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What If Clubhouse, But With State Censorship, TikTok Owner ByteDance Ponders

China’s ByteDance, is planning on launching its own version of audio chat app Clubhouse for the Chinese market, Reuters reported on Thursday.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, China, Software, Computing, Freeware, Internet Culture, Operating Systems, Clubhouse, Tencent Holdings, Reuters, South China Morning Post, Mobile Applications, Bytedance, Tiktok

Federal and State Regulators Probe Robinhood Over Meme Stock Trading Restrictions

U.S. regulators are investigating Robinhood after it temporarily blocked users from purchasing so-called meme stocks on its stock trading app amid the Reddit-fueled short squeeze earlier this year.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nokia, Amc, Reddit, Internet Culture, Robinhood, Gamestop, Financial Markets, Short Selling, The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, US Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Business Finance, Rwallstreetbets, Gamestop Short Squeeze, New York Attorney Generals Office

Your Travel Guide to the Rudderless Right-Wing Web After Trump

Moving into 2021 and forward, conservatives angry about cancel culture, censorship, shadowbans, or the attention of the FBI have a rich array of social destinations to choose from. We’ve prepped a travel guide for the unwitting observer who might be thinking of checking any of these conspicuous and lesser-known…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fbi, Software, Donald Trump, Internet Culture, World Wide Web, Cassie Miller, Dan Bongino, Gab, 8chan, Parler, QAnon, MeWe, DLive, Alt Tech, Bitchute

Start Your Vlogging Career With 40% off a Taotronics 12" Ring Light

TaoTronics 12" Selfie Ring Light | $30 | Amazon | Promo code KJXNAZRK + $10 Clip Coupon Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Photography, Science, Technology, Bluetooth, Selfie, Narcissism, Internet Culture, Science and Technology, Tripod, Portrait Photography, Coupon, Human Interest, Ring Flash, Technology Internet, KJXNAZRK

Clubhouse Promises to Get Its Security Under Control (Again)

Clubhouse—the invitation-only audio app best known for courting everyone from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg—has promised to implement new safeguards after suffering its second high-profile security snafu this month. Read more...
Tags: Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Science, Privacy, Articles, Social Media, Software, Computing, Freeware, Internet Culture, Clubhouse, Internet Privacy, Mobile Applications, Information Security, Social Networking Services, Technology Internet

TikTok Users Are Burning Snowballs in Viral Videos to 'Prove' the Snow is Fake

Have you seen those viral videos on TikTok and Twitter where users are burning snow to “prove” that it’s actually fake? Needless to say, the snow is real. The viral videos actually show a perfectly normal reaction to placing the flame of a lighter or match against a snowball. But that hasn’t stopped these videos from…Read more...
Tags: Weather, Science, Articles, Snow, Software, Bill Gates, Internet Culture, Video Hosting, Deception, Alt Right, Fake News, QAnon, Tiktok, Pseudohistory, 911 Conspiracy Theories

‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ in 4K Is an Eye-Melting Way to Rickroll Someone

As powerful workstations slowly but surely work to remaster all the world’s old film and video footage to higher resolutions and frame rates using machine learning techniques, you’d assume that one piece of footage would have been a top priority. But apparently Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video has…Read more...
Tags: Science, Viral Videos, Internet Culture, Songs, Consumer Electronics, Rick Astley, Human Interest, Rickrolling, Mass Media, 4K resolution, Ultra High Definition Television, Never Gonna Give You up, Entertainment Culture, Technology Internet, Rick Astley Songs, Betacam

Here Are All the New Emoji Coming to Your iPhone in iOS 14.5

New emoji are coming to your iPhone soon, and while you’ll have to wait for iOS 14.5 to drop to start using them, we just got a sneak peek in the latest iOS developer beta. Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet Slang, Computing, Emoji, Internet Culture, Apple Color Emoji, Japanese Language, World Emoji Day, Ios 14, System Software, Pictograms, Japanese Writing System

TikTok Slammed in Europe Over 'Hidden Advertising' to Kids

The European consumer advocacy group BEUC filed a complaint against TikTok on Tuesday, including allegations the Chinese-based social media platform isn’t been transparent about why it needs to collect some data on users. The complaint also claims TikTok is deploying “hidden advertising” aimed at children, according…Read more...
Tags: Science, Social Media, Software, Internet Culture, Mobile Applications, Video Software, Music Software, Bytedance, BEUC, Tiktok, Companies Of China, Application Software, Social Networking Services, Tiktok V Trump, TikTok Slammed in Europe Over Hidden Advertising

Parler’s Back With a New Interim CEO

Parler executives have been insisting that the social network would be up any day now. Well, today is apparently the day.Read more...
Tags: Science, Social Media, Websites, Internet Culture, World Wide Web, EPIK, The Daily Stormer, Gab, 8chan, Parler, Alt Tech, Technology Internet

A Proposal for Healthier News Consumption Habits

I have a nasty habit. Maybe you have it, too. I have a drive to stay up to speed on what’s happening in the world, which is, in itself, a good thing! But this drive can quickly turn into an unhealthy tailspin of compulsive behavior wherein I am refreshing my go-to news websites over and over until I get a bit…Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet Culture, Information Society, Doomscrolling, Kelly Macniven

Parler CEO John Matze Says He's Been Canned by the Company's Board

In an internal memo to staffers on Wednesday, Parler CEO John Matze announced that he has been effectively terminated by the company’s board following public outcry over the platform’s role in inciting a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.Read more...
Tags: Science, Websites, Internet Culture, Company s Board, Mass Media, Rebekah Mercer, Parler, John Matze, Alt Tech, Conservatism In The United States, Business_finance, Draftjohn Matze

How Fandom Destroyed and Protected Me

If you love something to the point of unhealthy obsession, it feels like there’s only one place you can really go. The internet.Read more...
Tags: Science, Romance, Fiction, Articles, Social Issues, Shipping, Fan, Internet Culture, Finn, Jedi, Fandom, Human Interest, Fan Fiction, Rose Tico, Technology_internet

Heckin’ Cute Puppers Just Absolutely Loving the Snow. Wow Doggos, Would Pet 13/10

Folks, it’s time to add a double dose of floof to your week.Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet Slang, Doge, Internet Culture, Popular culture, Fads, Doggolingo, Entertainment_culture, Heckin

Discord Bans r/WallStreetBets For Hate Speech Violations

After kicking off a historic rally around GameStop stock that has incited the ire of hedge fund tycoons and the SEC, the r/WallStreetBets channel was banned from Discord on Wednesday over apparent hate speech violations. Read more...
Tags: Science, 4chan, Software, Reddit, SEC, Websites, Freeware, Internet Culture, Gamestop, Discord, QAnon, Alt Tech, Islamophobia In The United States, Propaganda In The United States, Racism In The United States

House Oversight Committee Asks FBI to Investigate Parler

The chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee has asked the FBI to investigate Parler, the largely unmoderated conservative social media hellhole implicated as one of the sites involved in organizing the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fbi, Websites, Internet Culture, World Wide Web, EPIK, House Oversight Committee, Section 230, Gab, 8chan, Rebekah Mercer, Parler, Capitol Read, Stop The Steal, Alt Tech, Bitchute

Even the Wayback Machine Is Adding Fact-Checking Labels Now

Online platforms are in the midst of a reckoning, and it hasn’t been pretty. Disinformation campaigns and conspiracy theories have run rampant online for years, bleeding into the real world in terrifying or even deadly incidents, but websites only recently began cracking down on them in earnest with comprehensive…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Science, Social Media, Internet Culture, Fact Checking, Wayback Machine, Online Archives, Facts On Facts On Facts

Wellness Influencers Denounce the Spread of QAnon

QAnon, the internet brainvirus that’s set untold masses searching for Satanic pedovores and howling “do your reeeeseaaaaarch” in every known comment section has afflicted the wellness community. Read more...
Tags: Wellness, Facebook, Science, Instagram, Internet Culture, QAnon

Exclusive Interview: The Saucy Nugs Guy Is Taking on Trump and Biden

Ander Christensen went viral on Wednesday after his speech about the absurdity of boneless chicken wings gained traction onmultiple social media platforms. Christensen believes the phrase “boneless chicken wings” doesn’t make any sense and asked his local city council in Lincoln, Nebraska to officially rename the dish…Read more...
Tags: Food, Science, Memes, Viral Videos, Heroes, Biden, Internet Culture, Trump, Christensen, Lincoln Nebraska, Chicken Wings, Boneless Chicken Wings, Saucy Nugs, Ander Christensen

YouTuber Ends Finger on the App Competition After Contestants Last 70 Hours Trying to Win $25K

On Friday, YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson cut off a massive competition that saw more than 1 million players face off for a $25,000 prize for whoever could keep their finger attached to their phone screen the longest. After more than 70 hours and with the last four contestants showing no signs of giving up,…Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Youtube, Competition, Internet Culture, Donaldson, YouTuber Jimmy

Digimon Adventure's Hard Reset Is Key to the Franchise's Evolution

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, the latest film in Toei’s Digimon franchise, is set to bring the story of the eight children who saved both the real and Digital Worlds by partnering up with living, digital creatures to an end. But it isn’t the end. Much in the same way that Digimon can’t truly “die,” the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Internet, Social Media, Animation, Anime, Internet Culture, Toei, Digimon, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna, Digital Worlds

Something Awful Shuts Down Infamous FYAD Board Due to Infestation of 'Nazi Shit Everywhere'

Something Awful’s notorious Fuck You and Die (FYAD) board, one of the early indicators of just how horrifying a place the internet was going to become, has now gone to that big web archive in the sky.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Nazis, Social Media, Internet Culture, White Supremacy, Neo Nazis, Forums, Something Awful, FYAD

No, Zack Snyder Never Seriously Considered Making Batman and Superman Stepbrothers

The Martha thing was bad enough—but, if you believe the internet right now, it could have been a lot worse.Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet, Superman, Batman, Warner Bros, Internet Culture, Batman V Superman, Zack Snyder, Martha Wayne, Martha Kent

Ong's Hat: The Early Internet Conspiracy Game That Got Too Real

On a sunny morning in early 2000, Joseph Matheny woke up to find conspiracy theorists camped out on his lawn again. He was making coffee when he noticed a face peering in a ground-floor window of the small, three-story building he rented in Santa Cruz. Past the peeper, there were three other men in their early 20s…Read more...
Tags: Games, Science, New Jersey, Mysteries, Conspiracy Theories, Internet Culture, Alternate Reality, Interdimensional Travel, Joseph Matheny, Santa Cruz Past

Here's the Sequel to 'End of Ze World,' the First Viral Video Ever

The new “End of Ze World” video looks just like the original for exactly two seconds. A few moments later, the long-awaited sequel to what many call the world’s first viral video displays a collage of missiles, pumpjacks, a Nazi flag, a hurricane, and protest signs. Your eyes will immediately drop to the one that says…Read more...
Tags: Science, Animation, Viral Videos, Internet Culture, Internet History, End Of The World, Dont Fire Ze Missiles, End Of Ze World, End Of Ze World 2, End Of The World 2

YouTube Videos About Las Vegas Massacre Blocked From Making Money, and Casey Neistat Got Pissed

Casey Neistat is miffed. On October 2 he took to YouTube (the video above) to announce a GoFundMe fundraiser for the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. He added that any ad revenue earned from the video’s 1.3 million and counting views would go directly to the victims as well. YouTube, citing a policy that all…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Las Vegas, Internet Culture, Casey Neistat, YouTube Videos About Las Vegas Massacre

YouTube Videos About Las Vegas Massacre Blocked From Making Money, and Casey Neistat Got Pissed [Update: Some Have Ads]

Casey Neistat is miffed. On October 2 he took to YouTube (the video above) to announce a GoFundMe fundraiser for the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. He added that any ad revenue earned from the video’s 1.3 million and counting views would go directly to the victims as well. YouTube, citing a policy that all…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Las Vegas, Internet Culture, Casey Neistat, YouTube Videos About Las Vegas Massacre

We Asked Corey Taylor to Listen to the Internet's Best and Worst Slipknot Mashups

If the internet has one positive attribute, it’s that it connects people: coworkers building the future together; families living on opposite sides of the world; future lovers flirting over instantaneous chat programs; and, late last week, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and me. Read more...
Tags: Science, Slipknot, Mashups, Internet Culture, Soundcloud, Corey Taylor, Smash Mouth, Dumb Questions, The Venga Bus Is Coming, Mr Slipknot, Isosine

Cursed Images Is the Last Twitter Account You See Before You Die

Spend enough time scrolling through social media and you’ll find one: A photo that’s too strange to just be “creepy,” too puzzling to just be “mysterious,” too sinister to just be “weird.” That, my friends, is an image that’s been cursed.Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet Culture

ShitpostBot 5000 Is a Viking Funeral For Memes

In our post-meme culture, context is the enemy of humor, and so, the enemy of the meme. Sometimes, it’s up to the shitposters to preserve the meme’s endangered absurdism. People have been juxtaposing meme tropes for ages (not just in the wake of Harambe, as some people think), but the great boon to internet nonsense has been the rise of bots. Its shining star is ShitpostBot 5000.Read more...
Tags: Science, Memes, Bots, Internet Culture

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