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VLBA finds planet orbiting small, cool star

Precision measurements made with the VLBA have revealed that a small, cool star 35 light-years from Earth is orbited by a Saturn-sized planet once every 221 days.
Tags: Science, Earth, Saturn, VLBA

Surprisingly dense exoplanet challenges planet formation theories

New detailed observations with NSF's NOIRLab facilities reveal a young exoplanet, orbiting a young star in the Hyades cluster, that is unusually dense for its size and age. Weighing in at 25 Earth-masses, and slightly smaller than Neptune, this exoplanet's existence is at odds with the predictions of leading planet formation theories.
Tags: Science, Earth, Neptune, NSF, Hyades

Lots Of Idiots In Private Boats Swarmed Where The SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashed Down From The ISS

There hasn’t been a splashdown of an American crewed space capsule since the Apollo capsule from the Apollo-Soyuz joint U.S.-Soviet Union space mission in 1975, at least not until yesterday, when astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley returned to Earth from the International Space Station in orbit, splashing down just…Read more...
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A Pair of Canadian Ice Caps Has Disappeared Completely

A set of polar ice caps has literally disappeared. We don’t need any more evidence that the Earth is warming to the point of mass instability, but this latest discovery is unsettling, to say the least.Read more...
Tags: Science, Global Warming, Earth, Ice, Arctic, Ice Caps, Ice Ice Maybe, St Patrick Bay

Virgin Galactic debuts design of future Mach 3 high-speed aircraft, signs deal with Rolls-Royce

Virgin Galactic is making strides towards its goal of creating high-speed commercial aircraft that operates a little closer to Earth than its existing passenger spacecraft. The company revealed the initial design of the commercial passenger airplane it’s creating that’s designed to fly at speeds in excess of Mach 3 – faster than the average cruising speed of around Mach 2 that the original Concorde achieved. This concept design comes alongside a new partnership for Virgin Galactic, by way ...
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Scientists discover secret behind Earth's biodiversity hotspots

Researchers have discovered why the tropics and a handful of other areas across the globe have become the most biodiverse places on the planet.
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Dome A in Antarctica is the best site for optical astronomical observation on Earth

A research team led by Prof. SHANG Zhaohui from National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) has proved that Dome A in Antarctica is the best site for optical astronomical observation on Earth.
Tags: Science, Earth, Antarctica, Dome, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences NAOC, SHANG Zhaohui

SpaceX and NASA successfully return Crew Dragon spacecraft to Earth with astronauts on board

SpaceX and NASA have made history once again, successfully completing the crucial final phase of their Demo-2 mission for the Crew Dragon spacecraft, SpaceX’s first spacecraft made for human flight. This marks the end of this last demonstration mission, which flew NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station on May 30, where they remained for two months prior to making the return trip on Sunday. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon appears to have performed exactly as int...
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Watch SpaceX’s Crew Dragon splash down in the Atlantic Ocean live as astronauts return to Earth

SpaceX and NASA are getting ready to complete their most important joint mission to date – Crew Dragon Demo-2, which is the culmination of the partners’ work on their Commercial Crew program designed to certify a SpaceX spacecraft for regular human spaceflight operations. NASA astronauts are already on board Crew Dragon making their way back to Earth during a multi-hour descent, and later on Sunday will be splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. Behnken and Hurley un...
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Watch live as SpaceX brings NASA astronauts back from the Space Station aboard Crew Dragon

SpaceX and NASA are now in the final stages of preparation for the conclusion of its Demo-2 Crew Dragon mission, which will see astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley depart the International Space Station and return to Earth. Behnken and Hurley launched aboard the Crew Dragon, SpaceX’s first human spacecraft, on May 30 and have been working as part of the Station’s crew since then. The Crew Dragon is set to depart from the ISS at 7:34 PM EDT (4:34 PM PDT) tonight, but NASA is planning a day ...
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Cooling of Earth caused by eruptions, not meteors

Ancient sediment found in a central Texas cave appears to solve the mystery of why the Earth cooled suddenly about 13,000 years ago, according to a research study co-authored by a Texas A&M University professor.
Tags: Texas, Science, Earth, Texas A M University

Watch NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover launch live

NASA is set to launch its newest rover to Mars later this morning. The liftoff is set for 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 AM PDT), with a broadcast beginning at 7:00 AM EDT (4:00 AM PDT). This mission will launch a ULA Atlas V rocket to carry the Perseverance rover to Mars with a trip that will last several months, arriving in February 2021. The 2,260-lb rover is equipped with a range of sensors to help it search for signs of past micro organic life on Mars, as well as study the planet’s amtospheric and...
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NASA successfully launches its Mars 2020 Perseverance rover using an Atlas V rocket

NASA has launched one of its most crucial science missions to date, the Mars 2020 mission that carries its Perseverance robotic rover. This rover, a successor to the Curiosity robotic explorer, is equipped with sensors specifically designed to help it hopefully fund evidence of ancient, microbiotic life on Mars. Mars 2020 departed from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 PM PDT). Perseverance was loaded atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket, which had a good liftoff an...
Tags: TC, Space, Florida, Science, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Esa, European Space Agency, Rover, Mars, Robotics, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Spacecraft, Cape Canaveral

Hengduan Mountain alpine flora history shown to be longest on Earth

Researchers from the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that the alpine flora of the Hengduan Mountains has continuously existed far longer than any other flora on Earth. They also illustrated how modern biotas have been shaped by past geological and climatic events.
Tags: Science, Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hengduan Mountains, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden XTBG

Discovered: Remnant of ancient globular cluster that's 'the last of its kind'

A team of astronomers discovered a stellar stream composed of the remnants of an ancient globular cluster that was torn apart by the Milky Way's gravity 2 billion years ago, when Earth's most-complex lifeforms were single-celled organisms. This surprising finding upends conventional wisdom about how these celestial objects form.
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Alaskan seismometers record the northern lights

Aaron Lojewski, who leads aurora sightseeing tours in Alaska, was lucky enough to photograph a "eruption" of brilliant pink light in the night skies one night in February. The same perturbations of the Earth's magnetic field that lit up the sky for Lojewski's camera were also captured by seismometers on the ground, a team of researchers reports in the journal Seismological Research Letters.
Tags: Science, Earth, Alaska, Lojewski, Aaron Lojewski

Is the Earth's transition zone deforming like the upper mantle?

In a recently published paper in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, researchers from the Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University and the University of Lille combine numerical modeling of dislocation glide and results from diffusion experiments to revisit the rheology of wadsleyite, ringwoodite and majorite garnet under geological strain rates across the transition zone of the Earth's mantle based on theoretical plasticity modeling.
Tags: Science, Earth, University of Lille, Geodynamics Research Center Ehime University

Ancient Microbes Spring to Life After 100 Million Years Under the Seafloor

Scientists have revived microbes found deep beneath the seafloor in 100-million-year-old sediment, dramatically expanding our view of where life exists on Earth and for how long.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Earth, Microbiology, Microbes, Extremophiles, Seafloor Sediments

Look, human, it’s the first photo of planets orbiting a sun 300 light years away

The planetary system TYC 8998–760–1, sitting 300 light years from Earth, shows a pair of massive worlds orbiting a star much like our own Sun. The team of astronomers took a pair of images of the system showing movement of the planets around their star. Images of solar systems showing more than one planet have been recorded twice before in recent years. However, this image marks the first time a pair of giant planets have been seen orbiting around a young, star-like star. “This discovery is a sn...
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Despite debate, even the world's oldest trees are not immortal

The oldest trees on Earth have stood for nearly five millennia, and researchers have long wondered to what extent these ancient organisms undergo senescence, physically deteriorating as they age. In a review publishing July 27, 2020 in the journal Trends in Plant Science, plant biologist Sergi Munné-Bosch argues that although signs of senescence in long-lived trees may be almost imperceptible to people, this does not mean that they're immortal.
Tags: Science, Earth, Sergi Munné Bosch

New approach refines the Hubble's constant and age of universe

Using known distances of 50 galaxies from Earth to refine calculations in Hubble's constant, a research team led by a University of Oregon astronomer estimates the age of the universe at 12.6 billion years.
Tags: Science, Earth, University of Oregon

Scientists are homing in on understanding just how sensitive our climate is to CO2

At the dawn of the industrial revolution, the Earth’s atmosphere contained 278 parts of CO₂ per million. Today, after more than two and a half centuries of fossil fuel use, that figure is around 414 parts per million (ppm). If the build-up of CO₂ continues at current rates, by 2060 it will have passed 560 ppm – more than double the level of pre-industrial times. Exactly how the climate will respond to all this extra CO₂ is one of the central questions in climate science. Just how much will the c...
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Space Force Unveils New Logo, Promises to Be "Always Above"

Now that we’re all totally ready to slip the surly bonds of Earth and aliens are real, it’s time for the United States Space Force to have a really badass logo to go with its mission.Read more...
Tags: Science, Earth, Logos, Space Force, United States Space Force

NASA to fly a football stadium-sized high-altitude balloon to study light from newborn stars

NASA’s latest mission won’t actually reach space – but it will come very close, with a massive observation craft made up of a football stadium-sized high-altitude balloon, along with a special stratospheric telescope instrument that can observe wavelengths of light blocked by Earth’s atmosphere, cast from newly-formed stars. The mission is called the ‘Astrophysics Stratospheric Telescope for High Spectral Resolution Observations at Submillimeter-wavelengths,’ but shortened to ASTHROS since that’...
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SpaceX and NASA target September for first operational astronaut crew launch

SpaceX and NASA are aiming to launch the first official operational mission of the SpaceX Crew Dragon human-rated spacecraft sometime in September, the agency revealed via a media update this week. The launch had been tracking towards an August date, but the updated timeframe indicates “late September,” allowing time for the completion of the current Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission which will see astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley return to Earth using the SpaceX spacecraft potentially as e...
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China’s first Mars rover is en route to the Red Planet after successful launch of Tianwen-1

China successfully launched a combination Mars orbiter and rover early this morning, using a Long March 5 rocket that took off from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on Hainan Island at 12:41 AM EDT. The Tianwen-1 payload it carries represents China’s first full-scale Mars exploration mission, after a prior partial attempt with a orbital Mars satellite called Yinghuo-1 failed to leave Earth’s orbit in 2011. This is a major effort not just for China, but also for extra-terrestrial planetary exp...
Tags: TC, Space, Japan, Science, China, Tech, Nasa, Earth, United Arab Emirates, Rover, Mars, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Uae, Spacecraft, Mars Mission

Asteroids may be the reason Earth is covered in water

The origin of water on Earth has long been a contested question — water forms in the course of many chemical reactions, and it is also a major component of comets. So, researchers frequently debate which of these is the ultimate source of most of the water on our planet. A new study reveals that chemical reactions within asteroids may have freed water, slowly covering the Earth in water. Usually, astronomers thought of water from space as coming from comets — essentially, dirty snowballs — from ...
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COVID-19 lockdown caused 50% global reduction in human-linked Earth vibrations

The lack of human activity during lockdown caused human-linked vibrations in the Earth to drop by an average of 50% between March and May 2020.
Tags: Science, Earth

Even immediate, significant efforts to reduce plastic pollution could leave Earth with 710 million metric tons by 2040, modeling suggests

Immediate and globally coordinated action to limit plastic consumption and waste could reduce the rate of plastic pollution by nearly 80% over the next two decades, according to a new modeling report.
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Incredible Image Shows a Pair of Exoplanets Around a Sun-Like Star

This first-of-its-kind image reveals a star system just 300 light-years from Earth. It was captured by the Very Large Telescope (VLT), which is managed by the European Southern Observatory and located in the Atacama desert of Chile. This is considered the first direct image of multiple exoplanets in orbit around a…Read more...
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