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Leading VCs discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the world of digital health

In December 2019, Extra Crunch spoke to a group of investors leading the charge in health tech to discuss where they saw the most opportunity in the space leading into 2020. At the time, respondents highlighted startups in digital therapeutics, telehealth and mental health that were improving medical practitioner efficiency or streamlining the distribution of care, amongst a variety of other digital health markets that were garnering the most attention. Where top VCs are investing in digital h...
Tags: Health, Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Science, Funding, Medical, Tech, Policy, Mental Health, Healthcare, Venture Capital, Biotech, Telemedicine, Diagnosis, Kleiner Perkins

Steven Universe's Rebecca Sugar Reflects on the Past, Present, and Future of Her Sublime Journey

Steven Universe Future’s final episodes brought Steven and the Crystal Gems’ story to an epic close. They also reinforced one of the most important concepts that shaped Rebecca Sugar’s approach to creating the show ever since she first had the idea for the series. Steven Universe and Future were both sublime in the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Parents, Interview, Love, Mental Health, Therapy, Trauma, Animation, Cartoon Network, Uzo Aduba, Steven Universe, Steven, Estelle, Lisa Hannigan, Shelby Rabara, Christine Ebersole

Hotter Days May Leave You More Stressed, Depressed

The world is warming. That’s no secret. Extreme heat isn’t only dangerous for our physical health, though. New research shows hotter days may hurt our mental health as well.Read more...
Tags: Science, Economics, Mental Health, Extreme Heat

Is It a Panic Attack, or the Coronavirus?

For the past several days, I’ve been experiencing periods of shortness of breath, fatigue and general soreness. On any normal occasion, I’d dismiss this as part of my generalized anxiety disorder. But now, in our current hellscape, where the symptoms of COVID-19—shortness of breath, in particular—have been drilled…Read more...
Tags: Science, Mental Health, Anxiety, Coronavirus

That's Our Doctor

It’s a scary time right now. Luckily, Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker is here to help to share an inspiring message during her own special brand of social distancing. In short: Be kind, trust science, and don’t let the Sontarans get you.Read more...
Tags: Science, Kids, Doctor Who, Bbc, Mental Health, Bbc America, Jodie Whittaker, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Rebecca Sugar on the Unhealthy Boundaries Between Steven Universe and Jasper

Aside from all of the wild, Gem-related things Steven Universe is able to do, his greatest superpower has been his ability to bond with people who want to kill him and—through the power of song and friendship—convince them to change their minds. But what does Rebecca Sugar think about his latest attempt? io9 spoke to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Mental Health, Depression, Trauma, Animation, Jasper, Cartoon Network, Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe Future

How to survive social distancing according to science

Social distancing asks us to repress our evolutionary desire for human contact and interaction. Experts worry long periods of the practice will have unforeseen consequences on our mental health. We look at seven ways to help us mitigate social distancing's harmful effects. In response to the COVID-19, government and public health officials have asked us to steer clear of each other. Called "social distancing," the idea is to limit the transmission of the disease by lessening the contact we hav...
Tags: Psychology, Health, Science, Cdc, Relationships, Africa, Happiness, Mental Health, Depression, United States, New York Times, Innovation, Community, Disease, Npr, University of Florida

New Scientific Review Compares Alcoholics Anonymous to Therapy

A new analysis of existing research this week suggests that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and similar 12-step facilitated peer counseling programs (TSF) really can help people dealing with alcohol use disorder to abstain from alcohol. Compared to other methods, like cognitive behavioral therapy, AA-type programs seem to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Drugs, Alcohol, Mental Health, Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous AA

More Than Just a Trip: Why Does Ketamine Work for Depression When Nothing Else Does?

Even though depression is a common and debilitating mental illness, the last groundbreaking medication released for it was Prozac, approved in 1987. Throughout the last 20 years, though, research scientists have discovered that ketamine, a common anesthetic and, at times, a recreational drug, is a rapid and effective…Read more...
Tags: Science, Mental Health, Depression, Ketamine, Major Depressive Disorder

How to develop confidence when you feel worthless, according to science

Low self-esteem can lead you to feel worthless, unlovable, and unwanted. Feelings of low self-esteem have been directly linked to aggression, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, eating disorders, and a general lower quality of life.By changing some of the things you do every day (how you dress, your posture, how you think of yourself), you can develop more confidence and higher levels of self-worth. What is low self-esteem? Low self-esteem (and a lack of confidence in yourself) ofte...
Tags: Psychology, Health, Science, Identity, Love, Neuroscience, Vulnerability, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Personality, Sociology, Innovation, Emotions, Mind, Ucl, Self

The psychology of shopping addiction

Shopping might be one of the most socially acceptable addictions, but it's still a very powerful one that up to 6% of our population struggles with.Shopping addiction is a predominantly female problem, with around 90% of shopaholics being women. The neurotransmitter dopamine (which is also activated when we indulge in addictive substances such as alcohol or addictive behaviors like gambling) floods our system when we buy new things. What is shopping addiction? According to this American Addict...
Tags: Psychology, Hollywood, Science, Happiness, Neuroscience, Debt, Mental Health, Brain, Depression, Innovation, Addiction, Emotions, Mind, Decision-making, American Addiction Centers, Cognitive Science

Researchers find a western-style diet can impair brain function

After a week on a high fat, high added sugar diet, volunteers scored worse on memory testsConsuming a western diet for as little as one week can subtly impair brain function and encourage slim and otherwise healthy young people to overeat, scientists claim.Researchers found that after seven days on a high fat, high added sugar diet, volunteers in their 20s scored worse on memory tests and found junk food more desirable immediately after they had finished a meal. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Food, Science, Nutrition, Obesity, Memory, Neuroscience, Life and style, Mental Health, Diabetes, Dementia, Sugar, Diets and dieting, UCL (University College London

The BBC Responds to Backlash Over Doctor Who's Approach to Social Awkwardness and Mental Health

The latest episode of Doctor Who tackled mental health struggles through the lens of a fight against eternal, godlike beings who fed off the traumatic fears of the mortal realm. But it ended with a scene between the Doctor and one of her companions that has left some fans deeply disappointed—and the BBC has had to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Bbc, Mental Health, Bbc America, Bradley Walsh

Chronic pain: prescribe mental health support as well as drugs, say experts

Calls for social interventions to be used along with opioids, which often have little effectPeople with chronic pain should be prescribed social interventions such as mental health support instead of just opioid painkillers, experts have said.About 28 million adults in the UK live with pain that has lasted three months or more, according to recent research. But tackling such pain is challenging, with few effective treatments on offer. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, Drugs, UK News, Mental Health, Opioids

Screen Time Causing Mental Health Issues Are Overblown

Screen Time Causing Mental Health Issues Are Overblown Turns out that all the hub-bub about technology affecting the mental health of our teenager by increasing anxiety and depression may be quite over-blown.  It turns out that when you look at all the studies and widen the test-pool academic rese...
Tags: Psychology, Ipad, Images, Mobile, Family, Video, Science, Technology, Media, Entertainment, Youtube, Youth, Sem, Phone, Stress, Teenagers

YouTube’s Content Moderators Are Asked to Contractually Acknowledge the Job Can Give Them PTSD

The contractors charged with keeping YouTube clean from the vilest forms of content that surface on the platform are reportedly being coerced to sign agreements acknowledging that the job could have a severe impact on their mental health, seemingly making any job-related fallout the responsibility of those workers…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Labor, Youtube, Mental Health, Content Moderation

Caring About Climate Can Help You Get Laid

People on OKCupid are swiping right on climate action—or something? I’ve never used a dating app.Read more...
Tags: Science, Mental Health, Dating, Okcupid

Schizophrenia study finds evidence of reduced links between brain cells

Pioneering research on living patients could pave way for new and better treatmentA groundbreaking brain-scanning technique has uncovered evidence that suggests schizophrenia is linked to a loss of connections between brain cells.Scientists had previously suspected a breakdown in the connections between neurons played a role in the condition, based on postmortem studies. The latest research, the first to find evidence for this in the brains of living people, could pave the way for new and better...
Tags: Health, Science, Neuroscience, Society, Mental Health, Schizophrenia, Medical Research

#6: How psychedelics work: Fire the conductor, let the orchestra play | Top 10 2019

Big Think's #6 most popular video of 2019 explains the ego's "location" in the brain: It would be the default mode network, where much of your self-critical mind chatter happens. Taking psychedelics down-regulates this brain network.Researchers describe the effect of psychedelics as "letting the brain off its leash", or firing the conductor to let the orchestra play. Without the default mode network acting as a dictator, areas of the brain that don't normally interact meet, producing phenomena l...
Tags: Science, Drugs, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Brain, Innovation, Mind, Narcotics

#6: How psychedelics work: Fire the conductor, let the orchestra play

Big Think's #6 most popular video of 2019 explains the ego's "location" in the brain: It would be the default mode network, where much of your self-critical mind chatter happens. Taking psychedelics down-regulates this brain network.Researchers describe the effect of psychedelics as "letting the brain off its leash", or firing the conductor to let the orchestra play. Without the default mode network acting as a dictator, areas of the brain that don't normally interact meet, producing phenomena l...
Tags: Science, Drugs, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Brain, Innovation, Mind, Narcotics

Ketamine-like drug for depression gets UK licence

Psychiatrists divided on ‘game-changing’ esketamine due to potential for addictionA radical ketamine-like drug has been licensed for use in the UK for severe depression, a decision that offers hope to the millions of patients for whom conventional treatments have failed.Esketamine, taken as a nasal spray, is one of the first rapid-acting drugs for depression and the first in decades that is thought to work in a fundamentally different way in the brain. However, psychiatrists are divided on the b...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, Neuroscience, Society, UK News, Mental Health, Depression, Medical Research, Esketamine

Dopamine fasting: why Silicon Valley is trying to avoid all forms of stimulation

It’s the latest trend in the world’s tech capital. But is it really possible to cut yourself off from everything in life that excites you – and can it be any good for you?They have done biohacking, clean sleeping and the keto diet, but now Silicon Valley types have coined a new health trend – dopamine fasting. It is thought that depriving yourself of the neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger that motivates us to do things, can help to reboot or rebalance the brain. Fasting might entail abstinen...
Tags: Psychology, Health, Science, Neuroscience, Life and style, Society, Mental Health, Silicon Valley, Diets and dieting, Imperial College London, David Nutt

Canadian Therapist Gives Up License After Satanists Expose Her 'Mind Control' Talks

Activists with The Satanic Temple say a now-former therapist in Canada has been pushing conspiracies about globe-spanning, mind-controlling cults for years. And after they exposed some of her professional talks to her licensing board, she voluntarily gave up her psychology license.Read more...
Tags: Science, Memory, Mental Health, Canada, Satanic Temple, Satanic Panic

The Potential of Green Urban Planning for Mental Health

There is no single solution to the world-wide epidemic of poor mental health; addressing its root causes—like poverty-triggered stress and social isolation—and choosing effective treatment for sufferers remains paramount. One way to potentially partly buffer against the effects of poor mental health is through contact…Read more...
Tags: Science, Green, Mental Health, Nature, Urban Design, Urban Planing, Green Urban Planning for Mental Health

Can You Give Yourself a Panic Attack?

Aids to relaxation are ubiquitous, abundant: breathing techniques, benzodiazepines, ASMR, mood music, herbals teas, exercise, heavy drinking. Their opposite—aids to anxiety and panic—are everywhere, too, though typically experienced in- or quasi-voluntarily: personal catastrophe, climate change, world news. Might…Read more...
Tags: Science, Mental Health, Brain, Panic Attacks, Panic

Diet and depression: what you eat impacts your mood

For years a friend has been telling my diet was hurting my general demeanor. Last year I stopped ignoring her and switched to a diet more like what is described in this study. I will never be Mr. Cheerful, but it really did help. NPR: A randomized controlled trial published in the journal PLOS ONE finds that symptoms of depression dropped significantly among a group of young adults after they followed a Mediterranean-style pattern of eating for three weeks. Participants saw their depression ...
Tags: Food, Post, Science, News, Diet, Medicine, Mental Health, Depression, Mood, Npr, Francis, Self Care, PLOS ONE, Sydney Australia, Macquarie University, Heather Francis

io9 Discusses Todd Phillips' Polarizing Joker, a Movie With Little to Say

What do you get when a multi-million dollar corporation decides to capitalize on one of its most popular characters by centering them in a movie that taps into conversations about white domestic terrorism in the United States, incels, and the ways in which folks with mental illnesses are often abandoned by society?…Read more...
Tags: Science, Race, Mental Health, United States, Terrorism, Mental Illness, Batman, Warner Bros, The Joker, DC Entertainment, Mass Shootings, Gun Violence, Joker, Todd Phillips, Whiteness, Clowns

Deadly Fungus, Fat Bear Week, PS5 Leaks, and Hot Dog Salad: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

No news this week could possibly compare to the “hot dog salad” abomination created by a certain Gizmodo colleague, which has taken our forbidden sandwich out back, choked it to death, and absorbed it into its goopy morass. But reader, we tried.Read more...
Tags: Google, Ipad, Gaming, Facebook, Star Wars, Comics, Science, Technology, Television, Movies, Fcc, Net Neutrality, Review, Microsoft, Internet, Climate Change

Women are happier without children or a spouse, says happiness expert

Behavioural scientist Paul Dolan says traditional markers of success no longer applyWe may have suspected it already, but now the science backs it up: unmarried and childless women are the happiest sub-group in the population. And they are more likely to live longer than their married and child-rearing peers, according to a leading expert in happiness.Speaking at the Hay festival on Saturday, Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, said the latest eviden...
Tags: Psychology, Health, Books, Science, Women, Life and style, Society, Mental Health, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Festivals, Hay Festival, Happiness indices

Amazon Is Getting Closer to Building a Wearable That Knows When You're Depressed

It looks like Amazon is working on a new Alexa-powered gadget that can listen to you and decide how you feel, and make recommendations based on your human emotions. Citing internal documents and an unnamed source, Bloomberg that the company has designed a device that you wear like a wristwatch and beta testing…Read more...
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