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Anesthetized Monkeys, First Thoughts About YouTube and Terrible Star Wars Dads: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

These are some of the best words on the Internet: Happy three-day weekend! We hope you’re enjoying the time off. Does anyone else feel like February has flown by? When I was younger, I used to think that only “older” people said things like “time sure flies by.” Now, I want to eat my words every time I say the same…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Samsung, Brain, Birds, Oscars, Huawei, Parasite, Kingdom Come, Best Of Gizmodo, PS5, Star Trek Picard

Looks Like Huawei Might Be Screwed This Time

The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it was unsealing a superseding indictment against Chinese tech giant Huawei, charging the company and several of its affiliates under a law traditionally used to take down sprawling criminal syndicates that operated under multiple layers of secrecy.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, China, Espionage, Department Of Justice, Sanctions, Huawei, Racketeering, Trade War, Corporate Espionage, US China Trade War, Trade Theft

Looks Like Huawei Might Be Screwed This Time [Update: Huawei Responded]

The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it was unsealing a superseding indictment against Chinese tech giant Huawei, charging the company and several of its affiliates under a law traditionally used to take down sprawling criminal syndicates that operated under multiple layers of secrecy.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, China, Espionage, Department Of Justice, Sanctions, Huawei, Racketeering, Trade War, Corporate Espionage, US China Trade War, Trade Theft

It Appears U.S. Has a 'Smoking Gun' Confirming Huawei-Built Spy Backdoors

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the U.S. government officials are claiming Huawei, a phone and telecommunications company with ties to the Chinese government, has the ability to spy on users of mobile phone networks employing Huawei equipment. The claim comes after years of accusations from the U.S.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Tech News, Huawei, Wall Street Journal, 5g, Huawei Built Spy Backdoors

Chinese military stole masses of Americans’ data, U.S. says

By ERIC TUCKER and MICHAEL BALSAMO WASHINGTON — Four members of the Chinese military have been charged with breaking into the networks of the Equifax credit reporting agency and stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans, the Justice Department said Monday, blaming Beijing for one of the largest hacks in history to target consumer data. The 2017 breach affected more than 145 million people, with the hackers successfully stealing names, addresses, Social Security and drive...
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China's Biggest Phone Makers Are Building an Alternative to Google's App Store

Google Play may not be the dominant Android app store for much longer if China’s largest smartphone makers have anything to say about it.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, China, Huawei

Huawei Slaps Verizon With Lawsuit for Violating Patents

Patents are a thorny issue between tech giants, especially with regard to who pays who licensing fees for using revolutionary technologies. The latest brouhaha involves Huawei and Verizon, with the former suing the U.S. telecom firm for allegedly using 12 patents without authorization. Read more...
Tags: Verizon, Science, Patents, Huawei, Huawei Slaps Verizon

Huawei Will Get Mapping Tech from TomTom Because the U.S. Banned It from Using Google Maps

Huawei has a message for the United States: It can live without Google Maps. The Chinese smartphone giant has reached a deal with the Dutch location technology provider TomTom that will allow it to use the company’s maps, traffic information and navigation software to develop its own mobile apps.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, United States, Google Maps, Huawei, TomTom

Chinese Ambassador Casually Threatens German Car Industry Over Tech Privacy Concerns

The German automotive industry, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, and their subsidiaries, may soon be facing more problems in the declining Chinese car market over a dispute about 5G phone networks, of all things. Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, China, Bmw, Volkswagen, Audi, Huawei, Mercedes Benz, Cars Is Politics, BMW Mercedes Benz Audi Volkswagen

FCC Proposes Banning U.S. Firms From Using Federal Subsidies to Purchase Huawei, ZTE Equipment

The Federal Communications Commission is moving forward with new restrictions on doing business with tech giants Huawei and ZTE, with chairman Ajit Pai setting a Nov. 19 date for vote on a proposal to bar U.S. firms that receive federal subsidies from purchasing the Chinese firms’ telecom equipment.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Fcc, Privacy, China, Cybersecurity, Federal Communications Commission, Espionage, Huawei, ZTE, Ajit Pai, Trade War, US China Trade War, Huawei ZTE Equipment

Huawei Reports Healthy Sales Growth Despite U.S. Export Ban

Huawei is reporting healthy sales growth, despite U.S. bans against the Chinese-based tech giant, according to a company statement released on Wednesday. Huawei saw revenue increase 24.4 percent for the last three quarters of the fiscal year, a financial success that is sure to frustrate the U.S. government.Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Beijing, Telecoms, Huawei, 5g, New Cold War, Ren Zhengfei, Trade Deal, Entity List

China Creates 'Unreliable Entity List' of Foreign Companies Following U.S. Ban on Huawei

The Chinese government announced on Friday that it would create an “Unreliable Entity List” of foreign companies and individuals that threaten the interests of Chinese companies. Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Donald Trump, Huawei, New Cold War, President Trump, Trade War

BBC Goes to Conduct Its First Broadcast Over 5G, Immediately Hits Data Cap

There’s a dark secret lurking behind all the promised benefits of the impending 5G networks slowing coming online around the world: All that extra speed and bandwidth is going to make it really hard to stay within your monthly data limits, as the BBC recently discovered with its first live segment streamed over 5G.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Technology, Bbc, Ee, Huawei, 5g, Cellular, Consumer Tech

Malaysia’s Mahathir Backs Huawei in Rare Public Rebuke of U.S.

The Southeast Asian country will use Huawei’s gear “as much as possible” as they offer “tremendous advance over American technology,” Mahathir said at a forum in Tokyo on Thursday. The public comments by Mahathir are a snub to the Trump administration’s campaign against the telecommunications network-gear maker. The targeting of Huawei by the U.S. has also complicated the trade war between Washington and Beijing, leaving telecom operators around the world to decide whether to shun the Chinese ...
Tags: Science, Washington, Beijing, Malaysia, Tokyo, Huawei, Trump, U S, Mahathir, Mahathir Backs Huawei

A Huawei Supplier Explains How It Plans to Survive Trump's Ban

Chief Executive Officer Shoichi Tosaka isn’t happy about this: He contends investors got it wrong. In an interview in Tokyo, he explained that Taiyo Yuden gets less than 10% of sales from Huawei and his company will be able to replace any lost revenue easily because of chronic shortages. Demand for its capacitors -- microscopic components found by the hundreds in electronic devices -- outstrips supply by such a margin that it would have no problem finding other buyers.
Tags: Science, Tokyo, Huawei, Shoichi Tosaka, Taiyo Yuden

Apple is looking into building foldable iPhones out of glass

Samsung wasted the opportunity to become the first major smartphone vendor to launch a foldable handset, as the Galaxy Fold turned out to have a few design flaws that compromised the screens during regular use. It's not that Samsung had the best foldable phone design out there, but the Korean giant has been at the forefront of foldable smartphone hype for years.We've been waiting for two years for the Galaxy Fold to arrive, but Samsung kept pushing the launch event as it was still perfec...
Tags: Apple, Science, Samsung, Huawei

China Clearly Signals It's Prepared to Use a Key Component in Phones as It Fights U.S. Trade War

The Chinese government is showing signs that it’s ready to use rare earth metals as a bargaining chip in the trade war between the U.S. and China that’s escalated over recent weeks. China supplies roughly 80 percent of all rare earth metals used by the U.S. in everything from smartphones to X-ray machines, which means…Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Huawei, New Cold War, Rare Earth Metals

Why Some Android Phones Don't Have the Play Store

Huawei phones, Amazon tablets, and Google Pixel phones all run Android, but one of those groups of devices doesn’t have access to the Google Play Store—and another could lose it very soon. But why is that? If you’re wondering what exactly Android is and isn’t and why the Play Store only seems to appear on some Android…Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Android, Google Play Store, Mobile, Science, Smartphones, Huawei, Android Explained

Huawei Calls U.S. Ban on its 5G Gear a `Dangerous Precedent'

China’s largest technology company asked for summary judgment in a filing late Tuesday, arguing the moratorium on its equipment disrupts existing contracts, stigmatizes Huawei and its employees as “tools” of the Chinese government, and threatens its ability to do business in the U.S. Huawei, which has warned that the ban could kill the company, has repeatedly denied those allegations. Huawei finds itself in the cross-hairs of the U.S. government just as countries around the world prepare to spe...
Tags: Science, China, Huawei, Trump, Huawei Calls U S Ban

Billionaire Huawei Founder Defiant in Face of Existential Threat

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, the billionaire founder of China’s largest technology company conceded that Trump administration export curbs will cut into a two-year lead Huawei had painstakingly built over rivals like Ericsson AB and Nokia Oyj. The U.S. on May 17 blacklisted Huawei -- which it accuses of aiding Beijing in espionage -- and cut it off from the U.S. software and components it needs to make its products.
Tags: Science, China, Beijing, Huawei, Trump, Bloomberg Television, Ericsson AB, Nokia Oyj

Trump’s Throttling of Huawei Could Backfire on U.S. Tech

Concerns over Washington’s punitive measures and possible retaliation by the Chinese rattled markets throughout the week, hammering chipmakers and Apple Inc. It's 5G that embodies most of Washington’s fears -- by powering a wealth of upcoming technologies from self-driving cars to advanced medical procedures, the new wireless standard is set to be the backbone of the modern economy. Until recently, it seemed like Huawei, the world's biggest purveyor of communications networking gear and the sec...
Tags: Science, Washington, Huawei, Apple Inc, Trump

Trump Says Huawei Could Become Part of Trade Deal With China

“It’s possible that Huawei even would be included in some kind of a trade deal,” Trump told reporters at the White House, without providing details. The Trump administration is seeking to choke off Beijing’s access to key technologies by limiting the sale of vital U.S. components to the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker over security concerns. The U.S. had held off on blacklisting Huawei out of concern the move could disrupt trade negotiations with China and only took action after the...
Tags: Science, White House, China, Beijing, Huawei, Trump, Trump Says Huawei

Microsoft Pulls Huawei Products From One of Its Cloud Server Catalogs

The world’s largest software maker still won’t comment on whether it is rescinding Huawei’s licence to use the Windows operating system. Huawei is one of several hardware vendors that make servers and equipment for Microsoft’s Azure Stack product, which helps companies run software applications on either a hybrid cloud service or in their own data centers.
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Huawei

Beaten-Down Chip ETF Crushed by Heavy Focus on Huawei Suppliers

Huawei, which the Trump administration has labeled a national security threat, is at the center of the trade war with China. The technology behemoth is facing multiple challenges such as the arrest of its chief financial officer, criminal charges and the prospect of being banned from buying American components.
Tags: Science, China, Huawei, Trump, Heavy Focus on Huawei Suppliers

ARM Reportedly Directs Staff to Stop Working with Huawei, Leaving Company In Awkward Position

After the Trump administration placed Huawei on the U.S. Entity List due to concerns that Huawei poses a national security risk, that meant Huawei would be banned from buying products from U.S. tech organizations including big names such as Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and others.Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Chips, Huawei, Processors, Cpus, Trump, Consumer Tech, Iron Firewall, No More Arm Cores For Huawei, Google Qualcomm Intel, Huawei Leaving Company

Carriers Drop Huawei Phones as U.S. Crackdown Crimps Plans

President Donald Trump’s move last week to put Huawei on an export blacklist amid a trade war with Beijing threatens to cut the tech company off from U.S. software and component suppliers. Telecom operators fear that could affect the functioning of its newest handsets as Huawei won’t get access to the most popular version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Alphabet Inc.’s Google. Britain’s BT Group Plc decided not to include Huawei phones in Britain’s first 5G network because ...
Tags: Science, Beijing, Britain, Telecom, Donald Trump, Huawei, Alphabet Inc, BT Group Plc, Huawei Phones, Google Britain

Carriers Begin Dropping Huawei Handsets as U.S. Crackdown Bites

Telecom operators fear that could affect the functioning of its newest handsets as Huawei won’t get access to the most popular version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Alphabet Inc.’s Google. Britain’s BT Group Plc decided not to include Huawei phones in Britain’s first 5G network because of uncertainty over whether they could use Android, a spokesman for the carrier said. Rival Vodafone Group Plc paused pre-orders for the Huawei Mate 20X (5G) in the U.K. as “a temporary mea...
Tags: Science, Britain, Huawei, Alphabet Inc, BT Group Plc, Google Britain, Rival Vodafone Group Plc

BT Drops New Huawei Phones as U.S. Crackdown Starts to Bite

BT Group Plc won’t offer phones from Huawei Technologies Co. when it starts Britain’s first 5G mobile network next week, joining a growing list of wireless operators ditching the Chinese company’s handsets after the U.S. blocked it from critical suppliers. BT decided not to include Huawei phones in its 5G launch because of uncertainty over whether they could use Android software developed by U.S. tech giant Alphabet Inc., a spokesman for the carrier said.
Tags: Science, Britain, Huawei, Alphabet Inc, Huawei Technologies Co, BT Group Plc, BT Drops New Huawei Phones

Huawei Gets Kicked in the Teeth by the British

The mobile operator Vodafone Group Plc followed suit. It’s telling too that of those five pioneering 5G countries – which include the U.S., China, Switzerland and South Korea – Britain is the one you’d expect to be most neutral about whether or not to sell Huawei handsets. Switzerland’s Swisscom AG has already started offering 5G phones from another Chinese company, Oppo.
Tags: South Korea, Science, Britain, Switzerland, Huawei, Vodafone Group Plc, Swisscom AG, China Switzerland

Huawei Woes Widen as Asian Carriers Begin Dropping Its Handsets

NTT Docomo Inc., Japan’s largest operator, said Wednesday it stopped taking pre-orders for Huawei’s new P30 handset, while its rival KDDI Corp. said it would indefinitely delay introduction of the phone, without elaborating. Taiwanese carrier Chunghwa Telecom Co. said it won’t procure new Huawei models. The moves are a fresh blow for Huawei Technologies Co., the company that’s been accused by the U.S. of aiding China in espionage.
Tags: Japan, Science, China, Huawei, Chunghwa Telecom Co, KDDI Corp, Huawei Technologies Co, NTT Docomo Inc, Huawei Woes Widen

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