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First Look At The CG Resident Evil Series Coming To Netflix

Next year, a CG Resident Evil series is coming to exclusively to Netflix.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Capcom, TGS, Resident Evil, Tgs 2020

Fast & Furious: Spy Racer's Second Season Trailer Is So Much Fun

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers is the animated adaptation of The Fast and the Furious we all very obviously needed in our lives. A cartoon staring young “spy racers” doing races, spy stuff, and spy racing stuff, it’s just as absurd and delightful as the film franchise it’s based on. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cars, Netflix, Fast and Furious, Fast Furious Spy Racers

Netflix's Three-Body Problem Decried by U.S. Senators Over Liu Cixin's Muslim Commentary

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss would partner with The Terror: Infamy’s Alexander Woo to adapt the beloved, Hugo-winning Chinese sci-fi epic The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. But now, the company is facing calls from a cadre of Republicans…Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, China, Netflix, Streaming, Ken Liu, Weiss, Marsha Blackburn, David Benioff, Db Weiss, Uighurs, Liu Cixin, Alexander Woo, Three Body Problem

Your Guide to the Surprising Amount of Movies Out This Fall

“Wait, are there actually going to be new movies this fall?” It’s a thought we’ve all been having for some time. With the covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on all aspects of the world, the film industry included, one could easily assume movies are simply on hold for awhile. However, we’re here to tell you, that’s not…Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Fantasy, Netflix, Streaming, Sci Fi, Hulu, Amazon Studios, Movie Theaters, Io9 Fall Preview, Disney Plus, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

What's Coming to Netflix in October 2020

In the Before Times, when you could just, like, go see a movie in a theater without first notifying your next of kin, October marked the start of Prestige Movie Season—that time of year when studios released the movies they thought had the best chance of garnering outsized critical attention and awards. And even…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Coming And Going, Before Times

The Haunting of Bly Manor's New Trailer Is Drowning in Creepiness

The Haunting of Bly Manor’s title alone tells you all of the important basic details you need to know about Netflix’s impending follow up to The Haunting of Hill House’s story about an unsuspecting family that ends up being torn apart by the malevolent energies radiating from their home. As was the case in the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Ghosts, Netflix, Streaming, Hill House, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel, Rahul Kohli, Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson Cohen, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Bly Manor, Tnia Miller, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Tahirah Sharif

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Has Been Canceled by Netflix

The story of Thra on Netflix is over. io9 has exclusively confirmed the streaming service has chosen not to renew The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, meaning the series has come to an end after only one season.Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Netflix, Puppets, Streaming, Exclusive, Emmys, Lisa Henson, Louis Leterrier, Jim Henson Company, Javier Grillo Marxuach, Cowboy Bebop, The Dark Crystal, Thra, The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance

That Wild Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Ending Is 100% Canonical

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous has bitten off more than we expected it to chew. The first season ended on a surprising cliffhanger, one that might change the way you look at Fallen Kingdom or other films in the franchise. Is this a one-off thing, or a bona fide part of the Jurassic World universe now? According to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Netflix, Animation, Dreamworks, Jurassic Park, Streaming, Dreamworks Animation, Jurassic World, Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Watchmen Made Comic Book History at the 2020 Emmys

The awards show might have looked different this year, but an Emmy is an Emmy—and HBO’s Watchmen took home quite a few. Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Disney, Dc Comics, Netflix, Streaming, Warner Bros, Emmys, DC Entertainment, Regina King, Watchmen, Yahya Abdul Mateen II, The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance, The Mandalorian, Disney Plus

David Harbour Says Hopper Is Going Through a Major Transformation in Stranger Things Season 4

Think of it less like a return than a resurrection. Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Hopper, Stranger Things, David Harbour, Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things 4

A Tribute to Horror Icon Tom Savini's Most Memorable Acting Roles

Tom Savini is one of the greatest special effects make-up artists ever—a master of masks, creatures, prosthetics, fake blood, and screamingly gruesome ways to die. But he actually got his show-biz start as an actor, and over the years he’s tapped into those talents and popped up in some very cool places.Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Amc, Stephen King, Netflix, Machete, Quentin Tarantino, George Romero, The Simpsons, Nostalgia, Practical Effects, Robert Rodriguez, Special Effects, Joe Hill, Dawn of the Dead, Maniac

I Cannot Afford This HGTV Streaming Service, But I Want It

God help me, I cannot afford even one more streaming service—and yet.Read more...
Tags: Science, Discovery, Netflix, Streaming, Streaming Wars, Oh God Why

Aggretsuko Takes on a New Significance in These Extraordinary Times

Back in February, Oni Press’ Aggretsuko comic very presciently delved into a plot in which the world was ravaged by the “C-Virus.” It turned those exposed to it into zombie-like creatures, making it impossible for Retsuko and her colleagues to venture into their office safely. While the comic was a sendup of the …Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Animation, Streaming, Sanrio, Oni Press, Aggretsuko, Retsuko, Red Pandas, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Updates From Uncharted, the Flash Movie, and More

Rick Riordan is teaming up with Netflix to adapt The Kane Chronicles. Christoper Landon teased a teeny little bit of progress on more Happy Death Day. Plus, Supernatural gets in one last Halloween episode, meet James Bond’s new No Time to Die villain, and what’s to come on The Boys. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, James Bond, Supernatural, Black Widow, The Flash, Rick Riordan, Freaky, Uncharted, The Boys, Happy Death Day, Moonbase 8, Shazam 2, No Time To Die, Scare Me, The Tigers Apprentice

Netflix's La Révolution Imagines Something Sinister in 18th Century France

Well, beyond, like, y’know. The Reign of Terror. But it seems like Netflix’s new French-language alt-history series has something supernatural going on in the heart of France’s most tumultuous period.Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, France, Netflix, French Revolution, Supernatural, Streaming, Aurélien Molas, La Revolution

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Might Be the Most Violent Kids Show Out There

Netflix’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous opens on a kid running for his life. He watches his guide get eaten by velociraptors before he himself is swallowed by a T-Rex. It turns out it was just a VR video game, but that kind of represents the whole series: Children being “safely” traumatized. Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Animation, Dreamworks, Jurassic Park, Streaming, Dreamworks Animation, Jurassic World, Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow, Jameela Jamil, Ryan Potter, Glen Powell, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Netflix delves into the 'human side' of Challenger disaster

School children across the country had tuned in to see Christa McAuliffe become the first teacher in space. One person watching was Steven Leckart, a space-obsessed elementary school kid. Leckart has returned to that dark day as co-director of the four-part Netflix documentary series “Challenger: The Final Flight,” executive produced by J.J. Abrams and Glen Zipper.
Tags: Science, Netflix, J J Abrams, Christa McAuliffe, Steven Leckart, Leckart

A RoboCop Prequel Series Could Be in the Works

Jennifer Lawrence and Rob Morgan are going to play apocalyptic astronomers in Netflix’s new disaster movie. Giancarlo Esposito teases an almighty clash for Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian. Plus, what’s to come on The 100 and Raised by Wolves. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, Jennifer Lawrence, Netflix, Robocop, The 100, Giancarlo Esposito, Rob Morgan, Raised By Wolves, The Mandalorian, A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting, Moff Gideon, 2067, Dont Look Up

Netflix - a zebra among horses: QUT researcher

Netflix is often criticised as a Hollywood-style entertainment behemoth crushing all competition and diminishing local content, but an Australian-based academic says that's a simplistic view. Media studies expert Professor Amanda Lotz, from QUT's Digital Media Research Centre, said there is a lot of misunderstanding about the world's biggest internet-distributed video service which has proved a gamechanger for entertainment.
Tags: Hollywood, Science, Netflix, Digital Media Research Centre, Amanda Lotz

Updates From Shazam 2, and the Future of Alien

Bill Skarsgård has had to exit Robert Egger’s mysterious next movie. Get a look at Netflix’s gorgeous new sci-fi family movie, Over the Moon, Chris McQuarrie teases another wild stunt for Mission Impossible 7. Plus, what’s to come on Lovecraft Country, and how much longer Lucifer has left going into its last season.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Chucky, Lucifer, Chris McQuarrie, Soulmates, Robert Egger, Bill Skarsgård, Lovecraft Country, Alien 6, Room 104, Over the Moon, Mission Impossible 7, Shazam 2, No Time To Die, The Northman

See the Pencil Tests for Avatar: the Last Airbender's Best Fight Scene

You’ve seen it in HD. You’ve seen the fan version. Now see the unfinished version. Which is, honestly, still stunning.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Animation, Nickelodeon, Avatar The Last Airbender, Zuko, Azula

Updates From Black Widow, Lucifer, and More

Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris have boarded John Boyega’s next sci-fi film. Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is making a return this October. Riverdale teases its next few chapters. Plus, the CW hypes up Swamp Thing’s network debut, and the writer of Netflix’s Project Power is tackling A.I. in a new sci-fi thriller.…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, TAR, Netflix, Wireless, Black Widow, Jamie Foxx, Cw, John Boyega, Shortcut, Lucifer, The 100, Citadel, Riverdale, Teyonah Parris, Genndy Tartakovsky

Netflix's Biohackers Is Not the Tech Utopia You Might Expect

The German sci-fi series Biohackers has debuted on Netflix, ostensibly telling the story of a medical student who gets caught up in the world of biohacking. However, as we see in the first episode of this six-episode series, there’s a secret lurking underneath the surface. One that’s grabbed our attention. Read more...
Tags: Science, Germany, Netflix, Streaming, Sci Fi, Biohacking, Biohackers, Pique Your Interest

UK health authorities are scrambling to trace 200 air passengers after 8 teens' positive COVID-19 tests went unreported for days

NHS Test and Trace staff in Stone, England, on July 30, 2020. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images The UK is rushing to track down 204 air passengers after a batch of positive virus tests went unreported by the government's tracing team. Eight teens returning to London from Crete, Greece, on budget airline Wizz Air on August 25 tested positive last week.  The UK's test-and-trace system is supposed to alert people who have been in contact with those infected, but it did not. Wizz Air also told ...
Tags: Transportation, UK, England, Science, London, News, Greece, China, Trends, Netflix, News UK, Guardian, Boris Johnson, Johnson, Crete, Ben Pearce

The One Good Scene in: The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender is not a good movie. By all standards—but especially when compared to the animated series—it’s a waste of time. But even the worst cinematic experiences will usually have something about them that works.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Dev Patel, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Avatar The Last Airbender, M Night Shyamalan, Noah Ringer

The Three Body Problem Gains Game of Thrones’ Showrunners for Its Netflix Adaptation

Liu Cixin’s Hugo-winning sci-fi story The Three-Body Problem is becoming a television show at Netflix, with Game of Thrones’ David Benioff and D.B. Weiss showrunning alongside True Blood and The Terror: Infamy’s Alexander Woo.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Weiss, David Benioff, Db Weiss, Liu Cixin, The Three Body Problem, Alexander Woo Read

How to Prepare for the Next Time the Cloud Goes Down

Internet access is pretty essential to get anything done these days, whether it’s chatting with working-from-home colleagues in Slack, binge-watching the latest hit Netflix show, or writing up reports in Google Docs. Most of the apps we rely on run from the cloud, and it’s all too easy to just assume the cloud will…Read more...
Tags: Cloud, Science, Web, Online, Netflix, Be Prepared

Netflix's New Free-To-Watch Gambit Comes With A Very Dumb Catch

Netflix has always stood out from many of its competitors by eschewing an ad-supported model since its inception, no matter how hard its investors begged the company to consider otherwise. They’re still very much no going that route, but a “free” version of the service exists now—sorta. Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Ads

The Haunting of Bly Manor's Trailer Reminds You Not to Leave Creepy Dolls Lying Around

Netflix and Mike Flanagan’s followup to the fantastically spooky The Haunting of Hill House has just released its first teaser trailer. You are welcome to step into The Haunting of Bly Manor. If you dare...Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Horror, Netflix, Streaming, Henry James, Henry Thomas, Mike Flanagan, Kate Siegel, Rahul Kohli, The Haunting of Hill House, Haunting of Hill House, Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson Cohen, The Turn of the Screw, The Haunting of Bly Manor

Let's Celebrate That Cobra Kai Is Now on Netflix

As great as the Karate Kid sequel show Cobra Kai is—let’s face it, it got buried on YouTube. Sure, everyone watches and uses YouTube, but most of them don’t pay to watch its original content. Now the show has made the move to Netflix and it feels like a coming-out party. Audiences from all over can finally see what…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Nostalgia, Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio, William Zabka

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