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Coronavirus live news: death toll in Spain passes China; Belgium hospital admissions rise by 50% in a day

India locks down; Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus; Senate and White House reach stimulus dealCoronavirus: latest developments at a glanceWhy the US has struggled to tackle a growing crisisUK coronavirus updates – livePrince Charles tests positive for Covid-19See all our coronavirus coverage 1.35pm GMT Canadian banks on Tuesday followed US heavyweights in offering one-time bonuses and extra paid days off to customer-service employees who are required to work in branches and call...
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Coronavirus live news: death toll in Spain overtakes China, and India locks down

UN urges G20 to adopt ‘wartime plan’; Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus; Senate and White House reach stimulus dealWhy the US has struggled to tackle a growing crisisUK coronavirus updates – liveAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 11.05am GMT The head of the Netherlands’ public health institute has told the Dutch parliament that measures to control the spread of coronavirus appear to be working, Dutch News reports. Jaap van Dissel said the country...
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Davos 2020: Prince Charles offers stark warning over 'approaching catastrophe'

At the World Economic Forum, he asked: "Do we want to go down in history as the people who did nothing?"
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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 47 - this isn't just an old man's disease

It’s one of those sunny Monday mornings when, truth be told, most of us would like to sneak a day off. But for Matthew Wiltshire, the opposite is true.  “I’d love to be heading into work right now,” says Wiltshire, a 52-year-old IT sales director from Weybridge, Surrey. “I’m a work hard, play hard person. I miss the structure of the week.” We’re sipping coffee in the light-drenched kitchen of the waterside home Wiltshire shares with wife Sophie, a 49-year-old hair stylist and their two sons, Oli...
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James Charles and Tati Westbrook Are Rewriting Reality TV For YouTube

Over this weekend, James Charles’s beauty empire began to crumble. Fresh off the heels of an appearance at the Met Ball— a moment the beauty guru and YouTuber referred to as important step for “influencer representation” — Charles found himself in a roiling cauldron of drama, that, at first blush felt sort of…Read more...
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Charles, William, Harry: 3 princes help launch ‘Our Planet’

LONDON (AP) — A new eight-part Netflix series chronicling life on Earth and the threat posed by climate change has received a royal sendoff at London’s Natural History Museum. Prince Charles lauded the “Our Planet” series and its narrator David Attenborough at the world premiere Thursday night. He was joined by sons Prince William and […]
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In Another '90s Throwback, Captain Marvel Returns Magic Eye to the Public Consciousness

My name is Charles, and I can’t Magic Eye.
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Scripps Family Contributes $4.6 Million Towards Two Crucial Scripps Oceanography Projects

The University of California San Diego today announced charitable gifts from more than a dozen descendants of Edward W. Scripps that will make possible two crucial and high-profile projects at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Included in the projects covered by the $4.6 million in family gifts is the replacement of the railing on the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier, and the reconstruction and modernization of the Center for Coastal Studies, which will be named after longtime supporters ...
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Night Sky – March 2018: two full Moons, and the Plough explained

As was the case in January, there are two full Moons in March, one on the 2nd and one on the 31st. The second full Moon in a month has popularly become known as a Blue Moon even though this is not the original definition. That stated a Blue Moon was the third full Moon in a season which contained four full Moons. The occurrence of two full Moons in January followed by two in March takes place approximately four times every century. Venus over the Solent in December 2016. Tis month, it will be jo...
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Microwaved exploding eggs make for an unusual acoustic experiment

If you have looked closely at a microwave's warnings or have experienced an accidental explosion, you know that certain foods pose a risk due to an increase in their internal pressure, and potatoes and hard-boiled eggs are among the most common culprits. Researchers from Charles M. Salter Associates will present their research on the sound pressures generated by exploding eggs at the 174th ASA Meeting, Dec. 4-8, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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A Farmer and His Robot Make the Ultimate Odd Couple in Charming Scifi Short Brian and Charles

Scifi comedy short Brian and Charles unfolds on an isolated farm in England, where a desperately lonely man builds a robot companion for himself—and soon finds that his new relationship, even though it’s with an artificial human who looks like elderly men but acts like a child, is nothing but work.Read more...
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Scientists hope to restore extinct Galapagos turtle species

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Scientists in Ecuador’s Galapagos islands are hoping to restore a turtle species believed extinct since the 1800s. The Chelonoidis elephantopus lived on Floreana Island and was captured by seamen in large numbers for food during their long journeys across the Pacific. The species is thought to have disappeared shortly after Charles […]
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Charles Darwin & Charles Dickens’ Four-Hour Work Day: The Case for Why Less Work Can Mean More Productivity

We all operate at different levels of ambition: some just want to get by and enjoy themselves, while others strive to make achievements with as long-lasting an impact on humanity as possible. If we think of candidates for the latter category, Charles Darwin may well come to mind, at least in the sense that the work he did as a naturalist, and more so the theory of evolution that came out of it, has ensured that we remember his name well over a century after his death and will surely continue to...
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This 7-year-old from Maryland might be the next Einstein

Romanieo Golphin, Jr. may only be 7, but already there are whispers that he could be the Albert Einstein of his generation. The home-schooled boy from Silver Spring, Maryland, showed signs of precociousness at age 2, when he was able to tackle questions about particle physics between spoonfuls of Cheerios. Although Romanieo digs art and music and loves LEGO and candy, his real passions lie with science, a subject where he gets to articulate "big words" like “cyclohexanecarboxylic acid" that wou...
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Strange brews: Making beer with Boston river water

BOSTON (AP) — Who wants to drink that dirty water? Some of New England’s leading breweries will compete Oct. 1 to see who can turn the questionable water of Boston’s Charles River into the tastiest suds. Six area breweries have signed on for the first ever “Brew the Charles” challenge, a highlight of HUBweek, a […]
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The rats who sniff out tuberculosis

The African giant pouched rat can be trained to sniff out tuberculosis more accurately than most lab tests. So why is the medical profession still sceptical?In a small, hot room in a compound located in Tanzania’s lush southern highlands, one day in mid-December, were three white-clad technicians, a glass-and-metal chamber and a large brown rat named Charles.After being gently dropped into the chamber, Charles aimed his long snout towards the first of a series of 10 sliding metal plates in the c...
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