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New nemertean species found in Panama represents the first of its genus from the Caribbean

A novel ribbon worm species was discovered as part of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Training in Tropical Taxonomy program in the Bocas del Toro archipelago in Panama
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A design proposal calls for building the world's largest underwater habitat — a deep-sea version of the International Space Station

A rendering of Fabien Cousteau's proposed Proteus underwater habitat. Yves Béhar and Fuseproject Fabien Cousteau, grandson of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, has designed an underwater habitat that, would be the world's largest and most advanced. The design calls for a research station named Proteus 60 feet deep in the Caribbean, near Curaçao. If realized, Proteus could help scientists study the impacts of climate change and plastic pollution, among other aspects of marine biology. Cou...
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Jacques Cousteau's grandson wants to build the world's largest underwater research station in the Caribbean — take a look

Fabien Cousteau's PROTEUS. Concept designs by Yves Béhar and fuseproject. The Fabian Cousteau Ocean Learning Center is creating an advanced underwater research station. Proteus will have freezers, microscopes, and a video studio for research and education.  It will be located off the coast of Curacao, an island in the Caribbean.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Fabian Cousteau, grandson of famed oceanographer and documentary maker Jacques Cousteau, has an ambitious ...
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NASA finds new Tropical Storm Nana strengthening in the Caribbean

The storm was a potential tropical depression on Sept. 1, but by Sept. 2, the area of low pressure in the Caribbean Sea strengthened into a tropical storm and was named Nana.
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Tourist-heavy US islands are emerging as COVID-19 hotspots after staving off major outbreaks for months

Fewer than usual people are seen at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 29, 2020, amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Kyodo News via Getty Images US islands that emerged from the early months of the coronavirus pandemic relatively unscathed are now facing outbreaks.In Puerto Rico, Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced imposed travel restrictions after several officials contracted the virus.In Hawaii, Gov. David Ige signed a strict stay-at-home order for the island of Oahu after the state's case...
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Hurricanes could be up to five times more likely in the Caribbean if tougher targets are missed

Global warming is dramatically increasing the risk of extreme hurricanes in the Caribbean, but meeting more ambitious climate change goals could up to halve the likelihood of such disasters in the region, according to new research.
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Hurricane categories tell only part of the story — here's the real damage storms like Laura can do

Hurricane Laura is forecast to make landfall on the Texas-Louisiana border late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning as a Category 4 storm. NOAA Hurricane categories are determined by a storm's wind speed, which doesn't take into account the destruction they can leave from rain, storm surge, and flooding.Category 1 hurricanes and tropical storms can still have devastating impacts on the communities they hit, leaving power outages, downed buildings and trees, and long-term damage in their...
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NASA's Terra satellite analyzes Caribbean's Tropical Depression 14

NASA's Terra satellite gathered infrared data on Tropical Depression 14 as it moves through the Caribbean Sea. Infrared data was used to find the location of the strongest storms.
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Low 'good' cholesterol levels found in Latin America and the Caribbean

Low levels of HDL cholesterol, the so-called 'good' cholesterol, are the most common lipid disorder in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, a new meta-analysis published in eLife shows.
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Covid live news: Russian vaccine 'must follow safety procedure', says WHO; New Zealand reports new cases

Coronavirus updates: New Zealand records first new local cases in 102 days; deaths likely to pass 750,000 this week, says WHORussia approves coronavirus vaccine despite testing safety concernsFrench and Dutch on alert over rise in casesLost on the frontline: the 900 US healthcare workers who have diedUK coronavirus updates – liveUS coronavirus updates – live 5.28pm BST Here’s a little more detail on those comments from the WHO’s director in the Americas Carissa Etienne, who has noted concern...
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Optical seismometer survives "hellish" summit of Caribbean volcano

The heights of La Soufrière de Guadeloupe volcano can be hellish, sweltering at more than 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) and swathed in billows of acidic gas. Researchers would like to monitor gas and steam eruptions at its summit, to learn more about the volcano's explosive potential, but conventional seismometers are destroyed quickly in the hostile environment.
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NASA follows potential tropical cyclone 9 into eastern Caribbean

NASA's Terra satellite obtained visible imagery of Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 after it moved into the Eastern Caribbean Sea and continued bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Leeward Islands, the US and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
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2,000 years of storms in the Caribbean

The hurricanes in the Caribbean became more frequent and their force varied noticeably around the same time that classical Mayan culture in Central America suffered its final demise: We can gain these and other insights by looking at the climate archive created under the leadership of geoscientists from Goethe University and now presented in an article in "Nature" journal's 'Scientific Reports' on 16 July.
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'The Most Musical Animals in the World': This New Electronic Album Features Endangered Birds

Put in some headphones, close your eyes, and let chill jams and tropical endangered birdsongs transport you to the threatened jungles of Latin America. A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean is a new album that features birds and artists from the region all with the purpose of sharing the…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Israel health chief quits in protest at lockdown easing; Bolsonaro tests positive

Siegal Sadetzki resigns in protest at government handling of pandemic; South Africa’s cases pass 200,000; Kenya emerges from lockdownBrazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirusItaly could ‘section’ people who refuse treatment for Covid-19Australia: Melbourne returns to six-week lockdownUK coronavirus updates – liveUS coronavirus updates – live 5.23pm BST Latin America and the Caribbean now account for 50% of coronavirus cases in the Americas, and the number of registere...
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How do you deal with 9m tonnes of suffocating seaweed?

Across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, scientists are developing alternative sustainable solutions to the golden tide of SargassumThe Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, first detected by Nasa observation satellites in 2011 and now known to be the world’s largest bloom of seaweed, stretches for 5,500 miles (8,850km) from the Gulf of Mexico to the western coast of Africa.Millions of tonnes of floating Sargassum seaweed in coastal waters smother fragile seagrass habitats, suffocate coral reefs an...
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Hoist the Mizzenmast, Margot Robbie Is Pirates of the Caribbean's New Star

Harley Quinn’s about to embrace her nautical side. A new report says Margot Robbie is set to star in a female-led Pirates of the Caribbean film for Disney. And she’s bringing a key member of the Birds of Prey crew onboard for the job.Read more...
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Analysis of ancient genomes suggests Caribbean settled by three colonization events

The islands of the Caribbean were settled and resettled by at least three successive waves of colonists from the American mainland, according to a new study, which presents new findings from an examination of ancient DNA from 93 early Caribbean islanders.
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Ancient DNA provides new insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean

According to a new study by an international team of researchers from the Caribbean, Europe and North America, the Caribbean was settled by several successive population dispersals that originated on the American mainland.
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Ancient genomic insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean

According to a new an international team of researchers from the Caribbean, Europe and North America, the Caribbean was settled by several successive population dispersals that originated on the American mainland.
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How Animals Communicate

Humans and other animals are quite alike—we all just speak different languages. For humans, it’s about the spoken word. With animals, the language may have nothing to do with the auditory sense. It could be gorgeous, like Caribbean reef squid that communicate through color patterns. Other times it’s tactile, like the…Read more...
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Virus prevalence associated with habitat

Levels of virus infection in lobsters seem to be related to habitat and other species, new studies of Caribbean marine protected areas have shown. The findings will support efforts to safeguard Caribbean spiny lobsters, which are a vital food source for communities across the region and world. They also boost our understanding of how viruses spread -- disease dynamics -- and of the ecology of fragile environments such as tropical reef lagoons and seagrass ecosystems.
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Pirates of the Caribbean's Jerry Bruckheimer Still Won't Say if Johnny Depp Will Return

Netflix is officially going forward with its superheroic vehicle for Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Jordan Vogt-Roberts continues to share more concepts from that Metal Gear Solid movie he really wants to make. Agents of SHIELD reveals some more mysterious casting for its final season. Plus, what’s to come when the …Read more...
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Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Could Be Eyeing a New Heroine

Michael Douglas wants you to be ready for Ant-Man news. Easing lockdown restrictions in New Zealand could lead to work restarting on Avatar and Lord of the Rings. Plus, get another vampy look at Mark Hamill’s arrival on What We Do in the Shadows, and what’s to come on the season finales of both Batwoman and Supergirl.…Read more...
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Solve invasive seaweed problem by turning it into biofuels and fertilisers

UK researchers have developed a cheap and simple way of creating biofuel and fertiliser from seaweed, whilst removing plastic from the oceans and cleaning up tourist beaches in the Caribbean and Central America.
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Timing of maturity, feelings about ethnicity and race can positively affect black males' self-concept, well-being

Black males start puberty at younger ages than males of other racial or ethnic groups, and early puberty has been linked to risks for negative outcomes, yet we know little about how black males navigate the changes in their bodies or understand their social identities. A new study explored how young African-American and Caribbean black males understand these matters and how variations in their understanding affect their self-concept and well-being.
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Caribbean coral reef decline began in 1950s and 1960s from local human activities

Now, in a new paper in Science Advances, Cramer has combined fossil data, historical records, and underwater survey data to reconstruct the abundance of staghorn and elkhorn corals over the past 125,000 years. She finds that these corals first began declining in the 1950s and 1960s, earlier than previously thought.
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Betting it all on 311

It’s been 16 years since 311 last had a hit, but they’ve kept busy. In the time since their lovers alt-rock take on The Cure’s “Lovesong” crossed over, the quintet has established a biennial Caribbean cruise, licensed their name to a number of craft beers, and created strains of marijuana. Just last year, they…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: China denies cover-up as Wuhan death toll revised up by 50%

Brazil’s president fires health minister; IMF predicts zero economic growth in Latin America and Caribbean; UK extends lockdown by three weeksCoronavirus latest: at a glanceTrump defers to governors in guidelines for reopening USUK coronavirus updates – liveAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all of our coronavirus coverage 10.22am BST Further problems around the UK’s plans for testing are being flagged up at a committee hearing by British MPs, which you can watch here.Donna Kinnair, chi...
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Coronavirus live news: Wuhan death toll revised up 50% as China's economy suffers worst fall on record

Brazil’s president fires health minister; IMF predicts zero growth in Latin America and Caribbean for decade to 2025; UK extends lockdown by three weeks. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glanceTrump defers to governors in guidelines for reopening USAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all of our coronavirus coverage 5.23am BST Here is some of our earlier reporting on Wuhan: Related: Birth of a pandemic: inside the first weeks of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan 5....
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