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Coronavirus live updates: New Zealand PM dismisses calls to open borders; UK locks down city of Leicester

Broadway theatres to stay closed until January 2021; Iran reports record daily deathsGlobal report: WHO to send team to China to investigate Covid-19 originsLeicester lockdown: what are the new Covid-19 restrictions?Jacinda Ardern decries ‘dangerous’ calls to reopen New Zealand bordersSee all our coronavirus coverage 8.24am BST A coordinated response to the Covid-19 crisis in the Americas, India and Africa must be led by countries that have suppressed it, writes Adam Tooze, urging us to stay...
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Coronavirus live updates: UK locks down city of Leicester as New Zealand PM dismisses calls to open borders

UK locks down city of Leicester; Broadway theatres to stay closed until January 2021; Iran reports record daily deaths. Follow the latest newsLeicester lockdown: what are the new Covid-19 restrictions?Jacinda Ardern decries ‘dangerous’ calls to reopen New Zealand bordersBattleground states becoming Covid-19 hotspots as Trump trails Biden See all our coronavirus coverage 5.18am BST The total number of coronavirus cases in Victoria is 2,159 with 64 new cases reported yesterday. The state has b...
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Some Ask a Taboo Question: Is America Overreacting to Coronavirus?

As an America desperate to stem the coronavirus outbreak put in place sweeping restrictions last week on every facet of public life, the University of Wyoming economist Linda Thunstrom asked what felt like a taboo question: "Are we overreacting?''It helped that Thunstrom was in her kitchen, drinking coffee with her husband, Jason Shogren, a fellow economist who studies how much Americans are willing to pay to reduce risk of threats like terrorism, food-borne illness and climate change.Ca...
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"A virus is a peculiar object that is inert and arguably not truly alive outside a host. Only when it invades a cell and hijacks its machinery can the virus begin to replicate."

"Outside, on an inanimate surface, the virus will gradually lose the ability to be an infectious agent. It may dry out, for example. It can degrade when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. A person sneezing on a surface may deposit many thousands of virus particles, and some may remain viable for days. Still, the likelihood of a person who comes into contact with the remnants of that sneeze goes down over time, because most infections are the result of a large viral load.... [T]ypical...
Tags: Science, Law, Stephen Sondheim, Broadway, Theater, Ann Althouse, Coronavirus

Broadway shows are still on during the coronavirus outbreak, but some of the most popular musicals and plays are having steep price drops — including 'Hamilton'

The show that took the biggest hit was "The Lion King," which saw weekly sales fall $228,000, to $1.19 million.
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Meet Murray Cox, The Man Trying to Take Down Airbnb

For four years Cox has been publishing reports that cast Airbnb as a big-city housing-villain, but the company had never reached out to him before. A rendez-vous was set for a WeWork meeting room on Broadway, across the street from Airbnb Inc.’s offices in New York. Was the location suitable to Cox, Airbnb wanted to know?  Well yes, Cox thought, or he could just walk downstairs since he works in the same building as Airbnb, close enough to connect to their Wi-Fi.  By day, Cox spends his time o...
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Judith Light to Receive Tonys’ 2019 Isabelle Stevenson Award

Judith Light, the two-time Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress, will receive the Tonys’ honorary Isabelle Stevenson Award, the Tony Awards Administration Committee announced Friday.The Isabelle Stevenson Award is presented annually to a member of the theatre community who has made a substantial contribution of volunteered time and effort on behalf of one or more humanitarian, social service or charitable organizations. Light will receive the award for her advocacy to end HIV/AIDS and for her sup...
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How this 'Wicked' star made it to Broadway from Wall Street

Jessica Vosk, who plays Elphaba, once pursued a career on Wall Street in a field she thought would provide more financial stability.
Tags: Science, Wall Street, Broadway, Elphaba, Jessica Vosk

Lion King Puppet Maker Charged With 3D-Printing Gun at Broadway Theater

A puppet master who helped bring to life Disney’s vision of an African animal kingdom was arrested last week for allegedly 3D-printing guns in the prop room of the Broadway theater, court records show.Read more...
Tags: Science, Guns, Disney, Broadway, Broadway Theater, Firearms, 3D Printed guns

From Pyrotechnics To Quiet Confrontations, Harry Potter Shines On Broadway

There was a moment, about three hours into a performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child last weekend, when the 1,500 people in the audience, myself very much included, let out a collective gasp.Read more...
Tags: Science, Broadway, Harry Potter, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Return of a Classic: Verifying Assay Performance for FDA-Approved Methods

The Phantom of the Opera, the longest-running show in Broadway history with nearly 30 years of continuous production, has captivated generations of fans with its compelling story and soaring score by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Though cut of an entirely different cloth, Sunday mornings's AACC University course, "Trust But Verify: Getting the Most of Verification Protocols for FDA-Approved Methods"--part of the longest running workshop at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting--enjoys similar durability and ...
Tags: Science, Broadway, Fda, Andrew Lloyd Weber, AACC University, AACC Annual Scientific Meeting

Broadway Production Of 1984 Is Causing Audience Members to Faint, Vomit And Get in Fights

Well-heeled audiences are really having a hard time stomaching the new Broadway adaptation of 1984, with reports that viewers are fainting, vomiting and...getting in fights with each other as a result of its more alarming scenes. Finally, a theatrical production befitting of the times!Read more...
Tags: Science, George Orwell, Broadway, Olivia Wilde, 1984

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