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Sanders Rebuffs Alleged 'Help' From Moscow, Says None Needed From an 'Autocratic Thug'

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday responded to a report in the Washington Post stating U.S. officials had warned the Vermont senator that Russia was attempting to aid his presidential campaign as part of a larger effort to sow discord in the Democratic contest. Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington Post, Russia, Moscow, Donald Trump, Vermont, Bernie Sanders, Sen Bernie Sanders, 2020 Elections, Election Interference

Julian Assange Says Trump Offered Him a Pardon to Deny Russia Hacked Democrats in 2016

Lawyers for beleaguered WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claim that Donald Trump offered him a pardon if he’d claim the 2016 hacks of Democratic Party email systems had nothing to do with Russia, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Elections, Science, Technology, Russia, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Hackers, Guardian, Espionage, Julian Assange, 2016 Election, Wikileaks, Donald Trump, Democratic Party, Guccifer 20, Julian Assange Says Trump

The Tech Revolt Finally Comes for Oracle

Oracle isn’t a household name. Its product is software and cloud computing, and its customers are other companies—and so, it’s avoided much of the scrutiny heaped on public-facing firms like Facebook, while making its co-founder Larry Ellison the fifth-richest man in the United States. And amid worker backlash across…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Labor, United States, Larry Ellison, Donald Trump, Oracle, Techlash

This Is What NASCAR Was, Is, And Always Will Be

On Sunday, President Donald Trump gave the command to the “gentlemen” to start their engines at the Daytona 500. Around the same time, a story broke about a Trump administration policy in which the words given in confidential therapy sessions would be used to deport children. Despite what we may want to think, the two…Read more...
Tags: Science, History, Racing, Donald Trump, Nascar, Trump, Daytona

'We as a state are not in the clear yet:' Mississippi officials urge caution as Pearl River recedes

One day after the Pearl River crested near Mississippi's waterlogged capital city of Jackson, flash flood watches were scattered across the region Tuesday morning as more storms marched across the South.Mississippi officials expressed cautious optimism on Monday as they announced the swollen river had crested at a height lower than initially feared.The crest came after what Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves called a "long weekend" due to rising floodwaters and additional evacuations throughout Ja...
Tags: Science, Mississippi, Jackson, Donald Trump, Accuweather, Columbia, Reeves, Marion County, South Mississippi, Sigman, Pearl River, MDOT, Michel, Tate Reeves, Sosnowski, Willie Simmons

Oracle Employees Demand Larry Ellison Cancel Pro-Trump Fundraiser

News that billionaire and Oracle co-founder and executive chairman Larry Ellison plans to hold “Golf Outing and Reception” fundraiser at his home in support of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign roiled employees of the tech giant. Though it has well earned a reputation as among the least outspoken tech giants,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Larry Ellison, Donald Trump, Oracle, Trump 2020, Oracle Employees For Ethics

Amazon Wins Court Injunction, Halting Work on $10 Billion JEDI Contract It Lost to Microsoft

A federal judge just put the brakes on a major military contract after Amazon argued it only lost out to rival Microsoft because the president wanted to “screw” CEO Jeff Bezos.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Microsoft, Cloud Computing, Department Of Defense, War, Military, US military, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, Defense Department, Jedi, Military Technology, Jeff Bezos Read, Amazon Wins Court

CDC is hopeful weather will suppress coronavirus, others unsure of weather's role

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) on Thursday confirmed the 15th case of novel coronavirus in the United States after a Chinese evacuee was flown to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The 14th U.S. case of COVID-19, the official name for the strain of novel coronavirus that has infected tens of thousands mostly in China, was confirmed on Wednesday night.The death toll for the virus reached more than 1,300 total fatalities as of Thursday morning, the vast majority of which have occurred i...
Tags: Science, Cdc, China, Beijing, United States, New Hampshire, Npr, Donald Trump, Accuweather, San Antonio, Reuters, Beijing China, LAHORE Pakistan, MANCHESTER N H AP, Nicholls, Evan Vucci

A Rare Trump-Era Climate Policy Hits an Obstacle: The Tax Man

WASHINGTON -- A rare policy enacted under President Donald Trump to address climate change has run into an unexpected hurdle: the tax man.In 2018, Congress approved a lucrative tax break for companies that use carbon capture technology to trap carbon dioxide produced by industrial sites before the gas escapes into the atmosphere and heats the planet. The technology is still costly and contentious, but may one day become a valuable tool for slowing global warming. House Republicans are aiming to ...
Tags: Texas, Science, Congress, California, Washington, Indiana, North Dakota, House, New York Times, New Mexico, Greenpeace, Houston, Donald Trump, Environmental Protection Agency, Irs, Internal Revenue Service

Trump’s new budget pours billions into AI and quantum R&D

The US Office of Science and Technology today released more information about President Donald Trump‘s FY 2021 budget and, as it stands, it looks like the White House and Pentagon are finally getting serious about AI and quantum computing technology. The new budget contains billions of dollars earmarked for AI research and development (R&D) spread out over various government agencies. This includes a record $1 billion set aside for non-military AI research. The National Science Foundation has a ...
Tags: Startups, Politics, Science, White House, Insights, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, United States, Pentagon, Donald Trump, Trump, National Science Foundation, Neural, US Office of Science and Technology

The Hunt Is on, Again: Why Now Is the Time to Revive 2019's Most Controversial Movie

Normally, if a person with over 70 million Twitter followers mentions your movie, it’s a good thing. But when that person is the President of the United States and he says your movie is meant “to inflame and cause chaos” without even seeing it, it’s anything but. That happened last summer with Universal and…Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Interview, Horror, United States, Universal, Hilary Swank, Donald Trump, Emma Roberts, Jason Blum, Damon Lindelof, Blumhouse, The Hunt, Ike Barinholtz, Craig Zobel, Betty Gilpin

Amazon, Still Sore Over Lost $10 Billion JEDI Contract, Calls on Trump to Testify

The intentionally public feud between two powerful and deeply unlikeable men continues—this time over a lucrative government contract which was awarded to Amazon rival Microsoft in October. Who will win, and can it please be neither of them?Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Microsoft, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, Trump, Jedi

Facebook and Twitter Refuse to Take Down Donald Trump’s Edited Nancy Pelosi Speech Ripping Video

Facebook and Twitter declined to take down a modified video posted to President Donald Trump’s accounts on both platforms that creates a questionable mash-up of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s viral speech-ripping moment during the State of the Union address. The dispute with the social networks was made public by Drew…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, House, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Misinformation

Trump: Democrats 'Fried Their Votes on Computer'

President Trump thinks Democrats fried their votes on computer, he told reporters on Friday.Read more...
Tags: Apps, Politics, Elections, Science, Technology, Donald Trump, Trump, Iowa Caucus, Fried Their Votes On Computer

Apple Co-Hosting Tonight's Democratic Debate and Soliciting Questions Via Apple News

Apple is co-hosting tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire and even soliciting questions from the public through Apple News. It’s the first time that Apple has hosted a debate, joining the ranks of previous co-hosts like Facebook in an effort to become established as a serious player in the digital…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Science, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Ap, Democrats, New Hampshire, Amy Klobuchar, Associated Press, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Cordcutters, Democratic Debate, Tom Steyer, Apple Co

Coronavirus live updates: China's economic growth forecast downgraded as infections pass 30,000 – latest news

Country mourns death of Wuhan whistleblower doctor as North Korea confirms first case of virus. Follow live updatesDoctor who blew whistle over coronavirus has died, hospital saysProfile of whistleblower doctorFirst British national to contract coronavirus had been in SingaporeShare your stories 5.09am GMT We’re getting more details on the two US planes with about 300 passengers, mostly American citizens, took off from the Chinese city of Wuhan on Thursday bound for the United States. It’s t...
Tags: Hong Kong, Science, North Korea, China, US, World news, United States, Asia Pacific, Xi Jinping, Infectious Diseases, Associated Press, State Department, Donald Trump, Wuhan, Reuters, Vancouver British Columbia

President Stable Genius Congratulates Wrong State After Chiefs Win Super Bowl

Donald Trump, the dumbest president in modern American history, congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs last night after they beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl, tweeting, “You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well.” Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Usa, Science, San Francisco 49ers, 49ers, San Francisco, Social Media, Missouri, Super Bowl, Kansas, Kansas City Chiefs, Lies, Kansas City, Donald Trump, Chiefs, President Trump

“You Have No Idea How Hard I’m Fighting to Keep Politics Out of Science.” New Emails Reveal NOAA’s Turmoil During Sharpiegate

A new set of documents obtained by the Washington Post and other media outlets reveal the turmoil that shook the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) last September when President Donald Trump mistakenly tweeted that Hurricane Dorian posed a threat to Alabama. Dorian was not, in fact, a threat to the…Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Washington Post, Social Media, Noaa, Donald Trump, Alabama Dorian

If Trump Wants His Racist Border Wall, He'll Have to Start Taking Climate Change Seriously

Ha ha ha. Donald Trump’s impermeable wall ain’t so impermeable, after all. Not even these high walls of racist fury can withstand good ol’ Mother Nature: The Washington Post reported Thursday that the president’s beloved border wall between the U.S. and Mexico would need to leave portions wide open every summer to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington Post, Mexico, Donald Trump, Trump, Border Wall, Monsoon Season, Or Maybe Not Build The Wall

Trump Regime Wants to Lift a Ban on Most U.S. Landmines

The Trump regime is lifting an Obama-era ban on America’s deployment of most landmines in warzones, according to a new report from CNN as well as a cable from the U.S. State Department that was leaked to Vox.Read more...
Tags: South Korea, Science, Obama, America, Cnn, Donald Trump, Trump, U S State Department, President Trump, Jim Mattis, Landmines, Mine Ban Treaty, Trump Regime Wants

Global leaders' top five biggest risks 'for the first time' all focus on one concern

Sissel Mosvold embraces a volunteer who helped rescue her mother from her home, flooded by the waters of Hurricane Dorian, in the outskirts of Freeport, Bahamas, Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa) World Economic Forum (WEF) President Borge Brende singled out a first in his organization's annual Global Risks Report. One category - environmental concerns - dominates the focus of the WEF's multi-stakeholder community of more than 750 global experts and decision-makers wh...
Tags: Science, Donald Trump, Accuweather, Wef, Davos Switzerland, John Drzik, Borge Brende, Brende, Business Services, Ramon Espinosa, Enterprise Solutions, Jonathan Porter, Freeport Bahamas, DirecTV Frontier, Joel N Myers, Sissel Mosvold

January linkfest

I’ll get to the regularly scheduled links in a bit, but I wanted to lead off with some recommendations from my 2019 media diet (a term I’ve borrowed from Jason Kottke, whose blog always makes for tasty consumption). A couple of magazine articles: “What I Learned in Avalanche School,” by H eidi Julavits for the New York Times Magazine. The story is indeed about avalanche school, but because Julvaits is a brilliant writer, it includes passages like this one: “The pursuit of joy, even if tha...
Tags: Books, New York Post, Science, Design, Television, Writing, Film, China, New York City, Advertising, Sports, Tel Aviv, America, Domains, Amazon Prime, Chinese

Interior Department Bans Chinese Drones But Has Nothing to Replace Them

The U.S. Department of the Interior is formally banning its staff from using Chinese-made drones today, a move that comes after it grounded roughly 800 drones in its fleet last October, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. All of the Interior Department’s drones are made in China or are produced…Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Surveillance, Drones, Dji, Interior Department, Donald Trump, New Cold War, U S Department of the Interior, President Trump

Trump Unveils Logo For New United States Space Force, With Nod to Star Trek

(WASHINGTON) — The Pentagon’s new U.S. Space Force is not Star Trek‘s Starfleet Command, but their logos bear a striking similarity. President Donald Trump unveiled the Space Force logo Friday, writing on Twitter that he had consulted with military leaders and designers before presenting the blue-and-white symbol, which features an arrowhead shape centered on a planetary background and encircled by the words, “United States Space Force” and “Department of the Air Force.” The logo, which bea...
Tags: Space, Politics, Science, News, Congress, Washington, White House, Uncategorized, Pentagon, Air Force, Donald Trump, Trump, Sulu, Department, George Takei, Army Navy

Pentagon Says 34 Troops Treated for Traumatic Brain Injury After Trump Downplays It as 'Headaches'

The White House initially minimized the consequences of retaliatory Iranian missile strikes that hit joint U.S.-Iraqi bases in Iraq on January 8 in response to Donald Trump’s reckless decision to assassinate a senior Iranian official. But last week, news broke that at least 11 U.S. troops had actually been treated…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Medicine, White House, Iraq, Neuroscience, Iran, US military, Brains, Donald Trump, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injuries

Leave Star Trek Alone, You Piece of Shit

The similarities between Donald Trump’s newly revealed United States Space Force logo and the logo for Star Trek’s Starfleet are uncanny.Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Star Trek, Military, Cbs, Donald Trump, Paramount, Starfleet, Space Force, United States Space Force

Big Praise: Trump Says Elon 'Does Good at Rockets,' Zuck's 'Done a Hell of a Job'

While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, a few thoughts tumbled across the barren dunes of our president’s skull space, out through his mouth hole and out onto today. He spoke with the program’s co-host Joe Kernen of tax cuts, the impeachment inquiry, the Fed’s balance sheet, relations with China…Read more...
Tags: Mark Zuckerberg, Science, China, Davos, Donald Trump, Trump, Fed, Elon, World Economic Forum, Zuck, Joe Kernen, Fart Zuckerblorg

DOJ Says FBI Cracked Lev Parnas's iPhone 11 in Two Months Even as It Demands Apple Backdoor

The U.S. Department of Justice claimed in a letter to a federal judge this week that it took almost two months for the FBI to break into an iPhone 11 owned by Lev Parnas, a former associate of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who has been sucked into the sprawling impeachment mess facing the White House, …Read more...
Tags: Ios, Politics, Science, Technology, Privacy, White House, Ukraine, Cybersecurity, Encryption, Fbi, Department Of Justice, Donald Trump, Doj, Rudy Giuliani, U S Department of Justice, Impeachment

You Know We Can See the Apple Watches You Snuck Into the Impeachment Trial, Right?

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is officially underway in the Senate, and there are a few rules of decorum in place designed to keep senators focused on the historic task at hand. The only beverages allowed in the Senate Chamber during the trial are water (fine) and milk (I have questions). The only…Read more...
Tags: Ios, Mobile, Politics, Science, Technology, Senate, Cybersecurity, Apple Watch, Donald Trump, Applewatch, Tech Policy, Impeachment

Senators Told Cell Phones or Other Electronic Devices Won't Be Allowed at Trump Impeachment Trial

Senators have been told they have to leave cell phones and all other electronic devices outside the chamber when Donald Trump’s impeachment trial commences, according to “decorum guidelines” obtained by CNN.Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Technology, Congress, Senate, Smartphones, Cnn, Donald Trump, Trump Impeachment, Trump Impeachment Trial

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