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Dallas Police Used Face Recognition Software Without Authorization, Installed on Personal Phones

Dallas police officers used unauthorized facial recognition software to conduct between 500 and 1,000 searches in attempts to identify people based on photographs. A Dallas Police spokesperson says the searches were never authorized by the department, and that in some cases, officers had installed facial recognition…Read more...
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Report: Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Has Been Used by Over 1,800 Public Agencies

A new series of reports from BuzzFeed News shows the wide net cast by shadowy surveillance firm Clearview AI. Individuals at 1,803 public agencies—many of which are police departments—have used its facial recognition software at some point over recent years, according to data reviewed by the news outlet. Read more...
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Right-Wing 'Troll' Chuck Johnson Claims He Cofounded Facial Recognition Giant Clearview AI

Chuck Johnson, the conservative activist, writer, and founder of several failed web platforms, is known to swim in a cesspool of right-wing drama. The 32-year-old allegedly played a role in former President Trump’s transition team, has connections to Breitbart and Matt Gaetz, and has long enjoyed the role of far-right…Read more...
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Clearview AI Thinks The Solution to Dating Is Facial Recognition

Clearview AI, now the byword for unchecked surveillance, has filed a wide-ranging patent application that envisions handing over the most reviled uses of facial recognition technology to just about anyone. The application proposes allowing users to submit a photo and instantly retrieve information including, but…Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Learning, Articles, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Facial Recognition, Mass Surveillance, Facial Recognition Software, ClearView, Crime Prevention, Clearview AI, Hoan Ton That, Facial recognition system

Minneapolis Bans City Cops From Using Face Recognition Tech

On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council approved a new ordinance that prevents the city from buying or using face recognition technology without specific permission. Local police immediately began whining about it. Read more...
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The LAPD Just Banned Its Officers From Using Third-Party Facial Recognition Software

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a moratorium on the use of commercial facial recognition software on Tuesday, effectively ending a trial with dystopian software manufacturer Clearview AI that the department had long sought to downplay.Read more...
Tags: Science, Los Angeles Police Department, Facial Recognition Software, Clearview AI, Moratorium

UK Supermarkets Will Test Using Facial Recognition to Verify Alcohol Buyers’ Age, Report Claims

Select self-service checkouts at supermarkets in the UK will “very soon” be equipped with cameras and facial recognition software, according to the Telegraph. They’ll reportedly use tech from British startup Yoti to determine if a shopper is old enough to buy alcohol and cigarettes without forcing them to “register…Read more...
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Facial Recognition Software Lets You Find a Camgirl Who Looks Just Like Your Crush, a site that touts itself as a “live sex search engine” has just introduced its latest feature: a search function that lets you upload pictures of your crush to find camgirls that look just like her. Read more...
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