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Anti-Maskers Forced to Dig Graves For Covid-19 Victims In Indonesia

At least eight people who have refused to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic have been forced to dig graves for people who died from covid-19 in the province of East Java, Indonesia, according to a report from the Jakarta Post. Read more...
Tags: Hong Kong, Science, Crime, Indonesia, Nevada, Donald Trump, Punishment, Bob Woodward, Jakarta Post, President Trump, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Cerme, Gravediggers

Seven Years Later, Court Finally Finds Illegal NSA Spying Program to Have Been Illegal

The National Security Agency’s program to hoover up details on billions of domestic phone calls and text messages in the U.S. was illegal, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday, and was probably an unconstitutional abuse of power.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Privacy, Nsa, Cybersecurity, Edward Snowden, Courts, Espionage, National Security Agency, Civil Liberties, Metadata, Bulk Collection, Bulk Data Collection

U.S. Border Patrol Tried to Get Free Wall From We Build the Wall, Whose Leaders Are Facing Charges

Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Border Patrol considered accepting sections of privately constructed U.S.-Mexico border wall from We Build the Wall, the GoFundMe-launched project whose leadership is now facing federal indictments.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Crowdfunding, Mexico, Immigration, Dhs, CBP, Customs, Donald Trump, Department Of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Customs And Border Protection, Border Protection, U S Border Patrol, Border Wall

Former Uber Exec Charged Over Alleged Cover-Up of Disastrous Hack

The former chief of Uber’s security was charged this week in connection with an alleged cover-up of a massive 2016 hack that exposed the personal information of some 57 million Uber users—a breach he tried his hardest to sweep under the rug.Read more...
Tags: Uber, Science, Crime, Hacking

FBI, USAF Investigating if Military Helicopter Shot at in Virginia Was Targeted or Hit by Random Gunfire

Someone opened fire on a U.S. Air Force UH-1N Huey helicopter while it was flying in Virginia around noon on Monday, injuring one of the two pilots on board, an Air Force official told CNN on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Virginia, Cnn, Fbi, Helicopters, US military, Air Force, Usaf, U S Air Force, Huey, FBI USAF, Random Gunfire

Anthony Levandowski, Engineer at Center of Uber v. Waymo, Sentenced to 18 Months for Trade Theft

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google autonomous vehicle engineer whose switch to Uber was the subject of massive lawsuit, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for trade theft.Read more...
Tags: Google, Uber, Science, Technology, Crime, Automotive, Courts, Autonomous Vehicles, Alphabet, Self Driving Cars, Waymo, Anthony Levandowski, Center of Uber

Police Arrest Suspect in the Murder of Tech C.E.O. Fahim Saleh

Investigators arrested a suspect this morning for the murder of tech C.E.O. Fahim Saleh, 33. Saleh’s personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, is expected to be charged with second degree murder, along with other crimes, according to two officials who spoke with New York Times.Read more...
Tags: Murder, Science, Crime, New York Times Read, Saleh, Fahim Saleh, Tyrese Devon Haspil

Feds Charge Seventh eBay Exec Over Obsessive Plot to Cyberstalk Critical Bloggers

Another former eBay exec, Philip Cooke, has been charged in federal court for allegedly participating in an amazingly dipshit plot to cyberstalk a couple that criticized the e-commerce site in a newsletter. That brings the total number of former eBay workers facing charges to seven—and the number of former cops in…Read more...
Tags: Ecommerce, Science, Crime, Ebay, Department Of Justice, Cyberstalking, Doj, The Perfect Crime, Devin Wenig, James Baugh, Philip Cooke

In Effort to Curb Party Houses, Airbnb Is Barring Some Rentals for Users Under 25

In order to stop enterprising young people from using rented Airbnb properties to throw absolute ragers in their region, the company has announced new booking rules for some people under 25.Read more...
Tags: Science, Crime, Youth, Airbnb, Rentals, Partying

Facebook Belatedly Bans All Trade in Historical Artifacts After Becoming Global Black Market Hub

Facebook has finally said it would now prohibit the sale of all historical artifacts due to rampant black market trade in looted antiquitieson the site, per the New York Times—a problem the social media company has known about for years.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Isis, Science, Technology, Crime, Islamic State, Social Media, History, Terrorism, New York Times, Archaeology, Al Qaeda, Artifacts, Black Market, Antiquities

U.S. Army Soldier Charged With Plotting to Attack His Own Unit With Neo-Nazi Satanists

A U.S. Army soldier has been charged with plotting an attack on his own unit in coordination with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a somewhat obscure white supremacist and Satanist group.Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Technology, Crime, War, Surveillance, Fbi, Terrorism, US military, Army, Al Qaeda, US Army, Far Right, U S Army, Neo Nazis, Right Wing Extremism

Inside the brains of psychopaths

How are the brains of psychopaths wired differently? In this video, psychologist Kevin Dutton, neuroscientist (and psychopath himself) James Fallon, and professor of psychiatry Michael Stone take the wiring apart. In neurotypical people, the amygdala and the orbitofrontal cortex inhibit one another to allow for reasonable, moral decision-making. Psychopaths don't have that mechanism. Up to 80% of who a psychopath will turn out to be is down to environment. Intelligence, natural aggressiven...
Tags: Psychology, Decision Making, Science, Crime, Relationships, Neuroscience, Intelligence, Empathy, Mental Health, Brain, Personality, Innovation, Fear, Violence, Emotions, Psychopath

Nextdoor Drops 'Forward to Police' Feature After Rampant Concerns of Racial Profiling

The neighborhood social networking platform Nextdoor dropped its “Forward to Police” feature this week, a widely panned function that’s faced years of criticism for purportedly facilitating racial profiling. Read more...
Tags: Security, Apps, Science, Crime, Privacy, Police, Surveillance, Nextdoor, Tech Policy, Surveillance Tech, George Floyd, George Floyd Protests

Feds Charge Philly Protester With Torching Police Cars After Following Unnerving Online Trail

FBI agents used online evidence including an Etsy shop and profiles on LinkedIn and fashion website Poshmark to identify and charge a woman they say set fire to two police cars during recent protests in Philly, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Privacy, Etsy, Police, Linkedin, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Fbi, Protests, Philly, Philadelphia Inquirer, Poshmark, George Floyd Protests

Fired eBay Execs Charged in Batshit Cyberstalking Plot Against Company’s Critics

An unfortunate reality of journalism is that, while anyone in the industry for long enough has gotten their share of death threats, some coverage—reporting on white supremacists, taking photos in a war zone, exposing deep-pocketed oil companies—simply tends to be more emotionally, physically, financially dangerous to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Crime, Ebay, Cyberstalking, Devin Wenig, James Baugh

European Police Bust Alleged Pirate Streaming Service With Over 2 Million Users

Sick of streaming paywalls and unending searches on multiple services to find where that one movie doesn’t cost five bucks? Seems like a whole lot of people in Europe are too. Police throughout the European Union have taken down a TV and movie streaming ring that they claim involved over 2 million subscribers, dozens…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Europe, Hbo, TV, Science, Technology, Crime, Movies, European Union, Netflix, Streaming, Piracy

Report: Facebook Helped the FBI Exploit Vulnerability in a Secure Linux Distro for Child Predator Sting

Facebook security personnel and engineers helped the FBI track down a notorious child predator by helping a third-party company develop an exploit in a security-focused version of the Linux operating system, Tails, per a Wednesday report by Vice. But they did so quietly and without notifying the developers of Tails…Read more...
Tags: Security, Facebook, Science, Technology, Crime, Privacy, Social Media, Surveillance, Fbi, Hacking, Hackers, Department Of Justice, Doj, Justice Department, CSAM

European Police Bust Alleged Pirate Streaming Service With Over Two Million Users

Sick of streaming paywalls and unending searches on multiple services to find where that one movie doesn’t cost five bucks? Seems like a whole lot of people in Europe are too. Police throughout the European Union have taken down a TV and movie streaming ring that they claim involved over two million subscribers,…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Europe, Hbo, TV, Science, Technology, Crime, Movies, European Union, Netflix, Streaming, Piracy

Feds Charge Executive of Pinprick Blood Testing Firm With Fraud Over Coronavirus Scheme

The Department of Justice has brought charges against the president of a Silicon Valley-based pharmaceutical firm, Arrayit, alleging a scheme to profiteer off the coronavirus pandemic with a shoddy covid-19 test it tried to bundle with an expensive, unrelated allergen finger stick test. The DOJ said the charges are…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Silicon Valley, Department Of Justice, Doj, Justice Department, Pandemic, Pricks, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Arrayit, Mark Schena

Photos: Police Use Force to Quell Protests Nationwide as Trump Threatens Martial Law

Protests against systemic racism and brutality by police departments around the country ignited by the May 25 Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd are being met with tear gas, rubber bullets, riot shields, and worse as the president threatens to impose martial law.Read more...
Tags: Photos, Science, Crime, Minneapolis, Police, Law Enforcement, Racism, Protests, George Floyd, George Floyd Protests

Huawei Executive One Step Closer to U.S. Extradition After Major Loss in Court

The chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, is much likelier to end up facing prison time in the United States after her legal strategy to avoid extradition from Canada suffered a massive blow on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Finance, China, Banking, Iran, Canada, United States, Telecommunications, Espionage, Sanctions, Huawei, Iran Sanctions, US China Trade War, Meng Wanzhou

Nextdoor Is Quietly Getting the Cops Involved: Report

Community platform Nextdoor is courting police across the country, creating concerns among civil rights and privacy advocates who worry about possible conflicts of interest, over-reporting of crime, and the platform’s record of racial profiling, per a Thursday report by CityLab.Read more...
Tags: Security, Apps, Science, Crime, Privacy, Police, Government, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Nextdoor, Tech Policy

That Time a Loon Fatally Stabbed an Eagle in the Heart

A lake on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, became a highly unusually scene last summer when a kayaker happened upon a dead bald eagle floating face down, pierced through the heart.Read more...
Tags: Murder, Science, Crime, Maine, Loon, Eagles, Portland Maine, Birdmodo

Spanish Police Bust Gang That Allegedly Infused Cardboard Produce Boxes With Cocaine

An international operation led by Spanish authorities has arrested 18 members of a drug gang in Spain, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Colombia that allegedly smuggled cocaine by embedding it in cardboard.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Drugs, Spain, Cocaine, Colombia, Chemistry, Netherlands, INGENIO, Spain Bulgaria

Teenager Accused of Leading Ring of 'Evil Geniuses' on $24 Million 'Cybercrime Spree'

Yesterday, the prominent bitcoin investor Michael Terpin announced that he’d filed suit against the ringleader of a “SIM swap gang” that he’d been chasing down since 2018, following the theft of roughly a collective $24 million in bitcoin from his digital wallets. And it turns out the culprit, in this case, wasn’t a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Crime, Teens, Cryptocurrency, Michael Terpin

Ah, Looks Like It's Already That Time of Year When Marriott Gets Hacked Again

It’s been a bad month for hotel chain Marriott International. Last week, it furloughed tens of thousands of workers as travel plummeted in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, and its stock price has plummeted over 50 percent from the start of the year. On Tuesday, it also disclosed that it was hacked, again, with the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Marriott, Hackers, Marriott Hotels, Marriott International Last

Florida Police Arrest Megachurch Pastor for Refusing to Comply With County Covid-19 Order

Hillsborough County, Florida sheriff’s deputies arrested Rodney Howard-Browne, the pastor of the River at Tampa Bay Church, for refusing to stop holding church services that attracted huge crowds in violation of a county health order, CNN reported on Monday.Read more...
Tags: Health, Florida, Science, Crime, Cnn, Courts, Hillsborough County Florida, Rodney Howard Browne, Tampa Bay Church, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

James Bond gun collection stolen in London raid

Pistols from Die Another Day, Walther PPK from A View to a Kill and special chrome Magnum from Live and Let Die among items taken in burglaryAn “irreplaceable” collection of prop guns used in James Bond films has been stolen from a house in Enfield, north London.Five deactivated guns, including Beretta Cheetah and Tomcat pistols from Die Another Day and the iconic Walther PPK handgun used in A View to a Kill are among the weapons reported taken. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Technology, London, Crime, Film, Life and style, UK News, Culture, James Bond, Weapons technology, Collecting, Enfield, Thrillers (film, Beretta Cheetah

Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski Escapes 32 of 33 Charges in Waymo Theft Plea Deal

Anthony Levandowski, the ex-Google autonomous vehicle engineer slapped with 33 charges of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets last year, has struck a deal with Uncle Sam to plead guilty and escape with just one guilty plea, per the Wall Street Journal.Read more...
Tags: Google, Uber, Science, Technology, Crime, Cars, Automotive, Courts, Autonomous Vehicles, Autonomous Cars, Automobiles, Self Driving Cars, Uncle Sam, Waymo, Anthony Levandowski, Waymo Theft Plea Deal

NYC Regulators Sue Airbnb Software Partner Guesty, Accusing It of Illegal Business Model

The New York City government has been battling short-term rental service Airbnb, which has been blamed for an explosion in illegal hotels that have helped drive housing scarcity and rising rent in the city, for years. Now it’s suing Guesty, a concierge service and Airbnb preferred software partner that the city…Read more...
Tags: Apps, New York, Science, Technology, Crime, NYC, Hotels, New York City, Law Enforcement, Airbnb, Rentals, Guesty, Short Term Rentals

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