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It Sure Looks a Lot Like the Pro-Trump Brother of Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend Helped Leak Those Sexts

CNN reported on Wednesday evening that “two people with knowledge of the matter” had confirmed that Michael Sanchez, the brother of the woman with whom Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had an affair, was the person who initially tipped off the National Enquirer to the secret romance and set off a firestorm.Read more...
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Jeff Bezos Weighs Options While National Enquirer Publisher Goes on Defensive

Photos and other details about Bezos’s extramarital affair came from “a reliable source” known to Bezos -- and not from President Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia or Trump adviser Roger Stone, said Elkan Abramowitz, an attorney for David Pecker, the chairman of American Media Inc. “It was a usual story that National Enquirer gets from reliable sources,” Abramowitz said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.
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Jeff Bezos Nudes, Self-Aware Fish, and Brain Zapping: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

A good rule of thumb if you’re going to threaten to publish nude photos of the richest man on the planet unless he says you’re not working with the Saudi government is: Probably don’t do that! And if for some reason you are reckless enough to do that, you probably shouldn’t do so in writing!Read more...
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Bezos Selfie Controversy Triggers Alarm For Billionaires Worldwide

When Jeff Bezos alleged in a blog post Thursday that he was the victim of blackmail attempts by the publisher of the National Enquirer, it probably sent chills down the spines of billionaires everywhere. “The perception among very affluent people is often ‘I have this level of wealth, I’m untouchable,’" said Mark Johnson, chief executive officer of Sovereign Intelligence, a McLean, Virgina-based risk analytics firm. Ask any family office about its biggest fears and cybersecurity is near the to...
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Bezos’s Stunning Blackmail Charge Intensifies Proxy War With Trump

In a surprising move that lit up social media feeds worldwide, the Inc. founder and chief executive officer published a blog post on Thursday, alleging that the publisher of the National Enquirer tried to blackmail him with embarrassing photos of Bezos and a woman who wasn’t his wife -- including sexually charged selfies.
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Amazon's Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer Publisher of Blackmail

The magazine, owned by American Media Inc., published an expose on Bezos’s relationship with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, and Bezos has hired investigators to find out if the story was politically motivated. In a surprising move on Thursday, Bezos said the National Enquirer threatened to publish more details and revealing photos if the executive didn’t stop the probe.
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Full Text of Bezos Statement Accusing National Enquirer of Blackmail

Or at least that’s what the top people at the National Enquirer thought. AMI, the owner of the National Enquirer, led by David Pecker, recently entered into an immunity deal with the Department of Justice related to their role in the so-called “Catch and Kill” process on behalf of President Trump and his election campaign.
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Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of Using Unpublished Nude Photos as Blackmail

The saga of Jeff Bezos’s very public divorce slouches onward. The Amazon CEO published a personal post on Medium this evening containing leaked emails purported to be from the National Enquirer. The emails—at least one of which is marked “confidential and not for distribution”—threaten to publish revealing photos of…Read more...
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Who Leaked Amazon CEO's Flirty Texts? Your Guess Is as Good as Bezos'

When the National Enquirer published alleged text message exchanges between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and media personality Lauren Sánchez in January, many people immediately began cooking up a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was involved with the leak. According to a new report, Bezos’ investigators actually think …Read more...
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President Trump Mocks Amazon's 'Jeff Bozo' During Unhinged Twitter Rant

President Donald Trump, an unindicted co-conspirator and suspected Manchurian candidate, sent a lot of unhinged tweets over the weekend. But one of the most bizarre rants targeted Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. President Trump referred to the billionaire tech founder and owner of the Washington Post as “Jeff Bozo.”Read more...
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