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Adapting to Emerging Tech in E-Discovery: A Talk with New Redgrave Partner Karin Jenson

Karin Jenson brings 16 years worth of experience in e-discovery and information governance to her new role as a partner and leader of the Cleveland office at Redgrave LLP.
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The polar vortex will return, this time with the coldest temps of the year

It's coming back. The polar vortex — a deep mass of frigid air that rotates around the top of the world — has been knocked off balance, which means it's liable to spill cold air into the U.S. Although winter temperatures in the lower 48 states have generally been normal or warmer than average, a blast of intensely cold air first spilled down to the Midwest and the northeastern U.S. around January 20. Now, atmospheric scientists say it's likely to return at the end of January. For ...
Tags: Europe, Science, New York City, Arctic, Cleveland, Midwest, Weber, University of Wisconsin Madison, John Martin, Duluth Minnesota, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Johns Hopkins University, Jeff Weber, Stefan Rahmstorf, Eric Fisher, UCAR

Cleveland cops use NASA’s Mars landing to make a point about winter drivers

As someone who lives in a state known for bad winters I can totally sympathize with Cleveland residents that have to deal with nasty winter weather. The Cleveland police, on the other hand, are clearly happy to poke some fun at their city's commuters and used NASA's recent Mars InSight landing as an opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of anyone on the city's snow-covered roadways. A tweet from the official Cleveland Police account on Twitter, in which the cops roast winte...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Earth, Mars, Cleveland, Cleveland Police, Cleveland Police Twitter

How Mold Kills

In 1997, doctors from Cleveland reported on a wave of infants in the area who had come down with severe lung bleeding—an illness that might have been caused by so-called toxic black mold. Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Mold, Cleveland

Cleveland RTX 4 wedge arrives with learnings of the past and input from the present

The RTX 4 features four sole grinds to go with latest advancements in its proven "Rotex" groove and surface roughness technologies
Tags: Science, Cleveland

WWII-Era Time Capsule Found in Cleveland Home, and the Contractor Wants Internet Sleuths’ Help

Do you know WWII veteran Richard Silagy or his family? Silagy lived in Cleveland, Ohio, sometime after World War II and hid a time capsule filled with personal items in his home. The time capsule was recently discovered by a housing contractor doing improvements on the house, but a search online for Silagy or any…Read more...
Tags: Science, Veterans, Wwii, Cleveland, Time Capsule, Time Capsules, CLEVELAND Ohio, Richard Silagy, Wwii Veteran, Time Capsule Found in Cleveland Home, Silagy

Cleveland's Failed Proposal For Amazon's HQ2 Offered At Least $120 Million in Giveaways and WKYC got their hands on documents revealing a portion of Cleveland, Ohio’s failed pitch to Amazon to land the company’s planned second headquarters. The records reveal the city was prepared to throw some substantial incentives at Amazon if it decided to call Cleveland its new home.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Cleveland, WKYC, CLEVELAND Ohio, Amazon HQ, HQ2

Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Cleveland Due to Cracked Window

A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Chicago to Newark, New Jersey, was forced to make an emergency landing in Cleveland today. The cause was reportedly a cracked window, an eerie reminder of the emergency landing last month when a Southwest engine exploded, breaking a window and killing a passenger.Read more...
Tags: Science, Chicago, Cleveland, Southwest Airlines, Southwest, Newark New Jersey, Our Garbage Airlines, Flight 957

Study suggests social workers could help families navigate foreclosure

In a qualitative study, researchers focused on Cleveland service providers who shared how foreclosure affects their clients. The research was recently published in The Journal of Contemporary Social Services.
Tags: Science, Cleveland

Investigations begin into Ohio fertility clinic malfunction

CLEVELAND (AP) — A fertility clinic where thousands of frozen embryos and eggs may have been destroyed in a storage tank failure is being investigated by two accreditation organizations and Ohio’s health department. It’s not clear yet what caused the malfunction on March 4 at the clinic run by University Hospitals in suburban Cleveland. It’s […]
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Fertility-clinic breakdowns baffle experts, upset couples

Simultaneous refrigeration failures at two fertility clinics in San Francisco and suburban Cleveland have damaged or destroyed potentially thousands of frozen eggs and embryos in the biggest such loss on record in the U.S.
Tags: Science, News, San Francisco, Nation, Cleveland, Nation & World

It's a Frigid 13 Degrees in Cleveland and 40,000 People Just Lost Power

Cleveland Public Power attributed the outage to a transformer explosion
Tags: Science, Cleveland, Cleveland Public Power

Agency drops appeal over ruling on Cleveland harbor dredging

CLEVELAND (AP) — The federal agency that maintains shipping channels along Lake Erie has dropped its appeal of a federal judge’s ruling over the dredging of Cleveland’s harbor. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it won’t try to overturn the ruling that said the agency was wrong to delay its dredging of the harbor […]
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This Swanky Bond Villain Lair for RNC Elites Was Funded by Comcast and Microsoft

Lawmakers attending the Cleveland Republican National Convention where Donald Trump formally clinched the presidential nomination were able to ruminate about what they had done in a luxurious hideaway reportedly funded in part by Microsoft, Comcast, AT&T, Chevron, the Koch family, and Big Pharma. Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Comcast, Att, Cleveland, Donald Trump, Chevron, Rnc, Koch, Big Pharma, Microsoft Comcast

Cleveland clinic study: Timing of melanoma diagnosis, treatment critical to survival

A new Cleveland Clinic study underscores the importance of early detection and treatment of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The research, published online today in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, indicates that the sooner patients were treated, the better their survival, particularly for stage I melanoma.
Tags: Science, Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic, American Academy of Dermatology

Man Arrested for Facebook Page Parodying Police Sues Cops, Wants His Damn Xbox Back

A Cleveland-area man acquitted of a felony charge for creating a parody account of his local police department has filed a lawsuit against the city of Parma, two of its police officers, and a third law enforcement official, alleging a violation of his civil rights.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Police, Cleveland, Parma, Cant Take A Joke, Parody Accounts, Facebook Page Parodying Police

Bigots Are Using a Bizarre Meme About 'Dark White Skin' to Exploit the Cleveland Facebook Killing

In the midst of the ongoing manhunt for Steve Stephens, who allegedly shot and killed a 74-year-old man on Sunday and then uploaded a video of the slaying to Facebook, members of the alt-right are spreading an altered image of the murder suspect under the guise of fighting “PC Culture.”Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Cleveland, Alternative Facts, Steve Stephens, Cleveland Facebook Killing

Police Searching for This Man Who Allegedly Posted a Murder Live on Facebook

The Cleveland Police Department is searching for a man named Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens in connection with the murder of an elderly man that was broadcast live on Stephens’ Facebook page. In earlier posts, he claimed to be perpetrating an “Easter day slaughter.” Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Murder, Science, Cleveland, Easter, Facebook Live, Stephens, Cleveland Police Department, Steve `` Stevie Steve '' Stephens

Report Shows AT&T Ignores Poor Neighborhoods in Cleveland

There is a digital divide in America. Households in the bottom 20 percent of incomes are five times more likely not to have access to broadband than those in the top 20 percent. Yet this divide is often thought of as a rural versus urban divide. Yes, it’s expensive and difficult to run cables to every rural…Read more...
Tags: Science, Broadband, Digital Divide, Fiber, Att, Cleveland

Report: AT&T Avoids Deploying Broadband in Low-Income Areas of Cleveland

There is a digital divide in America. Households in the bottom 20 percent of incomes are five times more likely not to have access to broadband than those in the top 20 percent. Yet this divide is often thought of as a rural versus urban divide. Yes, it’s expensive and difficult to run cables to every rural…Read more...
Tags: Science, Broadband, Digital Divide, Fiber, Att, Cleveland, AT amp

Species appears to evolve quickly enough to endure city temperatures

Urban acorn ants collected in Cleveland appear to have taken no more than 100 years -- no more than 20 generations -- to evolve and thrive in their heat-trapping city home. The capability suggests the species may be able to cope with other sources of rising temperatures.
Tags: Science, Cleveland

NASA Wind Tunnel Tests Lockheed Martin’s X-Plane Design for a Quieter Supersonic Jet

Supersonic passenger airplanes are another step closer to reality as NASA and Lockheed Martin begin the first high-speed wind tunnel tests for the Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) X-plane preliminary design at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.The agency is testing a nine percent scale model of Lockheed Martin’s X-plane design in Glenn’s 8’ x 6’ Supersonic Wind Tunnel. During the next eight weeks, engineers will expose the model to wind speeds ranging from approximately 150 to 950 mp...
Tags: Science, Technology, Future, Nasa, Military, Innovation, Airplane, Lockheed Martin, Commercial, Supersonic, Cleveland, Mach, Glenn, Glenn Research Center, Ray Castner

Weekly Roundup, Friday 3 February, 2017

Send to Kindle Now here’s a sight to gladden any nervous passenger. Eight engines. A new airplane design – unsurprisingly from an engine manufacturer – using ‘open rotor’ turbo-electric engines for better fuel efficiency. See article, below. Good morning For the second week in a row, our new President is impacting on my choice of feature articles.  But his impact last week was generally rated positively, and I hope you’ll like this week’s article too which, in truth, actually is very little ...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Florida, Science, News, Greece, California, La, Hotels, China, Miscellaneous, US, America, Los Angeles, Newsletter, Tech

Polaroid photos make a comeback

At a photography studio in Cleveland, instructor Nicole Follen is trying to convince her students to step back in time and technology—to the age of the humble Polaroid.
Tags: Science, Cleveland, Polaroid, Consumer & Gadgets

What Does Peter Thiel Want?

Tonight, in Cleveland, Silicon Valley billionaire, Facebook board member, and Donald Trump delegate Peter Thiel will address thousands of party members and journalists at the Republican National Convention. Although he has never concealed his own fringe political views—such as his contention that human freedom and representative democracy are incompatible—Thiel’s open embrace of Trump has inspired some soul-searching in the proudly progressive technology sector. Among that crowd, he’s typically ...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Peter Thiel, Cleveland, Donald Trump, Trump, Rnc, Thiel, Republican National Convention

Norovirus at the RNC: Why This Virus Spreads So Quickly

A number of members of the California delegates' staff at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland have fallen ill with norovirus, according to news reports. The highly contagious stomach virus is the same type of virus that is well-known for ruining cruise vacations. Norovirus spreads very easily, especially at close-quarters events like conventions and cruises, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist and a senior associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's...
Tags: Science, California, Cleveland, Amesh Adalja

Twitter lights up with 95th birthday wishes for John Glenn

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Pioneering astronaut John Glenn is being showered with birthday recognition by people on social media, NASA and residents in his home state of Ohio. The first American to orbit the Earth was trending on Twitter on Monday as he turned 95. The NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland was among organizations […]
Tags: Science, News, Nasa, Earth, Ohio, Cleveland, NASA Glenn Research Center, COLUMBUS Ohio, John Glenn, Nation & World

An Island Volcano Is Spewing Lava, and NASA Got It on Camera

Two remote volcanoes had eruptions over the last week. Meanwhile, things heated up in Chile and cooled down in New Zealand. The post An Island Volcano Is Spewing Lava, and NASA Got It on Camera appeared first on WIRED.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Chile, Alaska, Science Blogs, New Zealand, Volcano Monitoring, Eruptions, Volcanic hazards, Satellite Image, Cleveland, Remote Sensing, Nevados De Chillan, White Island, Ruapehu

Woman who had first uterus transplant in US will have chance to get pregnant

Lindsey is the first of 10 women who will have uterine transplants as part of a clinical trial by the Cleveland Clinic and will undergo IVF after healingSurgeons at the Cleveland Clinic on Monday introduced the 26-year-old woman who received the first uterus transplant carried out on US soil. The woman, who chose to share only her first name, Lindsey, was wheeled into the room by her husband, Blake. She expressed her thanks to the eight-person team that transplanted the uterus on 24 February, an...
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