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Comcast Working on Health Monitoring Device For the Elderly But Don't Call it an Alexa

Comcast is working on a new in-home device that will monitor your health, according to a new report from CNBC. A source familiar with the product confirmed its existence to Gizmodo but clarified that much of CNBC’s early reporting on the device today was inaccurate—namely that Comcast was working on anything close to…Read more...
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Disney Takes Full Control of Hulu as War on Netflix Heats Up

The accord announced Tuesday represents a big bet by Disney on continued rapid growth for Hulu, home of original hits such as “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Under the terms, Comcast is guaranteed a $5.8 billion windfall by early 2024, when the cable giant can sell its stake to Disney. Hulu will be a key weapon in Disney’s growing online fight with Netflix Inc., and the deal gives the service access to programming from Comcast’s NBCUniversal division for at least three more years.
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Disney Will Take Full Control of Hulu in Deal With Comcast

The valuation represents a bet on continued rapid growth for Hulu, home of original hits such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” along with an array of movies and network shows. Just a month ago, Hulu was valued at $15 billion in a deal to buy out AT&T Inc.’s 9.5% stake. In its agreement, Disney guarantees Comcast an equity valuation no lower than $27.5 billion by early 2024, when Comcast can sell its stake to Disney.
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Disney's Streaming Ambitions Grow With Deal for Control of Hulu

The valuation represents a bet on continued rapid growth for Hulu, home of original hits such as “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Just a month ago, Hulu was valued at $15 billion when it bought out AT&T Inc.’s 9.5% stake. In its agreement, Disney guarantees Comcast an equity valuation no lower than $27.5 billion by early 2024, when Comcast can sell its stake to Disney.
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It Looks Like Disney Is Poised to Take Over Hulu

Disney may be staring down an opportunity gobble up Comcast’s 30 percent stake in Hulu, according to a new report, which would bring Disney’s share in the streaming service to 90 percent.Read more...
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Comcast Wants to Charge You $5 a Month for a Bootleg Roku

Faced with the never-ending onslaught of convenient cordcutting solutions from competitors, Comcast has decided to take a new tack. The company just announced Xfinity Flex, a little box that lets you stream 4K HDR content (including some free content) from your favorite channels through a selection of apps. You can…Read more...
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Phone Companies Are Finally Doing Something About Our Robocall Hell

We live in a robocall hell with an epidemic of 26.3 billion fraudulent calls made to U.S. numbers in 2018. Tired of con artist robots, no one picks up the phone for strangers anymore. My voicemail is filled with Chinese-language scammers using my area code and telling me that I’m about to be deported. I already got…Read more...
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Dandelion Energy, the Alphabet X spinout, raises another $16M led by GV and Comcast

As tech companies continue their race to control the smart home, a promising energy startup has raised a round of funding from traditionally-tech and strategic investors, for a geothermal solution to heat and cool houses. Dandelion Energy, a spinout from Alphabet X, has raised $16 million in a Series A round of funding, with strategic investors Comcast Ventures leading the round along with GV, the investment arm of Alphabet formerly known as Google Ventures. Lennar Corporation, the home building...
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NBC Chief Hints That Company May Unveil Netflix-Style Service

Steve Burke, head of the Comcast Corp. division, suggested that the company might unveil an online TV service in 2019 -- though it’s hard to know how seriously to take a message written in the rhyming style of Dr. Seuss. Burke, who oversees the NBC network, cable channels such as USA, and the Universal theme parks and movie studio, has yet to announce a streaming product like those planned by rivals Walt Disney Co. and AT&T Inc.’s Warner Media next year. In his holiday note, Burke also lamente...
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Charter Will Pay Customers Up to $150 Each in Record $174 Million Fraud Settlement

Charter has agreed to pay a record $174.2 million to settle fraud charges brought by the New York Attorney General’s Office. Read more...
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Comcast to Pay $700,000 in Refunds Over Hidden Fees

Comcast will cancel the debts of more than 20,000 customers and pay back $700,000 in Massachusetts as part of a settlement with the state’s Attorney General over deceptive advertising. Back in 2015 and early 2016, the cable giant advertised a $99 lock-in rate for plans that didn’t include equipment costs and had…Read more...
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Cable Companies Call For DOJ Investigation Into Comcast Allegedly Abusing Its Power With Hulu

The American Cable Association, a group of about 700 small cable providers, has requested the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division open an immediate investigation into Comcast’s competitive practices after restrictions on its 2011 merger deal with NBC recently expired. The group claims the telecom giant poses a…Read more...
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Comcast Drops Its Bid to Buy Fox, Meaning There's Nothing Stopping the Disney Deal Now

Much in the same way that the Avengers and co. fought valiantly to stop Thanos from collecting all six Infinity Stones, Comcast has been desperately trying to block Disney’s substantial bid to acquire 21st Century Fox and all of that sweet comic book IP the studio’s been sitting on. Today, though, that valiant fight…Read more...
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Comcast Blames Nationwide Outage on ‘Fiber Cut’

If you’re a Comcast customer, you might have already realized your internet is borked today. That wave of sadness and despair you’re presumably experiencing seems to be the result of a few cut fiber cables, according to a tweet from Comcast. If it makes you feel any better, the company says it’s trying to fix it.Read more...
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Comcast Offers $65 Billion in Cash to Buy Fox and Screw Disney

If you were hoping to see all of your favorite Marvel characters under one roof, we have some bad news. If you didn’t like the idea of Disney owning the whole Marvel universe, well, it can always get worse. Comcast is backing a dump truck of cash up to 21st Century Fox’s doorstep, besting Disney’s previous offer to…Read more...
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Landline Phone Service, Which Still Exists, Goes Down Across the U.S.

Comcast’s Xfinity landline service has been experiencing issues across the U.S. since this morning, with thousands of problems still being reported this afternoon, according to The outage map indicates that customers throughout the U.S. have encountered issues, with the most recent reports coming…Read more...
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Against All Odds, ISPs Have Managed to Become Even Less Popular

Americans like their internet service providers even less than they did last year, which is quite the accomplishment since the companies weren’t all that popular then, either. The American Customer Satisfaction Index’s report on telecommunications companies found ISPs hit an all-time low this year.Read more...
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Disney's Plans to Buy Fox Just Hit a Major Snag and Its Name Is Comcast

Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney would very much like to get its hands on all of the sweet, juicy, profitable comic book IP that Fox smartly secured back in the ‘90s, but the House of Mouse’s tentative $52.4 billion offer might no longer be enough to seal the deal.Read more...
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Comcast Pulls Xfinity Site After Researchers Discover Bug Leaking Customer Data

As if you needed yet another reason to loathe your ISP, Comcast has dropped the ball when it comes to properly securing its own wireless products. A pair of security researchers have uncovered a bug on Comcast’s website that allowed unauthorized disclosure of Xfinity customers’ personal data, according to a report…Read more...
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Argue Down Your Bills Using The Art of War

Chinese general Sun Tzu’s text The Art of War is as much about psychological warfare as literal tactical maneuvers. Written in the fifth-century BCE, people have found all sorts of ways to use the tome’s advice to maneuver in every day life. So, why not use The Art of War to save some money?Read more...
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Comcast Finds New Way to Screw Over Customers By Charging Unnecessary $90 Installation Fee

Comcast, a company so familiar with the public ire at this point that it basically courts it, has reportedly found a new trick to squeeze extra cash out of its customers by charging an installation fee when it is totally unnecessary.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cable, Comcast, Fees, Big Cable, Installation Fees, Comcast Finds New Way

Comcast Is Boosting Internet Speeds—Except for You Filthy Cord-Cutters

No one wants to pay for both cable and internet anymore. What’s more, no one, and I mean absolutely no one, wants to pay separate rental fees to put four cable TV boxes in their family’s home. What year is this? For cord-cutters who subscribe to Comcast, it’s apparently time to get screwed.Read more...
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Comcast Won't Let People Hijack Your Account, Despite What Reddit Says

A Reddit post that reached the front page of the popular news aggregation site this week raised concerns that Comcast will give out its customer’s home addresses to anyone with their phone number, but it’s a half-truth at best.Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, Comcast, Isps, Reddit

Comcast's 'Compromise' on Net Neutrality Is Just the FCC Rules It Spent Millions to Kill

For years, internet service providers have maintained that they support net neutrality while the industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars to destroy it. The big guys still make that claim while they fight efforts to enshrine the open web into law. Now, a Comcast exec has given us a little more clarity on what…Read more...
Tags: Science, Net Neutrality, Comcast, Telecoms, David Cohen, Free State Foundation

More Evidence That Companies Aren't Spending Their Tax Windfalls on Their Workers

Since Republicans in Congress passed their sweeping, mind-bogglingly regressive tax legislation in December, people have wondered whether companies will use their tax windfalls on capital investments—also known as “spending money on doing business things, instead of hoarding it”—and how much of this new money would…Read more...
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Oregon's Botched Google Tax Break Shows Why You Don't Bend the Knee to Tech Giants

As city officials around the US continue to carve out incentives that might convince Amazon to build its new headquarters in their town, lawmakers in Oregon are having regrets about their own efforts to please Big Tech. A new bill there would repeal tax breaks that were intended to lure Google to deploy high-speed…Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Science, Oregon, US, Comcast, Fiber, Tax Breaks, State Legislature, Tech Giants, House Bill 4027

Former Comcast Employees Describe Sexual Harassment Allowed to Run Amok at Call Centers for Years

From the first interview Rylinda Rhodes had for a dispatch position at a Comcast center in Washington, D.C., something seemed off to her. The manager “in so many words made it clear it wasn’t the most professional environment,” she said, recalling that they had just fired some managers. But Rhodes took it as a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, Comcast, Sexual Harassment, Rhodes, Me Too, Rylinda Rhodes

Comcast May Have Enrolled Thousands in a Near-Worthless Protection Program Without Their Consent 

Comcast has been embroiled in a legal battle since 2016 regarding potentially deceptive business practices surrounding its “Service Protection Plan”—a $6 a month program which covered almost nothing. But as an amended complaint recently filed by the Washington state attorney general alleges, Comcast didn’t just dupe…Read more...
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Verizon, Other ISPs Won't Say How Badly They Plan to Fuck You Over Now

Now that the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission has decided to toss a massive favor to their friends in the telecom industry and revoke open internet rules, there may soon be no regulatory barrier preventing ISPs from implementing paid prioritization schemes or outright blocking or censoring…Read more...
Tags: Verizon, Science, Net Neutrality, Comcast, Federal Communications Commission, Open Internet, Isps, Charter, Cox, T Mobile

Comcast to Customer Who Noticed It Secretly Injecting Code: Maybe It’s Your Fault?

Comcast is once again under fire for injecting JavaScript code into websites its customers visit.Read more...
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