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Sony's Video-Focused ZV-1 Wants to Help You Become a YouTube Star

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have become popular tools for YouTubers wanting their videos to look more professional, but for inexperienced shooters, the complexity of those cameras can be overwhelming. Sony’s new ZV-1 aims to flatten the learning curve with streamlined features that promise to help make aspiring…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Photography, Science, Tech, Cameras, Sony, Consumer Tech, YouTube Star, Vloggers, Sony Zv 1, Zv 1

Vivo's New X50 Might Have the Best Smartphone Camera Ever, Thanks to a Tiny Built-In Gimbal

Vivo teased some pretty ambitious tech with its Apex 2020 concept phone, but now it’s putting one of those far-out innovations into something you might actually be able to buy.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Cameras, Vivo, Consumer Tech, Next Gen Ois, Micro Gimbal, X50 Pro

Sony's Leaked ZV-1 Might Be the Perfect Camera for Aspiring YouTubers

Plenty of companies have experimented with vlogging—including cameras like the Nikon Z50, Canon G7X Mark II, and others—but based on what we’ve learned from leaks and teases, Sony might finally put everything together on its upcoming ZV-1. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Sony, Leaks, Rumors, Nikon, Canon, Consumer Tech, Vlogging, Sony Zv 1 Leaks Appear, Sony Zv 1, Zv 1

OnePlus Is Temporarily Disabling the OP8 Pro's 'X-Ray' Color Filter

After some users expressed concerns that the OnePlus 8 Pro’s Photochrom camera filter could pose privacy issues, OnePlus announced that it will temporarily disable the filter while it figures out a way to address the situation. Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Cameras, Consumer Tech, OnePlus 8 Pro, Oneplus X Ray Color Filter Taking A Hiatus, Color Filter Camera

This Instant Camera Prints on Cheap Thermal Paper and Reminds Me of My Beloved Game Boy Camera

The Polaroid camera might be back from the dead, but at $2 for every instant photo you snap, it makes photography an expensive hobby again. If you’re okay with a black-and-white, grainy, high-contrast aesthetic—or happen to miss the Game Boy Camera as much as I do—Oaxis’s myFirst instant camera for kids uses a…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Gadgets, Photography, Science, Tech, Cameras, Polaroid, Consumer Tech, Oaxis, Myfirst Camera Insta 2

What Is LiDAR and Why Would You Want It on Your Phone?

It’s in the new iPad Pro tablets, it’s rumored to be coming to the iPhone 12 and a form of it has been appearing in Android phones for the last few years. What exactly is LiDAR, and why would you want it in a mobile device? Here we’ll take you through what the tech does, all of the ways it can be deployed, and why it…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Science, Smartphones, Cameras, Tablets, Lidar

Raspberry Pi's Latest Creation Is a $50 High-Quality Camera Board

While Raspberry Pi is best known for making tiny computers used in all sorts of DIY projects, the team is trying something slightly different with its latest creation: the High Quality Camera.Read more...
Tags: Science, Diy, Raspberry Pi, Makers, Cameras, Consumer Tech, Raspberry Pi Gets High On Cameras, Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

Peak Design's Travel Tripod Just Earned a Permanent Spot in My Camera Bag

When it comes to traveling and trying to pack light, I always seem to run into a dilemma: cram the tripod in my bag or leave it at home. Ideally, I’d always want a tripod around for taking things like landscape shots or long exposures, but the bulky nature of most tripods usually means it’s the last item that gets cut…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Photography, Science, Cameras, Consumer Tech, Tripods, Peak Design, Peak Design Travel Tripod Review, Travel Tripods

Instant Camera For Kids Prints Photos on Rolls of Cheap Thermal Paper

Photography can be a fantastic creative outlet (and time-killer) for kids if you’ve got the right equipment. A camera they can’t easily break is a must, as is a way to easily print out their prized shots. Most instant cameras rely on pricey film stock, but the myFirst Camera Insta 2 uses cheap rolls of thermal paper…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Photography, Science, Tech, Cameras, Printers, Insta, Consumer Tech, Thermal Paper, Myfirst Camera Insta 2

Thrown Rocks Are No Threat to These Drones That Have Mastered Dodgeball

The days of knocking an annoying drone out of the air with a precisely thrown rock might soon be over. Researchers at the University of Zurich have upgraded a drone with a special camera that can quickly spot approaching obstacles, allowing the craft to avoid them with reaction times as fast as 3.5 milliseconds.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Cameras, Drones, Dodgeball, University of Zurich

This Slick Combo Camera, Monocular and Digital Guide Did All My Birdwatching for Me

Naturalists carry a lot of expensive toys out into the wilderness. We’ve got our binoculars to see the details and field marks of distant animals. We carry bulky DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses in case any photo ops present themselves, or in case we stumble upon something rare. Sometimes we carry a portable…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Cameras, Birdwatching, Birding, Swarovski, Binoculars, Birdmodo

The $600 Sony a6100 Is Everything You Need to be a Happy Photographer

The Sony a6100 has a difficult task ahead: replacing the a6000 as the best budget APS-C camera. It takes on the challenge with quite a few charms, including an ultrafast focus, better ISO, 4K video and longer battery life. But none of that will matter once you start using it. You’ll be too busy having fun.Read more...
Tags: Science, Review, Cameras, Sony, Sony A6100

With the Fujifilm X-T4, One of the Best APS-C Mirrorless Cams Gets Even Better

If you’ve been paying attention to Fujifilm’s recent announcements, you’ve probably noticed that the company has been going through and revamping a number of its mirrorless cameras. And now, one of Fujifilm’s most popular APS-C cams is getting a refresh in the new Fujifilm X-T4. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Fujifilm, Mirrorless, APS C, Fujifilm X T4 First Look, Fujifilm X T4

Canon's Next Fancy Full-Frame Mirrorless Cam Is the EOS R5

A couple of weeks after info leaked out regarding Canon’s next full-frame mirrorless camera, Canon today officially announced its development of the EOS R5.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, EOS, Mirrorless Cameras, Mirrorless, Canon, Consumer Tech, Full Frame Mirrorless, EOS R5, The Next Full Frame Mirrorless Cam From Canon

Sony Now Lets Anyone Make Their Own Remotes for Its Cameras

Sony announced on Tuesday another feature for its digital cameras that the company hopes will expand their adoption among professional photographers: a software development kit that allows third-party developers to create their own custom tools to remotely control and operate the cameras.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Photography, Science, Tech, Software, Cameras, Sony, Sdk, Consumer Tech, Alphas

Fujifilm's New X100V Could Make a Great Everyday Travel Camera

Cameras on phones have gotten pretty good over the last few years (especially the ones with multiple rear lenses), but sometimes you just want something that snaps pics with a bit better quality, and with the new X100V, it feels like Fujifilm has made an everyday travel camera that fills the gap between phones and…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Fujifilm, Digital Cameras, First Look, Consumer Tech, Rangefinder, Compact Cameras, Fujifilm X100v First Look, X100v, Fujifilm X100v

The EOS R5 Could Be the High-End Mirrorless Camera Canon Fans Have Been Waiting For

Canon has already released two mirrorless cameras: the EOS R and EOS RP, and while Canon’s next mirrorless cam isn’t expected to get officially announced for another few weeks, recent leaks suggest the EOS R5 could be the high-end mirrorless camera Canon fans have been waiting for. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Leaks, Rumors, Mirrorless Cameras, Canon, The Rumor Mill, EOS R5, Canon Eos R5 Rumors, High End Mirrorless Camera Canon

This Portable Peep Hole Is an Airbnb Guest's Dream

Every company wants to join the smart home party, but Body Guardz, previously known for its smartphone screen protectors and cases, has shown up to CES 2020 with some genuinely innovative smart home devices, including a portable over-the-door security camera (helpfully called the Portable Over-Door Camera) that will…Read more...
Tags: Security, Gadgets, Science, Tech, Ces, Cameras, Airbnb, Consumer Tech, CES 2020, CES2020, Body Guardz

Garmin's New Dashcam Records Both the Road Ahead and Passengers in the Back

Instead of just recording what’s happening on the road in front of a car, Garmin’s new Dash Cam Tandem has a second rear-facing lens that also records everything happening inside the vehicle at the same time. It won’t make the job of an Uber driver even easier, but it will provide irrefutable proof of unruly…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Safety, Tech, Ces, Cameras, Garmin, Consumer Tech, Dashcams, CES2020, Dash Cam Tandem

After An Eternity With The C920, I've Finally Upgraded to Logitech's Brio Webcam

Ever since the Logitech C920 webcam came out in 2012, it’s been something of a mainstay in the webcam market. We’ve featured it in deals as recently as September of this year . But mine finally broke, so I decided it was time to upgrade to the Logitech Brio 4K . Here’s to another seven years (or more).Read more...
Tags: Science, Webcams, Cameras, Logitech, Logitech Brio

The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Is a Love Letter to Street Photography

Quite often in today’s world, we’re so focused on editing, sharing, and posting our photos, we often forget to enjoy the simple things like just grabbing a camera, hitting the streets, and seeing what you run into. But with the new X-Pro3, Fujifilm is looking to blend the best things about old-school rangefinders with…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Fujifilm, Mirrorless Cameras, Hands On, First Look, Rangefinder Cameras, Fujifilm X Pro3 First Look, Fujifilm X Pro 3, Pro3 Fujifilm

Nikon’s Microscopic Photography Competition Winners

Formally titled the 2019 Small World Photomicrography Competition, Nikon’s Microscopic Photography Competition calls for entries as “a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope.” Thus, that means all of the images are shot under a microscope, using some variant of photomicrography. This year’s winning shot, by Teresa Zgoda and Teresa Kugler, depicts a turtle embryo in …
Tags: Photos, Photography, Science, Design, Animals, Cameras, Nature, Culture, Nikon, Photomicrography, Linkaboutit, Microscopic, Photo Competitions, Mircoscopes

The Z50 Is Nikon's More Affordable and Compact Mirrorless Camera

After launching the Z6 and Z7 last year, the next thing people wanted to know is how Nikon planned to expand its new family of mirrorless cameras so that more people could buy them. Because while the Z6 and Z7 are great cameras, they’cost around $2,000 and $3,400 respectively, which isn’t really what you’d call…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Nikon, Mirrorless, First Look, Consumer Tech, Nikon Z50, Nikon Z50 First Look

Researchers Created Lenses a Thousand Times Thinner to Hopefully Eliminate Ugly Smartphone Camera Bumps

Smartphones are currently plagued by a host of ugly design features that compromise aesthetics for functionality, including holes and notches in their screens, and protrusions on the back to accommodate camera optics. But those bumps might soon go away thanks to a team of researchers at the University of Utah who’ve …Read more...
Tags: Photography, Science, Research, Cameras, Lenses, University of Utah

I Pitted Canon's 'Affordable' EOS RP Against My Beloved Sony A7 III

The $1,300 Canon RP is not the best camera made or even the slickest mirrorless camera. It will win no awards for dynamic range or color rendition, and if you’ve got strong feelings about the number of megapixels available in post-production, it will leave you uninspired. But the Canon RP is the cheapest full-frame…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Science, Cameras, Sony, Mirrorless Cameras, Canon, Sony A7III, Canon Rp Review, Canon RP

Is It Time to Reckon With the iPhone Square?

Now that iPhone day is just four months away, we’re starting to get some credible rumors about what the devices will look like. One of the steadiest rumors is a rough one: the next iPhone will have a square camera bump that’s roughly the size of a silver dollar. To which I say: No thanks.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Science, Cameras, iPhone X, Smartphone Cameras, Iphone Xs

Report: Apple's A13 Chips for Next Generation of iPhones Are Now in Production

Gather round, consumers, for yet another Apple rumor.
Tags: Iphone, Gadgets, Science, Technology, Smartphones, Cameras, Rumors, Apple rumors, A13, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co

Batwoman, Failed Airlines, and Height Enhancement Scams: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

It’s been a busy week for our friends at Facebook: Amid showing a bunch of loser far-right trolls and also Louis Farrakhan the door, kicking off an unhinged Twitter spree by the president, the company announced a confusing pivot towards being a privacy-first platform while also announcing other features designed to…Read more...
Tags: Health, Amazon, Facebook, Wearables, Twitter, Science, Technology, Television, Movies, Air Travel, Medicine, Labor, Environment, Cars, Social Media, Brands

The Very Best Smart Home Gadgets

The first crop of smart home gadgets from a few years ago weren’t actually very smart, but times have changed, and there’s now plenty of good reasons to upgrade your vacuum cleaner, microwave, and even your sound system, with a bit of AI-enhanced smarts.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Tech, Cameras, Wifi, Routers, Smart Home, Buyers Guide, Smarthome, Consumer Tech

United and Delta Cover Their Seatback Cameras in Bid to Stop Freaking You Out

Evidently registering that no one wants to be stared down by a camera for the entirety of their flight, United and Delta are now covering the tiny in-unit cameras in the back-of-seat entertainment units on their planes. American Airlines may be considering a similar move.Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, Surveillance, Cameras, Delta, Airlines, United, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines

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