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Americans' Top Environmental Concern May Surprise You

When it comes to worrying about the environment, it’s hard to pick just one issue. On the one hand, you have the sixth mass extinction underway. On the other, there’s climate change fueling a whole raft of problems. Oh, and don’t forget toxic air pollution. So much horrific chaos to choose from!Read more...
Tags: Concerns, Poll, Gallup Poll, Environment, Water, Climate Change

Robert Zhao Renhui’s “A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World”

Surprising and oftentimes heartbreaking, a catalog of species permanently altered by human existence Singaporean photographer Robert Zhao Renhui‘s A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World (published by The Institute of Critical Zoologists) documents the species of plants and animals that have been most impacted by human existence. Renhui studies our own species through our relationships with others. Sometimes we’re the protagonist and a …
Tags: Culture, A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World, Animals, Books, Climate Change, Earth, Environment, Environmental Awareness, Photobooks, Photography, Plants, Science, Steidl, Zoology

Thanos, CBD, and Disembodied Pig Brains: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

An awful lot happened this week—some of it good, much of it bad, and a bit of it just plain weird. In the good news category, the Hubble Space Telescope , New York City passed a world-first law requiring owners of large buildings to reduce their climate impact, scientists used a modified 747 to find evidence…Read more...
Tags: Health, Twitter, TV, Science, Technology, Youtube, Environment, Samsung, Cybersecurity, Physics, Hacking, Nuclear Weapons, Oil And Gas, Game Of Thrones, Hackers, Exercise

Judge Hands Trump Another Setback, This Time on Coal Leases on Federal Land

Donald Trump and his administration have lost in court about 40 times since they began reversing former President Barack Obama’s environmental policies, according to The New York Times. Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Barack Obama, Coal, Courts, Donald Trump, Environmental Protection Agency, New York Times Read, Ryan Zinke, Coal Industry, David Bernhardt

Battle to save frogs from global killer disease

Amphibians are under attack from multiple pathogens, say expertsFrogs, salamanders, and toads across the world are now under attack from a widening range of interacting pathogens that threaten to devastate global amphibian populations.That is the stark warning of leading zoological experts who will gather this week in London in a bid to establish an emergency plan to save these endangered creatures. “The world’s amphibians are facing a new crisis, one that is caused by attacks by multiple pathog...
Tags: Science, London, Biology, Animals, Environment, World news, Wildlife, Fungi, Endangered Species, Amphibians, Zoological Society of London, Trent Garner

This scientist thinks she has the key to curb climate change: super plants

Dr Joanne Chory hopes that genetic modifications to enhance plants’ natural carbon-fixing traits could play a key role – but knows that time is short, for her and the planetIf this were a film about humanity’s last hope before climate change wiped us out, Hollywood would be accused of flagrant typecasting. That’s because Dr Joanne Chory is too perfect for the role to be believable.The esteemed scientist – who has long banged the climate drum and now leads a project that could lower the Earth’s t...
Tags: Hollywood, Science, Climate Change, Environment, Earth, Plants, Joanne Chory

Annual Competition to Guess When Alaskan River Will Thaw Ends on Earliest Date Since 1917

The Nenana Ice Classic, a betting match on when ice on Alaska’s Tanana River breaks up enough to tip a tripod linked to a clock, set a record this weekend by ending nearly a week earlier than ever recorded, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported.Read more...
Tags: Weather, Science, Climate Change, Environment, Global Warming, Alaska, Ice, Climatology, Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Tanana River, Nenana Ice Classic

Europe at risk from spread of tropical insect-borne diseases

Scientists warn of danger from dengue fever in hotter, wetter climate in northern latitudesInsect-borne diseases such as dengue fever, leishmaniasis and encephalitis are on the rise and are now threatening to spread into many areas of Europe, scientists have warned.Outbreaks of these illnesses are increasing because of climate change and the expansion of international travel and trade, the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases was told in Amsterdam on Saturday. Conti...
Tags: Europe, Science, Environment, World news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Amsterdam, Microbiology, Insects, European Congress of Clinical Microbiology

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The first-ever photo of a black hole, artwork-adorned Japanese currency, inspiration from Milan Design week and more First-Ever Photo of a Supermassive Black Hole Truly a quantum leap, astronomers have “seen the unseeable” and captured an image of a supermassive black hole—a “smoke ring framing a one-way portal to eternity,” Dennis Overbye writes for the New York Times. A planet-sized network of eight radio telescopes—called …
Tags: Photography, Space, Science, Design, Environment, History, Furniture, Asteroids, Archeology, Black Holes, Self-driving, Linkaboutit, Dark Blue, Link About It, Milan Design Week, Verner Panton

Youth climate change protests across Britain – live

Tens of thousands of young people in sites from London to Manchester and Brighton are demonstrating for climate action in the latest wave of strikes 10.32am BST The youth strike protest movement began when Swedish student Greta Thunberg started a solo school strike in August. As well as activity in Britain, there is lso international strikes today in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Sweden.School strike week 34.#fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #climatestrike ...
Tags: Science, London, Education, Climate Change, Environment, Britain, Manchester, Brighton, Schools, Greta Thunberg, Switzerland Belgium Italy Germany, Sweden School

Turtle Returns to Beach to Lay Eggs, But Garbage Humans Have Paved it Over With a Runway

Sea turtles are famous for to lay their eggs. That’s exactly what this green sea turtle tried to do on Tuesday, only to find her beachy home had been turned into a runway.Read more...
Tags: Science, Turtles, Environment, Habitat Loss, Poor Turt, Turtle Returns

Singapore Officials Set Horrifying Record, Busting 14-Ton Shipment of Smuggled Pangolin Scales

Authorities in Singapore have seized more than 14 tons of scales of pangolin scales bound for Vietnam in what Paul Thomson of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Pangolin Specialist Group described as the largest single such shipment on record, the New York Times reported on Monday. Thomson…Read more...
Tags: Science, Animals, Singapore, Environment, Conservation, New York Times, Endangered Species, Vietnam, International Union For Conservation Of Nature, Poaching, Trafficking, Paul Thomson, Pangolins, Pangolin Scales, IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group

Fossil of ancient four-legged whale with hooves discovered

Giant 42.6m-year-old fossil was found along coast of Peru and suggests creature could walk on landAn ancient four-legged whale with hooves has been discovered, providing new insights into how the ancestors of the Earth’s largest mammals made the transition from land to sea.The giant 42.6m-year-old fossil, discovered in marine sediments along the coast of Peru, appears to have been adapted for a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Its hoofed feet and the shape of its legs suggest it would have been capable o...
Tags: Science, Environment, Earth, Wildlife, Marine Life, Peru, Archaeology, Whales, Cetaceans

Gimlet's Union Drive, Twisted Graphene, and Psychedelic Mice: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Well, folks, it’s just a few hours shy of the turn of the month, and you know what that means: April Fool’s Day. Yes, it’s that special time of year when insipid brands, mean-spirited teens, and tech titans compete to be the first to trick you into thinking they released Skittle’s... For Men, that it’s a good idea to…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science Fiction, Politics, Science, Technology, Television, Movies, Internet, Climate Change, Drugs, Africa, Environment, Vampires, The Magicians, Department Of Defense, Smartphones

Judge Rules Trump Plans to Open Up Swathes of Arctic, Atlantic Oceans for Drilling Illegal

In a major blow to the Donald Trump administration’s oil and gas policy, on Friday a federal judge ruled the president’s order opening massive swathes of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans to oil and gas drilling operations illegal, the Washington Post reported.Read more...
Tags: Energy, Science, Climate Change, Washington Post, Environment, Oil, Climate, Gas, Atlantic, Wildlife, Conservation, Drilling, Arctic, Courts, Donald Trump, Arctic Ocean

Country diary: where Roman Britain reveals its secrets

Epiacum Roman fort, Northumberland: Under the yarrow and sheep’s sorrel of the short turf were the gates, towers and bath house of the stone-built fortHill cloud rolls over the fell top where snow still fills the cups and hollows of high ground. I’m walking a section of the Pennine Way near Alston, uplifted by the layers of overlapping sound: curlews bubbling, peewits wing-thrumming, skylarks trilling. The path drops steeply down to the Gilderdale Burn, the county boundary between Cumbria and No...
Tags: Science, Environment, UK News, Culture, Britain, Heritage, Archaeology, Alston, Northumberland, Cumbria, Roman Britain, Hadrian, Pennine Way, Roman Britain Built, Maiden Way

Deadly skin-eating fungal disease wipes out 90 amphibian species in 50 years

Study reveals extent of chytrid fungus and how devastating it has been for frog, toad and salamander species worldwideA deadly disease that wiped out global populations of amphibians led to the decline of 500 species in the past 50 years, including 90 extinctions, scientists say.A global research effort, led by the Australian National University, has for the first time quantified the worldwide impact of chytridiomycosis, or chytrid fungus, a fungal disease that eats away at the skin of amphibian...
Tags: Science, Animals, Environment, Australia news, Asia Pacific, Wildlife, Conservation, Endangered Species, Endangered habitats, Amphibians, Australian National University

Watch a Piece of Glacier the Size of a Skyscraper Crash Into the Ocean in This Clip From Netflix’s Our Planet

Among the many wonders in Netflix’s new wildlife documentary series Our Planet, arguably the most awe-inspiring is a scene where almost no animals appear at all. In this exclusive clip from the show, which premieres April 5, cameras catch the moment when a chunk of ice the size of a skyscraper breaks off the Store Glacier in Greenland and tumbles into the ocean. As seabirds circle in the foreground, 75 million tons of crystalline ice cascade into the water below. “Glaciers have always relea...
Tags: Science, News, Climate Change, Environment, Uncategorized, Netflix, Greenland, David Attenborough, Attenborough, Planet Earth

Cull invasive mammals to save island species, experts urge

Move ‘would save 10% of all endangered birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles’Nearly 10% of the world’s bird, mammal, amphibian and reptile species currently on the brink of extinction could be saved by killing invasive mammals such as cats and rats on 169 islands, according to a new study.Islands comprise just 5.3% of the Earth’s landmass yet have experienced 75% of known bird, mammal, amphibian and reptile extinctions since 1500. More than a third of species currently classified as “criticall...
Tags: Science, Animals, Environment, World news, Earth, Wildlife, Conservation, Endangered Species, Extinct wildlife

Australian researchers find huge lakes beneath largest east Antarctic glacier

Scientists say research will help predict how glaciers’ melting will affect oceans Australian researchers have discovered huge underwater lakes beneath the largest glacier in east Antarctica.The lakes were detected by scientists setting off small explosives 2m below the surface of the Totten glacier and listening to the reflected sound. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Environment, World news, Australia news, Oceans, Antarctica, Glaciers, Polar regions, Totten

1,000 Locals Reportedly Seek Treatment After Multi-Day Fire at Houston Chemical Facility

Roughly 1,000 people sought treatment at a pop-up treatment center for symptoms including nausea, headaches, and respiratory problems after Intercontinental Terminals Co.’s (ITC) chemical storage facility in Deer Park, Houston caught fire this week, Bloomberg reported on Friday, with at least 15 cases dubbed serious…Read more...
Tags: Texas, Science, Environment, Bloomberg, Public Health, Air Pollution, Disasters, Houston, Itc, Deer Park, Petrochemicals, Intercontinental Terminals Co, Houston Chemical Facility, Deer Park Houston

Use forecast to talk about climate change, urges ex-BBC presenter

Bill Giles calls on broadcasters to add slot explaining humans’ impact on climateThe veteran weatherman Bill Giles is calling on the BBC and other major broadcasters to radically overhaul their forecasts to incorporate information about climate change.The former head of BBC weather presenters has said more needs to be done by broadcasters to highlight climate change to face the “reality more squarely and openly”. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Media, Climate Change, Environment, UK News, Bbc, Television industry, UK Weather, Bill Giles

Elizabeth Hargrave’s Surprisingly Successful Board Game

In the board-game world, where characters are often zombies and military figures, Elizabeth Hargrave’s Wingspan takes a different route. With scientifically accurate descriptions and depictions of birds, it’s a card-based game in which each player’s goal is to attract birds to their network of wildlife preserves. Players assign birds, outfitted with special powers and specific capabilities, to habitats and tally points based on whether or …
Tags: Games, Science, Design, Animals, Environment, Birds, Culture, Board Games, Game Design, Linkaboutit, Ornithology, Animal Conservation, Elizabeth Hargrave

Orange-bellied 'starry dwarf frog' discovered in Indian mountains

Astrobatrachus kurichiyana lurks in leaf litter and is sole member of an ancient lineageAn orange-bellied frog with a brown back, covered in tiny spots that resemble a starry sky, has been discovered in a mountain range in India, surprising researchers who said its ancestors branched off on the evolutionary tree from other members of the same frog family tens of millions of years ago.The frog, which is about 2cm to 3cm long, has been named Astrobatrachus kurichiyana, although some might prefer i...
Tags: Science, Animals, India, Environment, World news, South and Central Asia, Amphibians

Blacks, Hispanics breathe more pollution than they make

WASHINGTON (AP) — African-Americans and Hispanics breathe in far more deadly air pollution than they are responsible for making, a new study said. A study looked at who is exposed to fine particle pollution — responsible for about 100,000 American deaths a year — and how much different races are responsible for the pollution based […]
Tags: Science, News, Washington, Environment, Ap, Nation, Nation & World

Scientists find new type of killer whale off coast of Chile after 14-year search

A mysterious stranding of the elusive whale 60 years ago and recent photographs prompted scientists to embark on their search. They got a first live look this year.
Tags: Science, News, Environment, Chile, Local News, Northwest, Puget Sound

Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says

Extreme weather blamed for plunge in country’s olive harvest – the worst in 25 years – that could leave the country dependent on imports by AprilExtreme weather events have been the “main driver” of an olive harvest collapse that could leave Italy dependent on imports from April, a leading climate scientist has warned.A 57% plunge in the country’s olive harvest – the worst in 25 years – sparked protests by thousands of Italian farmers wearing gilet arancioni – orange vests – in Rome earlier this...
Tags: Europe, Science, Climate Change, Environment, World news, Rome, Italy, Agriculture, Extreme Weather

Italy may depend on olive imports from April, scientist says

Extreme weather blamed for plunge in country’s olive harvest – the worst in 25 yearsExtreme weather events have been the “main driver” of an olive harvest collapse that will leave Italy dependent on imports from April, a leading climate scientist has warned.A 57% plunge in the country’s olive harvest – the worst in 25 years – sparked protests by thousands of Italian farmers wearing gilet arancioni – orange vests – in Rome earlier this month. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Science, Climate Change, Environment, World news, Rome, Italy, Agriculture, Extreme Weather

Robocall Hell, Divination Bot Returns, and a Fake MD: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

The winds of time blow strangely here, in our unfortunate state of internet-enabled perpetual present, but how the heck is it already March? This is not a rhetorical question. If you could explain this to me, that would be great.Read more...
Tags: Google, Comics, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Dogs, Environment, Tech, IPOs, Mental Health, Genetics, US military, Volcanoes, Invasive Species, Pharmaceuticals, Biodiversity

Underground Garbage Fire in Arkansas Has Been Burning for Over Seven Months

An underground garbage fire at an illegal Arkansas dumping site has been burning for over seven months straight, the Associated Press reported on Sunday, and filling parts of the nearby town of Bella Vista with smoke residents say is causing health problems.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Environment, Air Pollution, Pollution, Arkansas, Associated Press, Environmental Protection Agency, Bella Vista, Literal Garbage Fires

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