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Lost in translation? The one-inch truth about Netflix’s subtitle problem

Subtitling is an essential art form. So why, as the streaming giant scores more global hits with shows like Squid Game and Call My Agent, isn’t it trying harder to find the right words?“Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” So said the director Bong Joon-ho, as he accepted his best picture Oscar for Parasite in 2020, in a not-so-subtle dig at the dominance of English language content. The success of Netflix’s Korean serie...
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William Shatner in tears after historic space flight: ‘I’m so filled with emotion’

Star Trek actor, 90, says ‘I hope I never recover from this’ after becoming oldest human in space on Jeff Bezos rocket New ShepardThe Star Trek actor William Shatner declared himself “overwhelmed” at becoming the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, broke ...
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William Shatner completes flight on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space

Star Trek actor, 90, made a real-life leap into the stars, as Amazon owner Bezos aims to dominate space tourism industryThe Star Trek actor William Shatner has become the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, was invited by the private space company’s found...
Tags: Amazon, Space, Texas, Science, Technology, Television, Star Trek, Culture, Television & radio, US television, Jeff Bezos, William Shatner, Bezos, James Kirk

Ground control to Captain Kirk! William Shatner is off to the final frontier, for real

At the age of 90, the Star Trek star is set to board Jeff Bezos’s space ship today. It’s just the latest chapter in a long relationship between the sci-fi smash and real-life space odysseysWilliam Shatner to blast off on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space‘Risk is our business!” So declared William Shatner in the 1968 Star Trek episode Return to Tomorrow. His character, Cpt James T Kirk, in a speech worthy of his real-life inspiration President John F Kennedy, led his crew through an i...
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William Shatner to blast off on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space

Famed Star Trek actor, 90, set for real-life leap into the starsAmazon owner Bezos bids to dominate space tourism industryWilliam Shatner, the veteran actor who spent four decades playing the fearless commander of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, is set for a real-life leap into the stars early on Wednesday on the next stage of billionaire Jeff Bezos’s quest to dominate the fledgling space tourism industry.The successful completion of the 11-minute flight alongside three civilian crew mates, with lif...
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Capsule of 1765 air reveals ancient histories hidden under Antarctic ice

Polar Zero exhibition in Glasgow features sculpture encasing air extracted from start of Industrial RevolutionAn ampoule of Antarctic air from the year 1765 forms the centrepiece of a new exhibition that reveals the hidden histories contained in polar ice to visitors attending the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow.The artist Wayne Binitie has spent the past five years undertaking an extraordinary collaboration with scientists of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), who drill, analyse and preser...
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Father of the Cyborgs review – the Indiana Jones of neuroscience

This film exploring the ideas of Dr Phil Kennedy, who had an electrode implanted in his brain, throws up interesting prospects for the human futureDr Phil Kennedy is regarded by many as the Indiana Jones of neuroscience: a Limerick-born doctor who became a bioengineering trailblazer, making people excited – and then nervous – by the way he worked outside the system. Then finally, sensationally, he experimented on himself by having an electrode implanted inside his brain in a Belize clinic that s...
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Pair win Nobel prize in chemistry for work on organic catalysts

Benjamin List and David MacMillan’s work has paved way for new classes of small molecule drugsA pair of scientists have won the 2021 Nobel prize in chemistry for their work on organic catalysts that has paved the way for entirely new classes of small molecule drugs.The winners, Benjamin List and David MacMillan, will share the award, presented by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and worth 10m Swedish kronor (£870,000). Continue reading...
Tags: Books, Science, Chemistry, Culture, Awards and prizes, Nobel Prize In Literature, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, David MacMillan, Benjamin List

Russian actor and director arrive at space station to make first film in orbit

Pair likely to beat Hollywood project announced by Tom Cruise, Nasa and Elon Musk’s SpaceXA Russian actor and director have arrived at the International Space Station in an attempt to beat the US and film the first movie in orbit.The Russian crew are likely to beat a Hollywood project announced last year by Tom Cruise, Nasa and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Continue reading...
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Trio of scientists win Nobel prize for physics for climate work

Sykuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi share award for advancing climate knowledgeThree scientists have won the 2021 Nobel prize in physics for their groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems – including how humanity influences the Earth’s climate.The winners, Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi, will share the award, announced on Tuesday, presented by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and worth 10m Swedish kronor (£870,000). Co...
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How standup comedy helped me conquer anxiety, depression – and fear of public speaking

Finding a humorous angle to some of my darkest episodes – and sharing them with strangers – was strangely cathartic“Have you gone mad?” asked one friend. “You’re so brave. I could never do that. Wouldn’t meditation be wiser?” said another. For someone with a long history of depression and anxiety, plus a morbid fear of public speaking, taking up standup comedy might seem like a masochistic decision. Yet to me it makes perfect sense. Excruciating fear of failure is at the heart of most people’s a...
Tags: Psychology, Comedy, Science, Life and style, Society, Depression, Anxiety, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Hertfordshire

Sponges, blood cells and sound-art: the exhibition hoping to cure my cancer

The UK’s first ever cancer research exhibition pairs up patients with researchers to show the creative paths taken on the cutting edge of human discoveryShortly before the pandemic hit, I found myself dressed in a red lab coat, trying to find a cure for blood cancer. Although that might be overstating things a little. It’s Professor Dominique Bonnet who is at the cutting edge of cancer research, whereas I was just tagging along for a day at the Francis Crick Institute, hoping to get a feel for w...
Tags: Art, UK, Science, Medical Research, Culture, Art and design, Exhibitions, Cancer Research, Francis Crick Institute, Bonnet, Dominique Bonnet

Mathematicians discover music really can be infectious – like a virus

New music download patterns appear to closely resemble epidemic curves for infectious disease, study finds Pop music is often described as catchy, but it seems you really can infect friends with your music taste. The pattern of music downloads after their release appears to closely resemble epidemic curves for infectious disease – and electronica appears to be the most infectious genre of all.Dora Rosati, lead author of the study and former graduate in maths and statistics at McMaster University...
Tags: Music, Science, Culture, Electronic Music, Mathematics, McMaster University, Ontario Canada, Dora Rosati

Einstein’s handwritten calculations for theory of relativity to be auctioned for €3m

The rare document, which records attempts to explain an anomaly in the orbit of Mercury, is ‘a fascinating dive into the mind of the greatest scientist of the 20th century’A crucial series of Albert Einstein’s calculations, scrawled down as the physicist struggled to account for an anomaly in the orbit of Mercury while developing his theory of general relativity, is set to be auctioned for an eye-watering estimate of up to €3m.Christie’s France and auction house Aguttes, who will auction the man...
Tags: Books, Publishing, Science, France, Physics, Culture, Paris, Albert Einstein, Einstein, Christie

Hawking: Can You Hear Me? review – a startling, harrowing look at Stephen’s secret life

This intimate portrait of genius physicist Stephen Hawking shows the true toll of his physical decline on his family, via revealing interviews with his first wife and childrenThe brief history of Stephen Hawking is one we all know. Diagnosed at the age of 21 with motor neurone disease and given three years to live, he went on to marry his sweetheart Jane, have three children and become – despite increasingly severe disability and many health crises – a groundbreaking physicist and cosmologist. H...
Tags: Science, Television, Documentary, Culture, Television & radio, Cambridge, Stephen Hawking, Factual TV, Royal Society, Stephen, Newton, Jane

Gaia review – attack of the killer mushrooms

A terrifying contagion spreads in this chilling South African eco-horror that takes the fun out of fungi The mushroom is having a moment. Its magical qualities and deep connection with the Earth have been explored in numerous recent releases, including Louie Schwarzberg’s Fantastic Fungi. Also journeying into the curious kingdom of the fungus, this psychedelic eco-horror directed by Jaco Bouwer reimagines the mushroom as an environmental avenger that awes and petrifies all at once.Deep in the be...
Tags: Science, Biology, Film, Africa, World news, Earth, Culture, South Africa, Fungi, Horror Films, Gabi, Tsitsikamma, Jaco Bouwer, Gabi Monique Rockman, Barend Carel Nel, Stefan Alex van Dyk

Are we eating ourselves to extinction?

It’s not just animals that are at risk of dying out, the world’s crops are in rapid decline. Here’s why it matters what is on your plateIn eastern Turkey, in a golden field overshadowed by grey mountains, I reached out and touched an endangered species. Its ancestors had evolved over millions of years and migrated here long ago. It had been indispensable to life in the villages across this plateau, but its time was running out. “Just a few fields left,” the farmer said. “Extinction will come eas...
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Scientists identify key conditions to set up a creative ‘hot streak’

Researchers use AI to reveal runs of artistic success are commonly preceded by an experimental phaseWhether it is the director Marta Meszaros, or the artist Jackson Pollock, those in creative careers often experience a particular burst of success.Now researchers have used artificial intelligence to reveal such “hot streaks” are commonly preceded by an experimental phase followed by a focus on one particular approach once the winning period has begun. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Science, Technology, Film, Culture, Art and design, Computing, Hilary Mantel, Peter Jackson, Jackson Pollock, Artificial intelligence (AI, Márta Mészáros

A decade after she died, I can finally grieve the Amy Winehouse I knew and loved

Coming to terms with the loss of my friend Amy Winehouse, amid the media frenzy that surrounded her death, has taken me 10 yearsGod knows what I must have looked like: a bedraggled 25-year-old dressed as a psychedelic game hunter with glitter smeared across my face crying hysterically in a Cambridgeshire field. It was 4pm on 23 July 2011, and a friend of mine had broken the news to me: Amy was dead. I was totally inconsolable, while around me fellow-revellers danced.It was the Saturday of Secret...
Tags: Psychology, Music, Science, Life and style, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Amy Winehouse, Cambridgeshire, Jamie, Amy, Secret Garden Party

‘Maybe the guy’s a masochist’: how Anthony Fauci became a superstar

The US diseases expert has been spoofed by Brad Pitt and lauded as the ‘sexiest man alive’. Now the pop culture phenomenon is the focus of a documentaryBeer and bobbleheads. Candles, colouring books, cupcakes and cushions. Dolls, doughnuts, hoodies, mugs and socks. T-shirts and yard signs that declare “Dr Fauci is my hero” and “In Fauci we trust”.Anthony Fauci, an 80-year-old scientist, doctor and public servant, has become an unlikely cult hero for millions of people during the Covid pandemic. ...
Tags: Science, Film, US, US news, Culture, Infectious Diseases, Brad Pitt, Anthony Fauci, Fauci, Documentary films, Coronavirus

Life being put on hold was just the spur this writer needed to fulfil her youthful ambition

Charlotte Northedge wrote a new novel in lockdown. She considers others who have realised the dreams of their youthI wrote a novel in the last lockdown. To be clear, it wasn’t one of those creative outpourings some people had in between yoga with Adriene and baking banana bread. I had a deadline. Some days, I thought I’d never cut through the brain fog brought about by living through a pandemic. But gradually, as the initial panic subsided and the usual distractions of daily life fell away, I fo...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Science, London, Life and style, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Creative writing, Adriene, Coronavirus, Charlotte Northedge

Being a Human review – two go mad in the stone age

Charles Foster’s search for the meaning of human life leads him and his son to become hedgehog-eating hunter-gatherers in a Derbyshire woodCharles Foster’s previous book, Being a Beast, is one of the oddest things I’ve read. In it, the author, a barrister, professor of law, part-time judge and former vet, attempts to live as a series of animals, often in the company of his charming and heavily dyslexic eight-year-old son, Tom. We see Foster eating worms and burrowing into the earth as a badger, ...
Tags: Books, Science, Biology, Culture, Evolution, Derbyshire, Foster, Tom, Charles Foster, History books, Science and nature books

Passing the ‘chimp test’: how Neanderthals and women helped create language

How did humans learn to talk and why haven’t chimpanzees followed suit? Linguistics expert Sverker Johansson busts some chauvinist mythsHow and when did human language evolve? Did a “grammar module” just pop into our ancestors’ brains one day thanks to a random change in our DNA? Or did language come from grooming, or tool use, or cooking meat with fire? These and other hypotheses exist, but there seems little way to rationally choose between them. It was all so very long ago, so any theory must...
Tags: Books, Science, Education, Culture, Language, Linguistics, Falun, Reference and languages books, Sverker Johansson, Dalarna University Continue

TikTok Bans Milk Crate Challenge After Reports of, You Guessed It, Milk Crate-Induced Injuries

It’s a tale as old as time: Humans goading themselves into serious, preventable injury and then getting banned. This time, it’s something called the “Milk Crate Challenge,” which involves building a tall pyramid out of milk crates and filming oneself walking over before inevitably careening off of it, and hashtags…Read more...
Tags: Science, Nbc, Software, Culture, Milk, Crate, Containers, Insider, Shipping Containers, Video Software, Bytedance, Dog Crate, Tiktok, Application Software, Shawn Anthony, Milk Crate

Rise of the robo-drama: Young Vic creates new play using artificial intelligence

Inspired by a Guardian article, the theatre’s surreal and spellbinding show AI is a collaboration between humans and the system GPT-3Last autumn, a deep-learning computer programme wrote an essay for the Guardian. The GPT-3 system argued that humans had nothing to fear from robots. Kwame Kwei-Armah, artistic director of the Young Vic, read it and felt inspired. Could there be a future in creative collaboration between AI and humans? If AI could write an article, could it create a play too, in re...
Tags: Science, Technology, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Computing, Consciousness, Young Vic, Vic, Kwame Kwei Armah, GPT, Artificial intelligence (AI

Neuroscientist Anil Seth: ‘We risk not understanding the central mystery of life’

The professor of cognitive and computational neuroscience discusses his work to develop a scientific explanation for how the brain conjures consciousnessFor centuries, philosophers have theorised about the mind-body question, debating the relationship between the physical matter of the brain and the conscious mental activity it somehow creates. Even with advances in neuroscience and brain imaging techniques, large parts of that fundamental relationship remain stubbornly mysterious. It was with g...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Science, Neuroscience, Culture, Consciousness, Human biology, University of Sussex, Daniel Dennett, David Chalmers, Artificial intelligence (AI, Anil Seth

Dear Diary: how keeping a journal can bring you daily peace

Writing a diary is a great way to offload – and, if memory fails, it’s a wonderful window on the pastI still get funny looks from people when I mention that I keep a diary. Maybe the practice strikes them as shifty or weirdly old-fashioned. It’s true that I never feel more furtive than when my wife finds me writing it at our kitchen table – it’s like being spotted entering a confessional box in church. What exactly have I got to tell this black book about a life that we share all day, every day?...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Science, Life and style, Culture, Health & wellbeing

I’m Your Man review – Dan Stevens is the perfect date in android romance

Near-future tale of a woman who accepts a male ‘companion’ robot played by Stevens is laboriously told and not really funny enoughDirected by Maria Schrader, this was a crowd-pleasing favourite at the Berlin film festival earlier this year and its star, Maren Eggert, won the festival’s new gender-neutral best leading performance prize. But I was disappointed with a film whose crises and dilemmas seem laborious and essentially predictable; it does not fully work as sci-fi or satire or comedy.We ...
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This $1,000 Knock-Off of a $100,000 Patek Philippe Swiss Watch Is Shockingly Detailed

It’s a tough time for amateur watch collectors trying to break into the hobby. Even though a Swiss watch is considered the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship and engineering, knock-offs have been created that are nearly impossible to spot without a highly trained eye, or a side-by-side comparison with the real thing.…Read more...
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Doggerland: Lost ‘Atlantis’ of the North Sea gives up its ancient secrets

The land mass that linked Britain to continental Europe was rich in early human life until it floodedThe idea of a “lost Atlantis” under the North Sea connecting Britain by land to continental Europe had been imagined by HG Wells in the late 19th century, with evidence of human inhabitation of the forgotten world following in 1931 when the trawler Colinda dredged up a lump of peat containing a spear point.But it is only now, after a decade of pioneering research and the extraordinary finds of an...
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