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Jordan, France, Iran follow Pompeo to Baghdad, Le Drian announces loan

King Abdullah's visit, his first since 2008, follows a week after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stopped off in both countries at the start of a Middle East tour meant to mobilize Arab countries against Iran and reassure them over the planned U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria. The Jordanian king was greeted by President Barham Salih on a red carpet at Baghdad airport before heading to meet Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. Salih welcomed the visit as strengthening "joint interests and secur...
Tags: Science, Iran, Syria, Middle East, Baghdad, State, Abdullah, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo, Barham Salih, Jordan France Iran, Adel Abdul Mahdi Salih

Urging Gulf states to heal rift, U.S.'s Pompeo lands in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and non-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member Egypt cut diplomatic, transport and trade ties with Qatar in June 2017, accusing it of supporting terrorism and their regional foe Shi'ite Muslim Iran - something Doha denies. The United States, an ally of the six-nation Sunni Muslim GCC, sees the rift as a threat to efforts to contain Iran and has pushed for a united Gulf front. "When we have a common challenge, disputes between countries with shared...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, United States, Egypt, Middle East, Doha, Gulf, Riyadh, Shi, Gulf Cooperation Council GCC, United Arab Emirates Bahrain, Pompeo, Sunni Muslim GCC

Pompeo says Venezuela's Maduro government is 'illegitimate'

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described Venezuela's government under President Nicolas Maduro as illegitimate on Saturday and said the United States would work with like-minded countries in Latin America to restore democracy there. "The Maduro regime is illegitimate and the United States will work diligently to restore a real democracy to that country," Pompeo told reporters in Abu Dhabi, where he is on a tour of Middle East countries.
Tags: Science, United States, Middle East, Venezuela, Abu Dhabi, Nicolás Maduro, Latin America, State, Maduro, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo

Iran's Zarif calls Iran-focused summit in Poland a 'desperate circus'

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized Poland on Friday for jointly hosting a global summit with the United States focused on the Middle East, particularly Iran, calling it a "desperate anti-Iran circus". Earlier on Friday Washington announced that the summit would be held in Warsaw from Feb. 13 to Feb. 14, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the meeting would focus on stability and security in the Middle East, including on the "important element of making sure that I...
Tags: Science, Washington, Iran, United States, Middle East, Poland, Warsaw, State, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Zarif, Mike Pompeo

U.S. to host Iran-focused global meeting in Poland February 13-14

The United States plans to jointly host a global conference focused on the Middle East, particularly Iran, next month in Poland, the U.S. State Department said on Friday. Trump last year withdrew the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear accord and moved to reimpose sanctions on Tehran.
Tags: Science, Iran, United States, Middle East, Poland, Trump, U S State Department

U.S. to host Iran-focused global summit in Poland Feb. 13-14

The United States plans to jointly host a global summit focused on the Middle East, particularly Iran, next month in Poland, the U.S. State Department said on Friday. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News in an interview to air on Friday that the meeting would "focus on Middle East stability and peace and freedom and security here in this region, and that includes an important element of making sure that Iran is not a destabilizing influence." Pompeo said the meeting would "bring t...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Science, Africa, Iran, United States, Middle East, Poland, Fox News, State Department, State, U S State Department, Western Hemisphere, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo

Saudi Arabia Will Now Notify Women by Text If They've Been Divorced

Women in Saudi Arabia—who have long been subjected to a litany of misogynistic restrictions on their behavior, including totalitarian male guardianship laws—will soon receive text messages to inform them of changes to their marital status as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “reforms” of the country’s…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Sexism, Saudi Arabia, Sms, Middle East, Texting, Mohammed bin Salman

Code-Name 'Corona': Earliest Spy-Satellite Images Reveal Secrets of Ancient Middle East

When the United States launched its first secret "spy satellites," in the 1960s, the onboard cameras captured never-before-seen views of Earth's surface. Scientists are using the satellites' decades-old photos of the Middle East to reconstruct archaeological sites that disappeared many years ago, erased by urbanization, agricultural expansion and industrial growth, researchers reported in December at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). And a free online application that...
Tags: Science, United States, Middle East, University of Arkansas, American Geophysical Union AGU, Jackson Cothren

ExxonMobil shelves Canada LNG export project

U.S. oil major Exxon Mobil Corp has withdrawn its WCC liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Canada from the environmental assessment process, it said on Thursday, signaling that the project has been shelved. The decision to pare its LNG project portfolio follows the go-ahead of a giant Royal Dutch Shell-led project in British Columbia, and Exxon's focus on LNG projects in Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Exxon's West Coast Canada (WCC) LNG export project, located in northe...
Tags: Asia, Science, ExxonMobil, Canada, United States, Middle East, Royal Dutch Shell, British Columbia, Exxon, Exxon Mobil Corp, West coast canada

Hidden cradle of early plant evolution discovered in the Middle East

Several new plant fossils from present-day Jordan push back the ages of important seed plant lineages, suggesting these lineages survived the mass extinction event at the end of the Permian.
Tags: Science, Middle East, Jordan

Facebook boss Nicola Mendelsohn reveals her cancer is in remission

Facebook's Europe head Lady Nicola Mendelsohn has confirmed her blood cancer has entered remission, ten months after going public with her diagnosis. Lady Mendelsohn, 47, who has a form of follicular lymphoma, said on Sunday she was in remission and had recently undergone her final day of treatment after six months of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. She had previously described her cancer as a "life sentence" in a blog on Facebook for World Cancer Day in February. Follicular lymphoma, which...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Science, Africa, Middle East, Mendelsohn, Nicola Mendelsohn, Follicular Lymphoma, Lady Nicola Mendelsohn, Lady Mendelsohn

Oil rallies but oversupply, economic growth weigh

Oil prices rose on Monday after a key Middle East oil minister suggested the market was rebalancing, but investor sentiment remained under pressure from oversupply and concern over the prospects for global economic growth and fuel demand. Brent crude oil was up 90 cents a barrel, or 1.5 percent, at $61.18 per barrel by 1210 GMT. U.S. light crude was 65 cents higher at $51.85.
Tags: Science, Middle East

Finablr's UAE Exchange, Ripple to begin blockchain payments by first quarter

Asia was one of the biggest recipients of the roughly $613 billion in remittances sent globally last year, with a large swathe coming from expatriate workers in the Middle East, where UAE Exchange, part of payments and foreign exchange company Finablr, is one of the main players. Most funds are currently sent through foreign exchange branches but a growing chunk is being transferred via websites and apps, with the use of blockchain technology expected to ramp up in the next few years — a transi...
Tags: Asia, Science, San Francisco, Middle East, Blockchain, UAE Exchange, Promoth Manghat, Finablr

Saipem says Shamoon variant crippled hundreds of computers

"The cyber attack hit servers based in the Middle East, India, Aberdeen and in a limited way Italy through a variant of Shamoon malware," the company said in a statement on Wednesday. The Shamoon virus was used in some of the most damaging cyber attacks in history, starting in 2012 when it crippled tens of thousands of computers at Saudi Aramco and RasGas Co Ltd in the Middle East - attacks that cybersecurity researchers said were conducted on behalf of Iran. Saudi Aramco is Saipem's biggest c...
Tags: Science, Italy, Middle East, Saudi Aramco, Saipem, Shamoon, Middle East India Aberdeen, RasGas Co Ltd, Iran Saudi Aramco

Shamoon computer virus variant is lead suspect in hack on oil firm Saipem

Saipem's head of digital and innovation, Mauro Piasere, told Reuters on Wednesday that the firm suspects that a Shamoon variant caused between 300 to 400 computers to stop working in an attack that was disclosed by the company on Monday and primarily affected its servers in the Middle East. Use of a Shamoon variant would be significant because related viruses have been used in some of the most damaging attacks in history, beginning in 2012 when it crippled tens of thousands of computers at Midd...
Tags: Science, Iran, Middle East, Reuters, Saudi Aramco, Saipem, Shamoon, Mauro Piasere, RasGas Co Ltd Shamoon, Adam Meyers

Iraq seeks exemption from U.S. sanctions on Iran, PM says

Washington gave Iraq a 45-day waiver for imports of gas from Iran when it reimposed sanctions on Iran's oil sector on Nov. 5. "The American side is cooperating with Iraq to find solutions that would remove pressure on Iraq because the (Iranian) gas is linked to a very sensitive issue which is electricity," Abdul Mahdi told a news conference. Washington is seeking to roll back Iranian influence in the Middle East, including in Iraq, where Iran holds broad sway over politics and trade.
Tags: Science, Washington, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, Abdul Mahdi

Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works

At the moment, non-invasive neuromodulation – changing brain activity without the use of surgery – looks poised to usher in a new era of healthcare. Breakthroughs could include the better management of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, reducing the pain of migraines or even reversing cognitive disorders caused by brain injury.But what happens if this technique for altering our brain waves escapes regulation and falls into the wrong hands? Imagine a dictatorial regime with access to the tricks...
Tags: Psychology, Politics, Science, Neuroscience, European Union, Brain, Middle East, Innovation, Oxford, Alzheimer's, Oxford University, Mind Control, Bioethics, Parkinson, Antoine Jerusalem

Saipem servers suffer cyber attack in Middle East

Saipem's head of digital and innovation, Mauro Piasere, told Reuters the attack had originated in Chennai, India. Servers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait had been attacked as too, partially, had infrastructure in Aberdeen in Scotland, he said. "The servers involved have been shut down for the time being to assess the scale of the attack," he said, adding that data back-up systems would be activated once the threat was eliminated.
Tags: Science, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Aberdeen, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Reuters, Saipem, Mauro Piasere, Chennai India Servers

Cosmic airburst may have caused cataclysmic destruction to Middle East 3,700 years ago

In an instant, those living in the ancient cities and agricultural settlements north of the Dead Sea were annihilated by a super-heated, cosmic blast from the skies that left destruction across nearly 200 square miles, according to new archaeological evidence.
Tags: Science, Middle East, Dead Sea

Tehran Is Sinking Dramatically, And It May Be Too Late to Recover

The ground is shifting under Iran's capital, Tehran, home to approximately 15 million people and the biggest city by population in western Asia. High-resolution satellite images recently revealed that in some places, the metropolis of the Middle East is sinking about 10 inches (25 centimeters) per year. Scientists investigated satellite data of the capital city gathered from 2003 to 2017 and found significant sinking — also known as subsidence — in about 10 percent of the city center and in ma...
Tags: Asia, Science, Iran, Middle East, Tehran

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says There's 'Zero Chance' Saudi Prince Wasn't Involved in Khashoggi Killing Following CIA Brief

The CIA brief comes as the Senate weighs punishing the longtime Middle East ally
Tags: Science, Senate, Middle East, Cia, Sen Lindsey Graham, Khashoggi, Saudi Prince Wasn

536 Was a Garbage Year for Mankind (So Give 2018 a Break)

In A.D. 536, Europe had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year. It started when a mysterious fog swept over the continent, veiling the sun in a blue haze and casting Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia into darkness 24 hours a day, for 18 months. Michael McCormick, a medieval historian and archaeologist, recently told Science magazine that the year 536 was "the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive, if not the worst year." But despite all that is known about the devasta...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Science, Middle East, Michael McCormick

Middle East Looters Turn to Spirit Possession to Find Gold Treasure

As "antique" gold coins from the Middle East pour into the United States, some looters are turning to spirits called "jinn" in their hunt for gold treasure. However, research by archaeologists and an investigation conducted by Live Science suggest that rarely, if ever, does using the jinn help looters find gold artifacts. Rather, metal detectors and mass excavation of archaeological sites seem to be the most effective ways of looting treasure.
Tags: Science, United States, Middle East

Open SESAME: Jordan’s particle accelerator breaks down atoms – and barriers

“We come from many countries,” Messaoud Harfouche, an Algerian beamline scientist, says as he checks a monitor. In what is being hailed as a breakthrough in science diplomacy, a particle accelerator in Jordan is breaking down atoms and barriers, offering scientists from across the fragmented Middle East the chance to work together, to better understand their shared past, and to find solutions for their common future. At the UNESCO-supported SESAME, or Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science...
Tags: Science, Unesco, Middle East, Jordan

New Theory Explains Why Europe's Original Dogs Vanished

The first farmers to arrive in Europe from the Middle East brought their dogs along with them, effectively wiping out the original population of European canines, according to new research.Read more...
Tags: Europe, Science, Biology, Dogs, Genetics, Middle East, Domestication, Anthropology, Archaeology, Neolithic Era, Domestic Animals

How the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi Could Upend the Middle East

The vanishing of Jamal Khashoggi threatens to make a global pariah out of Saudi Arabia's once feted crown prince
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Jamal Khashoggi

'The Peace of Westphalia also had its dark side'

The 52nd German Historians' Convention (Deutscher Historikertag) is to reevaluate the peace agreement 370 years ago - "It was only with the Peace of Westphalia that the politics of colonization became possible" - "Its global historical dimensions have long been overlooked" - Two years after Steinmeier's speech, the Historians' Convention will also conduct an interim review of the debate "Peace of Westphalia as a model for the Middle East?"
Tags: Science, Middle East, Steinmeier, Westphalia, Peace of Westphalia

Portable freshwater harvester could draw up to 10 gallons per hour from the air

For thousands of years, people in the Middle East and South America have extracted water from the air to help sustain their populations. Drawing inspiration from those examples, researchers are now developing a lightweight, battery-powered freshwater harvester that could someday take as much as 10 gallons per hour from the air, even in arid locations. The researchers will present their results today at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.
Tags: Science, Middle East, South America

UNAM creates antivenom against snake bites

Mexico, Aug. 20 (Notimex).- Scientists from the Biotechnology Institute (IBt, for its acronym in Spanish), Morelos campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, for its acronym in Spanish) created an efficient antivenom against snake bites from Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Guillermo de la Rosa Hernández, a PhD graduate from IBt, is the creator of the drug that traps neurotoxins in snakes, a job that led him to receive the Rosenkranz Prize in Biotechnol...
Tags: Asia, Science, Australia, Mexico, India, Africa, America, University, Middle East, South America, Unam, World Health Organization WHO, Morelos, De la Rosa, Rosenkranz, National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM

Peste des petits ruminants: a model for use in eradicating the disease

After rinderpest, it is peste des petits ruminants that the OIE, FAO and European Union want to eradicate by 2030. This highly contagious disease is currently found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and was recently detected in Bulgarie , on the border with Turkey. An article published in the journal PNAS on 23 July suggests a model that serves to prioritize zones for vaccination. This is a welcome alternative to mass vaccination campaigns, which are both costly and highly complex to implemen...
Tags: Science, European Union, Turkey, Middle East, PNAS, Africa Asia, Bulgarie, OIE FAO

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