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Top U.S. General Plans to Meet With Google Execs to Scold Them for Doing Business in China

The relationship between Silicon Valley and the Pentagon is one of the most high-stakes, high-tension, and high-dollar links in the world. Desperate to lead the globe’s militaries in artificial intelligence, the U.S. Defense Department is trying to navigate a maze of tech employee protests and political minefields…Read more...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 22 March 2019

Bet you can’t name this distinctive capital city. See item, below. Good morning“I’m sorry, I’m having difficulty understanding that right now.  Please try again later.”That was the regular response, during the last nightmarish couple of weeks, to my regular morning request “Alexa, turn on David Bed Light”.  An intermittent problem with my new Netgear router often meant it had frozen overnight, so when it came time to turn on the light in the morning as part of a regular getting out of bed routin...
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'Mindblowing' haul of fossils over 500m years old unearthed in China

Thousands of fossils date back to huge burst in diversity of life on Earth known as Cambrian explosionA “mindblowing” haul of fossils that captures the riot of evolution that kickstarted the diversity of life on Earth more than half a billion years ago has been discovered by researchers in China.Paleontologists found thousands of fossils in rocks on the bank of the Danshui river in Hubei province in southern China, where primitive forms of jellyfish, sponges, algae, anemones, worms and arthropod...
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Scientists Find Huge Trove of Marine Fossils from the 'Cambrian Explosion' in China

Scientists have uncovered a wealth of well-preserved fossils in China from the early Cambrian Period, representing 101 species so far, over half of which have never been described before.Read more...
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Relax, Things Really Aren't So Bad at Tencent

Okay, so maybe Tencent Holdings Ltd. did post its biggest net-income miss in, like, forever.(2) And operating profit fell off a cliff. First, monetization of games recommenced in December after the Chinese government gave the go-ahead for Tencent to actually extract revenue from eight new titles. Despite China's regulatory clampdown on new games, Tencent's 4Q sequential decline of just 2.6% in mobile game sales -- to 19 billion yuan, is better than market expectations.
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Why Tencent Missed the Mark on Profit by Most in a Decade

Net income fell 32 percent to 14.2 billion yuan ($2.1 billion), missing the 17.55 billion-yuan average of estimates, on investments in content, cloud computing and financial technology. China’s social media leader is emerging from one of its darkest periods, as game approvals slowly resume and the country’s economic slowdown cools demand for advertising.
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Tencent Profit Drops on Higher Spending as Games Unit Stabilizes

Net income fell 32 percent to 14.2 billion yuan ($2.1 billion), missing the 17.55 billion-yuan average of estimates, on investments in content, cloud computing and financial technology. China’s social media leader is emerging from one of its darkest periods, as game approvals slowly resume and the country’s economic slowdown cools demand for advertising. “As it turns out the market was probably worried about the wrong thing,” Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Vey-Sern Ling said in an email.
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Semiconductor: A new contender for scalable quantum computing

Recent advances of quantum computing has attracted global attention for its prospective applications in business and industry. Semiconductor quantum devices that are promising for integration with classical CMOS technology is a new contender in this field and has developed with a dramatically fast speed in the last decade. Scientists in China summarize the latest advances in semiconductor quantum computing and the challenges as well as new opportunities are discussed.
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Ancient Bird Fossil Includes Evidence of an Unlaid Egg

Paleontologists in China have detected traces of an unlaid egg in a 110-million-year-old bird fossil from the Cretaceous period, in what’s considered the first discovery of its kind. And in an ironic twist, it appears the egg is what killed the mother bird.Read more...
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Chinese Goths Stage Selfie Protest After Subway Rider Ordered to Remove 'Horrifying' Makeup

Bela Lugosi may be dead, but his spooky spirit lives on as symbol of protest in China. Social media users in the country are now posting their goth selfies in an act of solidarity with a woman was told to take off her “horrifying” makeup before getting on a train.Read more...
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China clones 'Sherlock Holmes' police dog to cut training times – report

Kunxun was cloned from a police sniffer dog in Beijing but cost of process remains an obstacle Scientists in south-west China’s Yunnan province have reportedly cloned what they called the “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs” in a programme they hope will help cut training times and costs for police dogs.The dog, named Kunxun, was cloned from a police sniffer dog by the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company and the Yunnan Agricultural University, with support from the Ministry of Public Securi...
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Levels of autism in China similar to the West, joint Chinese-UK study shows

The first large-scale study of autism in China has revealed that around one in a hundred people in the country has an autism spectrum condition -- the same figure as found in the West.
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U.S. oil prices hit four-month peak on tightening global supply

U.S. crude prices rose to a four-month high after U.S. government data showed tightening oil and product supplies, but gains were capped by concerns over global economic growth amid the ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute. The front-month U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures contract, which expires Wednesday, rose 23 cents to $59.26 a barrel by 10:58 a.m. EDT (1458 GMT). International Brent crude futures rose 41 cents to $68.02 a barrel.
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U.S. oil prices rise above $60 per barrel on tightening supply

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. crude prices rose to a four-month high above $60 a barrel after government data showed tightening oil supplies in the United States, but gains were capped by concerns over global economic growth due to the ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute.
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China clones 'Sherlock Holmes' police dog to cut training times: state media

Scientists in southwest China's Yunnan province have cloned what they called the "Sherlock Holmes of police dogs" in a program they hope will help cut training times and costs for police dogs, state media reported on Wednesday. The dog, named Kunxun, was cloned from a police sniffer dog by the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company and the Yunnan Agricultural University, with support from the Ministry of Public Security, the state-owned tabloid Global Times reported. Sinogene is hoping t...
Tags: Science, China, Beijing, Sherlock Holmes, Global Times, Ministry of Public Security, Yunnan province, Sinogene, Kunxun, Sinogene Biotechnology Company, Yunnan Agricultural University, Zhao Jianping

Chinese GoPro Competitor Insta360 Targets an IPO by 2020

The Shenzhen-based maker of 360-degree cameras and virtual reality devices has raised $30 million from investors including Everest Venture Capital, MG Holdings and Huajin Capital, founder Liu Jingkang said. Longer term, the startup is pondering a listing but hasn’t made a final decision on venue, which could include China’s upcoming technology board or the existing Growth Enterprises Board in Shenzhen, the founder said.
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US accuses Russia, China of undermining space peace push

The US on Tuesday accused Russia and China of raising the risk of conflict in space, notably by developing anti-satellite weapons, as diplomats held talks on a treaty to keep space peaceful. The closed-door negotiations in Geneva involving experts from 25 governments -- including the US, China and Russia -- are aimed at laying the groundwork for a legally-binding text to prevent an arms race in outer space.
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The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Economic growth linked to reduction in stunting and thinness, but rise in overweight and obesity in Chinese children and adolescents

The first study to evaluate the effect of economic growth on malnutrition in all its forms has found that, while stunting and thinness have ameliorated in recent years, a four-fold increase in overweight and obesity among children and adolescents occurred in China between 1995 and 2014, with around one in five children and adolescents now either overweight or obese.
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Intel and Cray are building a $500 million ‘exascale’ supercomputer for Argonne National Lab

In a way, I have the equivalent of a supercomputer in my pocket. But in another, more important way, that pocket computer is a joke compared with real supercomputers — and Intel and Cray are putting together one of the biggest ever with a half-billion-dollar contract from the Department of Energy. It’s going to do exaflops! The “Aurora” program aims to put together an “exascale” computing system for Argonne National Laboratory by 2021. The “exa” is prefix indicating bigness, in this case 1 qu...
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China's Largest Streaming Site Is Coming After TikTok

IQiyi Inc., controlled by search giant Baidu Inc., intends to cultivate a social media-oriented video sharing platform geared toward entertainment, founder and Chief Executive Officer Gong Yu told Bloomberg Television. Apps like Douyin, known as Tik Tok in the U.S., have exploded across China, helping users shoot and share clips on everything from dancing teens and feats of physical strength to noodle-slurping villagers. IQiyi is hoping to tap China’s voracious appetite for everything from cel...
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Here's a running list of all the ways climate change has altered Earth in 2019

Earth is now the warmest it's been in some 120,000 years. Eighteen of the last 19 years have been the warmest on record. And concentrations of carbon dioxide -- a potent greenhouse gas -- are likely the highest they've been in 15 million years. The consequences of such a globally-disrupted climate are many, and it's understandably difficult to keep track. To help, here's a list of climate-relevant news that has transpired in 2019, from historically unprecedented disappearances of...
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China Knows America's Greatest Military Weakness (And Is Planning to Exploit It)

“China is employing more sophisticated satellite operations and probably is testing dual-use technologies that could be applied to counterspace missions,” the DIA report read.
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Trump Now Just Accusing Google of Aiding the Chinese Military, or Whatever

In yet another example of some morsel of news carrion being dragged all the way up to the top of the White House before being partially digested and regurgitated onto a bunch of Twitter eggs, Donald Trump accused tech giant Google of aiding the Chinese military (as well as “Crooked Hillary Clinton”) on Saturday.Read more...
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China to prosecute top-ranking Uighur official for corruption

China's anti-corruption watchdog said on Saturday it would prosecute Nur Bekri, one of the highest-ranking Uighur officials in the country, over allegations of graft and corruption during his time as governor of Xinjiang province. The decision comes after authorities launched an investigation in September into Bekri, who as governor between 2008-2014 held the second-highest position of power in the region behind party secretary. Bekri, who until December was director of China's National Energy...
Tags: Science, China, Xinjiang, Nur Bekri, Bekri, China s National Energy Administration

Fuelled by China fears, Russians protest Baikal bottling plant

A China-funded project to bottle water from Russia's Lake Baikal has caused a backlash in Siberia, where people are increasingly angry about what they see as a Chinese land-grab. Ecologists and local authorities have previously touted bottling the water of the world's largest lake as a "green" way of profiting from Siberia's natural resources. The water "will be shipped to China," the petition says, warning that the facility will block local access to the lake and "inflict irreparable damage" ...
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Pompeo seen attending Finland Arctic talks amid China concerns

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to attend the May 6-7 Arctic Council meeting in Finland in a show of Washington's commitment to the region amid growing U.S. concern about China's interests there, a senior U.S. official said on Friday. Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States are members of the Council, which coordinates Arctic policy and is gaining clout as sea ice thaws to open up new trade routes and intensify competition for its oil, gas...
Tags: Science, Washington, China, United States, Arctic, Finland, Council, Trump, State, Rovaniemi Finland, Arctic Council, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo

Chinese delegation to visit Argentina to discuss stalled nuclear deal: government source

An Argentine government source told Reuters this week the "technical team" from China would meet with local suppliers about the long-stalled nuclear power plant project, reportedly worth up to $8 billion. Argentina had hoped to announce an agreement on China-financed construction of Atucha III, as it has been referred to in the past, during a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping after November's G20 summit in Buenos Aires.
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Italy's drive to join China's Belt and Road hits potholes

Jump forward two millennia and Italy now wants to play a pivotal role in the new Silk Road being created by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte plans to sign a preliminary accord when Xi visits Rome next week, hooking Italy up to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) - a colossal, multi-billion-dollar project designed to improve Beijing's trade reach. Italy's drive to be the first Group of Seven industrialized nation to join the ambitious venture has angered Washington and...
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China’s Flexible Screen Pioneer Is Seeking $1 Billion in Funding

The Shenzhen, China-based company is seeking a valuation of at least $8 billion in the round as it seeks to expand its sales and marketing and research facilities, the people said, requesting not to be named because the matter is private. While the company is weighing an IPO, it hasn’t set a listing destination, the people said. Royole, which unveiled the world’s first commercial foldable phone last year, competes with Samsung Electronics Co. and BOE Technology Group Co. to produce bendable sc...
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Pentagon Brass Bafflingly Accuses Google of Providing 'Direct Benefit' to China's Military

There are many reasons to be critical of Google. But on Thursday, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stopped just short of accusing the tech giant of treason.Read more...
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