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Coronavirus live news: France says UK quarantine will lead to reciprocal measures as New Zealand outbreak widens

France and Spain report highest post-lockdown Covid-19 cases; New Zealand outbreak spreads beyond Auckland; Australia records youngest coronavirus death. Follow the latest updatesUK adds France to Covid-19 14-day quarantine listFrance says UK quarantine will lead to reciprocal measuresMobile crematorium in Bolivia as deaths surgeSee all our coronavirus coverage 4.32am BST The findings of a public inquiry into how passengers infected with the novel coronavirus were allowed to disembark a crui...
Tags: UK, Science, Australia, France, China, Spain, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Infectious Diseases, New South Wales, Sydney, New Zealand, Auckland, Bolivia

Coronavirus live news: Russia says first batch of vaccine ready in two weeks; Germany cases at three-month high

Moscow ; ; Germans told to New Zealand begins mass testing as Australia records deadliest dayFrench and Dutch on alert over rise in casesLost on the frontline: the 900 US health workers who have diedUK economy plunges into deepest recession since records beganUK coronavirus updates – live 5.32pm BST The coronavirus pandemic has pushed most of the world’s major economies into unprecedented contractions in the second quarter, except for China which escaped a recession.Here are the second qu...
Tags: Science, Australia, China, Germany, Russia, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Infectious Diseases, Missouri, New Zealand, Moscow, Kansas City, Afp

Evidence in mice that electroacupuncture reduces inflammation via specific neural pathways

Stimulating the nervous system using small electric current by acupuncture could tamp down systemic inflammation in the body, suggests new research in mice from a team of neuroscientists in the US and China. The research, publishing August 12 in the journal Neuron, helps to map the neuroanatomical underpinnings of this ancient medical practice.
Tags: Science, China, US

New microrobot with in situ, in vivo bioprinting offers promise for gastric wounds

Researchers in China have taken the first step towards a new way of treating gastric wounds by using a microrobot combined with the new concept of "in situ in vivo bioprinting" to carry out tissue repair inside the body.
Tags: Science, China

Report: TikTok Collected Persistent IDs From Android Phones in Apparent Violation of Google Policy

TikTok, the Chinese-owned video app that Donald Trump’s administration is incoherently threatening to ban from the U.S. and may be gearing up for a court fight in response, quietly collected persistent identifiers from Android devices for 15 months, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Technology, Privacy, China, Advertising, Cybersecurity, Ads, Donald Trump, Bytedance, Tiktok

'Most Americans now know someone who has been infected with COVID-19'

“The U.S. has reached a landmark of sorts in its so far not very successful battle with the virus that causes Covid-19 — most Americans now know someone who has been infected,” writes Justin Fox at Bloomberg, about coronavirus social data from Navigator Research, shown above. From Navigator Research: Key takeaways: • Trump’s approval ratings on handling the pandemic remain deeply underwater. • For the first time since the pandemic began, a majority of Americans know someone who has been i...
Tags: Post, New York, Science, News, China, Bloomberg, US news, Public Health, Italy, Trump, Continental Europe, Justin Fox, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Covid19, Navigator Research

NASA finds Mekkhala coming apart after landfall in Southeastern China

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided forecasters with a visible image of former Typhoon Mekkhala shortly after it made landfall in southeastern China. Wind shear had torn the storm apart.
Tags: Science, China, Nasa, Suomi NPP, NASA NOAA, Southeastern China, Mekkhala

Magnesium alloy with eddy-thermal effect for novel tumor magnetic hyperthermia therapy

Magnetic hyperthermia therapy (MHT) as a noninvasive local treatment strategy is able to ablate tumors. There is still a demand to find new magnetocaloric agents with strong AMF-induced heating performance and excellent biocompatibility. The eddy thermal effect of magnesium alloy (MgA) could be employed for MHT to effectively ablate tumors was reported by scientists based in China. Considering the wide clinical use of implantable MgA devices, such a strategy holds great promise in clinical trans...
Tags: Science, China, AMF

Coronavirus live news: Global infections near 20m as Australia suffers deadliest day

Australian state of Victoria records 19 deaths; US cases pass 5m; UK daily infections pass 1,000 for first time since June. Follow the latest updatesGlobal infections near 20mGreece sees highest daily case riseUS passes 5m Covid-19 cases as Joe Biden says pandemic ‘breaks heart’Brazil scientist’s despair as coronavirus deaths hit 100,000See all our coronavirus coverage 1.30am BST China reported on Monday 49 new coronavirus cases in the mainland for August 9, compared with 23 cases a day earl...
Tags: UK, Science, Australia, China, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, Joe Biden, US news, Infectious Diseases, Brazil, Victoria, Adecco Group, National Health Commission, Coronavirus outbreak

Huawei Has About a Month Before It Runs Out of Smartphone Chips

The Trump administration’s sanctions are hitting Huawei hard, and the Chinese tech giant now says it will run out of processors chips for its smartphones by September without access to U.S. venders, according to a weekend Associated Press report.Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, China, Samsung, Intel, Associated Press, Huawei, Qualcomm, Trump, Privacy And Security

Highly sensitive dopamine detector uses 2D materials

A supersensitive dopamine detector can help in the early diagnosis of several disorders that result in too much or too little dopamine, according to a group led by Penn State and including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and universities in China and Japan.
Tags: Science, China, Penn State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Making N-C bond directly from N2: summary and perspective

N-Containing organic compounds are of vital importance to lives. Practical and catalytic synthesis of valuable N-containing organic compounds directly from dinitrogen (N2), not through ammonia (NH3), is a holy-grail in chemistry and chemical industry. Recently, scientists from Peking University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (CAS), and Fudan University in China summarize the previous works on the transformation of N2 into organic compounds and outline the research emphases of this area in...
Tags: Science, China, Fudan University

Senate Moves to Ban TikTok on Government Phones

The U.S. Senate passed a bill on Thursday prohibiting federal workers from downloading TikTok, the Chinese-owned video app the White House has recently threatened to ban citing national security concerns.Read more...
Tags: Science, Senate, White House, China, US Senate, U S Senate, Bytedance, Tiktok

Trump Admin Starts Construction on Chinese-Style Great Firewall

After attempting to rewrite the rules of the internet and poach TikTok, the Trump regime has concocted a bonkers plan to build a digital wall around the U.S. internet. This plan has it all: dictatorship, nationalism, paranoia, walls, bans, trade war, and extra-legal blustering that could pressure companies to do what…Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Censorship, Walls, Trump Administration, TikTok The Trump, Trump Admin Starts Construction

Coronavirus live news: global death toll passes 700,000; French government warns 'do not lower your guard'

US health secretary Alex Azar to visit Taiwan in veiled attack on China; Trump flounders in interview; France could lose control ‘any time’Australia suffers its deadliest day of pandemic‘We’re fighting a ghost’: six months on victories over virus remain fragileTrump on the ropes over Covid-19 figures in TV interviewUK coronavirus updates – live 9.58am BST France has again reported more than 1,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the previous 24 hours. There are now 184 active clusters unde...
Tags: Europe, Science, France, China, US, World news, US news, Taiwan, Ireland, Infectious Diseases, Donald Trump, Trump, Micheal Martin, Alex Azar, Coronavirus outbreak, COVID

Coronavirus live news: global death toll passes 700,000 as top US official to visit Taiwan

US health secretary Alex Azar to visit Taiwan in veiled attack on China; Trump flounders in interview; France could lose control ‘any time’US: Biden tells Trump to ‘step up and do your job’‘We’re fighting a ghost’: six months on victories over virus remain fragileUS: Trump on the ropes over Covid-19 figures in TV interview 7.29am BST Here are the latest figures of confirmed cases and deaths in the Western Pacific Region, according to the World Health Organisation. #COVID19 confirmed cases an...
Tags: Europe, Science, London, France, China, US, World news, US news, Taiwan, Infectious Diseases, Biden, Donald Trump, Manila, Trump, Alex Azar, Western Pacific Region

Coronavirus live news: global death toll passes 700,000 as Europe faces second wave

US health secretary Alex Azar to visit Taiwan in veiled attack on China; Trump flounders in interview; France could lose control ‘any time’. Follow all the developmentsUS: Biden tells Trump to ‘step up and do your job’‘We’re fighting a ghost’: six months on victories over virus remain fragileUS: Trump on the ropes over Covid-19 figures in TV interview 6.30am BST Schools in England should be the last to close and the first to reopen in the event of a second lockdown, the children’s commission...
Tags: Europe, England, Science, France, China, US, World news, US news, Taiwan, Infectious Diseases, Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, Anne Longfield, Alex Azar, Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus live news: US health secretary Azar to visit Taiwan as Europe faces second wave

Alex Azar praises ‘transparent’ handling of pandemic in veiled attack on China; Trump flounders in interview; France could lose control ‘any time’. Follow all the developmentsUS: Biden tells Trump to ‘step up and do your job’‘We’re fighting a ghost’: six months on victories over virus remain fragileUS: Trump on the ropes over Covid-19 figures in TV interview 3.22am BST The Australian state of Victoria has confirmed that it recorded 725 new cases of coronavirus and 15 deaths in the past 24 ho...
Tags: Europe, Science, France, China, US, World news, US news, Taiwan, Infectious Diseases, Victoria, Biden, Donald Trump, Beirut, Daniel Andrews, Trump, Martin Chulov

White House at a Total Fucking Loss to Explain Trump's TikTok Shakedown

No one in the White House has any idea what the fuck Donald Trump was talking about when he suggested that the U.S. Treasury should get a slice of any deal for Microsoft to buy TikTok.Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Privacy, White House, China, Cybersecurity, Espionage, Donald Trump, Trump, U S Treasury, CFIUS, Tiktok, Committee On Foreign Investment In The US, Repeat After Me B R I B E

China: We Will Not Allow the US to Seize the Memes of Production

Chinese state media has responded to Donald Trump’s decision that he’s the president of TikTok now, accusing him of stealing. Reuters quoted the state-backed paper China Daily, in which the editorial board wrote that China won’t tolerate Donald Trump’s “bullying” and outright “theft” of TikTok, and that China had…Read more...
Tags: Science, China, US, Donald Trump, China Daily, Reuters, Tiktok

Four-compartment modeling can help determine best COVID-19 control strategy

Researchers in China identified four key population categories useful in guiding COVID-19 public health policies aimed at minimizing the spread of the disease and reducing fatalities. The team, led by Dr. Baoguo Jiang of the Department of Orthopedics & Traumatology at Peking University People's Hospital, published their findings in the journal Precision Clinical Medicine on May 28.
Tags: Science, China, Peking University People s Hospital, Baoguo Jiang, Department of Orthopedics Traumatology, Precision Clinical Medicine

NASA infrared imagery shows Hagupit nearing landfall in China

NASA's Aqua satellite provided a look at Typhoon Hagupit as it was nearing landfall in southeastern China.
Tags: Science, China, Nasa, Hagupit

Trump Demands Microsoft Pay Off the U.S. Treasury to Secure TikTok Deal

Donald Trump is demanding the U.S. government somehow get a juicy cut of any deal for Microsoft to buy Chinese-owned video app TikTok—or else.Read more...
Tags: Security, Apps, Music, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Privacy, China, Espionage, Donald Trump, U S Treasury, Bytedance, Tiktok, Trump Demands Microsoft

Up to a Third of Bangladesh Is Underwater

This monsoon season has been devastating East and South Asia since early June, and the rains are showing no signs of stopping—throughout the region, they are expected to into mid-August. Bangladesh has been especially hard it: The floods have left between 24% and 37% of the country underwater, the New York…Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, China, India, Bangladesh, South Asia, Monsoons, When It Rains It Pours

The Perseverance rover is our best bet for finding life on Mars

Next spring is going to be a busy time for Mars. In close succession, three spacecraft will arrive at the planet, joining the dozen or so craft already circling Mars. Two of the spacecraft were launched in the past couple of weeks by newcomers to martian exploration: the United Arab Emirates’ Al-Amal (meaning Hope) and China’s Tianwen-1 (which means Question to Heaven). The third vessel will be NASA’s Mars 2020, containing the Perseverance rover, which just took off successfully from Florida. Wh...
Tags: Startups, Space, Florida, Science, China, Tech, Nasa, United Arab Emirates, Mars, Syndication, Al Amal, Tianwen

Microsoft Reportedly Looking to Buy TikTok as Trump Admin Edges Closer to Crackdown

After what seems like a lifetime of political flak and negative media attention, the China-based company ByteDance might finally surrender ownership of TikTok in the United States. This afternoon, Fox Business Network correspondent Charles Gasparino tweeted, and Bloomberg reported, that Donald Trump plans to order…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, China, Bloomberg, United States, Donald Trump, Fox Business Network, Charles Gasparino, Bytedance, Tiktok

Coronavirus live news: France rules out 'catastrophic' second national lockdown despite rise in infections

French prime minister says full lockdown must be avoided; number of global cases passes 17m; Japan to lift ban on re-entry of some foreign residents starting next weekAustralia sees record daily case riseUS passes 150,000 coronavirus deathsUK coronavirus live: latest updatesUS coronavirus live: latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage 11.32am BST Authorities imposed travel restictions on Thursday on people coming in and out of Urumqi, the capital of China’s western Xinjiang region, see...
Tags: Japan, Science, France, China, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Czech Republic, Prague, Infectious Diseases, Xinjiang, Urumqi, Reuters, Coronavirus outbreak

Ancient mountain formation and monsoons helped create a modern biodiversity hotspot

In a new study in Science, researchers examined the plant life in the China's Hengduan Mountains, the Himalaya Mountains, and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Using DNA to build family trees of species, they learned that the diversity of plants in that region today can be traced back to newly-formed mountain ranges 30 million years ago, and monsoons that came later. It's a concrete example of how climatic and environmental changes influence life on Earth.
Tags: Science, China, Himalaya Mountains, Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Hengduan Mountains

Global report: downsized hajj pilgrimage begins amid Covid-19 restrictions

US deaths near 150,000; half of people living in Mumbai slums have had the coronavirus; China records 100 new casesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMuslim pilgrims have begun the annual hajj in the holy city of Mecca in a dramatically downsized version as the hosts, Saudi Arabia, try to prevent any outbreaks of coronavirus during the five-day pilgrimage.The hajj, one of the five pillars or most important practices of Islam and an obligation for able-bodied Muslims at l...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, China, US, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Islam, Mecca, Mumbai, Hajj, Coronavirus outbreak

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Study reveals where first cases of COVID-19 outside China may have originated based on case travel histories

"Our findings suggest that travel from just a few countries with substantial SARS-CoV-2 transmission may have seeded additional outbreaks around the world before the characterisation of COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11, 2020", says Dr Fatimah Dawood from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA, who co-led the research.
Tags: Science, China, Fatimah Dawood, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC USA

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