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Migratory Birds Are Failing to Adapt to Climate Change

New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday shows that the climate crisis may be seriously messing with North American birds’ migration patterns, and the consequences could be dire.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Migratory Birds, National Academy of Sciences, Birdmodo

A landslide is imminent and so is its tsunami

A remote area visited by tourists and cruises, and home to fishing villages, is about to be visited by a devastating tsunami.A wall of rock exposed by a receding glacier is about crash into the waters below.Glaciers hold such areas together — and when they're gone, bad stuff can be left behind. The Barry Glacier gives its name to Alaska's Barry Arm Fjord, and a new forecasts trouble ahead.Thanks to global warming, the glacier has been retreating, so far removing two-thirds of its support for ...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Environment, Water, Alaska, Geology, Innovation, Greenland, Barry, Glacier, Prince William Sound, Anchorage, Whittier, Department of Natural Resources, Hoover Dam, Lituya Bay

Researchers Accidentally Got High on Laughing Gas From Penguin Poop

When studying penguins, there’s a surprise you’ve gotta watch out for: the laughing gas produced by their poop.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Birds, Penguins, Nitrous Oxide, Laughing Gas, Birdmodo, Penguin Poop

Looming Landslide in Alaska Could Trigger Enormous Tsunami at Any Moment, Scientists Warn

The collapse of an unstable mountain slope in Alaska could trigger a catastrophic tsunami in Harriman Fjord. A retreating glacier is producing this precarious situation, highlighting yet another type of hazard caused by climate change. Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Alaska, Tsunamis, Glaciers, Landslides, Barry Arm, Retreating Glaciers

Cold War Nuclear Testing May Have Caused Extra Rain Around the World

A new study has found that nuclear radiation during Cold War-era weapons testing could have induced significant short-term changes in the amount of rainfall far across the globe..Read more...
Tags: Weather, Science, Climate Change, Physics, Geoengineering, Climate Science

TNT's Snowpiercer Is Like an Apocalyptic Law & Order Spin-Off Set on a Train

TNT’s adaptation of Snowpiercer chugs along similar narrative tracks as both Bong Joon-ho’s film of the same name and Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette’s graphic novel Le Transperceneige, which inspired both live-action stories. Within moments of the TV series’ premiere episode, though, you can see that it’s a train…Read more...
Tags: Comics, Science, Climate Change, Trains, Climate, TNT, Apocalypse, Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Bong Joon, Bong Joon Ho, Jacques Lob, Jean Marc Rochette, Snow Piercer

Space exploration is the ultimate plan B. Here’s why.

Space exploration is more than just the ultimate adventure, our study and investigation of space yields great scientific rewards, says astronaut Garrett Reisman. Earth is wonderful, but it won't last forever, so it's important that we maintain a big picture view to ensure the survival of the human species. Exploring space is our ticket to "the ultimate plan B," according to Reisman. If there were to occur a mass extinction event on Earth, the humans that inhabit another planet in our solar syste...
Tags: Transportation, Astronomy, Space, Science, Technology, Climate Change, Animals, Sustainability, Nasa, Nature, Pollution, Moon, Innovation, Sun, Population, Universe

Plan Your Escape to Another Dimension With May's New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

May is traditionally a pretty robust month for book releases, but as you can probably guess, 2020's selection is a little slimmer than usual. Several titles that were due this month have shifted to later dates, for obvious reasons—but despite everything, we still have tons of new sci-fi and fantasy to share. Dig in!Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, The Hunger Games, Climate Change, Suzanne Collins, Horror, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Ai, Authors, Bookshelf Injection, Martha Wells, Murderbot, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Network Effect

Meteorologists say 2020 on course to be hottest year since records began

Global lockdowns have lowered emissions but longer-term changes needed, say scientistsThis year is on course to be the world’s hottest since measurements began, according to meteorologists, who estimate there is a 50% to 75% chance that 2020 will break the record set four years ago.Although the coronavirus lockdown has temporarily cleared the skies, it has done nothing to cool the climate, which needs deeper, longer-term measures, the scientists say. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Environment, Meteorology

Insect numbers down 25% since 1990, global study finds

Scientists say insects are vital and the losses worrying, with accelerating declines in Europe called ‘shocking’ The biggest assessment of global insect abundances to date shows a worrying drop of almost 25% in the last 30 years, with accelerating declines in Europe that shocked scientists.The analysis combined 166 long-term surveys from almost 1,700 sites and found that some species were bucking the overall downward trend. In particular, freshwater insects have been increasing by 11% each decad...
Tags: Europe, Science, Climate Change, Environment, World news, Wildlife, Conservation, Biodiversity, Insects

Melting Ice Exposes Mountain Pass Used by Vikings, Including Ancient Dog and Leash

Archaeologists in central Norway have uncovered evidence of a heavily traveled mountain passageway that was used during the Viking Age. Hundreds of beautifully preserved items were found atop a melting glacier, in a discovery that was, sadly, made possible by global warming.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Anthropology, Norway, Vikings, Iron Age, Glacial Archaeology, Mountain Passages

This Is What the Chernobyl Wildfires Look Like From Space

Chernobyl is still on fire. Satellite images captured Thursday by Planet Labs show wildfires inching closer to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Ukraine, Wildfires, Radiation, Chernobyl, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Radioactive Smoke

The Andrew Cuomo Nipple Mystery, One of the Toughest Jobs on Earth and Humanity’s Origin Story: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

As I write this, I realize that most of you are probably staying at home, like me. First of all, hang in here. This is a long and difficult fight, but I have no doubt we will get through it. Today I must confess that I had lots of help from a bag of little chocolate bars, along with the kind online company of…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Climate Change, Volcanoes, Nuclear Power, Westworld, Andrew Cuomo, Matter, Human Evolution, Best Of Gizmodo, Star Trek Picard, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Antarctica was warm enough for rainforest near south pole 90m years ago

Experts say new evidence from Cretaceous period ‘shows us what carbon dioxide can do’Think of Antarctica and it is probably sweeping expanses of ice, and the odd penguin, that come to mind. But at the time of the dinosaurs the continent was covered in swampy rainforest.Now experts say they have found the most southerly evidence yet of this environment in plant material extracted from beneath the seafloor in west Antarctica. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, World news, Antarctica, Antarctica Continue

Oceans can be restored to former glory within 30 years, say scientists

Major review reports recovery of marine life but a redoubling of efforts is still needed The glory of the world’s oceans could be restored within a generation, according to a major new scientific review. It reports rebounding sea life, from humpback whales off Australia to elephant seals in the US and green turtles in Japan.Through rampant overfishing, pollution and coastal destruction, humanity has inflicted severe damage on the oceans and its inhabitants for centuries. But conservation success...
Tags: Japan, Science, Biology, Climate Change, Australia, Environment, US, Fish, Wildlife, Marine Life, Oceans, Whales

Planting hope: the Syrian refugee who developed virus-resistant super-seeds

Plant virologist Dr Safaa Kumari discovered seeds that could safeguard food security in the region – and risked her life to rescue them from AleppoThe call came as she sat in her hotel room. “They gave us 10 minutes to pack up and leave,” Dr Safaa Kumari was told down a crackling phone line. Armed fighters had just seized her house in Aleppo and her family were on the run.Kumari was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, preparing to present a conference. She immediately began organising a sprint back to Syr...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, Farming, Agriculture, Global development, Plants, Aleppo, ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia, Kumari, Safaa Kumari

Trump Admin Set to Announce Bullshit Plan to Build Dirtier Cars That Cost More to Drive

Donald Trump’s administration is set to gut Barack Obama-era fuel efficiency standards on Tuesday, the New York Times reported, in a huge middle finger to anyone who cares about the environment and likely the White House’s biggest backtrack in federal climate policy.Read more...
Tags: Energy, Science, Climate Change, White House, Environment, Cars, Barack Obama, Automotive, Pollution, Fossil Fuels, New York Times, Automobiles, Donald Trump, Dirtier Cars That Cost More To Drive, Trump Admin Set

Tackle climate crisis and poverty with zeal of Covid-19 fight, scientists urge

Actions taken to suppress coronavirus reveal what measures are possible in an emergency, say expertsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageGovernment responses to climate breakdown and to the challenges of poverty and inequality must be changed permanently after the coronavirus has been dealt with, leading scientists have urged, as the actions taken to suppress the spread of the virus have revealed what measures are possible in an emergency.The Covid-19 crisis has revealed w...
Tags: Health, Science, Climate Change, Environment, Society, UK News, World news, Poverty, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, University College London, Michael Marmot, World Health Organisation Continue, Coronavirus outbreak

Ice-Locked Arctic Science Expedition Faces Challenges After Team Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

An individual involved with an international expedition to study the effects of climate change in the Arctic has tested positive for the coronavirus, in a development that could interrupt this important science mission.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Global Warming, Arctic, Pandemics, Earth Sciences, Communicable Diseases, Outbreaks, Arctic Expeditions, Covid 19, Mosaic Mission

Ecosystems the Size of the Amazon Rainforest Could Collapse Within Decades

 The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, covering an area roughly the size of Australia. And yet it and other large ecosystems could be gone within our lifetime.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Climate Change, Australia, Amazon Rainforest, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Coral Reefs

Stressed Pooches, Global Outbreak, and Immortality: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

With all this talk about the spread of COVID-19, I would blame you if you’re considering staying inside and away from people (more than usual, at least) until all this blows over. I know I am. Thankfully, if voluntary house arrest is in your future, the good folks at Gizmodo have plenty of amazing coverage to keep you…Read more...
Tags: Ebooks, Dog, Star Wars, Science, Climate Change, Dogs, Hiv, Joe Biden, Artificial Intelligence, Libraries, Ai, Biden, Gizmodo, Avengers, Quantum Computing, Honeywell

UN Cancels In-Person Preliminary Meetings for Climate Summit Due to Coronavirus

Due to mounting coronavirus concerns, the United Nations announced Friday that it’s canceling in-person meetings in Bonn, Germany and elsewhere through the end of April. These meetings were intended to prepare for November’s global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, predicted to be the most important round of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, United Nations, Un, Glasgow Scotland, Bonn Germany, Cop25

Elizabeth Warren Targets Wall Street in New Climate Change Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren targeted Wall Street in her latest plan to combat climate change, saying she would ensure that banks, asset managers and insurers “pay the true cost of climate change.” According to Warren, this would require making big changes to how Wall Street currently does…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Finance, Elizabeth Warren, Warren, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren Targets Wall Street

Annihilation Author Jeff VanderMeer Tells Us How He Makes His Sci-Fi Feel Authentic

Science fiction author Jeff VanderMeer doesn’t just envision a better world. He hopes to live in a less stupid world.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Interview, Climate Change, Environment, Environmentalism, Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation, Southern Reach Trilogy, Hummingbird Salamander, Dead Astronauts, Borne, A Peculiar Peril

Why It's Hard, But Not Impossible, to Make a Board Game About Climate Change

Game designer Elizabeth Hargrave helped jumpstart a tabletop revolution with Wingspan, an environmental board game about creating habitats for birds. Her upcoming release, Mariposas, has players guiding monarch butterflies on their migration. But there’s something unsettling lurking beneath the table.Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Climate Change, Environment, Board Games, RPG, Tabletop Games, Mariposas, Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan

Meet the First Climate Reporter to Ever Moderate a Presidential Debate

Democratic presidential candidates will gather for the penultimate debate of the primary season tomorrow night, just three days before the Nevada caucus.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Nevada, Presidential Debates, Nevada Caucus

Billionaire Jeff Bezos Figures He Might as Well Try to Help the Planet He Currently Lives On

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who with a net worth of $130 billion is currently the world’s richest man, announced that he was creating the Bezos Earth Fund on Monday. The fund is a $10 billion global initiative that aims to fund “any effort that offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world.” Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Climate Change, Jeff Bezos, Philanthropy, Amazon Employees For Justice

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Innovation in space food and slime, an artist's sudden success, and why we should eat more sea urchins The Future of Space Food MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative focuses on all kinds of research and preparation for “the day when humanity becomes a space-native civilization, as comfortable in thFrom slime to space, tech and textilese cosmos as we have been on Earth.” The team …
Tags: Food, Art, Space, Science, Design, News, Climate Change, Animals, Environment, Sustainability, Cellphones, Nature, Architecture, Ocean, Artists, Seafood

Spring Is Here... But It's Still Winter

We’re more than a month out from the official start of spring, but that hasn’t stopped it from popping up earlier than expected. The USA National Phenology Network released data Monday showing that spring has arrived across the Southeast earlier than at any point in the last 39 years. Leaves and flowers appearing this…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Spring, Flowers, Southeast, Weird Weather, USA National Phenology Network

Shutting down flat Earthers, Neil deGrasse Tyson style

What is the point of debate when one side the argument is objectively true? There is none. That is, unless the incorrect arguer has the ability to influence the masses. When a relatively famous musician began spewing flat Earth views on social media, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson knew he had to jump in the ring and defend science with science. General belief systems aren't a threat, but it's important to combat incorrect and dangerous views when they have a chance of pervading greater socie...
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