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Brazil agriculture minister defends pro-business stance on indigenous lands

Brasília (AFP) - Brazil's agriculture minister on Friday defended a policy of wanting to develop agribusiness on indigenous lands, and dismissing "hysteria" about the issue of protecting the Amazon rainforest. Tereza Cristina da Costa told invited foreign journalists in Brasilia that she was "favorable" to opening up indigenous land to business interests, "but the law needs to be changed" to allow that to happen. Costa said criticism that the new government of President Jair Bolsonaro was look...
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Brazil agriculture minister wants to open indigenous land to commercial farming

Activists warn his government's positions would strip away protections for the environment, the Amazon rainforest and indigenous peoples. Reservation land covering roughly 12 percent of Brazil's territory is currently off limits for commercial farming. Bolsonaro has given control over indigenous land designations to the Agriculture Ministry, after arguing on the campaign trail that no new indigenous reservations should be created.
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After billion-barrel bonanza, BP goes global with seismic tech

Buoyed by the success of seismic imaging that found an extra billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is looking to take its latest technology to Angola and Brazil. The software used in the Gulf, based on an algorithm created by Xukai Shen, a geophysicist straight out of Stanford University, led to BP discovering the crude in an area where it had long thought there was none to be found. Industry experts said the scale of the discovery 8 km below BP's Thunder Horse field, announced last...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Angola, Bp, Gulf of Mexico, Stanford University, Gulf, Xukai Shen

Supermodel Bundchen responds to Brazil's farm minister in Amazon spat

The Brazilian model replied to criticism from Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Dias by arguing that despite the existence of preserved areas, deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is on the rise. The letter, seen by Reuters on Thursday, challenged Dias to show progress toward sustainability, saying, "I will be very happy to announce positive actions that are taken in this direction." Dias had criticized Bundchen on a radio program on Monday for "saying bad things about Brazil without know...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Brazil, Reuters, Dias, Bündchen, Tereza Cristina Dias

Climate Change Threatens to Make Your Morning Brew More Expensive

Now, thanks to persistently warmer weather, he needs an air conditioner. Rising temperatures are reducing the range of wild arabica plants, the most popular bean for drinkers. From Brazil to Ethiopia and Kenya, growers are moving uphill and deploying new technologies to maintain yields.
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Brazilian Sugar-Cane Mogul Is Creating the Alipay of Brazil

Cosan SA, the powerhouse controlled by 68-year-old Rubens Ometto, is launching a version of Alipay to process payments and money transfers through smartphones. It’s a bet that could save the conglomerate millions in fees and give it a foothold in Brazil’s booming fintech scene. The company, which also has fuel and natural gas-distribution businesses, wants to convince at least some of its 20 million customers to fill their tanks or pay their gas bills using a digital wallet named Payly (a comb...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Alipay, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Cosan SA, Rubens Ometto

Exclusive: Brazil's Odebrecht offers debt-for-equity swap for Atvos unit - sources

Corruption-ensnared Odebrecht SA has proposed that creditors take over its sugar and ethanol unit, Atvos Agroindustrial Participacoes SA, in exchange for reducing Odebrecht's huge debt load, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter. The move is the latest sign of the radical way in which Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht, best known for its engineering and construction operations, is remaking itself to renegotiate 70 billion reais in consolidated debt. Accused of bribing politician...
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Petrobras board nominee fined in 2016 for insider trading: documents

One of three new board members nominated by Brazil's government to sit on the board of state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA was fined in 2016 by securities regulator CVM for insider trading, according to CVM documents on the ruling seen by Reuters. The disclosure raises tough questions for new far-right President Jair Bolsonaro and Petrobras Chief Executive Roberto Castello Branco, who have vowed to end years of graft involving the oil company and Brazil's political class. Nominee Jo...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Petrobras, Reuters, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, CVM, Jair Bolsonaro, Roberto Castello Branco, John Forman

Brazil president Bolsonaro to spend 10 days resting following Jan. 28 surgery

Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro will spend 10 days resting after surgery on Jan. 28 to remove a colostomy bag, his doctor said on Tuesday, a result of a stabbing the far-right politician suffered while on the campaign trail in September. "He will be able to govern," his doctor Antonio Macedo, said in an interview.
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Brazil minister blasts supermodel Bundchen, invites her to be environment envoy

Minister Tereza Cristina Dias said on Twitter that Bundchen would receive the invitation soon, after striking out at her in a radio interview. "Sorry, Gisele Bundchen, you should be our ambassador, to say that your country preserves, that your country is on the global vanguard of preservation, and don't come here saying bad things about Brazil without knowledge of the facts," Dias told Sao Paulo's Jovem Pan radio station earlier on Monday. Press representatives for Bundchen did not immediately...
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Brazil government nominates three new Petrobras board members amid accusations of meddling

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazil's government on Monday nominated three new board members for state-owned oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras), amid accusations that new CEO Roberto Castello Branco was pushing to oust board members.
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Imagine Walking Into This Wall of Spiders and Never Sleep Again

You know what’s more terrifying than spiders creeping into your home in the middle of the night? Spiders in the freaking skies, man.Read more...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Spiders, Arachnids, Oh God There Are So Many

New Petrobras CEO pushes to oust board members: sources

The new chief executive of Brazil's Petroleo Brasileiro SA is pushing for the ouster of two of the state-controlled oil company's board members, three people with knowledge of the matter said on Friday. Roberto Castello Branco is seeking the resignation of two Petrobras board members, Segen Estefen and Durval Soledade, whose mandates were only supposed to end in 2020. Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico was first to report that Castello Branco was pushing for their exit.
Tags: Science, Brazil, Petrobras, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Valor Economico, Roberto Castello Branco, Castello Branco, New Petrobras, Segen Estefen, Durval Soledade

New Petrobras CEO pushes to oust board members: report

The new chief executive of Brazil's state-controlled oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA is pushing for the ouster of two board members, newspaper Valor Economico reported on Friday. Citing unnamed sources close to the matter, Valor said CEO Roberto Castello Branco is trying to push out independent board members Segen Estefen and Durval Santos, whose terms end in 2020. With the departure of Estefen and Santos, the new government would name four of 11 board members at Petrobras, as the company...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 January 2019

Bet you don’t know what this is, where it is, and what it does (did)? See final item. Good morning It has been an exciting week, with our “next generation” daily news curation service taking shape behind the scenes.  Part of this is a new and more active Twitter feed. If you’re on Twitter, please do follow our new Twitter account, @TheTvlInsider.  If you were following our earlier Twitter account, feel free to unfollow that one, and please now follow our new @TheTvlInsider account. The new Twit...
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Extra-Healthy, Gene-Edited Spicy Tomatoes Are Coming

Scientists in Brazil are working to reconnect tomatoes with their chili pepper relatives (they separated some 19 million years ago, but maintain much of the same DNA) in order to create a super-healthy, spicy fruit. Rather than a food fad, this research and experimentation is occurring in order to have people eat more capsaicinoids, “the molecules that give red peppers their spicy pizzazz, for their health benefits.” …
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In Climate Change Fight, Brazil Owes Nothing, Minister Says

For Ricardo Salles, the Paris Accord in itself is neither good nor bad, but it must bring economic benefits to Brazil. If the agreement limits production or the use of land, Brazil could withdraw. "Brazil is not a debtor.
Tags: Science, Paris, Brazil, Ricardo Salles

Thousands of Female Penguins Are Being Stranded in South America

Near the southern tip of South America, thousands of ladies -- wives, mothers, anchovy enthusiasts -- are vanishing from their nests. The females in question are Magellanic penguins -- a mid-size species of black-and-white bird native to South America's Patagonia region. When not breeding in the latter part of the year, both male and female members of the species migrate north toward Uruguay and Brazil to hunt for the tasty anchovies that call those waters home. Over the last decade, howeve...
Tags: Science, Antarctica, Brazil, Argentina, Patagonia, Tokyo, South America, Uruguay, Buenos Aires, Patagonian, Yamamoto, Takashi Yamamoto, Uruguay Argentina, Female Penguins, Institute of Statistical Mathematics

In Climate Change Fight, Brazil Owes Nothing, New Minister Says

For Ricardo Salles, the Paris Accord in itself is neither good nor bad, but it must bring economic benefits to Brazil. If the agreement limits production or the use of land, Brazil could withdraw. "Brazil is not a debtor.
Tags: Science, Paris, Brazil, Ricardo Salles

A Rift Between Germany and Brazil Stalls Work on Carbon Market

New carbon markets could allow developing countries to sell emissions credits generated from programs that cut greenhouse gases. Germany along with the European Union and industrial countries say that developing nations may “create too many loopholes” with Brazil’s proposal for the market’s rules.
Tags: Science, Germany, European Union, Brazil

Found in fruit, rutin helps combat the effects of jararaca viper venom

A study conducted in Brazil showed protective effects of flavonoid rutin against bleeding and inflammation due to snakebite.
Tags: Science, Brazil

Female penguins 'get stranded more because they travel further'

Longer journeys may exhaust females, say scientists tracking birds off South American coastEvery year, thousands of Magellanic penguins get stranded along the coast of South America – but puzzlingly, about 75% of those that get stuck are female. Now scientists say they have worked out what is behind the gender imbalance: the females migrate further north than males.Magellanic penguins finish breeding in Patagonia in February, and during the subsequent winter months head north, reaching as far as...
Tags: Science, Animals, Environment, Americas, World news, Birds, Wildlife, Conservation, Brazil, Argentina, Patagonia, South America

A Rift Between Germany and Brazil Stalls Work on Carbon Market

New carbon markets could allow developing countries to sell emissions credits generated from programs that cut greenhouse gases. Germany along with the European Union and industrial countries say that developing nations may “create too many loopholes” with Brazil’s proposal for the market’s rules.
Tags: Science, Germany, European Union, Brazil

Audio recorded inside rainforests reveals a rowdy symphony of nature

The deep rainforest is a symphony.  In the rainforests of Indonesia, New Guinea, and other wild lands, scientists strapped microphones to trees and recorded the boisterous howls, grumbles, and shrieks that echo through the woods. It's called bioacoustics, and in a new paper published Thursday in the journal Science, researchers highlighted the value of using recorded wild sound — which you can hear below — to gauge how animals are doing in both vulnerable and protected forests. Modern sate...
Tags: Science, Greece, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Butler, Rhett Butler, Mongabay, Indonesia New Guinea, Berau Indonesia, Justine E Hausheer, Musiamunat

Brazil’s New President Moves to Kick Indigenous People off Their Land Just Hours After Taking Office

The war against Brazil’s indigenous people has begun. Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wasted no time his first two days in office, signing a decree Wednesday that hands over power to designate indigenous lands to the Ministry of Agriculture, a move that could have repercussions for the country’s 690…Read more...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Indigenous Rights, Amazon Rainforest, Ministry of Agriculture, Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil wants to move embassy to Jerusalem, push reform at WTO

Retired Army General Augusto Heleno, Bolsonaro's top adviser on security, did not elaborate. Separately, Bolsonaro met Thursday with the head of the World Trade Organization, Roberto Azevedo, who said the new Brazilian government's sharp rebukes of globalism were shared by many other countries and that the trade body was making changes. Azevedo met with Bolsonaro the day after Brazil's new Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo sharply rebuked globalism, saying that under his watch the country would ...
Tags: Science, Jerusalem, World Trade Organization, Brazil, WTO, Roberto Azevedo, Azevedo, Retired Army, Bolsonaro, Ernesto Araujo, Augusto Heleno Bolsonaro

At Brazil's Petrobras, a 'Chicago Boy' takes the reins

Depending on who you ask, Roberto Castello Branco, the new chief executive of Brazil's Petroleo Brasileiro SA , will either save the indebted oil major - or strip it to the bone. Tapped by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who took power on Tuesday, Castello Branco had said in a June newspaper column he thought Petrobras - as the company is known - should be privatized, a hardcore proposal even in an administration packed with free market advocates. Castello Branco has sharply criticized th...
Tags: Science, Chicago, Brazil, Petrobras, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Jair Bolsonaro, Roberto Castello Branco, Castello Branco

Spaceflight signs up Brazil for Amazonia-1 satellite launch on Indian rocket in 2020

Seattle-based Spaceflight says it’s struck one of its biggest deals for a satellite launch with Brazil’s space research institute, focusing on putting the Amazonia-1 satellite into low Earth orbit in mid-2020. The contract was awarded on Tuesday during a ceremony in São José dos Campos, attended by Brazilian space officials as well as Melissa Wuerl, Spaceflight’s vice president of business development. Amazonia-1 is designed to make observations of Brazilian territory, with a special focus on th...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Brazil, Seattle, Campos, Amazonia, INPE, Melissa Wuerl Spaceflight, National Institute for Space Research, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais

Brazil court ruling casts doubt over Petrobras asset sales

RIO DE JANEIRO/BRASILIA (Reuters) - A Brazilian Supreme Court justice on Wednesday suspended a presidential decree establishing rules for Petroleo Brasileiro SA to sell upstream assets, casting a pall over the state-controlled oil company's ambitious divestiture program. Justice Marco Aurélio Mello granted an injunction in a lawsuit brought by the leftist Workers Party to the Supreme Court, suspending a decree signed by President Michel Temer in April, the justice told Reuters. Part of the a...
Tags: Science, Supreme Court, Brazil, Petrobras, Reuters, Workers Party, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Michel Temer, Marco Aurelio Mello

Huge fire ravages 600 homes in Brazil's Amazon

A huge fire blazed through 600 wooden homes built on stilts next to a river in Brazil's Amazon region overnight, decimating a poor area of the city of Manaus but causing no deaths, authorities said Tuesday. "It's perhaps the biggest city fire in the history of Manaus," said the deputy chief of the local emergency service, Hermogenes Rabelo.
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