in a Florida court on Tuesday.Read more...
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Big Oil’s New Slate of Desperate Buzzwords Are Greenwashing at Its Worst

The past year has been not great for oil companies. Between financial losses from the pandemic and increasing pressure from investors and the public at large to do something about how their product is messing up the planet, fossil fuel producers are feeling the heat. Read more...
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TikTok Users Are Burning Snowballs in Viral Videos to 'Prove' the Snow is Fake

Have you seen those viral videos on TikTok and Twitter where users are burning snow to “prove” that it’s actually fake? Needless to say, the snow is real. The viral videos actually show a perfectly normal reaction to placing the flame of a lighter or match against a snowball. But that hasn’t stopped these videos from…Read more...
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Here's why a surprising number of healthcare workers are rejecting the vaccine, despite having witnessed the immense suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic

A nurse administers a dose of the Moderna vaccine in Los Angeles, California. Between 20 and 40% of frontline workers in Los Angeles have refused a shot. Mario Tama/Getty Images Vaccine hesitancy is above average for healthcare workers working on the frontlines of the pandemic. Insider spoke to three healthcare workers about some of the reasons behind the worrying trend. Experts told Insider having "trusted messengers" in local communities will help tackle the problem. Visit the Business s...
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A coronavirus vaccination site at Dodger Stadium in LA shut down after anti-vax protesters gathered outside

Motorists line up to receive inoculation at a COVID-19 vaccination site at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, the United States, Jan. 15, 2021. Xinhua/Xinhua via Getty Images A mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium briefly shut down Saturday after protesters arrived. The protesters included people from anti-vaccine and right-wing groups. People in line for vaccines had already been waiting for hours before the disruption. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A mass...
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Viral 5G Conspiracy Diagram Actually Shows How to Build Your Own Guitar Pedal

Does this diagram show the secret plans of Bill Gates and his minions to inject 5G chips into the bloodstreams of unsuspecting people who get the covid-19 vaccine? Not quite. But it can sure scoop the hell out of those mids.Read more...
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8 coronavirus vaccine myths debunked, from microchipping to DNA changes

Woman holds vials labelled "COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine" over dry ice in this illustration taken, December 5, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration Coronavirus conspiracy theories could keep people from getting vaccinated if left unaddressed. It's impossible for the vaccines to alter your DNA, make you infertile, or give you COVID-19. The vaccine won't be forced on people who don't want it, nor does it contain a location-tracking microchip. Finally, you won't be protected from COVID-19 th...
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3 COVID-19 breakthroughs Bill Gates says 'will make 2021 better than 2020'

Chesnot/Getty Images In his end-of-year blog post, Bill Gates says the challenges we've faced in 2020 have bred innovations and collaborations that will support a brighter global future.  Additional effective vaccines, better coronavirus tests, and an ability to tackle climate change are among the factors that will make 2021 will be better than 2020, Gates wrote.  Read the full post here.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A pessimist would say next year will be better t...
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Which coronavirus vaccine will you get?

Ohio State employee Lauren Chisholm, left, receives a Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination from Robert Weber AP Photo/Jay LaPrete Pfizer and Moderna's coronavirus vaccines are very similar in terms of how they were made, and their safety and efficacy, but seem to differ slightly in the severity of side effects and how they work in older populations.  Because Pfizer's needs to be stored at very cold temperatures, it will be distributed at larger institutions while Moderna's vaccine may be m...
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Coronavirus vaccines don't contain microchips. Here's what's actually in the shots.

A nurse prepares a coronavirus vaccine shot developed by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc., July 2020. Hans Pennink/AP The coronavirus vaccine does not contain a microchip, contrary to a widely-shared conspiracy theory. The false claim that says Bill Gates is plotting to use the vaccine to track people via microchip may have come from a Facebook video containing altered and out-of-context interviews. The vaccine actually contains a tiny piece of genetic material encased in...
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Bill Gates has been warning of a global health threat for years. Here are 12 people who seemingly predicted the coronavirus pandemic.

Bill Gates has previously said the world needs to prepare for a pandemic the way it prepares for war. Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters Bill Gates predicted that the next four to six months "could be the worst of the epidemic" in an interview with CNN on Sunday. Gates, flu and disease experts, and government officials have been warning of a pandemic for years. There's also speculation that pop culture, such as books and movies, "predicted" the novel coronavirus. While some of these predictions are con...
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Bill Gates predicts the next 4 to 6 months 'could be the worst of the epidemic'

AP/zz/PBG/AAD/STAR MAX/IPx During an interview for CNN's State of the Union, Bill Gates told host Jake Tapper that "it's bad news" for the months to come.  Gates has donated over $100 million toward coronavirus vaccine research. The US administered its first doses of the vaccine to healthcare workers in New York City on Monday, but widespread vaccination will take time — and Gates said it's important for people to follow guidelines in the meantime to control the virus' spread. Visit Busin...
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What you can and can't do after getting the coronavirus vaccine

Customers eat lunch at tables outside restaurants in London, England on September 20, 2020. Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images Getting a coronavirus vaccine isn't a free pass to pursue pre-COVID activities, like not wearing a mask and huddling close to strangers.  Because we don't yet know whether the vaccine protects recipients from spreading the virus to others, continuing to follow public health protocols against disease transmission is key.  The vaccine also won't protect recipien...
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Bill Gates reveals his 5 favorite books of 2020

Courtesy of the Gates Foundation Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest people in the world, shared his top five books to read over the holiday season, rounding out what he called "a lousy year."  "In tough times—and there's no doubt that 2020 qualifies as tough times—those of us who love to read turn to all kinds of different books," Gates wrote.  The list includes non-fiction historic accounts and a book on social injustice and race.  Visit Business Insider's home...
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Facebook cracks down on coronavirus misinformation. False claims that the vaccine contains microchips are banned.

Facebook logo is seen displayed on a phone screen in photo taken in Poland on November 29, 2020. Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images Facebook has banned false claims about COVID-19 vaccines in its latest attempt to stop the spread of misinformation. Under the new rules, any claims about the safety, efficacy, ingredients or side effects of the vaccines which have been debunked will be removed as will any conspiracy theories. The news comes as the UK became the first Western nation in t...
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The rise and fall of White House COVID-19 advisor Dr. Scott Atlas, a lockdown skeptic who had Trump's ear and fought with experts like Fauci

Dr. Scott Atlas speaks at White House press conference on September 23, 2020, as President Donald Trump looks on. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Dr. Scott Atlas resigned from the White House coronavirus task force on Monday, after less than four months on the team.  President Donald Trump brought Atlas onto the task force in August, after he had appeared on Fox News for months, echoing the president's anti-lockdown opinions.  Atlas is a healthcare-policy expert who works at the Hoover Institute...
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It's only fake-believe: how to deal with a conspiracy theorist

As the pandemic has taken a grip, so have the misinformation spreaders. Here are five ways to spot the holes in their logicUnless you’ve been on a silent retreat for the past year, you will have almost certainly heard the rumours – that the pandemic is an elaborate hoax, or that the virus was created as a Chinese weapon, or that dangerous elites are trying to kill off the elderly and to establish a new world order, or that the symptoms are caused by 5G.It is troubling enough to see these ideas o...
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Bill Gates Sucks at Being the Most Billionaire

Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder who later pivoted to a career in being the richest man in the world, is losing his touch. If any of us were as bad at our jobs as Gates, we’d be on the bread lines faster than you can say, “guillotines are the future.” And this week, the man’s downward spiral continued. Read more...
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How to interpret the 'efficacy' rates of coronavirus vaccines

A volunteer receives an injection for a potential vaccine against COVID-19 at the Baragwanath Hospital on June 28, 2020 in Soweto, South Africa. The vaccine, developed by Oxford University's Jenner Institute, will inoculate 2,000 South Africans. Felix Dlangamandla/Beeld/Gallo Images via Getty Images Vaccine efficacy measures how well a vaccine works at preventing disease among vaccinated people, when compared to unvaccinated individuals. The vaccine efficacy numbers for coronavirus inj...
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Bill Gates says several more COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners will likely be highly effective, boosting worldwide access to a shot

Jeff Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images Success from two leading coronavirus vaccine programs likely means other frontrunners will also show strong protection against COVID-19, Bill Gates said Tuesday. Drug companies Pfizer and Moderna both announced late-stage success with their COVID-19 vaccines in the past 10 days. The billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist said that bodes well for other experimental shots. "With the very good news from Pfizer and Moderna, we think it's now likely that...
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Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates: Some coronavirus vaccines may work better in certain populations than others

Dr. Anthony Fauci said a coronavirus vaccine wouldn't be ready until January 2021. Reuters, Al Drago/AFP via Getty Images There won't be just one coronavirus vaccine "winner," but hopefully 4 or 5, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Rashida Jones on the new podcast she hosts with Bill Gates.  Gates and Fauci agreed that some vaccines may be more effective in certain populations than others. Each vaccine may also vary in how effectively it prevents transmission of the virus, which will be "confusin...
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Bill Gates says the first thing he'll do after a coronavirus vaccine is hug Bono

Bill Gates and Bono in 2016. GEOFF ROBINS / Stringer Microsoft founder Bill Gates and actress Rashida Jones have a new joint podcast about big global challenges. The first episode focused on the coronavirus.  When asked about the first thing he'll do once life returns to "normal," Gates said he misses people like Bono, whose in-person energy and affection can't be replicated on Zoom. "You're going to go hug Bono, that's the first thing you're going to do," Jones summarized. "Absolutel...
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