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Google Is Finally Making Android Apps Treat Your Location Information More Responsibly

Google has informed developers that it’s about to enforce new restrictions on Android apps that unnecessarily track user location data in the background. It informed developers that all apps in the Google Play store will need to have express approval from the company to collect such data or risk being pulled entirely.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Google Play, Science, Privacy, Location Tracking

Here's How Google's Ultimate Account Protection Works, and Why You Might Need It

There are the standard ways you can protect your Google account—choosing a strong password, setting up two-factor authentication (2FA)—and then there’s the top tier, the Advanced Protection Program. It’s designed to be the ultimate in account security, and we’ll explain here how to enable it, and why you might want to.Read more...
Tags: Google, Security, Science, Web, Advanced Protection Program

EU Warns Google Buying Fitbit Presents a Major Privacy Risk

It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced it had plunked down $2.1 billion to acquire Fitbit. While the news was welcomed by some, many others raised the question of what would happen with all that health data Fitbit had collected. You can count the European Data Protection Board among the latter. At its 18th…Read more...
Tags: Google, Wearables, Science, Privacy, Fitbit, Data Privacy, European Data Protection Board, EU Warns Google

Stadia Finally On Phones Not Made By Google, But Still No iOS Support

Google Stadia is finally getting an upgrade...sort of. Google’s cloud gaming service is coming to a whole new slew of phones and for once they’re not Google-made ones.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Cloud Gaming, Stadia, Google Stadia

Google's Adsense Is Turning Into A Tool For Extortion

Of all the things that Google’s afraid of (employee revolts! antitrust actions! diversity!) ad fraud is certainly high on the list. And now, some creative scammers have turned Google’s fraud crackdown against its own users.
Tags: Google, Science, Adsense, Ransom

Google's Autoflip Can Intelligently Crop Videos on the Fly to Fit Any Aspect Ratio

Google has released an open-source tool, Autoflip, that could make bad cropping a thing of the past by intelligently reframing video to correctly fit alternate aspect ratios.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Technology, Ai, Algorithms, Videography, Aspect Ratio, Smart Cropping

Trafficking industry hit as ‘sex worker’ chatbots fool thousands

Campaign to lure men seeking to buy sex triggers big decline in online searches in SeattleSex trafficking in a US city was significantly disrupted by a non-profit group that deployed decoy chatbots in conversations with tens of thousands of men.During a two-year period, Seattle Against Slavery posted fake online adverts that connected people with chatbots that initially posed as sex workers, before delivering a deterrence message. The campaign, which also involved placing more than 2m Google adv...
Tags: Google, Science, Technology, Prostitution, US, Society, World news, US news, Seattle, Sex trade, AAAS, Chatbots, SeattleSex, Seattle Against Slavery

Essential Is the Latest Phone Maker to Fold

Former Google executive Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, Essential Products, is officially done after years of circling the drain.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Phones, Andy Rubin, Inessential

FTC Digging Into Big Tech’s Past for Possible Anticompetitive Mergers and Acquisitions

Adding to the already-considerable interest in antitrust enforcement against major US tech companies, the Federal Trade Commission today announced a Special Order demanding information from Apple, Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook about their mergers and acquisitions over a ten year period. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Science, Microsoft, US, Antitrust, Federal Trade Commission, Ftc, Apple Alphabet Google Amazon Microsoft

Google's HR Chief to Step Down as Worker Tensions Intensify

Google’s VP of People Operations Eileen Naughton will be stepping down later this year. Naughton, who has been at the company for 13 years, became the company’s head of human resources back in 2016 and has since overseen the breakdown between management and rank-and-file employees.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Labor, Alphabet, Naughton, Eileen Naughton

Maybe Microsoft's Xbox Chief Didn't Say the Stupidest Thing About Cloud Gaming This Week

In a quote in Politico’s new technology-focused publication, Protocol, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said something seemingly earth-shattering for any gamer: It isn’t Nintendo or Sony that Microsoft views as primary competitors in the gaming space, but Amazon and Google. That sounds deeply stupid. Google’s Stadia has…Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Science, Microsoft, Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, Cloud Gaming, Phil Spencer, Stadia, GeForce Now, Project xCloud

Moto Hopes to Retake the Budget Phone Crown With Two New Flavors of the Moto G

Last year, thanks to phones like the Google Pixel 3a and Samsung Galaxy A50, Motorola lost its long-held title as the king of budgets phones. So for its next batch of budget handsets, Motorola is ditching its traditional numbering system and instead its making two different versions of the Moto G for 2020: the Moto G…Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Motorola, Science, Smartphones, Moto G, First Look, Consumer Tech, Moto G Stylus, Moto G Power And Moto G Stylus First Look, Moto G Power, Moto G 2020, Samsung Galaxy A50 Motorola

China's Biggest Phone Makers Are Building an Alternative to Google's App Store

Google Play may not be the dominant Android app store for much longer if China’s largest smartphone makers have anything to say about it.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, China, Huawei

Google Maps Is Getting a New Look and Other Upgrades For Its 15th Birthday

It’s tough for most of us to recall what life was like before the invention of Google Maps. Remember printing out your MapQuest directions and trying to read and drive at the same time? Totally safe! For its 15th birthday, Google Maps is getting a fresh look on iOS and Android, along with more information for public…Read more...
Tags: Google, Transportation, Science, Google Maps, Mapquest, Happy 15th To Google Maps, Google Maps 15th Birthday, Google Maps Updates

Google Chrome Will Crack Down on Maddening and Disruptive Video Ads in August

Google is bringing the hammer down on websites trying to stuff their video content with infuriating advertising beginning in August, specifically taking aim at three particularly maddening types of offenders.Read more...
Tags: Chrome, Google, Science, Ads, Bad Ads

Google Slaps Face-Recognition Firm Clearview With a Cease-and-Desist Letter

Clearview AI, a controversial face recognition start-up, whose customers include hundreds of U.S. law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, has been served cease-and-desist letters by Google and its subsidiary YouTube.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Youtube, Fbi, Face Recognition, ClearView, Google Slaps Face Recognition Firm Clearview With

Alphabet's Jigsaw Develops Tool to Help Journalists Identify Manipulated Imagery

The proliferation of doctored or misleading images that manage to spread like wildfire has required that newsrooms, fact-checkers, and journalists be especially wary of disinformation and targeted campaigns in various media. Jigsaw, an Alphabet-owned company, has announced a new tool aimed at helping journalists…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Fake, Alphabet, Jigsaw, Disinformation, Jigsaw an Alphabet

You Can Now Build Your Own Login Security Key With Google's Free Software

If you genuinely take your online security seriously you should be using two-factor authentication paired with a security key every time you log in. There are lots of options out there, including Google’s own $50 Titan security key set, but the company has also recently released software you can use to build your own…Read more...
Tags: Google, Security, Science, Diy, Titan, Nordic, Fido, Opensk

Oops! Google Might've Leaked Your Videos to Another Person

In a new privacy-related fuckup, Google told users today that it might’ve accidentally imported your personal photos into another Google user’s account. Whoopsie!Read more...
Tags: Google, Security, Science, Public Relations, Oopsie

Google Under Investigation by Ireland's Data Protection Authority Over Location Tracking

Ireland’s data protection commission has announced a new probe into Google’s handling of location data, specifically the “the legality of Google’s processing of location data and the transparency surrounding that processing.”Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Tinder, Data, Ireland, Data Privacy, Data Protection Authority

Why All the Smart Home Platforms Suck and How They're Going to Fix Them

If you buy a smart home device right now, it’s more than likely it’ll work with Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, or maybe even both—but while these digital assistants are adding a layer of convenience on top of a living space full of sensors and gadgets, they aren’t really the smart home platforms we should be…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Science, Samsung, Smart Home, Standards, Zigbee, Amazon Alexa

The Word “Robot” Originated in a Czech Play in 1921: Discover Karel Čapek’s Sci-Fi Play R.U.R. (a.k.a. Rossum’s Universal Robots)

When I hear the word robot, I like to imagine Isaac Asimov’s delightfully Yiddish-inflected Brooklynese pronunciation of the word: “ro-butt,” with heavy stress on the first syllable. (A quirk shared by Futurama’s crustacean Doctor Zoidberg.) Asimov warned us that robots could be dangerous and impossible to control. But he also showed young readers—in his Norby series of kids’ books written with his wife Janet—that robots could be heroic companions, saving the solar system from cosmic supervilla...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Science, Technology, London, College, History, Star Trek, Mit, Futurama, Literature, Metropolis, Jordan, Eastern Europe, Penn State, Facebook Twitter

Alphabet Finally Discloses Size of YouTube's Ad Business: Over $15 Billion in 2019

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. has disclosed how much YouTube’s advertising business rakes in for the first time, writing in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the streaming giant made just shy of $15.15 billion in ad revenue in fiscal year 2019. It made some $4.79 billion of it in Q4 2019…Read more...
Tags: Google, Video, Science, Technology, Youtube, Advertising, Social Media, Sundar Pichai, Securities And Exchange Commission, Alphabet, Alphabet Inc

How To Trick Google Maps Into Making A Traffic Jam

It turns out that Google Maps is more fallible than you might want to think. Just look at German artist Simon Weckert, who managed to create a virtual traffic jam without a single car on the road. Why he did it, though, is the most interesting part.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Traffic, Google Maps, Simon Weckert

For $8-a-Month Google's New Printing Service Will Save Ten of Your Photos From Digital Extinction

If you want your photos to last for generations, you should be printing them out. But finding the time to decide which of your shots are worthy of hard copies can be time-consuming, leading most of us to simply not to. For $8 per month, however, Google Photos is testing a new service that automatically sends you…Read more...
Tags: Google, Photos, Science, Subscriptions, Printing, Google Photos

How to Customize the Gestures on Your Android Phone

The way that you get around Google-powered phones is changing, with Android 10 ushering in a new button-less, iPhone-esque gestures approach for going back, going home, and bringing up recent apps with swipes. Fortunately if you don’t like this evolution in Android navigation, you do have options for changing it.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, Science, Android Gestures

Five of the Worst Ways People Have Tried to Fix Their Computers

Sometimes your computer breaks. It happens. You spill something, or drop something, or you try to boot up and nothing happens. Many of us resolve the issue with a liberal use of Google, and others take the failing device to a person trained to fix computers. And some people thoroughly screw up their device trying to…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Diy, It, Computers, Racism, Tech Support, Stop, Gizmodo Tech Support, Worst Ways People Have Tried

Corona, the beer company, says it trusts customers not to link its drinks to the deadly Wuhan coronavirus as searches rise for 'corona beer virus'

Google searches for "corona beer virus," "beer virus," and "beer coronavirus" have risen globally since January 18.
Tags: Google, Science, Wuhan, Corona

Corona, the beer company, says it trusts customers not to link its drinks to the deadly Wuhan coronavirus as searches for 'corona beer virus' rocket

Google searches for "corona beer virus," "beer virus," and "beer coronavirus" have skyrocketed globally since January 18.
Tags: Google, Science, Wuhan, Corona

Google's Latest Video App Tangi Is TikTok for People Who Love Pinterest

Google has announced it’s launching an “experimental social video sharing app” called Tangi for short, 60-second tutorials.Read more...
Tags: Google, Video, Science, Social Media, Tangi

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