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Dispute with U.S. energy trader worsens Haiti's fuel crisis

The capital Port-au-Prince’s fragile power grid was dealt a blow when Novum Energy Trading Corp suspended shipments in February, leaving residents without electricity for days and many gas stations with no fuel at the pumps. Novum says the government owes it $40 million in overdue payments for fuel. The Western Hemisphere's poorest nation, Haiti long relied on fuel shipments from nearby OPEC member Venezuela, which offered cheap financing to several Caribbean nations to buy its gasoline, diese...
Tags: Science, Opec, Venezuela, Haiti, Caribbean, Port Au Prince, Western Hemisphere, Novum, Novum Energy Trading Corp

Row with U.S. energy trader worsens Haiti's fuel crisis

Novum says the government owes it $40 million in overdue payments for fuel. The Western Hemisphere's poorest nation, Haiti long relied on fuel shipments from nearby OPEC member Venezuela, which offered cheap financing to several Caribbean nations to buy its gasoline, diesel and other products through a program called Petrocaribe.     But the scheme fell apart last year due to economic turmoil in Venezuela, forcing Haiti - a nation of 11 million people - to return to international markets.    ...
Tags: Science, Opec, Venezuela, Haiti, Caribbean, Western Hemisphere, Petrocaribe, Novum

Cufflinks and the Caribbean: How Virgin Galactic kept space tourists' interest and money

Virgin Galactic's goal to fly tourists into space as early as this summer is about 12 years later than initially promised by its founder, British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Right up there with a few minutes in space on Gislason’s bucket list is his time on earth with other space enthusiasts and Branson, a fellow adrenaline junkie known as much for his globe-trotting stunts as for starting his own airline. “It’s more than just a trip to space, it’s a huge, ongoing event,” said Icelandic t...
Tags: Science, Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, Branson, Caribbean, Gíslason

Study offers insight into biological changes among invasive species

A remote island in the Caribbean could offer clues as to how invasive species are able to colonise new territories and then thrive in them, a new study by the University of Plymouth suggests.
Tags: Science, Caribbean, University of Plymouth

Stalled Aramco IPO sets back deal-making at U.S. subsidiary Motiva

Saudi Aramco's delayed initial public offering is sidelining grand North American expansion plans at its U.S. refining subsidiary Motiva Enterprises LLC, people familiar with the matter said, at a time when its rivals grew their market share. After dissolving a partnership with Royal Dutch Shell PLC two years ago, Motiva set out to rebuild and boost market share in the Americas. It evaluated deals for LyondellBasell Industries NV's Houston refinery, with the Caribbean government of Curacao, an...
Tags: Science, Americas, Houston, Caribbean, Curacao, Saudi Aramco, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, U S, Aramco IPO, LyondellBasell Industries NV, Motiva Enterprises LLC, Motiva

Trump dangles investment to Caribbean leaders who back Venezuela's Guaido

"It's absolutely important that it's not just talk - that there will be real investment," Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness told reporters after the meeting. The nations have broken from other members of the Caribbean Community, known as CARICOM, in their support for Guaido. The organization has officially advocated for talks between President Nicolas Maduro and Guaido, and most of its members have rejected resolutions by the Organization of American States supporting Guaido.

Titans Has Found Its Slade Wilson

The Picard show adds another mysterious main cast member. Get a look at how Alien is celebrating its 40th anniversary. John Carpenter’s Syfy anthology is no more. Plus, the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot may have a new writer, and get ready for Gemini Man to maybe mess with your eyes. Spoilers, go!Read more...
Tags: Science, Gotham, Alien, What We Do In The Shadows, The Flash, Tolkien, Caribbean, Pirates Of The Caribbean, John Carpenter, Titans, Picard, Slade Wilson, Captive State, Gemini Man, Rawhead Rex, Charlies Angels

How new species arise in the sea

How can a species split into several new species if they still live close to each other and are able to interbreed? Using a group of Caribbean reef fishes as a model system, a team of scientists from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has found that natural selection can couple the evolution of genes for vision and color pattern. The team has published its findings today in the international journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.
Tags: Science, Caribbean, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Nature Ecology

Meet the A1000, the Advanced Animatronic Bringing Disney’s Star Wars Theme Park To Life

Fifty-five years of animatronics, from Pirates of the Caribbean to pirates of the Outer Rim.
Tags: Science, Disney, Caribbean

Humpback Whale That Washed Ashore in Amazon Jungle Was Likely Sick

> > > > > > > > > View this post on Instagram> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Equipe coletando amostras biologicas da baleia jubarte encalhada ontem na praia do Araruna, Reserva Extrativista Marinha de Soure (ICMBio/PA). Em breve mais informaçoes! bichodagua icmbio amazonia baleiajubarte marinemammal whale biodiversidade biodiversity ong amazonia amazonforest amazonriver humpback humpbackwhale baleiajubarte preserveanatureza bichodagua icmbio semmasoure activism ativismo plan...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Science, Georgia, Brazil, Venezuela, Seattle, North Atlantic, Caribbean, South Atlantic, NOAA Fisheries, South Sandwich Islands, Marine Mammal Laboratory, Marajó Island, Amazon Jungle Was Likely Sick, Araruna Reserva Extrativista Marinha de Soure

Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It's complicated

Before the 1980s, the dominant theory had been that huge and prolonged volcanic eruptions caused a rapid and deadly shift in the planet's climate by sending vast clouds of ash, gas and dust into the atmosphere. Then scientists discovered the huge Chicxulub crater of an ancient asteroid impact off the Caribbean coast of Mexico, which they posited had sent so much debris into the atmosphere that it hampered photosynthesis in plants and killed off three-quarters of life on Earth. The authors of t...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Caribbean

How coral bleaching threatens Caribbean communities

A new study uses environmental, socioeconomic and management data from 30 Caribbean islands to identify which communities may be most at risk from the social and ecological effects of coral bleaching, which occurs when warm water causes coral polyps to expel algae living in their tissue. The analysis shows that independent island nations, such as Cuba and Jamaica, may be less vulnerable to coral bleaching than island territories like Saint Barthélemy.
Tags: Science, Jamaica, Cuba, Caribbean

Venezuela shuts border with Caribbean islands ahead of aid efforts

Maduro has rejected offers of foreign aid, denying there are widespread shortages and insisting that the country's economic problems are the result of sanctions by Washington. Opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has been recognized by dozens countries as the legitimate head of state, has said that food and medicine provided in part by the United States will enter Venezuela by land and sea on Saturday. The closure blocks movement of boats and aircraft between the western Venezuelan coastal state...
Tags: Science, United States, Venezuela, Caribbean, Curacao, Maduro, Aruba Bonaire, Juan Guaido, Washington Opposition, Vladimir Quintero

Disappearing Act: Venus Hides Behind the Moon Before Dawn on Thursday

When the moon's in the sky, and Venus goes "goodbye," that's an occultation. This has been a busy month for the moon. On Jan. 20, it traveled through Earth's deepest shadow to dazzle millions of skywatchers with a total lunar eclipse dubbed the "Super Blood Wolf Moon." And just days into the new year, the moon became host to a new visitor: China's Chang'e-4 lander, the first mission to the lunar far side. January continues to be a spectacular month for lunar enthusiasts. On...
Tags: Google, Science, China, Earth, Moon, Pacific, Pluto, Caribbean, Venus, Bolivia, Chang, South America Central America, Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Polynesia, Earth Pluto

Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 Thrills Skywatchers with Stunning (and Red) Lunar Sight

NEW YORK --This past evening, a show-stopping celestial event -- the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 -- crossed the sky and likely captivated millions of skywatchers across the Americas and beyond, from above the Rocky Mountains to down beyond the Andes Mountains. At 10:33 p.m. EST (03:33 UTC) a visible shadow began to creep across the moon's face. As many people across the U.S. East Coast braved the chilly weather brought on by Winter Storm Yoshi to view the moon pass through the darkest ...
Tags: New York, Science, Boston, Nasa, Earth, United States, Alaska, New Jersey, Middle East, Argentina, South America, East Coast, Caribbean, Rocky Mountains, Andes Mountains, Brooklyn New York

Women aren’t failing at science — science is failing women

Female research scientists are more productive than their male colleagues, though they are widely perceived as being less so. Women are also rewarded less for their scientific achievements. That’s according to my team’s study for United Nations University – Merit on gender inequality in scientific research in Mexico, published as a working paper in December 2016. The study, part of the project “Science, Technology and Innovation Gender Gaps and their Economic Costs in Latin America and the Carib...
Tags: Startups, Science, Mexico, Tech, Latin America, Caribbean, United Nations University, Syndication, Inter American Development Bank IDB

From Birthday Cakes to 7-Step Teas, How One Charter Jet Attendant Makes Flights More Memorable

Taylor Strickland, who used to work for commercial airlines, is now a cabin attendant for the aircraft-management and charter company Alerion Aviation. Her flights are primarily on a 13-seat Embraer Legacy 600 from New York to Florida and the Caribbean. But is the job all pie in the sky? How does working commercial compare to […]
Tags: Florida, New York, Science, Caribbean, Embraer, Taylor Strickland, Alerion Aviation

Global colorectal cancer mortality rates predicted to rise

In the first effort to predict the future burden of colorectal cancer mortality globally, researchers note that colon and rectal cancer mortality rates are projected to decrease in most countries apart from some Latin American and Caribbean countries, but increases are predicted for several countries from Europe, North America and Oceania. The findings are published in the International Journal of Cancer.
Tags: Science, Caribbean, Oceania, Latin American, Europe North America

The Scientists Who Brave Angry Hawk Parents, Wasps and 80-Foot-Falls to Save Endangered Chicks

Life is hard for Ridgway’s hawks, a species found only in a small sliver of habitat on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Once found all over the island, the hawks have steadily declined due to local humans killing them and clearing their forest habitat. If that weren’t enough, their chicks are threatened by…Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Wildlife, Endangered Species, Ecology, Caribbean, Ridgway, Ridgeways Hawks, Foot Falls to Save Endangered Chicks

Motiva preliminarily picked to run Curacao refinery: report

The refinery has been idle since May when a legal dispute between PDVSA and U.S. producer ConocoPhillips forced its closure. PDVSA's contract to run the facility, which is crucial for its storage, refining and shipping operations, will expire at the end of 2019. The government of the Caribbean island is seeking a company willing to handle it in the long run and probably also to finish the lease term next year.
Tags: Science, Caribbean, ConocoPhillips, Curacao, PDVSA, Motiva

Richard Branson is taking a submarine down the world's largest sinkhole

It looks, at first, like a giant, flat, ink blot in the sea, but underneath this sinkhole – the largest in the world – is a cavern large enough to swallow two Boeing 747s with room to spare. Famed marine explorer Jacques Cousteau didn't discover the sinkhole, located in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Belize, but he did name it "The Great Blue Hole" in 1971, and it's been a magnet for scuba divers ever since. Now, in the first mission of its kind, Cousteau's grandson and Sir Ri...
Tags: Science, Richard Branson, Boeing, Branson, Caribbean, Belize, Telegraph Travel, Bergman, Jacques Cousteau, Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, Erika Bergman

Scientists wind up deep-water probes in Caribbean waters

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A rarely seen shark embryo. Corals up to 7 feet (2 meters) high. Sponges with sharp edges.
Tags: Science, Ap, Caribbean, SAN JUAN Puerto Rico

Scientists find possible new species in Caribbean waters

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — U.S. scientists have wrapped up a 22-day mission exploring waters around Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with the deepest dives ever recorded in the region. They found a rare shark embryo, 2-meter (7 feet) high corals and sponges with sharp edges, among hundreds of other things. Daniel […]
Tags: Science, News, Ap, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Daniel, SAN JUAN Puerto Rico, U S Virgin Islands, Nation & World

How did the first mother in space become godmother to a cruise ship?

What’s the most surreal experience you have ever had? Curiously, for Anna Fisher – one of NASA’s first six female astronauts and famously the first mother to go into space – becoming godmother to the cruise ship Viking Orion sails away with the title. Fisher is not what you may expect from a legendary, space-travelling trailblazer. She may have rocketed above the earth but her feet are firmly on the ground. “It’s so unexpected,” she told me on the ship’s maiden voyage this summer from Rome to Ba...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Rome, International Space Station, Amsterdam, Orion, Basel, Caribbean, Viking, Kristin, Fisher, Alan Shepard, Kara, Shepard, North Star, Fort Campbell Kentucky

Primates of the Caribbean: Ancient DNA reveals history of mystery monkey

Analysis of ancient DNA of a mysterious extinct monkey named Xenothrix -- which displays bizarre body characteristics very different to any living monkey -- has revealed that it was in fact most closely related to South America's titi monkeys (Callicebinae). Having made their way overwater to Jamaica, probably on floating vegetation, their bones reveal they subsequently underwent remarkable evolutionary change.
Tags: Science, South America, Jamaica, Caribbean

Mexican scientists discover new species of sea anemone

Mexico, Nov. 5 (Notimex).- Scientists from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS, for its acronym in Spanish) identified a new genus and species of sea anemone. This work is the result of Polet Yamaly Barragán Marín, who joined the master's program in marine and coastal sciences (Cimaco, for its acronym in Spanish) of the university institution, and had the support of scientists from the Research Program for the Conservation of the Reef Fauna, from the same university. The...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Caribbean, Gulf Of California, Research Program, NOTIMEX, National Council of Science and Technology CONACYT, Autonomous University of Baja California Sur UABCS, Polet Yamaly Barragán Marín, Rafael Riosmena Rodríguez, San Juan de la Costa, Bay of La Paz, Pacific Indo, Barragán Marín Sea, Tenactis, Carlos Sánchez Ortiz

Budapest's underwater wonderland draws divers from far and wide

For Laura Tuominen, the ultimate diving experience is not to be found in the Red Sea or the Caribbean, but in a labyrinth of spectacular underwater caves beneath the pavements of Budapest. The Hungarian capital is already famous worldwide for its steaming hot spas and thermal baths. Around seven kilometres (4.4 miles) in length and previously open only to scientific expeditions, the cave became accessible to the public -- that is, qualified divers -- when a diving centre was opened here in 201...
Tags: Science, Budapest, Caribbean, Red Sea, Laura Tuominen

Disney Is Reportedly Looking to Reboot Pirates of the Caribbean

What happens when the latest installment of your multi-billion dollar franchise grosses less than $200 million domestic? Yup, it’s time for a reboot.Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Johnny Depp, Caribbean, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

At least 12 dead in Haiti earthquake: govt spokesman

Gros-Morne (Haiti) (AFP) - A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the northwest coast of Haiti late Saturday, killing at least 12 people, injuring more than 130 others and damaging homes in the poverty-stricken Caribbean nation, authorities said. The epicenter of the quake was located about 19 kilometers (12 miles) northwest of the city of Port-de-Paix, the US Geological Survey reported. President Jovenel Moise said he and Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant had reached "the zone affected by the ea...
Tags: Science, Haiti, Caribbean, Jovenel Moise, US Geological Survey, Northwest coast, Port de Paix, Jean Henry Céant, Gros Morne Haiti

Seaweed extracts contribute to crop growth

Mexico, Oct. 4 (Notimex).- The alkaline extracts of red and brown algae contribute to the growth of crops such as tomatoes, increase the duration of the fruit, and even improve its flavor, according to research by the marine biology doctor Gustavo Hernandez Carmona. The researcher from the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine Sciences, of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN, for its acronym in Spanish), commented that marine algae have active compounds with potential to increase agricultural ...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Pacific, Caribbean, Baja California, Magdalena Bay, North Pacific, San Ignacio, Sargasso Sea, National Polytechnic Institute IPN, NOTIMEX, Mexican Academy of Sciences AMC, Gustavo Hernandez Carmona, Interdisciplinary Center for Marine Sciences, Hernandez Carmona

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