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AMC Is Pissed

Following an announcement by Warner Bros. that its 2021 slate of movies will all debut on HBO Max at the same time they open theatrically, AMC claims WarnerMedia is attempting to boost the success of its streaming service at the expense of beleaguered theater chains.Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Amc, Streaming, Warner Bros, Consumer Tech, Cinemark, Movie Theaters, WarnerMedia, Streaming Wars, Disney Plus, HBO Max

With Google Authenticator's Latest iOS Update, You Really Have No Excuse Now

Google Authenticator users on iOS are finally getting a useful security update that their comrades on Android got months ago.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Ios, Google, Security, Science, Consumer Tech, Google Authenticator

These Scammy 5G Router Cages Have Michael Faraday Rolling in His Grave

While products that promise to protect you from radiation are far from new, now so-called Faraday router cages that claim to block harmful electromagnetic field radiation (and also 5G signal) are proliferating on Amazon.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Gadgets, Science, Wifi, Routers, 5g, Faraday, Consumer Tech, Michael Faraday, Amazon Read, 5g Conspiracy Theories

I Can't Decide If This Apple Watch Camera Band Is Genius or If My Brain Is Broken

Everything about the $300 Wristcam for Apple Watch sounds ridiculous on its face. There’s the price, which is more than the entry-level Apple Watch SE. There’s the fact that it requires a separate inductive charger, though it can charge at the same time as your Apple Watch. There’s the product itself, which is a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Apple Watch, Consumer Tech, Applewatch, CMRA, This Is Some Inspector Gadget Shit, Wristcam, Apple Watch SE There

A Clean Kitchen Helps

Feeling a little claustrophobic in your own kitchen lately? I certainly was.Read more...
Tags: Science, Organization, Kitchen Gadgets, Consumer Tech, Refresh Week

Hulu's Watch Party Feature Rolls Out to All Subscribers

A feature previously only available to some subscribers can now be used by all Hulu customers—but there’s a small catch.Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming, Hulu, Consumer Tech, Watch Party, Streaming Wars

Google TV's Newest Feature Will Help You Train It to Suggest Better Recommendations

One of the best things about Google TV is the way it integrates a wide range of streaming services to better surface content that’s relevant to you. Google is rolling out a new feature this week to make those recommendations even better by allowing you to tweak and share your preferences. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Streaming, Streaming Video, Consumer Tech, Google TV

A YouTuber Made a Water-Cooling Rig to Combat the Canon R5's Overheating Issues

The Canon R5 is a seriously impressive camera and one of the cheapest mirrorless cameras you can buy that supports full 8K video capture. Unfortunately, those fancy video capabilities come with a serious drawback: major overheating issues. So to address the R5's limitations, YouTuber Matt Perks created a custom…Read more...
Tags: Science, Diy, Youtube, Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Canon, Consumer Tech, Water Cool All The Things, Canon R5, YouTuber Matt Perks

The DJI Mini 2 Is a Great Step Up

As a wannabe cinematographer who salivates over gorgeous aerial shots from directors like Denis Villeneuve, drones are just damn fun to film with and fly. But I’ve been on a hunt for the drone for me and my artistic aspirations (and if I can save a few bucks, that would be great too). Drones are either cheap, flimsy,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Drones, Commerce, Dji, Consumer Tech, Denis Villeneuve, DJI Mini 2, Dji Mini 2 Review

The Vizio Elevate's Rotating Speakers Are a Clever Dolby Atmos Solution

Dolby Atmos soundbars have a problem: They struggle to simulate height. Regardless of how many drivers a speaker has or how fancy its room-tuning audio is, you can tell the sound isn’t coming from above you. That kind of sucks when you have a fancy home theater setup but the spaceships on-screen don’t sound like…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Gadgets, Science, Home Theater, Soundbars, Dolby Atmos, Consumer Tech, Vizio Elevate, It Rotates, Vizio Elevate Review

Apple Might Soon Be Embracing Mini-LEDs in a Major Way

Now that the transition to Apple Silicon is well underway, it seems like Apple could be gearing up for a rapid shift to mini-LED displays too.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Gadgets, Science, Macbook Pro, Consumer Tech, Mini Led, Apple Silicon

Snapdragon 888: A Rundown of Qualcomm's Next Big Mobile Chip

In what has become a yearly tradition in early December, Qualcomm has announced its next flagship mobile chip designed for use in high-end phones and tablets. This is the chip that will be found in the biggest phones from Android makers, and plenty of tablets too. So here’s a rundown of all the new specs and features…Read more...
Tags: Mobile, Science, Smartphones, Processors, Qualcomm, 5g, Consumer Tech, Snapdragon 888, Mobile Chips, Qualcomm Tech Summit

Why I'm Finally Getting Rid of All My HDDs Forever

There are a handful of gadget-related sounds that fill my heart with dread, but few are more fear-inducing than the repeated tick-tick-tick of a dying hard disk drive. I’ve been hurt by that sound more than a few times in my life. So this year I finally tasked myself with a quest to get rid of all my HDDs and really…Read more...
Tags: Science, Storage, Ssd, Laptops, Consumer Tech, Hdd, Refresh Week, Comptuers

Apple's Best Apps of the Year Reflect the Shitshow That Was 2020

Each December, Apple picks the best App Store games and apps that debuted or rose to popularity in the preceding year. It’s usually a hodge-podge of social apps, wellness services, and addictive games with a few under-the-radar surprises for good measure. But in the year 2020, which forced us all to stay at home in…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Consumer Tech, Iosapps, Is 2020 Over Yet

Varjo's New VR and XR Headsets Show Us a Glimpse Into the Future of Mixed Reality

Consumer mixed-reality headsets have come a long way since the first Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, thanks to higher-resolution displays, faster refresh rates, improved motion-tracking, and more. However, enterprise-level headsets have arguably made even bigger strides, and with its new third-gen VR and XR HMDs, Varjo…
Tags: Science, Enterprise, Vr, Headsets, Hmds, Mixed Reality, Consumer Tech, XR, Varjo

Samsung's Rumored Galaxy Buds Pro Could Be a Truly Premium AirPods Pro Rival

Even though Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds—Galaxy Buds Live—first went on sale not long ago in August, it seems the Korean electronics giant is already preparing for a follow-up. Filings for a product called Galaxy Buds Pro have appeared in multiple locations.Read more...
Tags: Science, Audio, Samsung, Leaks, Rumors, Consumer Tech, Wireless Earbuds, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Pro Spotted, Galaxy Buds Pro

The Asus RT-AX86U Is a Wi-Fi 6 Router That Doesn't Sacrifice Looks for Power

Wi-Fi 6 has accelerated its creep into mainstream wireless networking, urged along by the similarly accelerating spread of gigabit internet. Until the last few months or so, purchasing a Wi-Fi 6 device has largely been a decision more about future-proofing and less about immediate gain. That’s quickly changing,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Asus, Consumer Tech, Wi Fi 6, Asus Rt Ax86u Review, Rt Ax86u, Asus Rt Ax86u, Sacrifice Looks for Power

The Best External Hard Drive for the Digital Hoarder

Data hoarding is somewhat of a lost art these days, thanks in large part to streaming services, cloud storage, faster internet access, and uh, digital rights management.Read more...
Tags: Science, Seagate, Hard Drives, Western Digital, Lacie, Consumer Tech, Fantom, External Hard Drives, Best External Hard Drive

The Best Home Gym Equipment for Gadget Nerds

With gyms closed, 2020 is the year of working out at home. However, building a home gym isn’t easy. There are lots of considerations like budget, space, and your preferred activity type. Thankfully, fitness tech has come a long way in the past few years. You don’t have to shell out an absurd amount of money for a…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Fitness, Commerce, Fitness Trackers, Buyers Guide, Treadmills, Consumer Tech, Stationary Bikes

The Signals BBQ Thermometer Wirelessly Watches the Meats

As a fan of multiple meats, I’m always checking hamburgers, steaks, and other grilled gobbets with a portable thermometer to test for doneness. Until the ThermoWorks Signals, I haven’t been able to find a product that acts as sort of a meat tender, something that will monitor multiple foods at once. It’s not a new…Read more...
Tags: Cooking, Science, Commerce, Consumer Tech, Thermoworks, Thermoworks Signals Review, Thermoworks Signals

This Game Boy-Inspired Handheld Is Exactly What I Wish Nintendo's New Handheld Had Been

The release of the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. seems to confirm that Nintendo has no plans to revive or revisit the Game Boy as it did with its NES and SNES throwback consoles. It’s time to move on because there are other companies happy to indulge your Game Boy nostalgia. With a matching Famicom-inspired design, …Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Gaming, Science, Video Games, Tech, Nintendo, Retro, Consoles, Mario Bros, Consumer Tech, SNES, Handhelds, Anbernic, Anbernic Retro Game 280v Review, Rg280v, Retro Game 280v

Slack Stock Soars Following Rumor of Salesforce Acquisition

Even with the expansion of corporate communication suites like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), Slack remains one of the most popular enterprise communication tools. And despite a cursed collab with Cole Haan, Slack stock soared following rumors that the popular app might get acquired by…Read more...
Tags: Science, Enterprise, Microsoft, Chat Apps, Slack, Consumer Tech, Google Workspace, Salesforce Making Moves

I Have Some Questions About the New Ninja Gamer Hoodie

Why not under, for one?
Tags: Gaming, Science, Design, Consumer Tech, Ninja, I Have Questions

The Apple Watch Could Use a Redesign

In terms of design, not much has changed with the Apple Watch. Since it was introduced in 2015, each subsequent watch has pretty much adhered to the same look. That might change starting next year. Apple prophet Ming-Chi Kuo noted in a report today that next year, we ought to expect both “innovative health management…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Gadgets, Wearables, Science, Design, Smartwatches, Apple Watch, Consumer Tech, Ming Chi Kuo, No More Clones

The Hacked Nintendo Game & Watch Now Plays Pokémon and Zelda Too

After successfully hacking Nintendo’s Game & Watch revival a day before the handheld was officially released, it didn’t lake long for Twitter user ‘stacksmashing’ to figure out how to get alternate games running on the device. They started with Doom, but have since succeeded in getting other retro classics like The…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Video Games, Tech, Hacks, Nintendo, Pokemon, Retro, Consoles, The Legend Of Zelda, Consumer Tech, Game Watch, Stacksmashing, Zelda Too

I Miss Merlin, the First Electronic Game I Ever Played

Do you remember the first electronic game you ever played? Maybe it was Super Mario Bros. on the NES? Pitfall on the Atari 2600? Pac-Man at the arcade? For me it was Tic-Tac-Toe played on what looked like a cordless phone called Merlin The Electronic Wizard featuring a ‘screen’ made up of just 11 glowing dots.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Toys, Science, Video Games, Electronics, Tech, Merlin, Mario Bros, Consumer Tech, Parker Brothers, Handhelds, Merlin The Electronic Wizard

Fine, This Smartphone Mount That Turns an Apple Watch Into a Viewfinder for Selfies Is Pretty Clever

If you’re snapping a quick selfie for social media, the lower quality camera on the front of your smartphone is usually just fine. But what if you want to use the higher quality lenses and camera on the back to film yourself? It means you can’t see the screen and no longer have a live preview of yourself for framing.…Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Gadgets, Photography, Science, Tech, Smartphones, Consumer Tech, Ulanzi St 09

I Welcome the Rumored Demise of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Thanks to phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, a new segment of devices with flexible screens, and lite versions of the Note 10 and Note 20, Samsung’s flagship phone portfolio has sort of ballooned out of control over the last couple of years. So in an effort to streamline its offering, a new rumor is claiming that…Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Rumors, Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, Consumer Tech, Galaxy Note, The Rumor Mill, End Of The Line For The Galaxy Note

I'll Just Say It: Jabra's New ANC Earbuds Are Better Than AirPods Pro

Jabra’s Elite lineup of Bluetooth earbuds have been a favorite of mine for years. But as the competition has become more intense and earbuds are packing in more features for less, Jabra was missing one big thing: active noise cancellation. The $230 Elite 85t with ANC is here, and after using these earbuds for a few…Read more...
Tags: Science, Review, Commerce, Earbuds, Jabra, Consumer Tech, ANC, Jabra Elite 85t Review

Now's Your Chance to Get Hulu Dirt Cheap for a Year

An already cheap subscription just got cheaper.
Tags: Science, Streaming, Hulu, Consumer Tech, Streaming Wars

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