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Face masks for English secondary school pupils to be ditched, Williamson confirms

Education secretary says lockdown easing measure will go ahead despite protests from unions and othersCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageRules requiring secondary school pupils in England to wear face masks are to be scrapped, the education secretary has said, despite pleas by teaching unions and others for them to remain compulsory for longer.Gavin Williamson confirmed the government was planning to remove the measure at step three of its roadmap out of lockdown, which ...
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The Kid from 'David After Dentist' Is Now in College and Selling an NFT of his Viral Video to Pay Tuition

It seems like every internet meme is getting the NFT treatment these days. The latest is “David After Dentist,” one of YouTube’s earliest viral videos. In 2008, David DeVore recorded his then-seven-year-old son, David Jr., babbling now-iconic lines like “Is this real life?” in a medication-fueled haze after a tooth…Read more...
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Stop the Steal: ‘Hacker’ Homecoming Queen Charged as Adult in Vote-Changing Scandal

Authorities appear to have uncovered a vast, nefarious conspiracy to electronically rig an American election in favor of an illegitimate victor. Neither Deep State supercomputers nor Russian intelligence agencies are alleged to have been involved in this one, however. Read more...
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Zoom Claims Another Victim as NYC Schools Cancel Snow Days

Chalk up one more precious thing the pandemic has ruined. On Tuesday, the New York City Department of Education announced that it would no longer allow kids to stay home from school on especially snowy or bad weather days; instead, schools will switch to remote learning.Read more...
Tags: Science, Winter, Education, Snow, Nature, Zoom, New York City Department of Education, Fictional Characters, The Snowy Day, Animated Characters, Evil Queen, Weather Related Cancellation

CSUN lands nearly $3 million grant to support biomedical sciences students

Cal State Northridge announced Tuesday, May 4, that it has received a nearly $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to support biomedical sciences students who want to eventually earn a doctorate. The five-year grant will fund the Undergraduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (U-RISE), which is designed to equip undergraduate students with skills that will make them more competitive for entry into graduate programs, according to the university. The grant — w...
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Florida legislature passed a bill making it illegal for schools to require COVID-19 vaccines - but a long list of shots are already required to attend school in the state

Requiring proof of a coronavirus vaccination is becoming increasingly common as states and countries move to loosen restrictions and open up travel. Jon Cherry / Stringer / Getty Images The Florida legislature passed a bill banning schools from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations. The state of Florida requires a long list of vaccines for public school students. Gov. Ron DeSantis already passed an executive order banning businesses from requiring "vaccine passports." See more stories on Insider...
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Erase All Kittens raises $1M Seed round for Mario-style game which teaches girls to code

Erase All Kittens (EAK) is an EdTech startup that created a ‘Mario-style’ web-based game designed for kids aged 8-12. However, the game has a twist: it places an emphasis on inspiring girls to code (since let’s face it, most coding tools are created by men). After reaching 160,000 players in over 100 countries, it’s now raised a $1M Seed funding led by Twinkl Educational Publishing, with participation from first investor Christian Reyntjens of the A Black Square family office, alongside angel in...
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Fears Covid anxiety syndrome could stop people reintegrating

Exclusive: compulsive hygiene habits and fear of public places could remain for some after lockdown lifted, researchers sayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageScientists have expressed concern that residual anxiety over coronavirus may have led some people to develop compulsive hygiene habits that could prevent them from reintegrating into the outside world, even though Covid hospitalisations and deaths in the UK are coming down.The concept of “Covid anxiety syndrome” was...
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Why Schools Should Be the Center of a Green New Deal

One of the main things Terriq Thompson remembers about Benjamin Franklin High School, where he graduated in 2019, is that it was hot. In particular, he remembers his first day of his senior year. It was an unusually warm September, and that day, it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 degrees Celsius) out. But inside, he…Read more...
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Universities Across the Country Are Being Swept Up in a Large Data Fiasco

A number of prominent U.S. colleges have become the newest, unlucky recipients of a cybersecurity migraine currently affecting dozens of organizations all over the world. Read more...
Tags: Science, Education, Malware, Data Breach, Cryptography, Cybercrime, Information Technology, Computing, Davis, Cyberwarfare, Stanford University, Data Security, Computer Security, Computer Network Security, Accellion, Technology Internet

UK steps in with 11th-hour extra £250m to stay in EU research scheme

Government commitment to Horizon Europe fund averts immediate threat to science, say universitiesThe government has stepped in at the 11th hour with an additional £250m in funding to help pay for the UK’s association with Horizon Europe, the European Union’s funding programme for research and innovation.Universities welcomed the move as “a significant affirmation of the government’s belief in research” which would avert the immediate threat to UK science. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, Science, Technology, Education, Eu, European Union, University Funding, Science policy, Universities, Horizon Europe, Horizon Europe the European Union

JPL begins assembly work on asteroid-exploring spacecraft in La Cañada Flintridge

Technicians at Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Monday, March 29, were beginning final assembly and testing work on a spacecraft designed to explore a largely metallic asteroid in hopes of gaining insight on the formation of planets. The van-sized chassis of the Psyche spacecraft arrived at JPL in La Cañada Flintridge over the weekend from Maxar Technologies in Palo Alto. Over the next year, JPL technicians will do the final assembly work on the craft and then conduct extensive testing leading up to...
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*BELLFAIRE* Everdell Founding Celebration Resource Management Board/Card Game

The King and Queen invite YOU to celebrate The Bellfaire!  The busy lives of the Everdellian Critters carry on, and this expansion tells another spellbinding story of a year-long celebration to commemorate the Everdell Founding’s 100th birthday! This lovely expansion adds to the growing family of Everdell games. Read my reviews about the original Everdell […]
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How Magic: The Gathering's New Wizard School Brings Back Some Familiar Faces (and Spells)

With the longevity Magic: The Gathering has achieved, so many story beats and classic cards are lost to time—new sets, new stories, new play modes and standards, new narrative progress. The game’s next expansion, and newest setting, is hoping to do much the same...while serving as a chance to pick up on some old…Read more...
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Pomona-born astronaut answers students’ questions from orbiting space station

Elijah Cole, a student at Etiwanda High School, asked Pomona-born astronaut Victor Glover to name the most beautiful thing he’s seen during his time aboard the International Space Station. Glover, 44, a 1994 graduate of Ontario High School, which along with Etiwanda High is part of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District, didn’t hesitate: “The Earth is by far the most beautiful thing I’ve seen,” began Glover, during a live broadcast Thursday, March 18, from inside the orbiting station 254 m...
Tags: Facebook, Spacex, Science, News, Education, Sport, Nasa, Earth, Soccer, International Space Station, Iss, Msnbc, Kamala Harris, Ontario, Pomona, South Bay

Don’t squander the Stem switch-on

The pandemic has forced a digital migration in education. We must capitalise on that opportunity The post Don’t squander the Stem switch-on appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Science, Technology, Education, Africa, Stem, Engineering, Mathematics, Inequality, Online Learning, Openaccess, Digital Learning, Top Six, Early Learning, COVID-19

Covid data show sewage monitoring could be vital in infection control

A pilot study’s analysis of schools’ wastewater shows its potential as an early warning system for public health teamsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSchools may have had more Covid-19 infections before Christmas than previous research showed, according to data from a pilot study that senior public health experts believe could provide a crucial early warning system against future outbreaks.Covid was present in the sewage of 80% of 16 primary and secondary schools in E...
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At Least Three Hollywood Private Schools Had Their Servers Hacked Recently

In a string of attacks, several of Los Angeles’ most elite private schools have had their servers hacked in recent weeks, leaving confidential teacher information and parent contact details exposed.Read more...
Tags: Science, Education, Los Angeles, Anonymous, Hacking, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, Internet Privacy, Zoe Kazan, Entertainment Culture, Internet Based Activism, Hacker Groups, Computer Law, Least Three Hollywood Private Schools

Australian scientist gets baby fish to bust a move to MC Hammer classic

DJ and neuroscientist Rebecca Poulsen – aka BeXta – has studied what happens to a zebrafish’s brain when it hears U Can’t Touch ThisWhat happens inside the brain of a baby zebrafish when you play MC Hammer’s timeless 1990 hip-hop track, U Can’t Touch This, and why is this even a question?“I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the video over and over again to see if there are neurons that respond to the bass or the vocal. In my opinion, there’s something there.” Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Science, Education, Environment, Research, Fish, Autism, Culture, MC Hammer, Rebecca Poulsen

We Are Tech Is the Exact Edtech Startup the U.S. Needs Right Now

“The action of amplifying [Black voices] has been necessary, but what is the next step?” said Brittany Jenkins, the founder of the We Are Tech edtech startup. Jenkins is on the frontlines of working to foster diversity and equity in the tech industry. We Are Tech is not the first organization to address these issues,…Read more...
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There's a clear, scientific path to safely reopening schools. The real barrier now is politics.

Elementary school students walk to classes in Godley, Texas, on August 5, 2020. LM Otero/AP Imagse Studies suggest that schools can safely resume in-person learning if they rely on masks and social distancing. But a few big political obstacles have made this difficult.  Some school districts don't enforce mask policies, while others lack the funding to ensure a safe environment for teachers and staff. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. By now, research clearly supports...
Tags: New York, Texas, Science, News, Education, Congress, Cdc, US, Trends, Georgia, Joe Biden, Analysis, Chicago, Brooklyn, Iowa, Schools

Entire California School Board Resigns After Chewing Out Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast

It’s hard to believe that almost a year into the pandemic pushing everything virtual, there are people still struggling to get the hang of Zoom. And yet here we are. Read more...
Tags: Science, Education, Zoom, California School Board, Louann Brizendine, Videotelephony

Paul Feig, Charlize Theron, and Kerry Washington Are Taking Us to The School of Good and Evil

Paul Feig continues on his personal mission to give us gifts in the form of powerful lady team-ups. This time, it’s Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron playing best friends and the Deans of The School of Good and Evil.Read more...
Tags: Science, Kerry Washington, Education, Actors, Actresses, Paul Feig, Deans, Charlize Theron, Charlize, Clarissa, Theron, Sophia Anne Caruso, Soman Chainani, Sofia Wylie, American People Of German Descent, White South African People

Slow responses more likely to be perceived as lies, study finds

Research could have implications for scenarios from job interviews to court trials, say psychologistsThe longer a person takes to respond to a question the more likely it is they will be perceived as lying – whether it is a question about a crime or a friend’s baking skills. Beyond volume, tenor and the pitch of an answer, response time also appears to play a role in the way people perceive the sincerity of answers, psychologists have found. Continue reading...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Education, Research, UK News, Criminology

The way we teach science misses something key: Human context

The teaching of science must and can be humanized at all levels, from nonscience courses to technical advanced courses.By teaching science only as a technical endeavor, we deprive students and future scientists of a more inclusive worldview where science is seen as part of our human need to make sense of the world.The challenges we face in the modern world call for an engagement of the sciences and the humanities that starts in the classroom and becomes an essential aspect of the public sphere. ...
Tags: Motivation, Europe, Science, Education, Children, Teaching, Dartmouth, Innovation, Vatican, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Humanity, Newton, Don, Galileo, Johannes Kepler

Spam’s new frontier? Now even spinach can send emails

Scientists at MIT have taken the leafy greens online – in the hope they will be able to warn about explosivesName: Spinach.Age: About 2,000 years old, originating, it is said, in Persia. Continue reading...
Tags: Food, Science, Technology, Email, Education, Vegetables, Mit, Computing, Mit - Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Persia Continue

When worldviews collide: Why science needs to be taught differently

America's distrust in science in 2021 can be traced back to the separation of science from the humanities that begun with the Enlightenment in 1715.The cold centrality of 'reason above all else' left a spiritual void and created the public perception of scientists as emotionally void, data-crunching machines.The way science is taught at schools today separates scientists and citizens into two tribes. If educators can humanize and contextualize the science they teach, public trust can be restored...
Tags: Politics, Science, Education, America, Earth, Innovation, Cambridge, Biden, Anthony Fauci, Trump, Copernicus, Cosmos, Marcelo Gleiser

'Find of the century': medieval hoard of treasures unearthed in Cambridge

Graves found under demolished student halls are providing valuable insight into life in a post-Roman settlementAn early medieval graveyard unearthed beneath student accommodation at Cambridge University has been described as “one of the most exciting finds of Anglo-Saxon archaeology since the 19th century”.King’s College discovered the “extensive” cemetery, containing more than 60 graves, after demolishing a group of 1930s buildings which had recently housed graduates and staff in the west of th...
Tags: Science, Education, UK News, Higher Education, Cambridge, Archaeology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge University, Anglo Saxon

Johnson 'looking at potential of relaxing some lockdown measures' next month

PM says government will review data before 15 February but highlights risk of ‘premature relaxation’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe government will look at the possibility of lifting some restrictions in England from mid-February, Boris Johnson has said, though he confirmed the government was looking at tougher measures on traveller quarantine.The prime minister suggested the government would examine the data in the run-up to the 15 February review date to see if ...
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Concerns grow for children’s health as screen times soar during Covid crisis

Experts say rise in sleep and eyesight problems may also be linked to increased use of digital devicesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe rise in children’s screen time during the pandemic has triggered calls for greater interactivity and outdoor exercise to bolster learning and guard against an epidemic of shortsightedness.Time spent online has increased dramatically in the past year. Millions of pupils have been forced to switch to remote learning, while social medi...
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