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Jeff Bezos Nudes, Self-Aware Fish, and Brain Zapping: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

A good rule of thumb if you’re going to threaten to publish nude photos of the richest man on the planet unless he says you’re not working with the Saudi government is: Probably don’t do that! And if for some reason you are reckless enough to do that, you probably shouldn’t do so in writing!Read more...
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Facebook Says It Needs to Collect All Your Data to Protect Against Terrorism and Child Abuse

Facebook was slapped with a ruling in Germany today that limits how the social media giant can collect data across its multiple platforms, like WhatsApp and Instagram. And Facebook is not happy about it, to say the least. The company says it’s collecting all of that data for your own good. They’re simply using their…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Instagram, Privacy, Germany, Whatsapp, Surveillance, Donald Trump, Data Privacy, Sheryl Sandberg, Instagram and Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, President Trump, delete Facebook, Bundeskartellamt

The Tortured Case for Deleting Instagram

There are a lot of reasons to delete Facebook. The company has been violating your privacy and secretly giving away your data for years. Last year, in particular, was a bad one for the company. Still, it’s easy to forget, when thumbing through its endless stream of glamorous images, how one beloved app is a member of…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Instagram, Privacy, Social Media, delete Facebook, Delete Instagram

The Egg Is Now Trying to Sell Us Hulu

Well folks, it finally happened. After weeks of wondering what, exactly, the world_record_egg Instagram account was trying to promote, we finally have our answer.Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Super Bowl, Kylie Jenner, Hulu, Egg, Bad Eggs

Facebook and Twitter Purge Hundreds of Fake Accounts Linked to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela

Twitter and Facebook both announced on Thursday that they’ve recently removed hundreds of accounts tied to misinformation campaigns with apparent links to Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. Facebook’s Head of Cybersecurity Policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in a call with reporters that the companies were able to identify bad…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Instagram, Russia, Social Media, Iran, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Misinformation, Russia Iran, Russia Venezuela, Iran Facebook, Nathaniel Gleicher

Snapchat: So, About Those Public Stories That Automatically Disappear... Would You Miss Them

Snapchat owner Snap Inc. has had a rough go of it lately. Its stock, which hit the market at $17 per share (and peaked at $29.44) during its initial public offering in March 2017, is in the gutter—a high of $6.54 so far in 2019. It’s seemingly hit a wall in growth, and it’s still bleeding cash. A major update to the…Read more...
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I Cut Facebook Out of My Life. Surprisingly, I Missed It

Week 2: Facebook
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Whatsapp, FacebookRead, Blocking The Tech Giants

FBI: Troll Impersonated Parkland Shooter to Harass Victims' Families and Friends

In late December the friends and family members of the Parkland school shooting victims started getting alarming messages through Instagram from users names such as nikolas.killed.your.sister, nikolas.the.murderer, and the.douglas.shooter:Read more...
Tags: Harassment, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Fbi, Parkland Shooting

Instagram Should Steal Twitter's Sparkle Button

Instagram broke its silence on its algorithmic kerfuffle this week, taking to Twitter to address rumors that it was limiting the reach of users’ posts. Long story short—no, its feed doesn’t curtail your posts to just 7 percent of your followers, the company said. Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Snapchat, Give The People What They Want

President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

President Donald Trump’s social media accounts are filled with vile racism, idiotic xenophobia, and inaccurate statistics. And now we can add another category to the list: fake photos.Read more...
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Instagram Helped Me Bond With My Dentist Dad by Recommending I Watch Gross Teeth Videos

I’m not entirely sure when it started or why. But at some point over the last couple of months, Instagram began showing me videos of gnarly dental procedures.Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Social Media, Teeth, Gnar

Facebook Deletes Pages That Were Secretly Controlled by a Russian Propaganda Network

Facebook has deleted hundreds of pages linked to the Kremlin-backed propaganda network known as Sputnik. The pages, allegedly operated by Sputnik employees, were made to look like they were coming from outside of Russia. The Facebook pages helped spread propaganda about NATO and European politics, among many other…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Instagram, Vladimir Putin, Russia, Social Media, Nato, Crimea, Sputnik, Ira, Kremlin, Donald Trump, New Cold War, Internet Research Agency, President Trump

Bonkers Post Making Up Stuff About Female Microsoft Developer Advocate Backfires Big Time

The tables turned big time on a supposed software developer posting under the identity “Tee Medlin” on Friday after he sent an Instagram post accusing Microsoft senior cloud developer advocate Chloe Condon of stalking him at a conference—something that never occurred—and other social media users quickly discovered…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Pinterest, Instagram, Microsoft, Sexism, Oops, Social Media, Plagiarism, Sexual Harassment, Chloe Condon

How Long Until the Instagram Egg Tries to Sell Me Some Shit?

It happens to everybody on Instagram. You follow some cute animal account and strap in for some 100 Percent Adorable Doggo Content™, but pretty soon the animal is trying to sell you everything from t-shirts to toothbrushes. Sponsorships make the Instagram world go round. So it’s reasonable to ask: When is this stupid…Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Social Media, Kylie Jenner, Egg, Sponcon, Instagram Egg Tries

Research finds heavy Facebook users make impaired decisions like drug addicts

Researchers at Michigan State University are exploring the idea that there’s more to “social media addiction” than casual joking about being too online might suggest. Their paper, titled “Excessive social media users demonstrate impaired decision making in the Iowa Gambling Task” (Meshi, Elizarova, Bender and Verdejo-Garcia) and published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, indicates that people who use social media sites heavily actually display some of the behavioral hallmarks of someone ...
Tags: Social, TC, Facebook, Science, Instagram, Tech, Addiction, Michigan State University, IGT, Iowa Gambling Task Meshi Elizarova Bender, Verdejo Garcia, Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, Iowa Gambling Task IGT

Instagram's Digital Ad Share to Double Despite Facebook Issues

Cowen says the photo-sharing app’s share of digital video budgets from ad buyers will double from 2018 to 2020. In fact, Instagram has grown as the go-to choice for launching new brand campaigns looking to reach ages thirteen to thirty-four, according to 61 percent of survey respondents to a Cowen study representing about $14 billion in ad spend. “Stories” -- a relatively new Instagram feature -- are helping to grow the app into a campaign favorite.
Tags: Science, Instagram, Cowen

Unpacking the Great Justin Bieber Vs. JoJo Siwa Instagram Crisis of 2018

Hotel slipper magnate Justin Bieber caused a bit of a ruckus on Sunday when he left a cheeky comment on 15-year-old former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa’s Instagram photo. What did he say? Why did he do it? Who are these people? Why do we care? Let’s dig in.Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Celebrity Feuds, Justin Bieber, Jojo Siwa, Dance Moms, JoJo Siwa Instagram Crisis

Contemplate Existence as You Watch the Mesmerizing Death of a Single-Celled Organism

James Weiss is a linguistic quality assurance software tester, but his true passion is studying single-celled eukaryotes. When he’s not staring at a screen, he films microscopic organisms and shares them on YouTube and Instagram so that he can, in his words, “introduce non-scientific communities to the wonders of…Read more...
Tags: Death, Science, Instagram, Youtube, Life, James Weiss, Miserere Mei Deus, Microscopic Life, Single Celled Organisms

Oh God What Did They Just Do to Instagram [Updated]

Instagram has given some users a new way to stalk everyone in their feeds: sideways. Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Social Media

NAACP Calls for Facebook Boycott After Report Details Russian Trolls Targeted Black Communities 

Starting today, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is calling for users to log out of Facebook and other Facebook-owned social media and chat apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. The weeklong boycott is in response to two reports released on Monday detailing how Russian hackers specifically…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Naacp, Boycott, Russia Election Interference, Russian Trolls

NAACP Seeks Week-Long Facebook Boycott Over Racial Targeting

The NAACP urged its members and supporters to log out of Facebook and sister platform Instagram in response to a report released Monday which found that Russian hacking of the 2016 election heavily targeted African-Americans. “Facebook’s engagement with partisan firms, its targeting of political opponents, the spread of misinformation and the utilization of Facebook for propaganda promoting disingenuous portrayals of the African American community is reprehensible,” NAACP president and CEO Derr...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Congress, Naacp, Derrick Johnson, NAACP Seeks Week Long Facebook Boycott

The World's Keenest Online Hagglers Help Line Rule in Thailand

No other nation uses social media for e-commerce as much as Thailand, with buyers and sellers haggling over price via chats just as they do in ubiquitous street markets, said Ariya Banomyong, Line’s managing director in the country. Social media applications like Line, Facebook and Instagram accounted for 51 percent of Thailand’s $3.1 billion e-commerce market last year, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP research shows.
Tags: Science, Instagram, Thailand, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Ariya Banomyong Line, Line Facebook

Instagram Was Bigger Russian Election Tool Than Facebook, Senate Report Says

The Russian Internet Research Agency, the troll farm that has sought to divide Americans with misinformation and meme content around the 2016 election, received more engagement on Instagram than it did on any other social media platform, including Facebook, according to a joint report by three groups of researchers. “Instagram was a significant front in the IRA’s influence operation, something that Facebook executives appear to have avoided mentioning in Congressional testimony,” the report say...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Ira, Congressional, Russian Internet Research Agency, Facebook senate

How to Purge Social Media 'Friends' So You Can Have Fun Online Again

It now seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that social media is bad—bad for our well-being and privacy, too much of a time-sink, and so on. But does it have to be? Can it be made good? Or, slightly less bad? Shaking up who you follow and share with can do wonders for your social media life, and here’s how to…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Instagram, Social Networks, Social Media, Snapchat

A Few Things Facebook Forgot to Include in Its Year in Review

It’s been quite a year for Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at Facebook. You might even say that 2018 has been the single worst year in the company’s history. But you wouldn’t know it by reading “Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review.” The annual blog post leaves one with the impression that Facebook’s involvement in global…Read more...
Tags: Security, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Instagram, Whatsapp, Myanmar, Sheryl Sandberg, Cambridge Analytica, delete Facebook, Facebook Forgot

Instagram Adds New Features for Users With Visual Impairment

For people with visual impairment, Instagram just got a bit easier to use. The photo-heavy social media app announced two new features today that will let screen readers read photo descriptions generated through artificial intelligence as well as custom text written by users.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Accessibility, Instagram Adds New Features

DJI's Osmo Pocket Is a Very Tiny, Super Steady 4K Camera 

Budding cinematographers and Instagram influencers alike will probably love the Osmo Pocket. This new DJI camera system shoots 4K video and features a three-axis gimbal attached to a handle the size of a small cigar. It’s adorable.Read more...
Tags: Science, Instagram, Cameras, Dji, Dji Osmo, Dji Osmo Pocket, Osmo Pocket, Gimbals

Instagram Is Reportedly Down for Android Users Following Concerns Over Password Security

Dozens of Android users are reporting that the Instagram app isn’t working for them as of Saturday morning, with some posting about problems on mobile on Twitter since late Friday.Read more...
Tags: Security, Facebook, Science, Instagram, Bugs, Passwords

Instagram Is Reportedly Down for Android Users Following Concerns Over Password Security [Update]

Dozens of Android users reported that the Instagram app wasn’t working for them as of Saturday morning, with some posting about problems on mobile on Twitter late Friday. Instagram now says the issue is fixed.Read more...
Tags: Security, Facebook, Science, Instagram, Bugs, Passwords

Well, This New Facebook Patent Application Sure Is Creeping Us Out

A recently published Facebook patent application imagines an unnerving way to use your data. The company filed for a patent that explores piecing together information about a user’s entire household based on the pictures they upload, presumably for targeted advertising. And yes, Instagram photos were also cited in the…Read more...
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