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Senate panel to hold aviation safety hearing after two Boeing 737 Max crashes

Panel plans to call Boeing and other aviation manufacturers to testify following fatal Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes FAA said in a bulletin to foreign regulators and airlines that its ‘ongoing review of this software installation and training is an agency priority, as will be the rollout of any software, training or other measures’. Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters A US Senate committee plans a hearing on 27 March on aviation safety after two fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashe...
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Macron woos East Africa but French companies struggle to make inroads

Two days earlier, he toured churches hewn into the rock in Ethiopia. Macron, 41, is trying to recast the style of France's engagement in Africa, where it was once a colonial power, hoping that building warmer cultural and personal ties will help boost business, trade and investment. A consortium led by Vinci secured a 30-year concession worth 1.6 billion euros to operate a highway linking the Kenyan capital and Mau Summit in western Kenya.
Tags: Science, France, Africa, Ethiopia, East Africa, Macron, Vinci

Niger sounds alarm over 'fake' meningitis vaccine

Health authorities in Niger said Friday they had found a fake version of a meningitis vaccine after the country had launched a campaign to innoculate millions of children against the disease. Niger launched a week-long campaign on March 5 to vaccinate six million children against meningitis, which killed nearly 200 people two years ago. The country lies in the so-called "meningitis belt" stretching from Senegal in the west to Ethiopia in the east, where outbreaks of the disease are a regular o...
Tags: Science, Senegal, Ethiopia, Niger

'Short' drug-resistant TB regimen could cut treatment time by more than half

The new clinical trial, which included nearly 400 patients from Vietnam, Mongolia, South Africa and Ethiopia (all severely affected by the disease), compared the effectiveness of long-term treatment and that of a shorter therapy.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, Vietnam Mongolia South Africa

U.S. Finally Grounds Boeing 737 Max Planes, Joining Every Major Country on Earth

President Donald Trump announced this afternoon that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would order all Boeing 737 Max-8 and Max-9 planes grounded in the U.S. following Sunday’s plane crash in Ethiopia that killed 157 people and an October crash in Indonesia that killed 189. The U.S. is the last major country…Read more...
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Pilots complained several times about 737 Max problems before latest crash

Pilots from around the world have logged numerous complaints and concerns over the  Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the last 15 months, it has emerged. The reports found on an aviation safety reporting database set up by Nasa highlight perceived problems with the jet’s new anti-stall technology. The update on the old 737 design is a system intended to protect the aircraft from stalling by forcing the nose of the plane down in certain circumstances. However, it is now at the centre of questions regard...
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Pressure builds on US to ground Boeing 737 MAX jets after Ethiopia crash

The United States stood increasingly isolated Tuesday over its refusal to ground Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, after a second deadly crash in less than five months prompted governments worldwide to ban the aircraft. Despite the aviation giant's assurances that the plane is safe and reliable, the European Union, Britain and India joined China and other countries that either grounded the best-selling workhorse plane or banned it from their airspace as they await the investigation into the crash. The...
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More nations ban Boeing 737 MAX jets after Ethiopia crash

The EU closed its airspace to Boeing 737 MAX planes on Tuesday, joining similar action by nations across the globe following a second deadly accident in just five months. Fleets of the best-selling workhorse plane were also grounded by airlines as safety concerns swirled, sending Boeing shares tumbling another seven percent in Tuesday trading and wiping billions more off its market value.
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Macron warns of Chinese risk to African sovereignty

Macron arrived in Djibouti looking to reassert French influence in a former colony on the Horn of Africa where China has built a military base and invested billions of dollars in infrastructure. The French leader, who will also visit Kenya and Ethiopia on his current tour, cautioned that conditions attached to Chinese loans could be dangerous in the long term. "China is a great world power and has expanded its presence in many countries, especially in Africa, in recent years," he said alongsid...
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Boeing Promises to Release Software Update For 737 Max Planes by April

Boeing announced overnight that the company would release a software update for its 737 Max planes “no later” than next month. The announcement, which was posted to Boeing’s website, calls the software release an “enhancement” and explains that it’s related to the October crash of Lion Air Flight 610 which killed 189…Read more...
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What you need to know about the Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed in Ethiopia

The weekend crash of a new airliner in Ethiopia had both aviation experts and the public flying wondering on Monday if it is an indication of a larger safety issue with an aircraft designed to be a workhorse of the industry -- the Boeing 737 MAX. When Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed just six minutes after takeoff on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board, comparisons were immediately made with an October 2018 crash in Indonesia involving the same type of plane.
Tags: Science, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines

Which U.S. Airlines Operate the Boeing 737 Max-8?

The Boeing 737 Max-8 is one of the newest commercial airplanes in the sky. But after yesterday’s crash that killed 157 people in Ethiopia, it’s already involved in two of the deadliest crashes of the past few years. Sadly, another Boeing 737 Max-8 crashed in Indonesia this past October, killing 189 people.Read more...
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Entire Countries Are Grounding Boeing's 737 Max 8 Jets After Ethiopia Airlines Disaster

Aviation Authorities the world over are urging caution after another Boeing jet crashed.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, Boeing, Aviation Authorities

157 Killed in Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Crash Near Bole International Airport

Ethiopian Airlines said Sunday that 149 passengers and 8 crew are dead following a crash near Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.Read more...
Tags: Science, Crash, Ethiopia, Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines Boeing, Bole International Airport, Boeing 737, Lion Air crash, Addis Ababa Read

Nigeria's election generally peaceful: African Union observers

Nigeria's elections took place in a generally peaceful environment, the head of the African Union observer mission said on Monday, in his first public comments about the delayed presidential poll on Saturday. "The 2019 elections took place in a generally peaceful environment," said AU observer mission head Hailemariam Desalegn, who is the former prime minister of Ethiopia. As many as 39 people have been killed in election violence, civil society groups said on Sunday.
Tags: Science, Nigeria, Ethiopia, African Union, Hailemariam Desalegn

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers discover new frog species on remote Ethiopian mountain

A new species of puddle frog (order: Anura, family: Phynobatrachidae, genus: Phrynobatrachus), has just been discovered by NYU Abu Dhabi researchers at the unexplored and isolated Bibita Mountain in southwestern Ethiopia. The research team named the new species Phrynobatrachus bibita sp. nov., or Bibita Mountain dwarf puddle frog, inspired by its home.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, NYU Abu Dhabi, Anura, Bibita Mountain

CABI helps map ferocious speed and likely cause of woody weed spread across Ethiopia

CABI scientists have helped map the ferocious speed and probable cause of a devastating spread of the invasive alien tree Prosopis juliflora (Swartz DC) across an area equivalent to half of neighboring Djibouti in the Afar Region of northeastern Ethiopia.Dr. Urs Schaffner, who is supervising lead author Hailu Shiferaw for his Ph.D. studies, contributed to the Scientific Reports published paper which shows the Prosopis invaded 1.2 million ha of grassland/shrubland in 35 years.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Scientific Reports, Cabi, Swartz DC, Urs Schaffner, Hailu Shiferaw

Combination therapy more effective in treating patients with leishmaniasis and HIV

The results of clinical trials conducted in Ethiopia by the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), in partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the University of Gondar, and Addis Ababa University, open the way for more effective and safer treatments for people with both HIV and visceral leishmaniasis (VL), a group of patients who have historically suffered from poor treatment options. The results were published today in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University, University of Gondar

Climate Change Threatens to Make Your Morning Brew More Expensive

Now, thanks to persistently warmer weather, he needs an air conditioner. Rising temperatures are reducing the range of wild arabica plants, the most popular bean for drinkers. From Brazil to Ethiopia and Kenya, growers are moving uphill and deploying new technologies to maintain yields.
Tags: Science, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya

Six in 10 wild coffee species endangered by habitat loss

Kew scientists’ analysis of 124 wild species shows 60% facing possible extinction, risking viability of commercial stock Wild coffee species are under threat, with 60% of them facing possible extinction, including Arabica, the original of the world’s most popular form of coffee, researchers say.Most coffee species are found in the forests of Africa and Madagascar. They are threatened by climate change and the loss of natural habitat, as well as by the spread of diseases and pests. Continue readi...
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60% of the planet's wild coffee species face extinction. What that means for your morning caffeine kick.

A triple whammy of disease, climate change, and deforestation has threatened around 60 percent of the planet's wild coffee species. While this hasn't yet imperiled the world's coffee supply, it jeopardizes your favorite coffee's resiliency in the face of profound planetary change.   In new research published Wednesday in Science Advances, botanists and plant researchers determined that 75 of 124 wild coffee species are now threatened with extinction, based upon widely-used I...
Tags: Science, Davis, Ethiopia, Sudan, Iucn, World Coffee Research, Mueller, University of California Irvine, Aaron Davis, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, Neuschwander, Plant Resources, Davis Wild Arabica, Hanna Neuschwander, Nathan Mueller

Ethiopia to move troops from Eritrean border as relations thaw

"Relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea are very good - there is no longer the threat of conflict," Ethiopia's Major General Asrat Denero, Commander of the Western Command, said. "There is no need to maintain our troops there (on the border). "As part of a restructuring of the military, changes are taking place with regards to their positions," Lieutenant General Mola Hailemariam, Commander of Special Operations of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, told a news conference.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Western Command, Asrat Denero, Mola Hailemariam, Ethiopian National Defense Force

An unexplained seismic event ‘rang’ across the Earth in November

On November 11, seismologists began puzzling over a weird low-frequency rumble that rang the entire planet. The wave coming from somewhere was weirdly simple and tied to no known events. More comprehensive study of an uncharted area of the ocean floor could provide an explanation of the mystery. Someone who tracks earthquakes for fun noticed it first. On November 11, 2018, a Twitter user going by @matarikipax spotted a weird signal on the U.S Geological Survey's live seismogram page . The si...
Tags: UK, Science, Africa, Spain, Earth, Nature, Hawaii, Ocean, Geology, Innovation, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Sound, Pacific Ocean

Ethiopia is set to launch its first satellite into space—with China’s help

With Beijing’s assistance, Ethiopia is heading to space in just under a year. The Horn of Africa nation announced it would launch its first earth observatory satellite in Sept. 2019, with China footing much of the bill. Officials from both governments’ space agencies met both in August and November (in Amharic) to advance talks on…
Tags: Science, China, Africa, Beijing, Ethiopia, Amharic

Diversity is key to sustainability for local chicken farming in Africa

Adopting a more local and flexible approach to sustainable development could be key to boosting the productivity of small-scale chicken farms in Africa, a new study reports. Research led by the University of Liverpool, in collaboration with UK and African partners, reveals village chicken populations in Ethiopia to be genetically diverse and highly adapted to their local physical, cultural and social environments.
Tags: UK, Science, Africa, Ethiopia, University Of Liverpool

Ethiopia opens plant to turn waste into energy

Ethiopia on Sunday inaugurated a power plant which converts waste into energy, next to a filthy open-air dump in Addis Ababa where a landslide last year killed more than 110 people. Named Reppie, the facility is the first of its kind in Africa, according to the government and the British company Cambridge Industries behind the project, and will turn 1,400 tons of waste per day into energy. There for over 40 years, Koshe serves as the main rubbish tip in Ethiopia's capital which has a rapidly r...
Tags: Science, Africa, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Koshe, Cambridge Industries

Landmark Peace Declaration Ends ‘State of War’ Between Ethiopia and Eritrea

Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, but the two neighbors never settled into a good relationship.
Tags: Science, Ethiopia, Eritrea

Kenya's Lake Turkana put on World Heritage danger list

A UNESCO panel on Thursday added Lake Turkana, a conservation hotspot in Kenya and a candidate site for the birthplace of mankind, to the list of endangered World Heritage Sites. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World Heritage Committee expressed concern about the disruptive effect of Ethiopia's Gibe III dam "on the flow and ecosystem" of Lake Turkana downstream. The impact "poses further threat to the site," UNESCO said in a statement on Wednesday issued from Bahrain...
Tags: Science, Unesco, Ethiopia, Kenya, World Heritage, Lake Turkana

A Belgian conceptual artist is working with Ethiopian to create the perfect chicken.

"Incubated Worlds, a research and breeding center in the capital Addis Ababa, will also house a permanent art installation showcasing the work of Koen Vanmechelen, including photographs, videos, and books of chickens' genetic codes. 'It's the most sexy chicken coop in the world,' said Mr. Vanmechelen, whose Cosmopolitan Chicken Project set out to create a chicken carrying the genes of all the planet's breeds. The artist told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that each successive generation of Cosmo...
Tags: Science, Law, Ethiopia, Chickens, Addis Ababa, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Ann Althouse, Conceptual Art, Koen Vanmechelen, Vanmechelen, Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, Cosmopolitan Chickens, Olivier Hanotte, ILRI

Climate change could force millions of people to move within countries

While conflict and economic reasons are often the biggest factors for people moving within countries, climate change will soon have its own part to play. By 2050, 140 million people could be forced to migrate internally as the effects of global warming exacerbate problems like water scarcity, crop failure, rising sea levels and storm surges, according to a new report. SEE ALSO: What you learn by giving 200 Senate speeches on climate change World Bank report Groundswell: Preparing for Internal C...
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