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For some trauma doctors, clash with NRA proves therapeutic

With rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on par with that of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, trauma surgeons have found that speaking out helps them cope with the hopelessness and anger that come from seeing gunshot victims repeatedly wheeled into the trauma bay. "Working in advocacy is a way to deal with burnout," said Dr. Jessica Beard, a trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. The doctors' clash with the NRA began in November after the American College of...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philadelphia, Nra, Temple University Hospital, American College of Physicians, Jessica Beard

U.S. pressures Baghdad over Iran-backed militias

If not, the U.S. would respond with force. As tensions between Washington and Tehran increase, Iraq finds itself caught between neighboring Iran, whose regional influence has grown in recent years, and the United States.
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U.S. believes Iran proxies may be behind tanker attacks, official says

U.S. national security agencies believe proxies sympathetic to or working for Iran may have attacked four tankers off the United Arab Emirates rather than Iranian forces themselves, a U.S. official familiar with the latest U.S. assessments said on Tuesday. The official said possible perpetrators might include Houthi rebels in Yemen and Iran-backed Shi'ite militias based in Iraq but said Washington did not have hard evidence on who sabotaged the four vessels, including two Saudi tankers on Sunda...
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CIA's Solution to Killing Too Many Civilians: Knife Bomb

The CIA and the U.S. military have been using a new type of missile during some drone strikes in recent years, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. What makes this new missile unique? It doesn’t explode and instead deploys sharp blades, hitting targets “like a speeding anvil” from the sky.Read more...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Syria, Drones, US military, Missiles, Libya, Al Qaeda, Cia, Somalia, Weapons, Yemen, Civilian Deaths, Jamal al Badawi, R9x, Hellfire R9x

Trump Is Losing the Fight to Ban Huawei From Global Networks

Not a single European nation has done so, not even the U.K., triggering a scolding from U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in London on Wednesday. "Now is the exact opposite time to go wobbly," he said, invoking the famous locution that Margaret Thatcher, the U.K. prime minister from 1979 to 1990, used to spur the U.S. into sending troops to Kuwait after Iraq invaded it in 1990. Huawei, meanwhile, is piling up record sales, forging into new markets, passing Apple Inc. as a phone maker and cem...
Tags: Science, London, Iraq, Margaret Thatcher, Huawei, Kuwait, Apple Inc, State, Mike Pompeo

Pompeo visits Baghdad, warns of Iranian activity

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an unannounced visit to Baghdad on Tuesday and met with the Iraqi prime minister after telling reporters the United States was concerned about Iraqi sovereignty because of increasing Iranian activity. "I wanted to go to Baghdad to speak with the leadership there, to assure them that we stood ready to continue to ensure that Iraq is a sovereign, independent nation," Pompeo told reporters en route to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi Prime M...
Tags: Science, Washington, Iraq, United States, Baghdad, State, Reuters U S, Adel Abdul Mahdi, Eric Beech, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo

Iraq close to signing $53 billion deal with Exxon, PetroChina; denies Iran link

Iraq is close to signing a $53 billion, 30-year energy agreement with Exxon Mobil and PetroChina, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday, denying any link between the mega-project and U.S. permission for Iraq to do business with Iran. Iraq expects to make $400 billion over the 30 years the deal will be in effect, the prime minister said. The southern mega-project involves the development of the Nahr Bin Umar and Artawi oilfields and raising production from the two fields to 500,000 ba...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Exxon Mobil, Iran, Adel Abdul Mahdi, PetroChina, Iran Iraq, Abdul Mahdi, Bin Umar, Exxon PetroChina

Exclusive: U.S. carves out exceptions for foreigners dealing with IRGC

The exemptions, granted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and described by a State Department spokesman in response to questions from Reuters, mean officials from countries such as Iraq who may have dealings with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, would not necessarily be denied U.S. visas. The IRGC is a powerful faction in Iran that controls a business empire as well as elite armed and intelligence forces. The exceptions to U.S. sanctions would also permit foreign executives w...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, State Department, Yemen, Reuters, Irgc, State, Syria Iraq, Mike Pompeo, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Iraq hosts regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia at conference

Iraq hosted senior parliamentary officials from arch-rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran on Saturday as Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi sought to bolster his country's nascent role as a mediator in the region. Abdul Mahdi recently returned from visits to Iran and Saudi Arabia, both oil-super-powers that have long been vying for dominance in the Middle East. It is unusual for Saudi and Iranian officials to attend the same events.
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, Adel Abdul Mahdi, Abdul Mahdi

Iraq to host regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia at conference

Iraq will host senior parliamentary officials from arch-rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran on Saturday as Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi seeks to bolster his country's nascent role as a mediator in the region. Delegations including the heads of parliament from Turkey, Kuwait, Syria and Jordan will also attend the one-day conference in the Iraqi capital to discuss regional security, diplomacy and economic issues. Abdul Mahdi recently returned from visits to Iran and Saudi Arabia, both oil-super-powe...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Adel Abdul Mahdi, Abdul Mahdi, Turkey Kuwait Syria

Iraqi PM Abdul Mahdi meets Saudi King Salman on first visit to Saudi Arabia

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi made his first visit to Saudi Arabia since taking office six months ago, meeting King Salman during the stop on a regional tour that has also seen visits to Cairo and Tehran in recent weeks. Abdul Mahdi has said Iraq would maintain strong ties with Iran, but also with the United States and regional neighbors, many of which, like Saudi Arabia, consider Tehran a foe.
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, United States, Tehran, Cairo, Salman, Adel Abdul Mahdi, Abdul Mahdi

Celluloid Swords Into Archaeological Plowshares

Declassified hi-res photo negatives from Lockheed U-2 spy plane flights from the '50s and '60s are helping map out early civilization..."Interesting archaeological features captured in the images included a canal irrigation system in Northern Iraq and prehistoric stone-wall hunting traps called desert kites, which were used to trap animals like gazelle over 5,000 years ago. The kites were preserved for a very long time because of the dry desert environment, but as modern agriculture expanded int...
Tags: Science, Guns, Iraq, Planes, History, Tam, Neat-o, Lockheed U

Iran's Khamenei urges Iraq to force out U.S. troops 'as soon as possible'

Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged Iraq on Saturday to demand U.S. troops leave "as soon as possible", during a visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi that showed off Tehran's strong influence in Baghdad despite U.S. pressure. Iran and the United States have been competing for clout in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, an enemy of both countries.
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, United States, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Tehran, Saddam Hussein, Baghdad, Khamenei, Adel Abdul Mahdi

Rouhani says Iran ready to expand gas, power trade with Iraq: TV

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on Saturday for Iran and neighboring Iraq to expand their gas and electricity trade and work towards fulfilling a plan to connect their railroads. "The plans to export electricity and gas and hopefully oil continue and we are ready to expand these contacts not only for the two countries but also for other countries," Rouhani said after a meeting with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in remarks carried by state television. ....
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, Dubai, Hassan Rouhani, Reuters, Rouhani, Adel Abdul Mahdi

Rouhani says Iran ready to expand gas, power trade with Iraq

President Hassan Rouhani called on Saturday for Iran and neighboring Iraq to expand their gas and electricity dealings and boost bilateral trade to $20 billion, state TV reported, despite difficulties caused by U.S. sanctions against Tehran. "The plans to export electricity and gas and hopefully oil continue and we are ready to expand these contacts not only for the two countries but also for other countries in the region," Rouhani said after a meeting with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Adel A...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, United States, Hassan Rouhani, Tehran, Baghdad, Rouhani, Adel Abdul Mahdi

Bolivia's Morales says Venezuela needs dialogue, not foreign meddling

Bolivia's leftist President Evo Morales, a supporter of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, said on Friday that European nations should support a dialogue within the country. Morales, who is on a visit to Greece, said meddling in the domestic affairs of another country never bodes well. "History has taught that there have been many interventions from the outside, such as the case of Libya and Iraq, and they never offered a solution", Morales said in translated comments after meeting Greek Pr...
Tags: Science, Greece, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, Bolivia, Evo Morales, Morales

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric tells Rouhani ties must respect sovereignty

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric told Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday that Iraqi sovereignty must be respected and weapons kept in state hands, a veiled reference to increasingly influential Iran-backed militias. It was the first meeting between an Iranian president and the 88-year-old Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who rarely weighs in on politics but exerts wide influence over Iraqi public opinion. Sistani welcomed "any steps to strengthen Iraq's relatio...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, Hassan Rouhani, Baghdad, Rouhani, Reuters Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al Sistani, Sistani

Iran's Rouhani signs trade pacts in Iraq to help offset US sanctions

The deals, among them a plan to build a railway linking the neighbors, emerged soon after the start of Rouhani's visit, meant to underline that Tehran still plays a dominant role in Iraq despite U.S. efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic. Iran and Iraq fought a devastating 1980-88 war but the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq that ousted Saddam Hussein prompted a long Sunni Islamist insurgency during which Iran's regional sway rose at the expense of the United States. Rouhani and Iraqi Prime Mi...
Tags: Science, Iraq, US, Iran, Tehran, Saddam Hussein, Rouhani, Islamic Republic Iran, Abdul Mahdi, United States Rouhani, Adel Mahdi

Trade ties in focus as Iran's Rouhani begins first Iraq visit

Prior to his departure, Rouhani said Shi'ite Muslim Iran was determined to strengthen ties with its Shi'ite-led Arab neighbor, Iranian state television reported on Monday. "One cannot forget the bombs that Americans dropped on Iraq, Syria and other regional countries." During Rouhani's three-day visit a series of agreements will be signed in energy, transport, agriculture, industry and health, the Iranian state news agency IRNA said. "Iraq is an important state in the region and it can play a...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, Rouhani, Iraq Syria, IRNA, Shi

Trade ties in focus as Iran's Rouhani begins Iraq visit

It is Rouhani's first visit to Baghdad. Prior to his departure he said Shi'ite Iran was determined to strengthen brotherly ties with its neighbour, Iranian state television reported on Monday. The visit will send a strong message to the United States and its regional allies that, in the face of U.S. sanctions, Iran still plays a dominant role in Iraqi politics.
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, United States, Baghdad, Rouhani, Shi

Iran's Rouhani begins official visit to Iraq, hopes for better trade ties

Shi'ite Iran is determined to strengthen its brotherly ties with neighboring Iraq, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday before his "historic" first visit to the country, state television said on Monday. The visit is a strong message to the United States and its regional allies that Iran still dominates Baghdad, a key arena for rising tension between Washington and Tehran. "We are very much interested to expand our ties with Iraq, particularly our transport cooperation," Rouhani said...
Tags: Science, Washington, Iraq, Iran, United States, Hassan Rouhani, Tehran, Baghdad, Rouhani, Mehrabad

Rouhani seeks to shore up Iran's influence on Baghdad trip

The first Iranian presidential visit to Iraq since 2013 is also meant to signal to President Donald Trump's administration that Tehran retains its influence in much of the region despite U.S. sanctions. "Iran and Iraq are neighbors and no country can interfere in their relations," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said after arriving in Baghdad to prepare for the visit. Rouhani's three-day trip starting on Monday includes meetings with Iraq's president and prime minister, tours of Shi'ite ...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, Tehran, Donald Trump, Baghdad, Rouhani, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Shi, Grand Ayatollah Ali

After IS, Mosul tackles another terror: super-resistant bacteria

Explosives left behind by the Islamic State group in Iraq's Mosul took 12-year-old Abdallah's left leg, but another kind of terror may cost him his arm: antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Doctors around the globe are sounding the alarm over bacterial infections immune to modern medicine, but their prevalence in Mosul -- where thousands of patients are struggling to recover from severe war wounds -- can be even more dangerous. "I have a bacteria -- bacteria are bad," said Abdallah Ali Ibrahim matte...
Tags: Science, Islamic State, Iraq, Mosul, Abdallah, Abdallah Ali Ibrahim

Syria Kurds evacuate civilians from IS redoubt, hail Trump troop reversal

With Washington's allies poised for victory against Islamic State fighters making a final stand in a pocket near the Iraqi border, the White House announced plans on Thursday to keep "a small peacekeeping force" of 200 troops in Syria. The announcement partially reversed Trump's abrupt decision in December to withdraw the entire 2,000-strong U.S. contingent, which had alarmed Washington's Kurdish allies and prompted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to quit. An administration official later put the...
Tags: Science, Washington, White House, Islamic State, Iraq, Defense, Syria, Trump, TANF, Jim Mattis

Iraq's Kurdish regional parliament elects interim speaker amid boycott

Iraqi Kurdish lawmakers on Monday elected an interim speaker of parliament, an assembly key to regional stability, although the Kurds' second largest party boycotted the vote due to a rift between the main political forces in Iraq's Kurdistan region. Vala Fareed, nominated by the region's dominant Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), was confirmed in the post by 68 votes.
Tags: Science, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP, Vala Fareed

We'd be lost without them: meet the team that runs GPS for the world

It was announced this week that the £1m QE Engineering Prize had been won by four individuals who pioneered the creation of The American Global Positioning System (GPS). Below, we republish a 2011 report by Paul Kendall who was given rare and exclusive access to the United States Air Force unit that operates the satellite system At 23 years-old, Joshua Williams seems a little young to be in charge of the Global Positioning System. Three years ago, it was still illegal for him to buy a drink. Two...
Tags: Facebook, England, Hollywood, Science, London, Microsoft, Navy, California, Virginia, Iraq, US, America, Department Of Defense, European Union, Earth, Transit

Ex-Marine pilot dreams of ferrying folks into space

Mark Stucky fought in the Iraq war, once buzzed a Soviet warplane over the Sea of Japan and has flown all sorts of experimental aircraft. "Forger", as he is nicknamed, is a test pilot for the space travel company Virgin Galactic, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson. Flying an aircraft called SpaceShipTwo, for a few minutes on December 13, 2018 he flew across the boundary into space over the Mojave Desert in California.
Tags: Science, Iraq, Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, Mojave Desert, Sea of Japan, Mark Stucky

Why Alexander the Great May Have Been Declared Dead Prematurely (It's Pretty Gruesome)

Alexander the Great may have been killed by Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition in which a person's own immune system attacks them, says one medical researchers. The condition may have led to a mistaken declaration of the king's death and may explain the mysterious phenomenon in which his body didn't decay for seven days after his "death." Alexander the Great was king of Macedonia between 336 and 323 B.C. During that time, he conquered an empire that stretched fr...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Pakistan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Baker, Hall, Balkans, Wheatley, Alexander, Babylon, Department of Public Health, Alexander the Great, Guillain Barre, Michael Baker, University of Otago

Iraqi president says Trump did not ask permission to 'watch Iran'

U.S. troops in Iraq are there as part of an agreement between the two countries with a specific mission of combating terrorism, Salih said, and that they should stick to that. Trump said it was important to keep a U.S. military presence in Iraq so that Washington can keep a close eye on Iran "because Iran is a real problem," according to a CBS interview broadcast on Sunday. "Don't overburden Iraq with your own issues," Salih said.
Tags: Science, Washington, Iraq, Iran, Cbs, Trump, Salih

Trump wants U.S. military in Iraq to 'watch Iran': CBS interview

The Republican president lamented "endless wars" in Syria and Afghanistan in an interview with CBS' "Face the Nation" and made clear he wants to reduce the costly U.S. military presence in those countries despite warnings against such moves from his military advisers and spy chiefs. The United States could rely heavily on intelligence work in Afghanistan, he said, and respond to developments in Syria from U.S. bases in neighboring Iraq. Iran's Revolutionary Guards have sent weapons and thousan...
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