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Netflix Says It Won't Pull Controversial Footage of Actual Deadly Incident From Bird Box

After streaming giant Netflix came under fire for including footage of a real-life, deadly incident that occurred in Canada in its breakout monster movie Bird Box, the company said Thursday it will not pull that imagery from the film.Read more...
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Sixty Percent Of Us Chose the Frosties and More Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Stats

Admit it: As you moved your way through Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, you wondered what your friends chose. Now, Netflix has begun to let us know. Read more...
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Our First Look at Supernatural's Big Winchester Family Reunion

Disney’s live-action Pinocchio remake has hit a snag. Netflix and Steve Carrell are working on a comedy lampooning President Trump’s Space Force. Catherine Tate wouldn’t mind one more trip in the TARDIS. Plus, previews of what’s to come on the DC/CW shows when they return. To me, my Spoilers!Read more...
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Netflix Criticized for Using Actual Footage of Deadly Event in Travelers and Possibly Bird Box

It has not been an especially great week for Netflix or its polarizing monster flick Bird Box, which has spawned one of the most idiotic so-called “challenges” to surface in this cursed timeline we’re trapped in. In yet another public relations headache for the company, Netflix is now looking into whether actual…Read more...
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Space Force: Steve Carell Is Bringing a New Workplace Comedy to Netflix

Steve "Silver Fox" Carell has spent the last few years making a name for himself in Hollywood, proving that on top of his comedic genius, he's also an extremely talented dramatic actor. Films like Beautiful Boy, Foxcatcher, and Battle of the Sexes even drummed up award season buzz.
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Netflix Is Creating a Series Called ‘Space Force’ Starring Steve Carell

Netflix Is Creating a Series Called ‘Space Force’ Starring Steve Carell
Tags: Science, Netflix, Steve Carell

Steve Carell to star in Netflix workplace series based on Trump's 'Space Force'

Steve Carell to star in Netflix workplace series based on Trump's 'Space Force' originally appeared on abcnews.go.comSteve Carell is set to star in, "Space Force," a new Netflix workplace-based comedy series based on President Donald Trump's proposed plans for a future "space force" to ensure "American dominance in space."Carell, who won America's heart as the the dysfunctional and diluted boss Michael Scott in the U.S. adaptation of British comedy series, "The Office," is al...
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Steve Carell, ‘Office’ Creator Reunite for Netflix Workplace Comedy ‘Space Force’ – Right, That Space Force (Video)

Steve Carell and Greg Daniels are reuniting — but not to reboot “The Office.” The star of the workplace comedy and the creator of said workplace comedy are reteaming to bring you a new workplace comedy for Netflix called “Space Force.” Per the project’s official logline, “Space Force” is a “workplace comedy centered around the people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services…Space Force.” Yes, they’re talking about that Space Force, created by the Trump administration. Also Re...
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Steve Carell Is Coming Back to TV With a Netflix TV Show Like The Office, Only . . . in Space?!

Steve "Silver Fox" Carell has spent the last few years making a name for himself in Hollywood, proving that on top of his comedic genius, he's also an extremely talented dramatic actor. Films like Beautiful Boy, Foxcatcher, and Battle of the Sexes even drummed up award season buzz.
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Steve Carell to star in Netflix comedy based on Trump’s Space Force

Carell is reuniting with The Office creator Greg Daniels for the series.
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Netflix Analysts Say Price Hike Eases Concerns Over Higher Content Spending

Suntrust believes the business move reveals management “confidence in the content slate and subscriber trajectory in 2019.” Increasing plan costs for all U.S. subscribers, Buckingham Research says, will also help shore up the company’s free cash flow, ease concerns over its increased spending for original programming and soften the blow of losing content from Disney and 21st Century Fox at year-end. Shares of Netflix rose as much as 6.8 percent at 12:10 p.m., to their highest price since Octobe...
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Netflix Is About to Cost You More Money

Netflix, the video streaming service no one can seem to quit despite its increasingly poor collection of titles, is about to hike up its prices. Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Reed Hastings, Fare Hike

Netflix’s Simplicity Is Its Secret Weapon

Netflix has a good shot at being among the ones left standing if — and this is no certainty — it can remain financially irrational, and if competitors stay unwise enough to make Netflix’s simple technology and no-frills product even more appealing. The company has permission from investors who lend Netflix money and buy its stock to binge on TV series and movies and on a rapid international expansion. That permission from people holding Netflix’s purse strings is why the company is able to spen...
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Netflix Rally Continues as Wall Street Cheers Its Pricing Power

The stock rose as much as 6.8 percent to $355.50 in New York after Netflix said its most-popular plan would increase to $13 a month as of Tuesday from $11. Investors are showing confidence that Netflix subscribers will continue to pay up for the company’s original programming and library of movies and shows -- even if they need to dig down for a few more dollars a month. While subscriber growth slowed after a 2015 price increase, a 2017 increase didn’t cause a blip as Netflix added 24 million ...
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Has Marie Kondo's Netflix show inspired you to get organized? These products can help.

If there's anything we can take away from the now much talked about Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (aside from thanking your clothes for their service and folding them in thirds), it's that reducing clutter in your life can bring you immense joy.  The organizing superstar has successfully influenced people to come in droves to the Container Store and get rid of a colossal chunk of their worldly possessions, an act that many swear have brought them instant gratification. Purg...
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The Dragon Prince Returns For a Second Season Next Month

Life comes at you fast. Only a scant five months after the first season of the series premiered on Netflix, season two of The Dragon Prince is coming to the streaming platform. Read more...
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The First Dumb Meme Accident of 2019 Is Here

We made it 11 days into 2019 without a meme-inspired accident, but that’s all over now. Someone has officially failed the “Bird Box Challenge.”Read more...
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The Punisher Season 2 Wants to Make Frank Castle a Superhero

When Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) was shot in the head at point-blank range before the events of the first season of Netflix’s The Punisher, the bullet fragmented upon entering his skull, and the wound should have killed him. Instead, it left Castle badly wounded and ultimately trapped within a never-ending state of…Read more...
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Updates From Supergirl, Shazam!, and More

There could be an animated Mortal Kombat film in the works. Rob Marshall says work has already begun on a follow-up to Mary Poppins Returns. Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse is coming to Netflix. Plus, get a look at Jordan Peele’s new Youtube series, what’s to come on The Flash, and another whispery Walking Dead tease.…Read more...
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Jake Gyllenhaal and Velvet Buzzsaw Ensure You'll Never Look at Art the Same Way Again

The art world can be pretentious, but it can also be deadly, as the first trailer for Netflix’s new thriller, Velvet Buzzsaw, reveals. It puts Jake Gyllenhaal right in the middle of an artistic mystery that threatens the minds and lives of everyone around him.Read more...
Tags: Science, Trailer, Horror, Netflix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Streaming, Velvet Buzzsaw

Netflix Gets Its Own Killer Time Loop Show in the First Russian Doll Trailer

Normal time loop stories are out. Time loop stories based around someone dying over and over? In.Read more...
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Lenovo's Cheap Android Tablets Double as Alexa Speakers

The tablet is lazy. At least that’s what Lenovo seems to think. The company believes tablets can be used for more than watching Netflix and playing Solitaire. So today, it’s launching two tablets (both under $300) that double as Alexa devices—complete with docks that double as Bluetooth speakers.Read more...
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io9's Ultimate Guide to 2019's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero TV

And you thought there were a lot of movies coming out this year? Get ready to never leave your couch in 2019, because the amount of TV you’re going to want to watch is truly staggering. Here’s our mega-giant list of sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero shows we’re most looking forward to, with the standard caveat that any…Read more...
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Hulu Sees Record Subscriber Growth Amid Changing Ownership

The on-demand service blends original TV series and licensed shows, much like Netflix, while the live-TV offering mimics a cable or satellite package.Hulu said it generated nearly $1.5 billion in advertising revenue, an increase of more than 45 percent compared with 2017. Key InsightsHulu’s growth last year was fueled partly by its first original hit show, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel set in a dystopian future.Chief Executive Officer Randy Freer, a veteran of ...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Margaret Atwood, Hulu, Randy, 21st Century Fox Inc

YouTube Ass Jake Paul Appears to Run Through Traffic Blindfolded for Bird Box Challenge

Whether or not you liked Bird Box, Netflix’s apocalyptic December 2018 movie about an unseen phenomenon that drives people that witness it into suicidal or homicidal madness, it’s turned into a terrible meme. Mimicking a pivotal sequence from the movie in which several survivors make a perilous journey while…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Youtube, Social Media, Netflix, Viral Videos, Jake Paul, Bird Box, Maybe Dont, Bird Box Challenge, Jake Paul Appears, Bird Box Netflix

The Creatures in Bird Box Could Have Looked Like Creepy, Adult-Sized Babies

In Bird Box, people kill themselves after they see...something. We’re told each person sees their own deepest fear—but that fear presumably looks like something on its own. The finished film never reveals what that could be, but work was done on the subject.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, KNB, Susanne Bier, Bird Box

A New Punisher Season 2 Clip Explores the Psychology Behind Jigsaw's Curious Look

Because Jigsaw is one of the Punisher’s most formidable enemies in Marvel’s comics, it was only a matter of time before his live-action counterpart in Netflix’s live adaptation of the series ended up becoming more like the deranged villain fans know. But The Punisher’s second season is much more interested in creating…Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Netflix, Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, Ben Barnes, Jigsaw, The Punisher, Floriana Lima

This Stylish Cowboy Bebop Fan Film Kicks Ass

Cowboy Bebop is one of the best animes of all time, and it’s all about mood. There’s a sheen of style, a slick jazzy vibe, that runs through the whole thing that makes it work. The only way to adapt Cowboy Bebop is to get that tone right, and this fan film nails it. Read more...
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Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Wasn't Shocked by the Series' Cancellation but Hopes It's Coming Back

When Disney first announced its plans to launch a streaming service of its own where new, live-action series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would begin airing in the near future, the writing was all but on the wall for Netflix’s MCU shows. So it shouldn’t have been too surprising when Daredevil, Iron Fist, and …Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Disney, Netflix, Streaming, Marvel Studios, Luke Cage, Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU, Mike Colter, Disney Plus, Luke Cage Star Mike Colter

2019 Is the Year of the Pop Culture Finale

The new year has only just begun but it’s already got us thinking about the end. Over the course of the next 12 months, fans are going to see the end of some of the biggest franchises and shows of all time. Let’s take a look at which pop culture favorites are wrapping up in 2019.Read more...
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