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Franco-Italian relations not at risk despite migrant row: Italy's PM

ROME (Reuters) - Relations between Italy and France remain strong despite recent rows over immigration, Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Tuesday, looking to ease an increasingly harsh war of words between Rome and Paris. "This (row) does not call into question our historic friendship with France, nor with the French people. This relationship remains strong and steady in spite of any political dispute," Conte said in a statement. On Monday France summoned Italy's ambassador after D...
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Italy's Salvini bashes France over Libya role in new diplomatic spat

Relations between Italy and France, traditionally close allies, have grown frosty since the far-right League and anti-establishment 5-Star Movement formed a coalition last year and took aim at pro-EU French President Emmanuel Macron. France's Foreign Ministry and the French president's office declined to respond immediately. On Monday France summoned Italy's ambassador after Salvini's fellow deputy prime minister, Luigi Di Maio, accused Paris of creating poverty in Africa and generating mass m...
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Italy's Salvini says France has no interest in stabilizing Libya

ROME (Reuters) - Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, continuing a war of words between Rome and Paris, said on Monday that France had no interest in bringing calm to violence-ravaged Libya because of its energy interests. "In Libya, France has no interest in stabilizing the situation, probably because it has oil interests that are opposed to those of Italy," Salvini told Canale 5 TV station. ...
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Google Fined $57 Million for Burying Privacy Terms Where Users Won't Find Them

Google has been fined $56.8 million by privacy regulators in France, marking the country’s first use of the tough new privacy rules enacted in Europe last year. Specifically, the company is accused of violating provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by using, without proper consent, the private…Read more...
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France Uses New EU Privacy Law to Fine Google $56.8 Million

France’s data authority CNIL said the amount of the fine was “justified by the severity of the infringements observed regarding the essential principles” of the EU’s General Data Protection Rules, or GDPR.
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Hitachi debacle strengthens Franco-Chinese hand in UK nuclear

Hitachi's decision to freeze its $28 billion nuclear power project in Britain strengthens the hand of France's EDF and its Chinese partner in talks with the government on how to finance new reactors. Funding new nuclear plants has become critical as Hitachi became the second Japanese firm to say its British nuclear power project had hit the buffers over financing. The two projects would have covered about 13 percent of Britain's power needs.
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Palantir Posted Nearly $1 Billion in 2018 Sales, Executive Says

The disclosure is unusual for the secretive, privately held company, as it prepares for a possible initial public offering. Fabrice Bregier, the president of Palantir’s France business, provided the revenue figure during a Wednesday interview with French business media station BFM. A spokeswoman for Palantir declined to comment.
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France condemns failed Iran satellite launch, urges halt to ballistics tests

France on Wednesday condemned a failed Iranian satellite launch that it said used technology applicable to long-range missiles and urged Tehran to stop all ballistic tests which are not in line with U.N. resolutions. It was the latest in a string of French comments expressing irritation at Iran's ongoing ballistic missile program despite attempts over the last two years by France and other European powers to open talks on the subject with Iranian authorities. "The Iranian ballistic program is ...
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The brain stays attentive to its environment while we're sleeping

Researchers at France's ENS Paris1 and CNRS, in collaboration with Monash University in Australia, have discovered that the brain is capable of tracking sounds in its environment and favoring the most relevant sounds while we are asleep. The study, published in Nature Human Behaviour, reveals that the brain has the ability to process and filter sounds while we are sleeping.
Tags: Science, Australia, France, CNRS, Monash University

France takes Roundup weed-killer off market after court ruling

French authorities on Tuesday banned the sale of a form of controversial weed-killer Roundup following a court ruling that regulators failed to take safety concerns into account when clearing the widely used herbicide. Roundup, owned by Germany's Bayer after its purchase of US agro-giant Monsanto last year, contains glyphosate which environmentalists and other critics have long believed causes cancer. The French food and environmental safety agency ANSES said in a statement that sales of Round...
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French court cancels Monsanto weedkiller permit on safety grounds

A French court canceled the license for one of Monsanto's glyphosate-based weedkillers on Tuesday over safety concerns, in the latest blow to the Bayer-owned business. Germany's Bayer, which bought Monsanto for $63 billion last year, faces thousands of U.S. lawsuits by people who say its Roundup and Ranger Pro products caused their cancer. A court in Lyon in southeast France ruled that the approval granted by French environment agency ANSES in 2017 for Roundup Pro 360 had failed to take into a...
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France to cull wild boar at Belgium border in swine fever alert

France will cull all wild boar in a zone along the Belgian border to try and avoid an outbreak of a deadly swine disease after new cases were discovered nearby in Belgium, the French agriculture ministry said on Monday. France has been on alert for African swine fever since the virus was confirmed in September among wild boar in Belgium, not far from the French border. African swine fever, harmless for humans, is often deadly for pigs, and outbreaks in eastern Europe and China have disrupted t...
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The Strange Dancing Plague of 1518: When Hundreds of People in France Could Not Stop Dancing for Months

If you find yourself thinking you aren’t a victim of fashion, maybe take another look. Yes, we can consciously train ourselves to resist trends through force of habit. We can declare our preferences and stand on principle. But we aren't consciously aware of what's happening in the hidden turnings of our brains. Maybe what we call the unconscious has more control over us than we would like to think. Inexplicable episodes of mass obsession and compulsion serve as disquieting examples. Mass panics...
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Amazon France under fire for destroying unsold goods

US online retailer Amazon faced new French government pressure Monday after a TV report over the weekend showed it destroying thousands of new diapers, toys and other unsold or returned items in perfect condition. Brune Poirson, a secretary of state for France's ecological transition, said after the broadcast late Sunday that she was "shocked" by the allegations and would render businesses "responsible" for such practices. Companies like Amazon will no longer be able to throw away products tha...
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World War I-Era German Submarine Resurfaces From the Sand Near French Coast

The remains of SM UC-61, a World War I German minelaying submarine (also known as a U-boat) is resurfacing on the coast of Wissant near Calais over a century after it was abandoned and scuttled by its 26-sailor crew before they surrendered to the French, the BBC reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Gas explosion rocks central Paris shopping district, 12 injured

A huge explosion probably caused by a gas leak gutted the ground floor of a building in a central Paris shopping district on Saturday, seriously injuring at least 12 people, authorities said. In recent years France has suffered jihadist militant attacks in Paris, Nice, Marseille and beyond. "We still need to determine the circumstances and cause of the explosion but at this stage we can say it is clearly an accident, presumably a gas leak," he told reporters.
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Britain's Failing Nuclear Plan Poses Huge Question for Power

“If we don’t take these long-term decisions now, we will be committing a serious dereliction of our duty to the future of the country,” the then prime minister said in a speech at Confederation of British Industry’s annual dinner. Almost 13 years later, just one plant is under construction -- the Hinkley Point project being built by France’s state power company in southwest England. Reports on Friday said Japan’s Hitachi Ltd. has decided to halt work on the Wylfa project in North Wales.
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Google Clash Over Global Right to Be Forgotten Returns to Court

Ahead of a ruling later this year, an adviser at the EU Court of Justice will on Jan. 10 deliver an opinion on whether the world’s most-used search engine can limit the geographical scope of the privacy right to EU-based searches. Google has been fighting efforts led by France’s privacy watchdog to globalize the right to be forgotten after the EU court’s landmark ruling in 2014 forcing the search engine to remove links to information about a person on request if it’s outdated or irrelevant. Th...
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Venezuela congress slams oil deals with U.S., French companies

Venezuela's opposition-run congress on Tuesday issued a resolution calling deals between state-run oil company PDVSA [PDVSA.UL] and U.S. and French companies announced this week illegal, since they had not been sent to lawmakers for approval. The body said the oilfield deals with France's Maurel & Prom and little-known U.S. company Erepla violated article 150 of Venezuela's constitution, which requires that contracts signed between the state and foreign companies be approved by the National A...
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Moonlight influences opening and closing of oysters' shells

Molluscs not only have tidal and circadian clocks but are attuned to lunar rhythms, experts sayThe gentle glow of moonlight on water has moved musicians, poets and painters – and, it turns out, molluscs. Researchers have discovered the opening and shutting of oysters’ shells appears to be tied to the lunar cycle.Biological clocks have intrigued scientists for centuries, and researchers in the field won the 2017 Nobel prize for studies into the 24-hour body clock. Continue reading...
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Teen self-injects verses from the Bible and the Koran that have been transposed into DNA

In The first injection in a human being of macromolecules whose primary structure was developed from a religious text a French 16 year old named Adrien Locatelli describes how he paid Vector Builder $1300 to transcode verses from the Bible and the Koran into macromolecules and then injected one verse into each leg (the Bible verse was written into the DNA of an adeno-associated virus and injected into his left thigh; the Koran verse was encoded into DNA but not merged with a virus and was then ...
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French scientists dismiss Russian claims over age of world's oldest person

Two French scientists who validated Jeanne Calment's status as the oldest person ever to have lived, have dismissed claims by Russian researchers who say that she didn't really survive to 122. Mathematician Nikolay Zak and gerontologist Valery Novoselov claim that Calment's daughter, Yvonne Calment, assumed her mother's identity decades earlier. Jean-Marie Robine, one of the two French scientists who validated Calment's age, told France Inter radio late on Wednesday that the stir being caused ...
Tags: Science, France, Jeanne Calment, France Inter, Jean Marie Robine, Calment, Nikolay Zak, Valery Novoselov, Yvonne Calment

In Yemen, world's worst cholera outbreak traced to eastern Africa

Scientists have found that a strain of cholera causing an epidemic in Yemen – the worst in recorded history – came from eastern Africa and was probably borne into Yemen by migrants. Using genomic sequencing techniques, researchers at Britain's Wellcome Sanger Institute and France's Institut Pasteur also said they should now be better able to estimate the risk of future cholera outbreaks in regions like Yemen, giving health authorities more time to intervene. "Knowing how cholera moves globally...
Tags: Science, France, Africa, Britain, Yemen, Institut Pasteur, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Sanger, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Nick Thomson

Record backing for climate petition against French govt

A petition launched by French environmental groups calling for legal action against the state for failing to act to curb climate change has received unprecedented public support after weeks of fuel-price protests. It also dwarfs the 1.17 million supporters of a demand by one of France's "yellow vest" protesters calling for lower petrol and diesel prices at the pump, launched in May. "It's not just a petition, but also a call for legal action," said Jean-Francois Julliard, CEO of Greenpeace Fra...
Tags: Science, France, Greenpeace France

UK's Royal Mail sorry for D-Day landings stamp blunder

Britain's Royal Mail apologized on Friday after historians pointed out that a stamp design it planned to issue to commemorate the D-Day landings in France in fact showed U.S. troops going ashore thousands of miles away weeks earlier. The stamp, part of a series of 11 to mark the 75th anniversary of the June 1944 landings, was part of a special program for 2019 to showcase the "Best of British". "The stamp issue will be a timely commemoration of all those who participated and will use images fr...
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Nearly 2 Million People Sign Petition to Sue France Over Climate Inaction

If France isn’t willing to take action on climate change on its own, well, the courts are always an option to force the government’s hand.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, France, Climate Lawsuits, Order In The Courtroom, Sue France Over Climate Inaction

Arianespace Launches Spy Satellite for France on Soyuz Rocket

Arianespace launched the Russian-built Soyuz rocket from the South American spaceport of Guiana Space Centre to deliver the CSO-1 Earth-observation satellite into orbit for France's Ministry of Defense, the French space agency (CNES) and the country's defense procurement agency (DGA). Liftoff occurred at 11:37 a.m. EST (1637 GMT) after it was delayed by one day due to bad weather.
Tags: Science, France, Cnes, CSO, Ministry of Defense, DGA, Arianespace, Guiana Space Centre

Allergan stops sale of textured breast implants in Europe, shares sink

Allergan defended the safety of its breast implants, but its shares fell 7.4 percent to $135.94 on Wednesday as some Wall Street analysts questioned whether the company would have to face any future product liability costs. France's National Agency for the Safety of Medicines & Health Products (ANSM) said late on Tuesday that it was recalling Allergan's Microcell and Biocell textured breast implants because its safety certification had not been renewed by another agency. Textured breast implan...
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Allergan stops sales of textured breast implants in Europe

Drugmaker Allergan said on Wednesday it would take its textured breast implants off the market in Europe, a day after a French regulatory body ordered the recall of the implants, which have been linked to a rare form of cancer. France's National Agency for the Safety of Medicines & Health Products (ANSM) said late Tuesday that the decision concerned Allergan's Microcell and Biocell textured breast implants. Allergan shares fell 4.5 percent in early trading.
Tags: Europe, Science, France, Allergan, MICROCELL, Biocell, Safety of Medicines Health Products ANSM

NGOs launch legal action against France over climate

A group of NGOs including Greenpeace and Oxfam have launched a lawsuit against the French state accusing it of taking insufficient action to tackle climate change. It comes after similar action was launched by farmers in Germany, and the Dutch government lost a landmark case brought by an environmental rights group on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. "The failure of the state in the fight against climate change reflects a lack of respect in its obligation to protect the environment and the he...
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