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MSI's Latest Laptops Are Smaller, Sturdier, and Some Even Vibrate

When MSI released the GS65 last year, it took a risk. Instead of making something massively powerful like the GT75, MSI swapped out its typical red-and-black color scheme and focused on a thin-and-light to create a more portable, but still fast all-rounder. And as a result, the GS65 became the company’s best selling…Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Windows, Ces, Computers, MSI, Notebooks, Laptops, Alexa, Gaming Laptops, CES 2019, The Customer Is Always Right, Msi Gs75

Skin Care Tech Is Already Having a Big Year

Las Vegas might not be the first place you think of when it comes to the future of skin care—it’s in the desert after all. But at this year’s CES, skin care tech was at the show in full force.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Las Vegas, Skin Care, Loreal, Olay, CES 2019, Opte

Okay, This Argument for 8K TVs Is Kinda Convincing 

I am not on board with 8K. The TVs will be expensive, there’s zero content for them, and they’ll heavily rely on internal processors for upscaling that already struggle to upscale HD content properly to 4K. It seems smarter to work on HDR tech, which makes a more substantial improvement at this time than higher…Read more...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Sony, Hdr, Televisions, 8K, 8k Tvs, CES 2019

The Totally Unofficial CES 2019 Meta Awards

Every year, CES sets the stage for all the wild, wonderful, and boundary-pushing tech we expect to see later in the year. But sometimes, as cool as all those gadgets are, some of the most interesting things at CES are all the inane stunts, absurd observations, and oddly touching moments that happen away from the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, CES 2019, The Unofficial Best Of Best Of Ces Awards, Saddest Booth At Ces, Sleepiest People At Ces

The 13 Coolest Things We Saw at CES This Year

Several people on the ground at CES in Las Vegas told me that it was down year. I’d argue that it was just plain boring. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some neat gadgets in the mix. In fact, a baker’s dozen of them were just plain amazing.Read more...
Tags: Science, Asus, Ces, Vr, Las Vegas, Lg, Ose, Vizio, Sex Toys, Soundbars, Vive, Tcl, Skin, Ossia, The North Face, Spigen

The Weird, Bizarre, and Amusing Tech at CES 2019

For all the cool gadgets that get shown off at CES, there’s also a bunch of things that make even the most jaded tech bloggers squint in a mix of confusion and amused befuddlement. Some of it you’ll find on the main show floor, others you’ll find in the nooks and corners at the Sands Expo and Eureka Park.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Tech, Ces, Consumer Tech, Sands Expo, CES 2019, Eureka Park Read

You Can Finally Buy a Robot That Will Be Your Friend

Do you find yourself feeling lonely or craving companionship? Have you considered purchasing a machine that could fill that void? No, not that kind of robot. I’m talking about moving, talking, thinking robots that can do things like fetch a cup of coffee and dance with you. This has been a futuristic concept for…Read more...
Tags: Science, Robots, Robotics, Walker, UBTech, Intuition Robotics, Temi, CES 2019, A Real Life Rosey, Elli Q

The Worst Pain in the World, Bendable Phones, and Joshua Tree: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Ten hut, Gizmodo readers! Do you have a New Year’s Resolution you should be working on? Do not answer that rhetorical question, because yours are the feeble dreams of weaklings and mine is to whip this sorry, good-for-nothing blog audience squad into shape!Read more...
Tags: Food, Gadgets, Comics, Astronomy, TV, Science, Technology, Privacy, Syfy, Ces, Glass, Surveillance, Physics, Birds, International Space Station, Ocean

This Sad Booth Is a Metaphor for CES This Year

The Consumer Electronics Show is typically an assault on your senses. There are flashing lights, blaring speakers, bizarre stunts, and this year, a yacht. Well, the Shenzhen 3iRobotics Co, LTD booth and a random guy snoozing while sitting upright in crappy chair offered us a perfect metaphor for CES 2019. It was sad,…Read more...
Tags: Science, CES 2019, Worst Booth, Shenzhen 3iRobotics Co LTD

The First Bendable Phone Is an Exciting Piece of Junk

Back in November, just days before Samsung teased its flexible display phone, Royole burst onto the scene with the Flexpai, the world’s first bendy phone. Sadly, demos were held in San Francisco, and I was in New York. By the time I found out, there simply wasn’t enough time for me to get there.Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, Samsung, San Francisco, Smartphones, Ces, Flexible Displays, CES 2019, Flexpai, Royole Flexpai, Bendy Gadgets Need To Be Better Than This, Bendy Phones, Flexible Gadgets

AMD CEO Talks Ray Tracing Development and Future Windows Laptops

AMD CEO Lisa Su sat down with press, including Gizmodo, yesterday to chat about the company’s CES announcements. The conversation started with a bang, addressing Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s criticisms of AMD less than an hour earlier, then moved to a broad discussion of AMD’s business. Of particular note was the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Nvidia, Amd, Gizmodo, Lisa Su, RYZEN, Jensen Huang, CES 2019, Ryzen 2

Acer's New Swift 7 Is So Thin It Doesn't Seem Real

At some point, Acer is going to have to give up its yearly quest to make the Swift 7 just a little bit slimmer, but that time hasn’t come yet, because at CES 2019 Acer has once again triumphed over physics to create something stupendously skinny.Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Ces, Acer, Laptops, CES 2019, Acer Swift 7, How Thin Will They Go

I Tried Really Hard to Rip These Incredibly Tough Pantyhose and Failed Miserably

There’s a lot wrong with women’s fashion, but torn stockings rank pretty high on the list of annoying quirks I’ve just learned to shut up and deal with. Seriously, anything will tear pantyhose. Is your toenail hideously long? Tear. Did you walk too close to a sharp table edge? Giant hole in your thigh. Did you simply…Read more...
Tags: Wearables, Science, Ces, CES 2019, Sheertex

With Spigen's New Over-the-Air Charging Case, We're One Step Closer to Truly Wireless Power Being a Reality

Over the past few years, Ossia has impressed us with demonstrations of its over-the-air power delivery system which promises to make charging cables and pads obsolete. But it’s always been just demos of prototypes, which feels like a constant tease of a future we want right now. For CES 2019, however, Ossia worked…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Tech, Smartphones, Ces, Power, Cases, Wireless, Charging, Ossia, Consumer Tech, Cota, Spigen, CES 2019, Ces2019, Forever Sleeve

Sitting In This Lamborghini Massage Chair Was Like Having Bad Sex With Optimus Prime

CES is a physically taxing event. So far, according to my trusty Fitbit Versa, I have walked upwards of 50,000 steps while carrying a 15-pound backpack. I busted my knee, I’m fighting a cold, and I don’t remember what the loving embrace of a human feels like.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, CES 2019, Bodyfriend, Massage Chair

What Made TVs Fascinating at CES This Year

It’s hard to imagine CES without TVs, and this year that almost happened. This is not to say there weren’t any TVs in Las Vegas. There were a lot! There were 8K TVs, OLED TVs, QLED TVs, big TVs, small TVs. But it’s hard to explain how they’re meaningfully different than the fancy TVs we were excited about at CES last…Read more...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Sony, Las Vegas, Lg, Tvs, Tcl, 8K, CES 2019, Teevee

I'm on a Boat—in the Middle of the Desert

I don’t have my swim trunks or my flippy-floppies, and there aren’t any dolphins anywhere, but you can’t stop me ‘cause I’m on a boat.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Online Shopping, Boats, Voice Assistants, Yachts, Consumer Tech, Furrion, CES 2019, The First Boat At Ces, Numarine

Nvidia CEO Trashes AMD's New GPU: 'The Performance Is Lousy'

Yesterday I spent two hours listening to the CEOs of rival companies talk trash about each other. It reminded me of my parents right after their divorce. Nvidia was shit talking AMD, and AMD politely responded with just enough bite for you to take notice.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Nvidia, Amd, Lisa Su, Jensen Huang, CES 2019

This Robot Doesn't Care If You Want to Buy It, But Maybe That's Why It'll Succeed

Home robots had a bad 2018, and compared to previous years, they’re not as visible on the ground at CES 2019, too. The robots that haven’t bit the dust tend to be of the “teach kids how to code” variety, or conceptual bots like the laundry folding FoldiMate that at this point are more CES perennials than likely…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Robots, Robotics, Misty Robotics, CES 2019

CES Will Honor Your Innovation so Long as It Doesn't Fuck 

At this year’s CES Innovation Awards—the consumer electronic show’s “annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products”—a sex toy company was selected as an honoree in the Robotics and Drone category, only to have their award swiftly rescinded by the organization’s…Read more...
Tags: Science, Robotics, Sex Tech, CES 2019

There's a Cleaning Kit Hidden Inside This Portable NES so You'll Never Have to Blow on a Cartridge Again

Do I need another portable gaming device weighing down my backpack every time I leave the house? My spine says no, but the retro gamer in me loves the idea of taking an NES with me wherever I roam. As handheld consoles go, My Arcade’s RetroChamp, announced at CES this year, pushes the boundaries of portable gaming.…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Video Games, Tech, Nes, Ces, Nintendo, Consumer Tech, My Arcade, CES 2019, Ces2019, Retrochamp

Some More Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

As the dust settles on CES and all of the big gadgets have astounded or disappointed, it’s time for another round up of the little devices that weren’t notable enough to warrant their own coverage but still deserve plenty of love.Read more...
Tags: Science, CES 2019

Olay Convinced Me to Moisturize By Showing Me What I'll Look Like in 20 Years

Las Vegas is a very bad place for skin. The casinos are full of smoke, the air is dry, and there are damaging UV rays everywhere because well, it’s the desert. And while I packed some drug store moisturizer and sunscreen for my trip to CES 2019, I have admittedly been very remiss about maintaining a good skin care…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Las Vegas, Olay, CES 2019, Skin Tech, I Still Have Time To Fix This

This Wand Is Like a Real-Life Photoshop Editor for Your Skin

When it comes to good skin, at least there’s always photo-editing software. In real life, however, the only solution to covering up age spots, acne scars, redness, and dark circles is slathering on creams. But Opté’s beauty wand is like taking a Photoshop airbrush to your skin in real life. In fact, after watching it…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, CES 2019, Opte, Skin Tech

AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU

Usually, the biggest announcements at CES are over with by the end of the first day, but during its second-day keynote AMD CEO Lisa Su announced a new GPU, the AMD Radeon VII. According to Su, it is the very first 7nm graphics card available to consumers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Graphics, Amd, Gpu, Gpus, Consumer Tech, AMD Radeon, Lisa Su, AMD Vega, CES 2019, Amd Radeon Vii

AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU [Updated]

Usually, the biggest announcements at CES are over with by the end of the first day, but during its second-day keynote AMD CEO Lisa Su announced a new GPU, the AMD Radeon VII. According to Su, it is the very first 7nm graphics card available to consumers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, Graphics, Amd, Gpu, Gpus, Consumer Tech, AMD Radeon, Lisa Su, AMD Vega, CES 2019, Amd Radeon Vii

Samsung Let Me Wear an Exoskeleton, and I Liked It

When a lot of people picture an exoskeleton, they might imagine Matt Damon wearing a robotic jumpsuit of sorts in the entertaining but critically panned move Elysium. Samsung has a different idea for how this technology might work. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the company showed off a line of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Matt Damon, Samsung, Las Vegas, Cyborgs, Consumer Electronics Show CES, Exoskeletons, CES 2019, Elysium Samsung

This Wheelchair Is Controlled With Smiles and Kissy Faces

Intel’s big news this week at CES is that more 9th-generation processors are coming later this year. But lurking in the company’s booth are a couple of wheelchairs you can control with facial expressions.Read more...
Tags: Science, Intel, Realsense, CES 2019, Accessiblitiy

Vizio Has a Wacky Idea for Futuristic Dolby Atmos Soundbars

One of the most exciting innovations for home entertainment is Dolby Atmos. The technology adds an element of height to the audio coming out of your sound system, and the effect is honestly game-changing. Vizio has a wacky idea about how to make Atmos even better. What if your soundbar could do Atmos at will? Or, more…Read more...
Tags: Science, Audio, Speakers, Concepts, Vizio, Soundbars, Home Audio, Home Entertainment, Dolby Atmos, Atmos, CES 2019

Google Is Clearing the Air of Foul AI With Its Stab at a Universal Language Translator

Last year was a rough one on AI’s public profile, and rightfully so. Major programs powered by machine learning, like Amazon’s recruiting software, were revealed to be biased against women. Others were dangerously ill-conceived, like Predictim’s babysitter-vetting algorithm. Even some of the biggest tech companies…Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Science, Automaton, CES 2019, Predictim

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