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Ibuprofen Doesn't Worsen Covid-19, Large New Study Finds

New research out Friday should relieve anyone worried about having taken over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen before becoming sick with covid-19. The large study found no evidence that recent prior use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) led to more serious illness or death among hospitalized…Read more...
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Three Alzheimer's Patients Were Able to Communicate Again After Experimental Radiation Treatment

A small new study found remarkable improvements in communication and behavior in three patients with severe Alzheimer’s disease after they received a low-dose radiation treatment. More research will have to be done to confirm these results and to test whether similar benefits could be achieved in people with milder…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Dementia, Radioactivity, Radiation, Alzheimers Disease, Learning Disabilities, CT scan, Cognitive Disorders, Radiation Therapy, Health Medical Pharma, Ionizing Radiation, Psychiatric Diagnosis, Radiobiology

CDC Says 'Test Cruises' Can Start With Volunteer Passengers to Prove They're Covid Safe

The U.S.-based cruise ship industry will need to prove it can operate safely with test cruises and volunteer passengers before normal operations can begin, the Centers for Disease Control said in a statement on Wednesday. All cruise volunteers will need to be fully vaccinated and must agree to be tested for covid-19…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Cdc, Ships, Biden, Gizmodo, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Cruise Ships, Royal Caribbean, Centers for Disease Control, Grand Princess, Contemporary history, Covid 19 Pandemic, Disaster Accident, Health Medical Pharma, Covid 19 Pandemic On Cruise Ships

US Will Support Lifting Patent Restrictions on Covid-19 Vaccines

After weeks of back-and-forth discussions within the Biden administration, the U.S. is now preparing to back the temporary waiving of patent rights over covid-19 vaccines—a policy that advocates say is needed to speed up the production and acquisition of vaccines for developing countries. As part of its support, the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Government, US, Medical Research, Social Issues, World Trade Organization, Amnesty International, Vaccine, Biden, Anthony Fauci, Foreign Relations, Countries, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Foreign Direct Investment, Katherine Tai, Covid 19 Vaccine

Despite Drug Industry Claims, Higher List Prices Do Mean Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs for Many Patients

New research suggests that as the list price of brand name drugs rise, so do out-of-pocket medical costs for these drugs—at least for some patients. This is counter to a common industry claim that patients aren’t affected by list price increases. The study found a link between list prices rising and out-of-pocket…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Medicare, Martin Shkreli, Daraprim, Turing Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Pricing, Prescription drug, Health Sciences, U S Healthcare, Healthcare Reform In The United States, Pharmaceuticals Policy, Health Medical Pharma, Benjamin Rome

India Surpasses 20 Million Covid-19 Cases as Biden Stays Silent on Vaccine IP Waivers

India surpassed 20 million covid-19 cases on Tuesday, becoming only the second country in the world after the United States to reach that dark milestone. And to make matters worse, experts pretty uniformly agree it’s a vast undercount of the real crisis, which has left at least 222,408 people dead in the country since…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Medicine, India, Narendra Modi, Joe Biden, Medical Research, United States, Vaccination, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Vaccine, Biden, Virology, Moderna, Health Sciences

What It Really Means That the U.S. Won't Reach Herd Immunity

An article in the New York Times today highlights a growing attitude among public health experts about the near future of the covid-19 pandemic: Herd immunity, at least for the time being, is likely out of reach in the U.S. But as upsetting as that sounds, it doesn’t mean the pandemic won’t be substantially contained…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Medical Research, New York Times, Vaccination, Vaccine, Prevention, Immunology, Epidemiology, Health Sciences, Herd Immunity, Medical Specialties, Covid 19 Vaccine, Health Medical Pharma, Breakthrough Infection

In a First, People Had Their Brain Activity Tracked Remotely During Everyday Life

In a new study out Monday, scientists say they can now record people’s brain activity wirelessly throughout the day—a feat that could allow for better research into the brain’s inner workings. They then used that data to adjust the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease through deep brain stimulation. It’s an…Read more...
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L.A. Records No New Covid Deaths for First Time in Over a Year as Life Gets More Normal

Los Angeles County recorded no new deaths from covid-19 on Sunday, the first time that’s happened since L.A. County identified its first coronavirus death on March 10, 2020. And while experts warn there’s a possibility of undercounting that typically happens on weekends, it’s still a great sign that Southern…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Narendra Modi, Medical Research, Vaccination, Vaccine, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer, Medical Specialties, Variants Of Sars Cov 2, Health Medical Pharma, Covid 19 Vaccination In Bulgaria, Covid 19 Vaccination In Israel

Facebook Says Posts Criticizing India's Prime Minister Were 'Mistakenly' Blocked

Facebook posts criticizing India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi were being blocked on Wednesday, the tech giant confirmed to Gizmodo, adding that it was a “mistake.” But why was Facebook content with the hashtag #ResignModi being censored in the first place? Facebook is being incredibly cagey about the specifics.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, India, Narendra Modi, Articles, Software, Gizmodo, Contemporary history, Covid 19 Vaccine, Covid 19 Pandemic, Health Medical Pharma, Narendra Modi Ministry, Facebook Says Posts Criticizing India

YouTube Launches PSAs to Boost Confidence in Covid-19 Vaccine

YouTube launched a series of public service announcements on Monday encouraging people to get vaccinated for covid-19. The videos come as health experts in the U.S. worry there will soon be more covid-19 vaccine doses available to Americans than people who want to take them.Read more...
Tags: Health, Google, Science, Medicine, Youtube, Medical Research, Vaccine, Health Sciences, Covid 19 Vaccine, Health Medical Pharma, Covid 19 Vaccination In Ghana, Covid 19 Vaccination In The United States

U.S. Health Regulators Lift Pause on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine

Federal officials have cleared the Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine for use in the United States once again, albeit with an updated label to warn of blood clot risks. Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Cdc, United States, Vaccination, Vaccine, Johnson, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Clinical Trials, Johnson Johnson, Janet Woodcock, Drug Safety, Rochelle Walensky, Johnson Covid, Covid 19 Vaccine, Health Medical Pharma

Chernobyl Survivors Didn't Pass on Harmful Mutations to Their Children, Study Finds

Two new papers out Thursday highlight the aftereffects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident that occurred over 30 years ago. One study might help explain why survivors are more likely to develop thyroid cancer, while another found evidence that these survivors don’t seem to have passed on potentially harmful mutations to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Radioactivity, Radiation, Chernobyl, Thyroid Cancer, Nuclear Physics, Stephen Chanock, Radiation Protection, Disaster Accident, Health Medical Pharma, Ionizing Radiation, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster, Radiobiology, Radiation Induced Cancer, Chernobyl Disaster, Acute Radiation Syndrome

What to Know About the Research Into Athletes' Hearts and Covid-19

Recent findings, including a new study out this week, should reassure people about fears that even mild covid-19 could damage the heart in young and fit people. Despite earlier research that found reason for concern, athletes don’t seem to be at high risk for heart issues related to the viral illness after all.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Sports, Public Health, Ncaa, National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Sports Medicine, Occupational Safety and Health, Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Diseases, Clinical Medicine, Covid 19

UK Researchers Will Try to Reinfect People With the Coronavirus, for Science

Researchers in the United Kingdom are asking people who previously contracted covid-19 to volunteer for one last mission: allow themselves to be intentionally exposed to the coronavirus again. The scientists expect that their research will help us better understand the limits of natural immunity, including the risk of…Read more...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, Articles, Virus, United Kingdom, Regeneron, Helen McShane, Covid 19, Zoonoses, Health Medical Pharma, Human Subject Research, Human Challenge Study

The U.S. Is About to Run Out of People Who Want the Vaccine

This week, all 50 states officially opened up eligibility for covid-19 vaccination to all adult residents. But while millions of Americans are still lining up to get their dose, experts warn that the country is quickly approaching a vaccine surplus, with too few takers to meet the supply we have available. Once that…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Medical Research, Vaccination, Vaccine, Vaccines, Biden, Virology, Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Sciences, Medical Specialties, Covid 19 Vaccine, Deployment Of Covid 19 Vaccines, Health Medical Pharma, Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine

Terminally Ill Patients Deserve Access to General Anesthesia, UK Doctors Say

Doctors and medical ethicists in the UK are calling for terminally ill patients to have the option of using general anesthesia prior to their death as a way to relieve suffering.Read more...
Tags: Health, Death, UK, Science, Anesthesia, Euthanasia, Caregiving, Terminal Illness, Hospice, Palliative Care, End Of Life Care, Sedative, Sedation, Health Medical Pharma, Palliative Sedation, General Anesthesia UK Doctors Say

What to Know About the Study Linking Covid-19 Vaccines and Shingles

New research purports to find a link between receiving an mRNA vaccine for covid-19 and shingles, also known as herpes zoster, in certain people with autoimmune conditions. But while the link may be worth exploring, the average person shouldn’t be worried about this possible risk or pay much attention to misleading…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Virus, Pfizer, Vaccine, Herpes Simplex, Shingles, BioNtech, Clinical Medicine, Chickenpox, Herpes Virus, Medical Specialties, Covid 19 Vaccine, Rna Vaccine, Health Medical Pharma, Victoria Furer

21-Year-Old Man Nearly Dies of Heart Failure After Drinking Four Energy Drinks a Day

A young man’s years of heavy energy drink consumption nearly killed him, doctors in the UK say. In a new report this week, they detail how the man developed heart failure likely linked to his habit of drinking four energy drinks a day for two years straight. Though he was admitted to the intensive care unit as a…Read more...
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Covid-19 Booster Shots Likely Needed Within a Year, Top Biden Advisor Says

Booster shots against the covid-19 coronavirus may become a regular necessity, according to recent comments from David Kessler, chief science officer for President Joe Biden’s covid-19 task force, as well as from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Joe Biden, Medical Research, Vaccination, Pfizer, Vaccine, Anthony Fauci, Wall Street Journal, Clinical Trials, CVS Health, David Kessler, Moderna, Health Sciences, BioNtech, Albert Bourla

Most People Don't Lose Weight Long Term, Study Finds

New research is the latest to suggest that sustained weight loss is extremely difficult for most people. The study tracked people in the general public for over a decade and found that those who were already overweight or obese tended to stay overweight or obese. People who remained obese also appeared to have a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Obesity, Overweight, Social Issues, Surgery, Body Mass Index, Bariatric Surgery, Body Shape, Clinical Medicine, Amphetamine, Medical Specialties, Hospitality Recreation, Health Medical Pharma, Human Weight, Bariatrics, Obesity In Australia

Chimeric Human-Monkey Embryos Kept Alive for a Record 19 Days

Building on previous experiments, an international team of scientists has created chimeric human-monkey embryos, which were kept alive for nearly three weeks. The breakthrough could lead to new ways of testing drugs and generating organs for transplant, but this line of research is raising some ethical concerns.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Cloning, Stem Cell, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Chimera, Jeremy Bentham, Embryo, Developmental Biology, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, Genetically Modified Organism, Branches Of Biology, Induced Stem Cells, Health Medical Pharma, Weizhi Ji

The Challenges of Unravelling Long Covid

Mixed into the collective tangle of agony and loss caused by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic are the “long-haulers”—people who become or continue to feel sick after their initial encounter with the virus. But the road to understanding what’s now become known as long covid will take time, nuanced inquiry, humility, and…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Articles, Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop, Occupational Safety and Health, Tim Lahey, Adam Gaffney, David Putrino, Paul Garner, Covid 19, Contemporary history, Rachel Pearson, Long Covid, Health Medical Pharma, Covid 19 Drug Repurposing Research

This Country Vaccinated Nearly Every Adult in Two Weeks

The U.S., Israel, and a few other countries have done a decent job in rapidly vaccinating their residents against covid-19—but none hold a candle to the small Asian nation of Bhutan. In about the span of two weeks, the country was reportedly able to vaccinate almost of its entire adult population.Read more...
Tags: Science, Israel, Articles, World, Vaccination, Bhutan, Countries, Health Medical Pharma

There’s No Reason to Freak Out About the Latest Pfizer Vaccine Study

Over the weekend, a new study involving the Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 vaccine set off a wave of alarming—and at times misleading—headlines. The study, based on real-world data from Israel, found that the vaccine wasn’t as effective against B.1351, the variant first found in South Africa, as it was against other…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Israel, Medical Research, South Africa, Vaccination, Pfizer, Vaccine, BioNtech, Sars Cov 2, Adi Stern, Covid 19 Vaccine, 501v2 Variant, Variants Of Sars Cov 2, Health Medical Pharma, Sarbecovirus

How AI Could Upgrade Brain Stimulation Therapies

The human brain, just like whatever you’re reading this on, uses electricity to function. Neurons are constantly sending and receiving electrical signals. Everyone’s brain works a bit differently, and scientists are now getting closer to establishing how electrical activity is functioning in individual patients’…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Neuroscience, Major Depressive Disorder, Neurotechnology, Brain Stimulation, Neurostimulation, Electroconvulsive Therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Thor Benson, Branches Of Biology, Health Medical Pharma, Electrotherapy, Neuromodulation, Maryam Shanechi, Magnetic Seizure Therapy

Why Do I Feel Like I'm Dying During a Panic Attack?

If you would like to know what it feels like to die, while at the same time continuing to live, you have a number of solid options. You can eat fast food quickly on a 90-degree day; you can lay awake all night mentally rehearsing your greatest failures and then board a packed bus to work; you can experiment, for days…Read more...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Psychiatry, Anxiety, Fear, Emotions, Mind, Panic Attack, Panic, Panic Disorder, Chronic Stress, Phobias, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Craig Barr, Health Medical Pharma, Shortness Of Breath

Microsoft Is Reportedly in Talks to Scoop Up AI Firm Nuance Communications for $16 Billion

Microsoft is in advanced talks to acquire Nuance Communications, an artificial intelligence firm whose speech recognition tech helped develop Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, for as much as $16 billion, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Siri, Linkedin, Software, Computing, Stephen elop, Nuance, Virtual Assistant, ZeniMax Media, Nuance Communications, Mark Benjamin, Business Finance, Reuters Read

Peter Thiel-Backed Psychedelics Firm Buys Majority of Brain-Control Interface Firm

ATAI Life Sciences, a biosciences company backed by venture capitalist and freedom-loving billionaire Peter Thiel that specializes in experimental treatment of mental disorders with psychedelic drugs, has bought out a majority stake in a company working to meld the mind with machines.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Peter Thiel, Hallucinations, Mind Control, Pong, Johns Hopkins, Gawker Media, Musk, Thiel Capital, Andrew Jackson, Businesspeople, David Keene, Neuralink, Christian Angermayer, Atai Life Sciences

Chronic Stuffy Nose Linked to Changes in Brain Activity, Study Finds

Your always-congested sinuses might be a harbinger of more trouble down the road, new research out Friday suggests. The small study found evidence of a link between chronic sinus inflammation and altered, possibly harmful brain activity. The findings don’t necessarily prove that the two things are directly connected,…Read more...
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